The Double Date

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Lourdes Wilson got off the plane and she almost had to pinch herself. She was really going to be living in Hawaii. No more cold winter days, no more shoveling snow. Once she disembarked, she saw Linn, her older sister and she ran over to give her new roommate a hug. It was such a strong hug that it nearly knocked the breath out of the 26-year old painter / sculptor. “Welcome to Hawaii,” Linn said placing a garland of flowers around her sister’s neck. “Aloha.”

“The natives really do say that?”

“Yes, we really do. Let’s get your bags and we’ll get back to the apartment. I’ve got dinner made unless you want to take a nap first. Then you can bitch to me all about Bryce and what a dud he turned out to be,” Linn laughed as she helped her sister with her luggage. A ruined relationship with her fiancé had been the reason Lourdes had run to her sister in the first place. She was sick and tired of hearing her parents suggest that she patch things up. The destruction of their relationship had been solely Bryce’s fault. She hadn’t been the cheater, he had and he’d made no overtures towards apologizing for his actions. Money didn’t change any of that, so she packed up her belongings the minute Linn invited her and moved to Honolulu with her sister, who had lived there for the past 3 years. Linn had never told her younger sister the reason she had up and moved but her periodic letters were always cheery and full of happiness. Life on the islands seemed to suit Linn and she had no intention of moving back. She invited her sister for a short stay and was a bit stunned when Lourdes asked if she could make her stay a tiny bit longer.

“Like, how long are we talking about?” Linn asked when Lourdes posed the question.

“As long as you’re willing to put up with me until I find a place of my own,” Lourdes answered her. “I can’t stand to hear our parents nagging me about another failed relationship. I think I can get work out there, I’m a photographer. If I can’t find things to take pictures of in Hawaii, I don’t know my craft.”

Linn laughed and agreed. The sisters were together again and soon settled in very nicely. Linn had progressed as an artist and her paintings were selling well enough to afford her a nice 3 bedroom apartment in Honolulu. She had friends and she told her younger sister that she was the happiest she had been in her life. When Lourdes asked her sister if she was seeing anyone special, Linn tactfully avoided the question.

She took her sister sightseeing as many times as she could, to Maui and Molokai and to the volcanoes and many of the beaches that were filled with sun-bronzed goddesses and tourists enjoying their vacation. Over the weeks of her stay, Lourdes wondered about her sister’s social life. She seemed to be giving it up to show her sister around the islands and Lourdes didn’t want her to do that. As long as they were going to be living together, she wanted Linn to have as normal a life as she had enjoyed before Lourdes’ arrival.

“You haven’t been on one date since I’ve been here,” Lourdes said to her older sister. “I love how much attention you’ve been paying to me, but don’t let me cramp your style.”

“What are you talking about?” Linn responded. “I’ve been on dates. I went out with Victoria just last night.”

“Yes, but those don’t count and … oh, I see,” Lourdes said as the blinders were removed from her eyes. “You and Victoria are …”

“Lovers, yes,” Linn said. “I’ve been a lesbian for about 3 years now. Well, I meant I’ve known I was lesbian. That’s why I moved out to the islands — to be far away from mom and all of her questions. Victoria and I aren’t exclusive though, I’ve had a few other dates since you’ve been here, you just didn’t notice.”

“Were you ever going to tell me?” Lourdes asked her sister.

“I’m not sure. Maybe, eventually,” Linn replied. “I just go about my life and I share a bed with whoever I find sexy. I probably demetevler escort would have eventually brought someone home and you’d have figured it out for yourself.”

Lourdes laughed. “So, my sister likes women. I think mom would have dealt with it but eventually, she’d drive you nuts by trying to fix you up with this cute girl or that one or asking you all sorts of questions,” she giggled and then broke into a fit of laughter. “She’d drive you insane with all her intruding, at least you only have to deal with an occasional phone call this way.”

“Now that we’re on the subject,” Linn commented as she got cold drinks for her sister and herself, “I haven’t seen you dating anyone in the weeks you’ve been here. You can’t tell me with a face and body like yours that there haven’t been offers.”

“A few,” Lourdes sighed, accepting the glass her sister held out. “I guess I’m playing it safe for now. I have rotten taste in men. You got anyone you can set me up with?”

“Most of my friends here are women or gay artists, sorry,” Linn commented and sipped her drink.

Lourdes shot up from the couch as if she’d been stung by a bee. “Hey, why not set me up with a woman? We could go on a double date, it’d be a kick. I do think that women are sexy, maybe if I have a nice time with a cute girl, I can at least make a new friend,” Lourdes suggested.

Linn looked at her sister and sighed. “You won’t give up on this, will you?”

Lourdes shook her head. “You’ve known me for how long now?”

“Christ. Well, Victoria has an identical twin who is also a lesbian. Her sister’s name is Sheena. I know she’d be into you but I would want to be honest with them and let them know we’d all just be going dancing and out for dinner and drinks, nothing more,” Linn told her sister. “Well, nothing more in YOUR case, Vicki knows what I’m like after I’ve had a few drinks,” she giggled.

“I get a little affectionate myself,” Lourdes chuckled.

“We’ll do the Pub Club and we might as well go to dinner around 8 or 9 because most of the club scene here doesn’t get going until around midnight,” Linn told her sister. “Wear something indecently short and a pair of stilettos or stripper heels. It’s going to be a bit pricy but we’re hot girls hanging out, we might only have to buy 1 or 2 drinks, if we’re lucky,” she said. “Most of the good clubs are in Waikiki so that’s where we’ll go.”

Lourdes was thrilled to be going on her little adventure and she barely slept for the next two days. When they met their dates, she was dazzled by the two 5’8″ beauties in 4-inch heels and looking like they’d spent the day at the beach. Even though Sheena knew Lourdes wasn’t “that way”, she was very friendly and flirty, as if she was trying to win Lourdes over to the “other side”. Lourdes didn’t mind, having someone as hot as Sheena hitting on her was very flattering. It was also very sexy seeing her sister being openly affection with the leggy blonde Victoria and watching the two of them sneak little kisses. “I love your sister,” Sheena told Lourdes. “She’s one of the hottest women I’ve ever been with.”

Lourdes just got another shock at that moment. “You’ve been with …?”

“Sure, didn’t she tell you? My sister and I always pull the old switcheroo at least once, but darned if Linn didn’t notice. It didn’t stop us from going to bed though, all three of us once Vicki got home from her date,” she said to Lourdes.

Lourdes couldn’t believe it; her sister was a lot more open-minded than she had thought. Going to bed with twins — well, didn’t a lot of people have that fantasy, why should Linn be any different? Come to think of it, if Lourdes herself had found hunky male twins as hot as the sisters were, she might have taken a walk on the wild side herself. They finished their dinner and Victoria picked up the tab for all of them. “Then, the first round’s on me at the club,” Lourdes escort demetevler insisted. “This was all my idea and you’ve all been so considerate.”

“It’s nice to be sweet to sweet things, Lourdes,” Sheena flirted. The other two made gagging motions and Sheena just said “Don’t mind them; they’re just jealous because I’ve got the hottest date tonight.” Lourdes and Linn had fussed over every last detail, finding Lourdes’ shortest skirt and her tightest blouse that dipped low in front and even putting her hair up and glossing her lips to a fiery red. Lourdes felt like an entirely new person this evening and she was having a blast with her sister and the twins.

The others had obviously been to the club before from the cheers and greetings that followed them. They found a table where they could watch everything and Lourdes enjoyed her first drink as she watched couples dancing and girls with girls. Evidently, a lot of college kids came to this particular club because it was known for having a fair amount of pretty girls. Kids came to experiment and Sheena told her date about a few little student cuties she had managed to bed. Lourdes didn’t know quite why she found the stories exciting, but she did. She really liked the sisters, but there was something about Sheena she really liked. She had no airs about her, no pretext and could be a bit bawdy, yet still maintained a bit of class and style. She wondered how much different the sisters were in bed and then brushed that idea away. She was only on a date for fun, a way to prove to herself that she was open-minded. Her sister was the one that liked girls, Lourdes still enjoyed men. Didn’t she? Truth be told, the male gender had been a big disappointment in the last few years. Oh well, a few bad apples didn’t spoil the entire bushel, right?

The girls danced and made a show, the sisters kissed each other (scandalous!) and both kissed Linn and then Sheena planted on Lourdes. It wasn’t bad, very soft and not hard to take. Lourdes even allowed her older sister to kiss her and that got a huge cheer. Before the end of the evening, all four girls had enjoyed more than enough libations to make them very susceptible to naughty ideas. They took a taxi back to Victoria’s place and tried to sober up.

“We should go to bed,” Victoria suggested.

“Don’t let us stop you,” Sheena teased her. “I’d join you but I wouldn’t want my date being jealous.”

“Ugh, I think the room would still spin around too much,” Linn groaned. “Sheena, you know that isn’t what your sister meant. She meant bed to sleep. Sex is off the table tonight.”

Lourdes sat up. “No, don’t — I mean, if you two — or three — I mean, if you all want to …”

Linn shot an angry glance over at Sheena. “You TOLD MY SISTER?”

“I figured she knew, but she took it okay. Hey, the three of us haven’t partied in almost 6 months, if you want to, I’m up for it,” the leggy blonde said, unzipping her dress and dropping it to the floor. To Lourdes’ surprise, Victoria followed suit. Both women were now in lingerie tinier than the smallest bikinis with bodies like magazine centerfolds. Lourdes didn’t look away. As a photographer, she had seen naked women before.

“If you want to have your fun, go for it,” Lourdes said. “I can crash here on the couch. I wouldn’t blame you, they’re both gorgeous. Go ahead Linnie, I’ll be fine.”

Sheena got behind Lourdes and massaged her shoulders gently. “Unless …?”

“Unless …?”

“You said we’re gorgeous. Why not give in to temptation, just this once. The four of us can have lots of fun. We have all the room we’d need and your sister is not shy. I wanted to make love to you the instant I saw you and I think Victoria might as well. We’d all show you a good time and if it isn’t for you, you have had an adventure you’ll remember forever,” Sheena told her.

“All …?”

“Haven’t you noticed? Your demetevler escort bayan sister is into you. She might not want to admit it right away, but she’s really grooving on you, she couldn’t take her eyes off you on the dance floor tonight,” Victoria spoke up. “This all might seem a bit unorthodox Lourdes, but we wouldn’t be hurting anyone. It’s just sex and sex is meant to enrich a life, to be pleasurable and sensual. No one knows you better than another woman and NO one knows you better than your sister.”

Lourdes looked to see that Linn had already doffed her clothes and was only in a thong. Her shift top had not required the use of a bra. “She’s telling the truth, Lourdes,” Linn told her sister. “I do think my baby sister is fucking hot and I’d love to show you what I mean by that. Now, we’re going to enjoy ourselves with or without you, but I know it’d be a whole lot better with you.” The two blondes framed the tinier Linn and led her into the bedroom, leaving Lourdes alone with her thoughts. Lesbian sex! Incest! Threesomes, foursomes — it sure would be an adventure and one she would not easily be able to brush off. She hadn’t had a date in the entire time she had spent with Linn, enjoying her sibling’s company more than any man she had known. Had there been a part of her that was sending out vibes to Linn? Was there a sisterly attraction going on between the two of them? Lourdes was not normally an indecisive woman but she truly had no idea what to do. She looked out the window of Victoria’s beautiful apartment and saw the islands. Had she not come here for a fresh start? She spun on her heels and followed the sound of gasps and giggles.

“I’ve decided to accept your invitation,” Lourdes said as she dropped her dress to the floor. She let the three others take in the view and then allowed three sets of hands pull her into a loving embrace. Kissing the blondes was fun but kissing her own sister with passion was like getting an electric shock. She allowed them to push her down on the bed as they removed what little clothing remained. “I’m her date, so I get her pussy,” Sheena smiled. “Vicki, suck her tits and Linn, straddle her face and she can eat you.”

“Hey, wait a minute, isn’t that kind of …” Lourdes said before her sister’s trimmed bush was lowered to her face.

“Jump in the deep end honey, you learn to swim faster,” Victoria laughed as she sucked her new lover’s tits. She blew her sister a kiss and knew there would be no turning back for Lourdes. She and her sister and Linn had been here before with other women, none had refused once they got started. Lourdes was already licking pussy and not slowly either. She was going all out and making her sister squirm. Seeing the darker Linn writhing on her sister’s tongue was very hot. “Move baby,” Victoria suggested to her sibling. “Let’s see if she can figure out to do if Linn moves down to her pussy.” Lourdes did and soon the sisters were engaged in Lourdes’ first-ever sixty-nine. She was in now, fully a member of the club. She looked to her left and Lourdes saw the twins also doing the same thing, bronzed goddesses with impossibly beautiful bodies who seemed to see nothing wrong with sharing themselves. As soon as she had made Lourdes cum, Linn rolled over to Sheena and Victoria moved to Lourdes. “We can go crazy as long as we like,” Victoria told her new friend. “Women can cum and cum and we never have to worry about getting it up. I like to lick; I will lick your gorgeous, supremely hot body all over if you let me. What do you say, baby doll?

Lourdes was already out of breath, so she just nodded and let Victoria have her way. She licked her toes, pussy, thighs, tits and even her rosebud. Somewhere in there, the other two rejoined the party so that everyone was licking and sucking. Lourdes would not have ever believed she could be this wild. Her life in Honolulu was off to a great start and she decided on a new angle for her business. She would start taking nude portraits. Perhaps she could meet some interesting new friends that way and if not, she would still make her own way in the world without constantly relying on Linn. While she and Sheena kissed and flat-fucked each other, Lourdes deiced she would worry about her career the next day.

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