The Dragon Invasion Chapter 2

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The Dragon Invasion Chapter 2

04 June 2020

Darkness. That’s all Flight Lieutenant James Robertson could see when he opened his eyes. No light seeped under a door or through a gap in a window’s curtains.

Where the hell am I? Is this death?

No this wasn’t death. His head hurt far too much for that to be the case. The aches and pains from the ejection were very much still there too. He tried moving but found himself chained to the wall, his hands over his head. His ankle throbbed in pain. It could be worse though, James reminded himself; the presence of the aforementioned injuries meant that he hadn’t been exposed to the dragon’s seed, unlike one of his fellow pilots who’d also been captured.

James was still struggling to process exactly what had happened before his capture but he couldn’t get the image of the two dragons’ large cocks out of his mind. And why did it look like both Powell and that woman had enjoyed it so much? Maybe not at first, but, after the first beast’s pre-cum began flowing, Powell was certainly loving it. And the woman didn’t even seem to resist. Maybe she’d been exposed previously? Or were the dragons’ pheromones that powerful?

Somewhere from out in the darkness came the noise of footsteps. Whoever it was… No. Whatever it was, was getting closer. The footsteps stopped. The sound of a door opening echoed around the room he was in. Firey torch light entered the room, making him squint.

In came a dragon. A guard perhaps? It was hard to tell as the creature was silhouetted against the entrance. It walked over towards him.

“Human. You will drink.”

Assuming it was water, James took a sip… And promptly spat it back out very quickly!

Fuck, that bastard just tried to get me to drink dragon cum!

“The Dragon King will be angry that you refused his gift, human!” The dragon snarled, pulling the bowl back from James. “Come, you will meet him. He has decreed it.”

Great. Just fucking great.

After unlatching the chain, the guard led James out of his cell and into the tunnel outside. Designed for the passage of dragons, the tunnel was tall. At least 20ft, James estimated. And it was fairly wide too. Flaming torches were fastened to the stone walls every few feet. The architecture looked human but old. Very old. Maybe they’d used humans to construct this place hundreds of years ago?

The tunnel took several twists and turns until they came to a guarded door; the dragon manning it opened for them, with a nod to James’ captor. It led into a semi open area, not too dissimilar to a castle’s courtyard, complete with a dried up water fountain. They were clearly still underground but the ceiling had to be over 100ft high. Large statues of dragons in various heroic poses lined the walls of the courtyard. James slowed down, trying to take it all in, until the guard poked him in the direction of a huge pair of metal doors. They went almost as high as the ceiling and were manned by a dozen tough looking dragons, all over 10 feet tall.

The huge double doors opened inwards as they approached it. The guard dragons gave James a worryingly hungry look as he walked past. Not unlike what a cocky guy might give an attractive girl.

But James’ attention was focused directly ahead into what could only be described as a throne room. It a huge room too; the ceiling was just as high as the courtyard. Two of walls were lined with theatre style ascending seating, although the seats were far bigger than those humans used. Many were filled by dragons of varying sizes, colours and… breeds maybe?

Straight ahead was the throne itself. Either side of it stood two dragons; the pair that stood closer to the throne were huge. At least 50ft tall by James’ reckoning. The other two were smaller but still dwarfed James’ 6ft 4 frame.

They must be the Royal Guard. Looks like I won’t be fighting my way out here. Those bastards could tear me apart with their little fingers.

The throne itself glinted in the flames. The room was well lit and it was clear that the Dragon King sat upon a chair of solid gold.

And there’s the big scalley cunt himself.

Although far smaller than several of his guards, the Dragon King still towered over any human who had ever existed. The beast had to be nearly double James’ height. But that wasn’t the King’s most impressive feature – James could tell just by looking that his shiny black scales were almost indestructible. Nothing less than high yield FAE weapons or tactical nukes would get through them.

The Dragon King’s green eyes followed James’ every step until two of the Royal Guard blocked the pilot’s path.

“Welcome human. I see that you are Flight Lieutenant James Robertson, son of Andrew.”

What? How the hell did he know that?

The answer came very quickly:

“Yes, we dragons have telepathic abilities. How do you think I am communicating with you now? Very few of my kind have my gift of communicating telepathically with a non-modified human though. Even fewer can read minds; I sense that you did not enjoy my gift to you? No matter, maybe you’ll get it straight from the source.” That final comment drew what could only be described as laughter from many of the dragons in the room.

Then the Dragon King glared deeply into James’ eyes. The pilot felt himself unable to look away despite his best efforts. Memories flashed inside his brain – starting at childhood until it reached the present day. The image of Hannah Finchley’s gorgeous naked body filled his mind. The sex they’d had that day had been amazing – she’d squirted all over his dick numerous times as he fucked her in her pert arse. The memory didn’t last; it flashed forward to yesterday. He was walking towards his Typhoon jet fighter, checking that its complement of weapons that had been loaded correctly. Then, he was flying, firing missiles at airborne dragons over the ruins of London. A huge dragon destroyed Hannah’s Typhoon, forcing her to eject. Rage filled James’ mind. But that rage was dwarfed by the anger that filled the Dragon King’s mind when the memory of the Paveway bunker busters James had dropped hit their target. His head felt like it was going I explode.

“IT WAS YOU WHO KILLED MY QUEENS!” The roar of the beast had physical force; James found himself lying on the floor on his back unable to move. “I SHOULD HAVE YOU TORTURED AND KILLED FOR YOUR COWARDLY ACTIONS!” A pair of guards closed in as if preparing to deliver the killing blow. James closed his eyes expecting them to never reopen.

Yes, kill me you buggers. I now know that death isn’t the worst fate I can suffer.

The killing blow never landed.

“No, Flight Lieutenant Robertson. You will repay the Dragon Kingdom with your servitude. GUARDS! Bring in the other captured pilots! From this male’s’ memories here, they all know each other.” Returning his gaze back to the James, the Dragon King added, “I will deal with you shortly.” Another pause. “General, continue your briefing on the war.”

“Yes Sire,” the voice of the dragon General also entered James’ brain; the King was forcing him to listen to the telepathic conversation.

“The fight against the British humans has been bloody but I now believe that we have destroyed their air power. Their land forces have retreated to a fortification know as Hadrian’s Wall. While there isn’t much of a wall left there anymore, the British are building up their defences there rapidly. They will outnumber us in the battle there heavily when the time comes. Even after culling many settlements, the human population on this island is far, far higher than ours’.”

Images filled James’ head of fire and destruction. The dragons hadn’t just destroyed London. They’d also burnt Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester and several other major cities and their inhabitants to ash. Millions more were dead.

“General, may I remind you that I wish to rule the humans, not exterminate them,” the Dragon King replied.

“Yes Sire, I understand. But these humans are an unruly and often irrational creatures. Too many of our brothers and cousins have already died trying to control them. Many more are now tied down guarding, attempting to control the human settlements you wished capturing intact.”

A new voice spoke up, in James’ head:

“Sire, if I can please interrupt, I may have a solution there.”

“Go ahead Mage.”

“I have perfected, with the help of some enlightened humans, a seed variety that will bolster our ranks further. We have captured over twelve thousand British warriors alive and several thousand more civilians who I believe have the right character. My new seed will transform those prisoners into hybrids – they will gain many of the physical advantages of we dragons and will follow orders like one of our own. I have already tested it on several subjects and it is over 95% effective when used on the correct subjects. These hybrids can take over garrison duties leaving the General’s forces to fight at Hadrian’s Wall.”

The Dragon King thought on it for several seconds, gazing into the Mage’s eyes. He then turned back to the General:

“Will these additional forces allow you to strike sooner?”

“Assuming the Mage’s seed works as he has described then yes, I believe it will Sire.”

Another new voice entered the conversation –

“I give my full support to this plan, Sire. The Mage’s experiments have made my attempts to infiltrate and spy on the humans far more successful. Without his refining of the seed in myself and my breeders, we wouldn’t have so many enlightened humans that we have secretly slipped back into their society to disrupt their war effort.”

“Thank you your input Spymaster,” came the reply of the Dragon King.

Enlightened Humans? No wonder many of our systems have failed. They’ve got men on the inside committing sabotage!

Suddenly, the GPS and radio jamming he’d experienced during combat made sense to James. As did the failure of Hannah’s jet.

Those sneaky bastards!

James’ thoughts was interrupted by the Dragon King’s voice.

“Very well Mage. Proceed with your experiments. I will follow your progress with great interest.”

“Yes Sire, thank you,” replied the Mage.

The doors to the throne room opened at that moment. Three humans, escorted by the same number of dragons entered.

“Ah excellent. We will discuss military matters again tomorrow. Right now, however, I have some sentencing to do! Spymaster, I will require your services in this matter.”

“It’s an honour to serve you Sire,” the Spymaster replied, returning to his seat.

The guards who had been standing over James finally allowed him to his feet. He looked around and his heart leapt – Hannah! And best of all, she still looked banged up from the ejection, meaning that the dragons hadn’t corrupted her with their seed. Yet.

Alongside her was Matthew Stride, a fellow pilot who’d been Storm 3. And a very good friend. He also looked worse for wear; his right arm had been crudely bandaged and his face was also sported several cuts.

That makes three of us that are still totally human. The same can’t be said about Rich though, the poor bugger.

Richard Powell, the Tornado GR4 pilot who’d been orally raped by a dragon was the third and final to be led in. His injuries were fully healed due to the seed of the dragon. From what James could see, he also wore a slightly vacant yet contented expression on his face. Unlike Hannah and Stridey who looked pissed off with a noticeable dose of fear thrown in too.

The guards ensured that all four humans were placed before the Dragon King. Powell bowed without any encouragement. James, Hannah and Stridey were all forced to bow by guards standing behind them.

“Humans!” The King began, “You have been found guilty of crimes against the Dragon Kingdom!”

Nice to have a trial and all that…

“Thus, I will now sentence you in accordance with the Kingdom’s laws. Due to recent events,” James felt the Dragon King’s green eyes glare at him, “there are several positions that will require your services. Guards, Bring forward Flight Lieutenant Powell.”

The guards did just that, pushing Rich forward several feet; even then, his vacant expression barely changed.

“Flt Lt Powell. As you have already been corrupted by lesser dragon seed, you are not suitable for any position above the station of whore. Therefore, it will be your duty to ensure my soldier’s morale is kept high for 25 human years. Guards! Take him to the Whore Master to ensure that he is prepared for such a role.”

Without any form of protest, Rich was led away.

“Flt Lt Stride. It is clear that you have a sharp mind. You will be very useful as a spy for the Dragon Kingdom and therefore you are to return back to the British military to provide information and disrupt their plans. Spymaster! This human is yours’ to use as you see fit for 25 human years.”

“Thank you Sire, he will be a useful asset.” The Spymaster’s glaze was hungry.

“Flight Lieutenants Robertson and Finchley. The Dragon Kingdom holds you both responsible for the loss of all but one of my Dragon Queens. Therefore, I sentence you both to TWO THOUSAND YEARS as my first new Queens in almost a millennium.” James couldn’t tell if the King was physically smiling but, in his head, the beast was certainly laughing.

“You will help to produce my army. I can think of no more suitable punishment. Although, I’m sure you will learn to love it. No Queen ever wanted to go free!”

Oh shit. We’re fucked. Literally. Maybe I can at least ask him to spare Hannah?

The answer came to James immediately after he thought it via the telepathic link. No. The Dragon King wanted James to see his lover get broken as an additional punishment. The telepathic link also showed that the King took special pleasure in both turning men into Queens and in fucking their women into Queens in front of them as a way of establishing dominance.

Sick cunt.

“Spymaster! I insist that you give these humans a show. You are to enlighten Flt Lt Stride here.” The Spymaster’s excitement, expressed via telepathy grew quickly.

He rose from the raised seating behind James, Hannah and Stridey. When the dragon stepped forward, it was therefore the first time James had laid eyes on him.

He’s one hell of a strange looking dragon compared to the others. Fuck… Look at me now sounding like some sort of expert.

The telepathy again provided an answer; the Spymaster was originally a different breed of creature that was now extinct. That breed had been capable of controlling human minds but had not been powerful enough to influence dragons. The Dragon Kingdom had killed all of them thousands of years ago leaving the Spymaster the sole survivor. He’d been corrupted by the dragon seed and now used his powers for the Kingdom against humanity.

The Spymaster’s body had several dragon features such as short, stumpy wings and scales that covered his body. But there the similarities appeared to stop; the Spymaster had multiple tails that were actually tentacles, was shorter and slimmer than all other dragons James had seen and was also a light gray colour. Its face was far rounder with only the smallest of snouts.

Nevertheless, the Spymaster was still taller and stronger than Matthew Stride – the beast’s tentacles grabbed the pilot before he could react. One went straight into poor Stridey’s mouth while two others attached themselves to his head just above the ears. Two more attached görükle escort themselves to his arms stopping him from moving. James knew instantly what they were doing.

Fuck, they’re brainwashing him but without altering his DNA. Therefore, to human detection systems, he’ll be normal.

Wow, this telepathic link seems to provide information instantly, but only if I think to ask it. How bizarre.

Matt tried to resist but the appendages were far stronger than they looked. After only a minute or two of struggling, Stridey’s movements became far weaker and his eyes closed, allowing the tentacle in his mouth to push deeper.

“Yesssss human. Submit to my demands.” The Spymaster’s voice via the telepathy was almost snake-like.

The gray tentacle began fucking Matt’s mouth; the wet slurping noises filled the air. Meanwhile, the ends of two tentacles attached to the skull began noticeably glow orange. But the Spymaster was only just getting started; he too kept his cock hidden in a small protective sheath like the other types of dragon. And now it was clearly starting to emerge.

Two more tentacles fully stripped the pilot’s flying suit before grabbing Stridey’s legs. Then, working in unison, all the tentacles picked the human up, bringing him directly in front of the Spymaster’s lengthening cock. The pilot was now bent over, the tentacles in his mouth and on his head, still reprogramming his brain. One of the tentacles that held Matt’s arms let go, only to then start probing his anus. With the tentacle producing its own lube and with the human’s legs spread wide, there was little resistance; it quickly slipped in.

“Mmmmph!” Came Stridey’s muted response to the invasion.

That bastard is making Stridey enjoy this! I can feel part of his pleasure through the link.

The Spymaster knew exactly where to put pressure with the anal tentacle; it had found Stridey’s prostate and was now massaging it sensually. Within seconds, the human’s cock was hard. Precum soon became visible at the tip.

A second tentacle then squeezed its way into the pilot’s tight arse; it remained still for several seconds, obviously giving Matt time to adjust to it. But then, the two tentacles began pumping him like a piston. With his free hand, Stridey had began wanking off his own cock – James guessed it was between 6-7” long. Its veins were protruding heavily due to the pleasure its owner was feeling.

“You love my tentacles in you human! Admit it to yourself and give your mind to me.” The Spymaster shouted out telepathically.

James was horrified when his friend’s reply echoed in his head:

“Yes Master! I love you deep in my arse. I’ve never had so much pleasure before!”

“Beg for my cock, human. Submit yourself to me and finish your transformation to the winning side.”

“Master. Please fuck me with your cock. I wish to serve you and our King as part of the Dragon Kingdom.” The Dragon King’s laughter now filled James’ head.

“Just you wait James, son of Andrew. You will say the same thing to me shortly.” The King stated.

Never. I won’t submit to you.

James glanced over at Hannah. She too was watching, horrified, yet unable to remove her eyes from the scene of a fellow pilot and a friend being anally penetrated by two tentacles.

That didn’t last though – the Spymaster withdrew both, leaving Matt’s hole gaping slightly.

“Please Master, fuck me hard and deep with your big cock!” James tried to blank out Stridey’s voice but it was impossible. The smell of sex was now noticeable. As was a faint smell of dragon seed. A cursory glance at several of the dragon guards revealed why – the scene in front had turned them on and their cocks were out. All were too well disciplined to touch them or prisoners though.

It was now time for the Spymaster to make the conversion process irreversible. His rock solid cock was a darker gray than his tentacles and scales; the tip was almost black. It was over a foot long but not particularly thick and was very smooth when compared to most of the dragon’s dicks. Unlike the dragons too, the Spymaster had no visible balls. However, he definitely had them somewhere as the beast wiped excess precum onto Stridey’s butt cheeks before pushing the head into the pilot’s gaping arsehole.

“Yes Master! I want it all!” Matt telepathic exclaimed; a tentacle still remained in his mouth. It had now morphed itself into looking more like a penis though.

I can’t believe I’m watching my best mate get double penetrated by this creature…

The Spymaster squeezed his giant cock in further, eliciting further moans of pleasure. Not once did Stridey ask him to stop, even as the beast’s torso met the human’s arse. Even inch was deep in his rectum, and from what James could gather by the link, Matt was loving it. The feeling was so strong that it forced a reaction in James’ body too.

Fuck, why am I now getting hard? I bloody hope that Hannah doesn’t notice!

Luckily, the Spymaster didn’t last long – after only a few thrusts, Stridey’s cock erupted, spewing his cum onto the floor of the throne room. That orgasm pushed the dragon over the edge too; the tentacle in the pilot’s mouth exploded first. Matt swallowed most of it but some leaked out onto his face and chin.

The Spymaster’s cock unloaded its seed deep into Stridey’s rectum, enslaving the human to his will once and for all. Although the service in theory would only last 25 years, the human would always be bound to the Dragon Kingdom and its telepathic hive mind. While all enlightened and corrupted humans were loyal to the King first and foremost, humans enlightened by the Spymaster retained a close bond to him also. So free will did exist in the Dragon Kingdom but only within strict parameters.

As the Spymaster withdrew his now shrinking cock, James watched Matt’s body go limp. The only reason he didn’t collapse was due to the dragon’s tentacles still holding him. Barely any cum leaked out Stridey’s arse – his body had absorbed much of it. The transformation was now complete and his facial injuries noticeably had already begun to heal.

“Excellent work Spymaster!” The Dragon King declared. “Now, take your new recruit and put him to proper work.”

“Yes Sire, at once.” The Spymaster bowed deeply. Using his tentacles, he then proceeded to carry the unconscious former pilot out of the throne room via a side door that went down to his layer.

I won’t forget you my friend. Maybe one day we’ll meet again, when this is all over.

The Dragon King once again glared deeply in James’ eyes, reading every thought and memory. It felt like an eternity but after only several seconds, he shouted:

“Guards! Bring her closer to me!” His scalley hands were pointing straight at Hannah. His claws were withdrawn and out of sight but the King’s cock was already protruding from its sheath.

James glanced over at Hannah as the guards pushed her forward towards the throne. She couldn’t hide the concern that she felt but there was a defiance there too. Hannah Finchley was tough – it was one of the reasons he liked her. Loved her even.

Before the dragon guards could stop him, James strided forward to Hannah and kissed her. Passionately. Deeply. She reciprocated, clearly enjoying the kiss, despite the current situation. But it didn’t last; the beasts pulled them apart after several seconds.

“Hannah, I think I love you.”

“I know, James.” She gave him a weak smile. “I think I love you too.”

“I’m sorry. This is all my fault.”

“No. Nothing. No-one couldn’t have stopped me going on this mission.”

“ENOUGH!” The Dragon King interrupted, both shouting out loud and communicating via the telepathic link. “You two now belong to me.”

Hannah turned back to the King:

“Maybe you’ll corrupt me as you have my friends, but one day, you will lose, you filthy creature. I just hope I’m around to see that day.” That comment brought out a laugh from the King. He got to his feet off of his throne and began walking down the steps towards the female pilot.

“This one has spirit. But it won’t save you, Hannah Finchley. A powerful Queen you will become.” The dragon said. At twelve feet tall, he towered over Hannah’s 5ft 10 frame. His hard cock, was pointing straight at her face; it was large and covered in subtle bumps, and ribs. It was a greenish-black, but had a large, lighter green tip – the same colour as the King’s eyes.

However, James initial impression was that it wasn’t as big as some of the other dragon cocks he’d seen. But the telepathic link told him that the King could control the size of his phallus to any extent – it was currently at its smallest erect size at just over a foot. However, it would stretch to almost double that if the beast wished it so.

The Dragon King’s balls were also now prominent – they had also had the green tinge to them and they were huge. James didn’t want to think how much seed they contained.

Hannah’s face was far too close to the dick for comfort; she tried to turn away but the Dragon King placed a strong hand on the top of her head, bringing her closer. James felt here struggle via the link, both physically and mentally but there was no winning.

“You’re currently a worthless bitch whose weak lover was unable to save you. Open your mouth and become something far greater.” The green tip of the King’s cock prodded her face. But Hannah didn’t. She refused; a momentary flash of frustration flashed over the telepathic link. Unfortunately the female pilot didn’t notice one of the Royal Guards coming up behind her – just a faint scratch from one of his claws was enough to make Hannah gasp, more in surprise than pain.

It was the only opening the King needed.

The Dragon King’s excitement grew exponentially as the tip of his giant phallus slipped into Hannah’s mouth. James could tell that she’d tried to bite down on it but it’d had no effect – the beast was too strong and powerful. Her jaw was forced open and inch after inch disappeared into her throat. James knew from experience that she could overcome her gag reflex rather well.

“Yes, my future Queen. Feel my power. Submit to me.” But judging by the conflict over the telepathic link, Hannah wasn’t submitting. Every inch that the King pushed in had to be forced, even as her body began to change from the precum that his cock was already leaking.

The Dragon King had deliberately got Hannah into a position that showed off what he was doing to her to James – he could already seen her tits expanding through her flying suit. And her hips began to widen too, although that change was harder to see. Hannah was already sexy before but this new body shape would be very voluptuous. Definitely an hourglass, James thought; he felt ashamed as his cock got fully hard watching the transformation beginning – he also knew that this was only the start. The Dragon King’s cum would cause further changes the more he fucked her.

The noise of Hannah’s gag reflex finally kicking in brought his attention back to the King’s cock. 10 inches were now inside the female. The dragon then pulled all but the tip back out – a small amount of his seed also came out; he could cum small amounts on demand! And that small amount was what was needed to stretch out Hannah’s throat as her body absorbed it. The King drove his cock back into her – it was now growing to a foot and a half long, as well as even wider – and she swallowed it all.

Fuck, the power of the Dragon King’s spunk is unbelievable!

The King groaned in pleasure.

“Yesssss human, you are skilled at this. Suck my cock and become my Queen!” James could feel her mental resistance slipping away. The King’s cock and his seed were seducing her and taking over her mind and body. Hannah’s boobs had expanded further; James had to estimate that she’d gone up at least several cup sizes. The pressure on her flying suit was too great and she had to unzip it, revealing a red bra that was now far too small underneath.

Then, the Dragon King let out an almighty roar. His giant balls were now on the female pilot’s chin and 18 inches of cock was deep inside of her. The beast withdrew several inches giving James the view of the cock’s thickness increasing due to amount of seed being fired into Hannah.

“Yes Hannah Finchley! Take my seed and complete the first part of your submission!” The cry from the Dragon King echoed around the throne room. For several seconds, neither the King or Hannah moved – her eyes were closed as she struggled to swallow the copious amounts of cum. Her body couldn’t absorb it all fast enough; the King pulled his giant cock out, leaving the tip pointing at her mouth as it erupted over her. More changes happened immediately – Hannah’s lips and areola’s had changed colour, matching the exact same colour as the Dragon King’s shaft – a dark green colour. Her tits had now reached what he estimated to be 34G and James had to admit that they looked amazing. They were huge but had no sag whatsoever.

Hannah wiped remaining cum off her face and then licked it off her fingers. Literally, James felt the very last of her fight slip away at that second. His lover was gone. Although she still looked human, the Dragon King’s seed was already transforming her – it’d take more time and more seed to really complete the process however. She couldn’t yet produce eggs for him but the beast planned to change that very shortly. Nonetheless, she looked gorgeous. Her face was now flawless and any blemishes on her body had been removed.

“My Queen. Acknowledge your submission to me.” The King was looking into Hannah’s eyes. She bowed her head before meeting his glaze.

“My King, I am yours. Please pleasure me further with your huge cock and allow me to produce your offspring.”

No! Fuck!

The Dragon King’s laughter once again filled the throne room. His cock that had began to soften slightly immediately returned to full hardness. Hannah didn’t need an invitation to start licking the green tip with her tongue, sensually teasing her new king. She needed both of her hands to wank off the phallus – both it and her hands glistened as more cum leaked out of the tip. James could see that the dark patch on her green flying suit’s crotch where her own juices had leaked out her pussy.

“Are you ready to complete the transformation my Queen?” The King asked.

“Yes Sire, please fuck me with your giant cock! I need to cum so badly!” Hannah responded, already stripping off what was left of her flying suit. Although her tits were already out, her lower half was still covered. Now, she discarded the suit and tossed her red knickers aside.

The Dragon King picked her up, and placed her on the steps in front of her. The Guards pushed James around to force him to watch as the beast lined up his cock to penetrate his former lover once again. The King’s dick was now at the perfect height for Hannah’s soaking wet pussy as she bent over.

Several drops of Dragon King’s precum fell on the female’s pale white arse cheeks; almost immediately, they began to change subtly in size and also shape.

James couldn’t turn away. The sight of Hannah’s butt expanding ensured that his cock remained painfully hard. He wasn’t the only one either – every one of the guards had giant dragon erections. Even the two 50ft plus Royal Guard beasts; their cocks were the largest James had ever seen, matching the one he’d seen during the battle over London. But they made no move to touch their appendages. Nor did James touch his – that görükle escort bayan would have meant admitting defeat.

“Please, my King. Impale me on your monstrous cock. I wish to feel it all in me!” Hannah exclaimed. The King wasted no more time. The large, wet, green tip reached the woman’s cunt lips.

That dick is stupidly thick. There’s no way it’ll fit in!

James was partly right – the King’s two foot cock also had 7-8 inches of girth – it wouldn’t fit in your average human. But the precum it was leaking over Hannah’s lips as well as all the seed she’d already absorbed had converted her body. James couldn’t believe his eyes as the tip started to slide into her pussy, causing his lover to cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure:

“Oooohhhh yes my King! Mmmmmmm!”

Unbelievably, Hannah actually took the first 8-10 inches relatively easily. She also had her first orgasm of the day; the bumps on the King’s cock provided her with extra pleasure as the beast began to thrust deep into her. Each time, he went deeper as he former pilot’s vagina expanded and transformed around the invader.

“Oh God! Oh God! Yeeeeessssss!” Hannah exclaimed as the climax washed over her. James, via the link, could feel samples of her ecstasy. It was extraordinary and, he was disgusted to admit it, very much a turn on – seeing his lover bent over with the large dragon holding onto her shoulders, taking her from behind was almost too much to take.

The pace of the beast’s thrusts began to increase – Hannah’s stomach bulged from the giant cock thrusting into her and there was now 18” of dragon meat rearranging her insides. Literally.

The Dragon King’s grunts filled the air but they were mostly drowned out by Hannah’s screams of lust and pleasure. James saw her pussy explode, squirting her own juices out.

“Oh fuuuccckkk, this I’d so good! He’s so deep in me!” She exploded several more times – James had experienced her multi-orgasmic qualities for himself but she’d never been this intense. The look on Hannah’s perfect face was amazing. Her new huge tits shook with every thrust. Her large, new, bubble butt looked so hot. But, as much as James hated to admit it, so did the Dragon King’s cock.

Maybe being a Queen to that monster wouldn’t be so bad after all?

No! Snap out of it!

But the Dragon King could read his mind. Telepathically the King laughed at him before broadcasting:

“Don’t worry James Robertson, you too will feel the pleasures of my cock. At least once a week for two thousand years. But, before you do, I have a gift for you!”

The beast was really fucking Hannah brutally now. The woman took it all though, even pushing back to meet the invader. One of her hands rubbed her clit – it had doubled in size due to transformations her body had gone through. The last several inches were still too much for her though – she just wasn’t big enough.

The Dragon King’s seed would change that.

James could feel the creature’s pleasure growing via the link. The King was so close to cumming. Hannah felt it too and screamed out, the ecstasy audible in her voice:

“Yes my King! Transform me into the first of your new Queens. Plant your seed inside me to make me yours!”

“Arrrrggghhh, take my seed my Queen!” The King shouted out. James saw his large testicles start to shrink slightly, but the girth of the beast’s cock that he could see was thicker than ever. A huge amount of cum was on its way deep into Hannah’s pussy.

“Oooohhhhhhh yessssss! I’m cumming! The feeling of the extra girth and the massive amounts of hot cum shooting into her pushed Hannah over the edge once again.

Her body began to expand further – this time, she also grew taller. At 5ft 10, she’d always been tall for a woman but now Hannah was almost 7 feet tall. Her body filled out again proportionally – her tits and arse were now huge but in a beautiful rather than comical way. She had a perfect hourglass combined with an enhanced feminine athletic shape that James couldn’t take his eyes off.

This expansion allowed the final half-foot of the Dragon King’s cock to penetrate his new Queen – every inch was now inside her. The beast’s bollocks were like wrecking balls, destroying and then recreating James’ former girlfriend.

As the grunts and moans from both the King and Hannah subsided, the massive cock was pulled out of her now gaping pussy. A huge amount of cum also started to leak out as there was simply too much for her body to absorb in one session. Hannah’s belly was slightly bloated and stretched out due to amount of seed but that would recover – the King’s cum had powerful recovery and anti-aging properties.

The Dragon King removed his hands from Hannah’s shoulders, allowing James to see that he’d left a further mark on her – several dark green scales on each shoulder we’re now visible.

“Rise my Queen.” Hannah did just that. She turned to face James. It was a strange experience now looking up to his former lover.

Wow! I can’t believe my eyes. This is bloody mental. Yet… I. I. I also want this to happen to me…

The new Dragon Queen’s body glistened with sweat, cum and her own juices. Hannah’s pupils had turned green, matching that of her King. Her blonde hair was longer than before and, while her face was definitely still that of his former lovers’, it looked totally perfected. Her breasts with their dark green areolas were huge yet perfectly shaped. Not a single imperfection was visible on her body. Her legs were perfectly smooth with a hint of muscular power mostly hidden by their femininity. Meanwhile, her gaping vagina was still leaking seed.

“Come, James Robertson. Clean my seed out of my new Queen’s pussy.” The Dragon King ordered. James tried to resist. But the pheromones in the air coming from both Hannah and the dragons around him were overwhelming. His internal struggle was solved when one of his guards pushed him to the floor onto his back. Before he’d even really began to acknowledge the change in situation, Hannah’s pussy was in his face as she squatted down onto him.

“You know you love licking my pussy, James. Now it comes with added flavour!” Hannah exclaimed.

The sight of her beautiful, wet pussy with its new enlarged clit was too much for him. James’ dick was still hard. Harder than it’d ever been, he had to admit to himself. While the idea of losing didn’t appeal to him, was this really losing? Eating a delicious pussy sounded like winning to him…

James plunged his tongue deep into Hannah’s cunt, tasting both her juices and seed of the Dragon King. It was intoxicating. Overwhelming. And so bloody good. Hannah’s moans of pleasure were music to his ears, pushing him to keep exploring.

Mmmmm, she tastes even better than I remember.

James felt his mind altering slowly as he swallowed more cum – serving the Dragon King wasn’t just a duty. It’ll also be a great honour available to only a few.

My King. I want you to transform me too.

James couldn’t speak but he didn’t need to. The Dragon King read his every thought.

“Ah! Victory. You will become my number one Queen. The Alpha Queen.” The dragon replied telepathically. James could hear him… No, feel him coming closer.

He didn’t stop licking – if anything, it spurred him on further. Hannah screamed out in pleasure as his tongue massaged her clit. She came on his face; her juices erupted onto him, soaking his hair. He loved it. James swallowed every drop that he could – she tasted even better than ever but he couldn’t describe what the taste was.

The Dragon King now stood over James; using its claw, the beast ripped open the pilot’s flying suit’s crotch. James’ throbbing cock emerged. The beast lined his own phallus up with the human’s, preparing to continue the transformation process. Although James had cleaned all the excess seed out of Hannah; neither of them wanted him to stop his tongue from pleasing her and the King was very happy to see his Queen riding her former lover’s face – it would distract James from the next part.

James knew he should try to resist but Hannah’s transformed pussy juices and the King’s seed had made resisting seem… Pointless? After all, this wasn’t too bad, right? But what was the dragon going to do next? He reached out using the link to the King and got his answer.

Wow, he’s placing my cock inside of his!

The dragon’s tip expanded around James dick, slowly engulfing it. Although all he could currently see was Hannah’s wet cunt, he could picture his own pink tip disappearing inside of the Dragon King’s green tip. It wasn’t a massively pleasant feeling but it didn’t matter as the pheromones and the pussy juices were driving him wild.

The King reached out to him:

“Have more of my seed!” James felt an immense warmth spreading through his dick – the dragon’s cum was firing into his shaft and down to his balls. He could literally feel them expand. But they didn’t just expand – he also felt them firm up – had they become scalley?

A reach down with one of his hands confirmed this – his balls had roughly tripled in size and were now covered in dragon scales.

The Dragon King began to pull his cock off of James’ which also revealed that his human dick was… Well… No longer human – it was slightly larger than before and was covered in bumps and ribs, similar to that of most of the other dragons he’d seen. Although Hannah was blocking his view, he knew that it’d also changed colour.

Thank you my King.

The Dragon King gave an unspoken command to Hannah and James felt her reluctantly remove herself away from his tongue. James’ mouth didn’t stay unoccupied for long though – as he got to his knees, the King’s giant cock appeared in front of him.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, James felt revulsion at the idea of sucking the dragon meat. But too many other feelings had taken over his mind. His transformation was in progress and the King wasn’t about to let him stop now.

Sensing the hesitation, the dragon pushed the wet tip against James’ lips.

“Lick it, you know you want to. Look at the pleasure I brought your former lover. I can bring you even greater. All you have to do is lick.” The beast’s voice whispered directly into James’ brain.

I really shouldn’t…

But his tongue had already started exploring the green tip, tasting the precum. It was slightly salty but actually tasted a lot better than he expected; there was certainly a hint of Hannah’s pussy on there too. And the precum gave him an immediate endorphins boost – the seed in his mouth and dick were already affecting his central nervous system and brain functions.

“Mmmmmm, I can see why the others liked this so much,” James thought to what he assumed was himself but was actually broadcast to the surrounding dragons too.

His mouth opened to let the intruder in. It was both soft and slightly spongy in his mouth, yet so hard. The heat radiated out of it and James could feel the cock throbbing as he rolled his tongue all around the tip. He could also feel the Dragon King’s anticipation, knowing that the creation of his second new Queen was oh so close and that he would take great pleasure from it.

The dragon pushed further and James felt more cock enter his mouth; it’s power was overwhelming. The precum had already altered his oral passageways allowing more of the meat to fit in than James thought possible.

There’s no way I should be able to swallow this much cock!”

It also helped that the King hadn’t boosted his royal phallus up to full size but the girth of it was certainly still far larger than the pilot ever thought he’d be able to handle. Over nine inches had now entered his mouth but there was room for more. James reached up with both hands – he also began to stroke the long shaft and pulled more into him.

“Yesssss, human. You’re a natural cocksucker. I knew that you’d make a superb Queen!” The King exclaimed. Although Hannah’s technique had been better, the dragon had more of a taste for human men. Especially when he could watch them break and bend to his will. Telepathically, he spoke to the two smaller of his Royal Guard. They were still huge but were dwarfed by the two massive guards who hadn’t moved from beside the throne.

“Breed with my first new Queen. That is your reward.” The two guards bowed low before turning Hannah who had been watching her King insert his cock into her former boyfriend. Even with her enhanced height, she didn’t need to get down on her knees to suck their giant, scalley, red cocks that had now appeared in front of her.

James, however, was too distracted by the cock in his mouth to see this. He now had over a foot inside his throat. It felt so good to know that he was pleasing his King and he was determined to get it all in.

He pushed his mouth further down the dark green shaft, feeling the bumps on his tongue. Another couple of inches in! He could see the giant balls getting closer to his face – reaching out with one hand, he felt them. Even though his own bollocks had been enhanced, the King’s were still far larger and weightier. Despite cumming in Hannah several times, they were still filled with powerful seed.

I can’t wait to feel that hot seed explode in my mouth…

With that thought, James really began to work the King’s cock. The beast grunted in pleasure as the human rubbed his balls while also letting out several inches of his phallus before pushing it back even deeper than before.

“Keep this up James Robertson and I will reward you!”

James did just that. He couldn’t help but gag on the huge member as it went deeper. But he needed more inside of him. He wanted to be rewarded and transformed.

Breathe through your nose, he told himself. Deeply. And push!

The Dragon King’s grunting increased. The anticipation was driving James into overdrive. Telepathically:

“My King, please cum in me! I want to feel you erupt deep inside me. Make me yours!” That statement pushed the dragon over the edge – he let out a huge roar and James felt several bulges make their way down the cock’s shaft into his throat.

Yes! Fill me up Sire!

The cock, lodged deep in James’ throat exploded like a fire hose. He couldn’t keep it in and had to pull the giant phallus out of his mouth as hot cum overfilled his stomach. The seed also erupted all over his face and upper body, soaking through his damaged flying suit.

Even as he struggled to swallow, the transformations were already noticeable. His face tingled as the seed was absorbed, feminising his skin and facial features. The small amount of stubble he had totally disappeared. His cheekbones and jawline subtly rearranged themselves into a more womanly shape and his nose and ears shrank slightly. His lips, however expanded and changed colour to purple – a royal purple to be precise – which signified his status as the most important Queen in the harem. The Alpha Queen. His hair grew longer and its colour altered slightly from a mousy brown to a obtain a purple tingle.

Although most of the changes were currently confined to his upper body, James also felt all his body hair disappearing. For the first time, he also noticed that his enhanced cock and balls also had a purple tinge to their scales. His cock tip had remained a pink colour though.

Then, his boobs began to form as the cum was absorbed by his chest – the tingling sensations felt so good and he felt his flesh expanding. Though they certainly didn’t get as big as Hannah’s, they escort görükle reached what he guessed was around a 34E. His fingers reached his new nipples which were same colour as his lips. God! They felt so good to touch.

James stomach and abs flattened becoming less masculine and more feminine, yet retaining a look of athleticism. His hips expanded slightly but he knew that it’d take more cum to transform his bottom half. And he knew where that cum would be going too.

“Well my Queen, how do you like your new figure so far?” The King asked.

“I love it Sire! But I want more!” James’ voice retained his accent but was now higher pitched, more feminine and far sexier than he could possibly imagine.

Before the King could reply however, several very loud and sexy moans interrupted their thoughts. James’ glaze locked onto Hannah – she was sandwiched between the two guards upright, off her feet. Each guard had hold of her, although with their strength it was easy to support her. She had one huge dragon cock in her pussy while another had just found its way into her tight arse. A flicker of pain crossed her face but she then came from the insertion. Juices from her pussy exploded onto the cock in there and down her long, shapely legs.

“Fuck me you bastards! Fuck your Queen in both her holes!”

James’ own cock twitched as watched Hannah taking the two large dicks. He was so close to cumming after all the stimulation – both visual and physical he’d received. But the King wasn’t going to let him cum. Not yet, anyway. But it was nearly time.

Indeed, James felt the Dragon King lift him up to then place him down on the steps to the throne, facing up towards the seat of power. Instinctively, James bent forward, giving the beast a full view of his arse. He felt the excitement from the King telepathically – and then felt a scalley claw on his shoulder.

“This will be end of the beginning and will cement your place as my Queen. Now… Beg for your King’s cock!”

“Sire. Please, make me your favourite Queen with your huge cock. I can’t wait feel up deep in me. And I want to cum so badly too! James’ feminine voice already sounded natural to him…

I don’t think I can exactly be called “James” after this either…

The King read his thoughts:

“Don’t worry, I will give you a suitable new name once I breed you.”

“Thank you my King… ” James started to say out loud but the feeling of precum dripping onto his, now smooth and flawless, arse cheeks interrupted his thoughts. The tingling sensation was back – he could feel his butt expanding to meet the King’s requirements. The beast’s cock stood ready.

And then… It pressed up against him James’ virgin hole. Heat radiated from it as the King rubbed his precum onto the human’s sphincter, loosening it ready for penetration. James felt an insistent push, followed by an intense pain as a cock head bigger than a beer can pushed into his arse hole. Involuntarily, a girlish squeal left his mouth.

Fuuuccckkk! Too big! Too big!

“Don’t worry my Queen. This will get easier and far more enjoyable for you. My seed will cause your hole to self lubricate once I have done with you.” The Dragon King broadcast to James, trying to calm the pilot down.

Deep breaths, deep breaths. Relax.

The dragon didn’t move its cock for a moment or so, giving James’ stretched hole time to adjust to the invader. The pain was subsiding thankfully but it was still a very weird feeling. The beast then pushed again causing a couple of inches more to disappear, including the whole of the tip – the first of many ribs on the cock entered James’ anus, causing another burst of pain, but a slight tinge of pleasure too.

“Go on my Queen, push back to get more of that.” The King telepathically spoke to James. He didn’t bother to reply but did push back only to be rewarded by another rib entering his butt, again causing a mixture of pain and pleasure. But this time, more of the latter.

Mmmmmm. I might yet enjoy this.

After another brief pause allowed James’ to breathe deeply and relax further. His altered mind was telling him that he’d be a disappointment to his new King if he didn’t fit it all in. James’ glanced over at Hannah; she still taking two giant cocks like an expert. And loving every second of it. He actually felt a slight tinge of jealousy.

I won’t let my King down.

The Dragon King read his mind, sliding more dark green monster cock into James’ deflowered arse. His insides were already expanding, making the insertion easier although not yet totally comfortable. More bumps and ribs also entered, causing a moan to escape his new feminine lips.

“Mmmmmm, yes. Keep sliding your giant cock into me Sire.” James said. No surge of revulsion came – he really was now under the King’s influence and the heat spreading from his master’s cock already felt superb. Inch after inch went in, until over half of the beast’s cock was deep inside his rectum. The feeling of being filled was unlike no other James had ever experienced but he certainly felt good knowing that he was taking so much dick in him.

“Beg for my royal cock my Queen!” The King interrupted James’ thoughts on getting penetrated.

“Fuck me hard and deep my King, cum inside me to make me yours!” James then felt the invader pull back out until only the tip was left in. He felt so empty. He needed to be filled.

“Please Sire, fill me up!” The King let out a short burst of satisfied laughter before pushing over a foot of his dark green dragon cock into his new Queen.

“Fuuuccckkk yes!” James yelled out. The phallus was rammed back into him, igniting pleasure receptors both old and new that he had no idea existed. The precum had caused many changes, including expanding his prostate meaning that every thrust into his hole now felt far better than it did only minutes ago. What little pain James felt as he was fucked was now well and truly masked by the waves of pleasure now expanding out from his rectum.

It’s too much! I’m going to cum!

Although the Dragon King’s cock still hadn’t bottomed out, most of it was now deep in James’ anal passage. The beast’s thrusts were now met by the now former pilot’s feminine arse pushing back onto the giant pole. James felt bliss beyond words exploding from his prostate that quickly spread to his enhanced balls.

“Fuck yes! I’m cumming for you my King!” James shouted out as he experienced his first ever hands free orgasm. And what an orgasm it was – the feeling from the giant dick in his butt was indescribably amazing; his own purple cock began to swell as he came, causing him to moan like never before as he closed his eyes.

Oh my God! This is incredible!

“Ohhhhh yeesssss!” His enhanced cock erupted, shooting hot, corrupted seed all over the floor below. His vision narrowed as he struggled to prevent himself from blacking out. James looked back underneath himself seeing a massive pool of cum that he’d produced – although it didn’t look very different to his human cum, it was definitely thicker and there was probably five times more of it.

In his post-orgasmic haze, James felt the King’s pace quicken behind him – the fucking was now hard, fast and very deep. More moans of pleasure escaped his lips as his arsehole clamped down on the beast’s cock. The King was going to cum in him and James had to admit that he couldn’t think of anything better.

“Release your seed into me Sire! I’m not just your Queen, I’m also your slut!” The transformed former pilot shouted out.

“TAKE IT MY SLUT!” The King couldn’t hold back any longer – his dark green cock began to swell as its seed pumped its way from the beast’s balls towards the tip.

James heard the roar behind him and the claws on his shoulders dig in further, almost painfully. He felt his arse stretch even further as the seed exploded into his expanded rectum like a bomb going off.

“YES! YES! YES!” The feeling of getting pumped full of hot dragon cum caused James to cum again – not as intense as last time but still the second best orgasm of his life. The spasming of his hole as the giant cock ploughed into his arse was the perfect storm for both human and beast. Neither could contain their gunts of delight.

James felt his body change once again as the juices were absorbed by his body. He felt his bones expanding, making him taller. His already feminised figure was subjected to yet more transformations – his hips and arse were now bigger than Hannah’s, although her tits remained substantially larger. His legs lengthened and, if anything their athletic look was enhanced – they looked on par with the hottest of female supermodels. On his shoulders, he felt the scales starting to form where the King’s claws had been. They too were purple and contrasted against his pale, feminised skin that still covered the majority of his body.

James felt his King’s thrusts slow almost to a stop. The heat and the stretched feeling he was experiencing in his butt was overwhelming, especially when combined with the transformations. He struggled to stay conscious as his body tingled delightfully.

The Dragon King, however, still wasn’t yet done. He’d claimed his new Alpha Queen – James was gone and Johanna had now been created by his mighty seed. But he wanted more.

He looked down upon his new Queen, taking in her beauty from behind; her long, dark hair with a purple tinge flowed down past her new scales on her shoulders and upper back, down to her perfectly shaped, pale arse with his giant cock still in it. His cum was already escaping – there had been too much of it for Johanna’s body to absorb.

The King stepped back, removing two feet of thick cock from Johanna’s rectum. Its green scales were coated in his seed and some of Johanna’s new anal juices – his Queen’s hole would self lubricated and would only ever be used for pleasure and breeding. His Queens only needed dragon cum to survive and there was no waste from that. Several pints of cum also came out of the gaping butt, dripping onto the floor below. It was an amazing sight and the King loved that he’d broken in this human male. Now, she was his hybrid shemale who would produce him many offspring. And his other Queen was still pleasuring his Royal Guard – glancing over at Hannah, he saw her getting fucked in her mouth, pussy and arse. She was loving every second of it.

James’ new name was telepathically sent to him from the King.

“Thank you Sire. I will be Johanna for you.” The former pilot thought out loud. She went to turn around but the Dragon King had other ideas. The beast scooped her up, turning her to face Hannah who was taking three dragon cocks in her holes. Johanna’s enhanced cock immediately hardened seeing her fellow Queen getting fucked like that.

“Fuck me again my King!” Johanna exclaimed. The King wasn’t going to refuse that offer. His massive cock was fully ready to penetrate her still gaping arse.

While still holding Johanna in his dark green clawed hands, the dragon began to lower her butt down onto his cock in a standing reverse cowgirl kind of position – this gave Johanna a great view of Hannah cumming once again from the dicks deep in her.

Johanna felt the huge tip prodding her hole once again; this fucking she knew wouldn’t just be for pleasure. The King was going to place an egg in her. Eventually she’d be able to produce her own eggs too, as was the job of a Queen. But until then, she’d receive a weekly egg that would be ejaculated into her from her King to grow in her newly transformed rectum.

“Ohhh fuck!” Was all Johanna could say as the thick cock head entered her expanded butt for the second time. She shivered with delight as it began making its way deeper than ever before.

“I will breed you my Queen! In exactly one week you will produce your first offspring. And you will enjoy every moment of it!” The Dragon King told her telepathically.

“Yes Sire, I want to serve you in every way you want!” The hybrid shemale replied, her eyes rolling back into her head as the phallus rubbed her prostate. Her purple dick was already leaking more precum as she watched one of the Royal Guard ejaculate in Hannah’s waiting mouth.

I need that to happen to me!

“Patience my Queen. While you will only be fucked by me today, you will have plenty more dragon cock in you very soon! After all, the eggs will need constant seed to provide nourishment. You will also be able to provide nourishment to other Queens due to your Alpha status, although your seed is not as potent as most other dragons.” Johanna was only half listening to her King though as the magnificent ribs and bumps on the cock that she loved so much were thrust in and out of her arsehole.

Never in all my dreams would I have thought getting pounded could feel this perfect!

The Dragon King’s claws supported her pale thighs as Johanna half rode and half was manhandled upon the monster cock in her; meeting the beast’s thrusts as gravity ensured that every inch would fill her up shortly. Her own dick stuck out, erect, and her balls bounced in rhythm with the wonderful fucking she was receiving. Inch by inch, she soon had the whole two feet of her King’s rod deep in her. Johanna’s whole body spasmed in pleasure as the cock pounded her, making her cry out loudly. Her moans were even louder than Hannah’s who was now getting fucked doggy style by one of the Royal Guard with a giant orange cock deep in her arse. Her pussy was now too full of seed and all but the two largest of guards had fucked her anyway. Hannah’s skin glistened with sweat, dragon cum and her own juices in a away that Johanna struggled to take her eyes off, despite the current situation.

Between the amazing feeling of getting fucked by the King’s huge cock and her former girlfriend being sodomised so thoroughly, Johanna felt a pleasurable pressure starting to rise in her balls. She began to squeal in delight as her third orgasm of the day built – nerves from her prostate and enhanced anal passage lit up her brain. She actually felt her arse get wetter due to the changes that had be made down there – meaning that the King’s thrusting somehow increased.

“Yeeessss my King! I love having you deep inside me! Please, breed me. Breed your Queen!” Johanna’s feminine voice carried across the throne room, as did the squelching from both her’s and Hannah’s butt getting fucked.

Johanna knew her King was close even as her cock shot its inhuman load out onto the throne room floor. As with earlier, her arse clamped down on the dragon’s phallus causing the beast to grunt loudly. Johanna wanted it so badly.

“Breed me Sire!” She called out as the Dragon King’s cock swelled up. He grabbed her hips and pulled her down as far as he could onto him, impaling Johanna’s bubble butt on his dick. Then, the beast painted her insides with his seed and, for the first time, a small egg that attached itself to Johanna’s rectum wall.

Johanna’s body simply couldn’t keep up with the pleasure overload and she began to lose consciousness. However, she did so knowing that she’d found a glorious purpose and the smile never left her face as her eyes closed.


Author’s note:

Firstly, I hope you liked it! Secondly, I will pick up with this storyline again in Chapter 4. Chapter 3 will follow a new set of characters and will be told from the POV of one of the new hybrid dragons mentioned earlier in the chapter.

If you have anything you’d wish to see specifically in Chapter 4 then feel free to comment below. I won’t make any promises as I have a few ideas of my own that I’ll be adding in but I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks for reading!

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