The Education of Diana (ch. 03)


As Diana woke up that summer morning she heard a shower running. The bungalow they lived in was rather small, but she and her brother Bradley each had their own room. That was one of the nice things about living here in the village along the coast. The very best thing was her friendship with Tony. She took her time getting up. She needed to use the bathroom, but she had to wait for whoever was in there. As she gathered up clothes from the floor, she was humming. Her window was open, and she could smell the sea air softly blowing into her room. Only five minutes away, the coast was her usual destination every day. It had been a lovely summer. It was getting closer to the time when she would begin classes at her new school. Tony had told her all of the classes she should take. They had different tastes but most classes were required to graduate. They would be together for most of the day. Diana was looking forward to it. She sat at her vanity and looked at herself in the mirror as she brushed her wavy brown locks. Her green eyes were smiling back at her as she giggled, thinking of the kiss she had given to Tony the other day. It was right outside her house as they were parting. She picked up her phone and read the text that Tony had sent right after that happened. The shower stopped and she gathered up the things that she needed to take to the bathroom. She left her room just as Bradley was walking out of the bathroom. His hair was wet and he hadn’t shaved off the mustache he was trying to grow. It looked ridiculous on him, but he was proud of it. She tried to hurry past him but he blocked her way. “What’s the hurry, sis? Gotta get down there and play with your friend?” “Brad, just chill out. Please? I really need to use the bathroom now.” “Yeah, sure. I think I ought to talk to the folks. You know?” “Can you just leave it be? It’s none of your business!” “We’ll see. We’ll see.” She scuttled into the bathroom, almost dropping her lotions and shampoo. She felt like crying, but she wasn’t going to. She wasn’t. This was going to be a good day. Why was he like that? She completed her morning preparations and was ready to leave the house. She was wearing her wide-brimmed straw hat, one of her father’s long sleeve shirts, some yoga pants, and her high top Converse Allstars. In her basket she had everything she needed to spend the day down at the shore, including elvankent escort bayan some fruit and sandwiches. Enough for herself and for a few others, if they happened to show up. She was hoping that Betts and Shelby might stop and talk to her. Of course she wanted to see Tony, but they didn’t have any plans for the day. It was just summer and people came and went as they pleased. She was passing through the front hall to the door when her mother called to her. Diana went into the library across from the front room. Her mother was at her desk with her computer active. Probably working on her Great American Novel. Diana wondered if her mom would ever actually publish anything. “Yes, Mom?” “Hi, sweetheart. Come over and sit down. Please?” Sitting down, Diana wondered what was up. “So. Brad tells me something that’s a little upsetting to me.” “What, Mom? I mean, what’s he saying now? You know I’m not doing anything wrong.” “Honey, please. I’m upset with Brad. Not you. Listen. Maybe we’ve never talked about some things. I never thought we needed to. But, anyway. He just told me you’re friends with someone he called a dyke. He’s in his room now. He’ll stay there, or in the house, for a week. He’s grounded. I don’t want to hear that kind of talk from my children. I really can’t tell you how upset I am.” Diana was almost in tears. Her emotions were so mixed up. At first she had feared she would be told to never see Tony again. Now she was about to cry because she loved her mother so much. And she was a little ashamed she had doubted her parents. They really were the best. “But, anyway. I guess it’s not really my business. I’ll just say this, dear. If your friend, Tony? If she’s gay or whatever, I don’t really give a fig. But I do want to make sure my baby girl isn’t hurt. So, what kind of friend is she to you? I mean, is she a good friend? Oh, damn. I just want to know you’re not going to get hurt.” “Mom, please. You don’t have to worry. Tony’s nice. She’s never done anything wrong. We just like each other. She’s a friend. I like her a lot. I don’t see why she’d ever do anything to hurt me. Really, Mom. No worries.” “Good. Well, you know best. All I ask is that you be careful. But you’re a lovely, bright girl. I know you’ll make good decisions. And if you ever need to talk about anything, you know, personal? You just Escort emek talk to me. Or your Dad. Either one of us. Okay, so go ahead and have a good time. I need to get to work.” Diana got up and leaned down to hug her mother. Then she wiped the tears off of her cheeks and from the corners of her green eyes. She was out the door quickly, tripping down the steps from the porch. She was walking down the cobblestone covered street. Her basket was on one arm. Her cell phone let her know she had received a text. She searched and found it on the bottom of her basket. She saw that the text was from Tony. “Peek-a-boo. I see you,” it said. She put the phone back in her basket, smiling. She saw a shadow appear beside hers on the concrete sidewalk. A hand took hers, and she knew it was Tony. “Hiya, DiDi. What’s up little girl? Heading for the beach? Me too. I’m not surfing today. I just wanted to hang out. Yeah, I think I’ll just hang out. You don’t mind, do you? I guess there may be other guys around. That’s cool. So, anyway, you wanna meet some people? From school? I think you’ll like ’em. They gotta like you. You’re my friend. They gotta like you. What’s up? Why aren’t you talking?” “You’re so silly. Gad, Tony. Catch your breath! Sure, I’d love to meet people if they’re cool.” “I don’t hang with people who aren’t cool. You’ll see. So, what’s new? Reading anything good? I don’t have a lot of time now. You’re looking pretty today. Everyday. Yeah, you got that creamy skin going for you, don’t you? Green eyes. Nice. So, anyway, I think you know Shelby and Betts. Hey, they’re really pissed at that bro’ of yours. You know? He’s got a big mouth.” “Tony, he’s grounded. He’s gonna be at home for a week. Maybe he’ll learn his lesson. I don’t know.” “Wow. Cool.” She laughed loudly, startling some tourists looking into shop windows. “So what did the twerp do, anyway?” “Oh, well. He said something. And Mom got upset. So, anyway, he’s grounded. My Mom is cool!” “Well, maybe you take after her.” Tony grinned, and, ducking under the straw hat, quickly gave Diana a peck on her pink lips. Diana was startled, but not upset. She held her head down, smiling. She squeezed Tony’s hand. She had started wearing some pink lipstick because Tony did. It made her feel closer to her friend. They continued down to the seashore, wanting a spot far down the strand, eryaman escort away from tourists and townies closer to the marina. There was already a group of young folks on large beach towels. They were laughing as Tony and Diana approached. “Hey, you guys. Start the party. I’m here. Hey, Stefano, what’s going on? This is Diana. Kinda pretty, isn’t she? See, DiDi, that’s Stefano. He’s on the wrestling team. You already know Betts and Shelby. Stefano, is your boyfriend coming over? See, his boyfriend is from another school. Why’s everyone so quiet? What’s going on?” Everyone was laughing. Tony was like that. Once in a while you could get a word or sentence out, but it could be hard going when she was in full flight. Stefano had risen, and he bowed to Diana. She gave him a curtsy, just for the fun of it. He grinned. He was shorter than Tony, but he was bulky. He looked like he would be a good wrestler. He was in a speedo and was rather hairy. But he looked like a nice person. She’d see. She hoped they were all nice people. She did want to be part of Tony’s group. There were two surf boards standing in the sand, and Diana supposed they belonged to Shelby and Betts. She put down her basket, smiling and greeting those two girls, and then spread out the large beach towels she had brought, for her and anyone else who came along. Then she started taking off her outer garments, displaying her bikini clad body. In the near past she would have been embarrassed by this but she felt safe here. These were going to be friends. The two senior girls were sitting close together, holding hands. They would talk with the others, and then take time to give each other a kiss. Sometimes just a peck. Sometimes more intense. No one else seemed to care so Diana just ignored it, as much as possible. But it did give her feelings that she was trying to understand more clearly. Tony had gotten rid of the work shirt she usually wore. She was sitting on the towel watching Diana as she put tons of lotion on her pale skin. Diana hated to get freckles, which came whenever she allowed the sun to try to tan her creamy skin. She didn’t tan, she just burned, and then the spots appeared. Tony liked to help her put it on and that was pleasant. It made Diana feel so good when Tony’s strong hands rubbed the lotion on her flesh. All of the girls were wearing bikinis. And they were all attractive in their own way. Shelby and Diana were both small, but Diana had more curves. Shelby was like a little pixie, with black hair. Her friend Betts was tall. The tallest in this group. Her hair was short and blond. Tony was about five feet eight inches. Taller than Stefano, who did seem out of place here.

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