The Dirty Game For Pure Fun

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I am Amulya, recently married.I am writing this sex story,my own experience, for those who have no social taboos about sex, about relationship in family.Think of man and woman with all their anatomy, natural instinct, pleasure seeking mentality not bounded by social rules and taboos.Then it is for you.

There are three other characters besides me in the story.

(1)Rani,my elder sister and a good friend of mine. (2)Jeet, her husband married three years ago to Rani(and obviously my beloved brother in law).(3)Akash , my husband ,we are married just last year. We are all educated, open minded and like to enjoy life and feel pure joy.

Rani is beautiful, more than me, though I am also not less by general standard. We are good friends. Rani is jovial ,likes fun and behaves and acts as dictated by her mind. We express each other thought ,joy, difficulties,college experiences freely.

She is used to sleep naked and I had followed her over the years.She never hides even when some boyfriend had squeezed her breasts, neither I .She would suck my nipples in night on bed ,would allow me to press and squeeze her soft pussy and insert my fingers tingling her.

Thus we enjoy our body parts without sense of guilt. One month after her marriage, she had described in detail,how and what Jeet has done to her body on their honeymoon trip ,even in slang language which she had learnt from Jeet.

Jeet is fun loving and cracks jokes frequently.He thinks it is his right to share non veg jokes with me as per my social relation with him.He is tall, healthy, muscularly built. He attracts me for his body and I envy my sister. Many times he comes in my dream with large dick. We sisters had hearty over such type of discussion. Even I once asked my sister whether he has destroyed her pussy with that big a dick.

Akash is my husband. We were married just a year ago. Akash is almost as tall as Jeet but fairer than him. He loves me very much. We have enjoyed each year for last one year.

Akash likes my sister Rani very much because she is more beautiful. He likes beautiful girls (he openly tells me after coming from college where he teaches).It appears he is very hungry for sex. He makes me almost naked every hour to touch my specific body parts(There is no third person in our house).It is hard to match him in bed because he lasts much longer.

We four had come to our house for some auspicious occasion. We had lot of guests in the evening.The day was very tiring .For us ,the sisters ,it was painful as we have to wear heavy sarees all throughout the day, as a show to guests.We were longing to be in lingerie then.

We all went to the roof top and decided to stay there for at least two hours for relaxation and some fun. A gentle breeze was blowing.The terrace was dimly lit by the scanty rays from street light down below.We talked about some queer behaviour of some guests, stupidity of a few guests.

This happens as usual as a aftermath of any occasion in any house. We were enjoying cool breeze after shedding off all the heavy dresses. We sisters are in loose night gowns by now. Akash and Jeet were in shorts and T-shirts.

Jeet suggested to Rani ,”We should play some game”

“Do you mean your Game ?’ Rani asked with a mischievous meaningful smile .

“Brother,I will also play”I yelled.

“You cannot. His game is for adults only”.Rani said.

“Why not? Am I a k** of 5 years ? I also do what you both ADULTS do.”I demanded.

“Yes, why not honey? She also does what you do. Akash has made her adult with his magic wand”Jeet said with a laughter and we all knew what he meant.

“I know you have an eye on her since marriage day”Rani said.

“What is left in her ? Akash has taken every juice from her .

“Your game is dirty game” snapped Rani.

“Relax dear, they are grown ups and know what adults do .It is only game for pleasure. Do not be serious.” said Jeet.

”Now all listen to rules .It is a card game , very simple indeed . Two players will be playing in a group. Card will be shuffled. Each player shall be getting three cards. One having maximum points will be the winner. The looser has to give whatever he has with him. It is as simple as that.There will be ten such rounds and nobody can quit before this ten rounds for each pair.Now are we playing this sort of gambling?”

“We will play “ I and Akash almost cried simultaneously.

So we had the mat spread .By toss Jeet and I became one pair and Rani played with Akash.

In first two round I lost .I gave my ear ring and necklace to Jeet .Next two round Jeet lost and gave away his ring and watch. Third round I own also and Jeet has nothing to give .He gave me his T shirt .His muscular body was bare before me .I kept on admiring to my luck on my win.I wondered what would he give if looses in next round. Would it be his pair of trousers ! I meanwhile forgot about myself.

The next win was his .I did not have any thing .

‘You have to give something and you cannot leave the game . You have promised.”

I drew my night gown over my head and handed over to him. As I did , I blushed as I sat with only my bra and panty in front of Jeet. The dirty game was taking its shape .The play continued . Next round I won and Jeet has to give me his trousers.

Now he was in his boxer only .I looked at him .His bare body was fascinating to me .His boxer was having a big bulge .I understood , it was his dick, growing impatiently hard and stimulated with desire.I could mark a slight wetness on his boxer.Probably his dick had started oozing seeing my half naked body.I felt also stimulated . My nipples were visible prominently through my thin bra . I felt slimy wetness between my thighs as my cunt was oozing too. I desired that he should lose next so that I can make him fully naked and can have a look to his straightened cock.

The play continued and I lost .I have to open my bra and give it to Jeet. He sniffed that and looked hungrily toward my well formed breasts with tight nipples.The situation was akward, I had never been that naked except in front of Akash.

“The pair of boobs you have is really magnificent, anybody can fall for them.” Remarked Jeet with mischief in his eyes.

I look at the other couple .Rani had probably lost everything and she had given all her lingerie to Akash and was sitting fully naked.Akash was only in his brief .Rani was giggling.

Our next round started .I own .Thank god .I was safe, Jeet has to shed off the only bit of cloth he as in form of boxer and sat naked in front of me. His dick was now big ,straight. A drop of slimy fluid dripping out of its red head.I was thrilled.How many times had I wished to see his dick!I have learnt from Rani that his was big and thick.

Meanwhile I heard Rani pleading to Akash , “I had lost everything ,what shall I give ?

Akash was telling “The rule must be followed, You have to give something you have. Women have many things hidden to give.”

Our next round had started. I shuffled and spread the cards. I had lost .

“Give me something you have.”Jeet demanded.

I had nothing on me except my panty and obviously he was hinting at that with a desire to see my pussy.I slipped that over my buttock .The part of panty in front of my vagina had been smeared with my vaginal fluid that had started pouring since I had seen his growing dick.

Jeet accepted it ,smelt it ,kissed it as if a trophy. Now me and my brother in law facing each other stark naked with wistful eyes.

“But none of us own. There should be another round, a tie breaker round”Said Jeet. His eyes were full of lust. My vagina was also quivering out of extreme stimulation. My nipples had become stony hard, to the extent that it pained sweetly. We both were probably hot.

Another round was started.As I saw the cards I laughed .I had won.I stared him mischievously.

I asked “What are you going to give me ?”

“You ask for.“

“You cannot deny what I will ask for , it is the rule you have spelled in the beginning.”

No , I swear I won’t.”Jeet said.

I rose with all my enchanting nakedness and went to him and said as I grabbed his swollen dick in my hand “I want this, let me suck it in.”

I did not wait for his approval .I put my head in between his muscular thighs and started licking the swollen warm red head .As if I got an electric shock.I bent with passion .

As I was sucking I saw at a little distant Akash was between Ranis leg and expertly licking her pussy .Rani’s eyes were closed and a soft cooing sound was coming from her throat. She was arching.Obviously Akash had own and asked her pussy.

I had known for last one year that Akash was very good at pussy sucking and loves it even more than fucking.

In between Jeet had become very excited .With a sudden action he lifted me over his head and started sucking my hard nipples .It is not sucking , almost he was biting my sift flesh and stroking my clitoris .

We both are excited beyond any control.I looked at the other pair as I was enjoying Jeet’s expert handling of my clitoris . Akash was still in the action of sucking Rani’s pussy. “Surely it would have been swollen red by now” I thought , because he had done repeatedly that to my pussy over last one year so that skin of my vagina had started hanging down a little. Rani was cryin g“ I cannot bear more. Fuck me, Fuck me hard.”

Akash , in turn, changed his position and placed his oozing swollen dick in front of Rani’s lips.Rani eagerly put it in her mouth and started sucking the lollipop.

Meanwhile Jeet had laid me on the mat, My legs were limp and had spread to offer the full view of my vagina.Jeet put his finger inside it which drowned in my vaginal juice.

You have lot of juice and good to eat.”So saying he sucked my vagina as if to make it dry.It gave me a sweet pain.

“You are good hot cunt “ He mumbled and straightened his dick in front of my vagina .

It was almost a ten inch long warm rod with glistening red top. He shoved it into my hungry hole almost tearing it while simultaneously he squeezed both my breasts mercilessly. As he banged my pussy with great force he sucked almost half of my each breast into his mouth. I was excited and arched upward each time he pushed his dick.

As I looked at the other couple ,I saw Akash was lying on the floor . Rani was sitting on him , his dick inside in her vagina .She was almost jumping on him .Her breasts were dangling violently.

“Akash never likes to be in the bottom” I whispered .

‘But Rani likes to be in top and push the full length of penis into her vagina .”Jeet returned.

Both couples continued in great vigor almost as if there is a fucking competition.

Jeet turned me on my belly and came behind me.He pulled my buttocks towards him making me kneel.I guessed he wants the doggy like fucking which I never liked and many a times had not obliged Akash with that position, but I was so hot and mesmerized that I could not deny to give full pleasure to Jeet.

He pulled my buttocks and put his dick into my cunt and went on fucking me leaning over my back and sqeezing my breasts in both hands .It was a great pleasure.Such pleasure I had never before.

Jeet pushed and pushed till he got exhausted and sprayed his semen into my vagina .He went limp and fell flat on his back.I was exhausted too and positioned myself beside him, pressing my tender breasts over his chest and feeling his dick which has innocently become limp.

Akash had not finished yet , still banging hard into Rani’s cunt .I knew that . Probably he can go pumping his dick into vagina hours together.I was used to get my cunt burning after each such session and swear I will not allow him to fuck so long each time ,but that had never happened as his fucking is so alluring.” Rani is going to die of fucki8ng today.” I thought.

Soon end came for them also.Akash was sleeping on Rani with still having his limp dick in Ranis’ cunt.

It took half an hour before we became normal .The Dirty Game was over .There was no haste to put on dresses. There was nothing to hide anything from any body .Each one of us had known each others’ parts.

I went to Akash .Akash had separated from Rani.

”You had a great fuck” I said as I handled his dick which had become barely two inches long and dangling lifeless.

“You had your Doggy Fuck which you wanted to have for a long time .”said Akash.

We cuddled each other.

Meanwhile Rani had been with Jeet.

“My plan worked. You wanted to be fucked by Akash and you got a good bang.”So saying he was putting a tender kiss on Rani’s vagina.

Rani replied , “ How many times have you wished to suck the breasts of Meena ?Now you have got what you wanted for long time”

I was wondering how intelligently was it planned .Nonetheless I was happy .Ever since I had heard from Rani how expertly Jeet fucks her I wanted to be fucked by him and I had succeeded in that.Akash must have enjoyed also

Rani’s well shaped breast and gorgeous buttock those he had always admired.

The after effect——

After this event we four became good friends instead of relatives. Akash has suggested we should maintain the spirit of that memorable night .We now-a-days visit one another’s house to break boredom and all four enjoy pure pleasure.

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