The Enlightenment of Bay Ch. 02

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Once again, Bayrod stood in front of his mistress’ room; full of emotions and guilt. He took a deep breath, centering himself in the Force and exhaled as he pushed the com button. He was admitted and stepped through the door into a beautiful night beach side. It was stunning every time he saw her quarters in the evening, she truly took pains to recreate what little she knew of her world. The stars twinkled brightly above his head and she had cleared a place in the sand so they could have dessert together, a beach blanket was laid out and she had on a short robe, tied loosely. His mistress’ hair was done in his favorite manner, tied in island style; knotted and piled on her head, perched on her graceful neck. He was breathless, stumbled forward.

“Be mindful of the Living Force, young padawan,” Xeira corrected him and he felt her steady him with the Force, she hadn’t done that since he was much much younger. He smiled; embarrassed again, thanking her. She was focusing in the coconut ice cream that she was pulling from the cooler at her foot and drizzled them in a light pineapple sauce, topping the dessert with flakes of coconut meat.

Xeira looked up at him guiltily, confessing she was hungry for a real dessert tonight and figured that he wouldn’t mind. He had to bite back an exclamation, he LOVED her home world food and was delighted every time she shared it with him. It was exotic and rare enough that he truly felt pampered by her intentions. He sat down on the blanket, cross-legged; thanking her for her thoughtfulness instead of rebuking her for her selfishness. She was sharing after all.

Bayrod waited until she served him, sitting and waiting patiently as his experience would allow. He took the bowl, thanking her again, daring to look in her eyes and speak huskily. He turned his glaze into the bowl and took a bite delicately. He savored it, letting it melt on his dry tongue and swallowed it, following it with another bite immediately. Xeira fed him a spoonful from her bowl, which somehow always tasted sweeter than his, he didn’t have to thank her this time, she nodded.

He finished the ice cream and put the bowl down and took in the vision he was experiencing. Her hair was beautiful, more than beautiful, there wasn’t a word for it. With the beach side nightlight and her beauty, he didn’t stop himself when he took her chin in his hand and told her, “You are truly beautiful, Mistress.” She just looked at him, blushing and licking the ice cream off of her lips. Bay noticed she left a spot where she couldn’t reach, he had bostancı escort meant to wipe it off with his thumb but his body took over and he quickly bent his head, licking the drop off of her jawbone. Xeira went rigid and shakily said, “Padawan…?”

Now his body had dared what his mind couldn’t do, he warmed up to the idea and kissed her lightly along the jawbone. She sighed and leaned into it, steadying herself against the sand with her hand. His warmth moved down to take in her graceful neck and over to her hairline to smell her amazing hair. Oh my, he felt bold and like he would stop at any time, he kept pushing himself further more, more, oh my more! He inhaled and exhaled her scent. She had bathed in the coconuts milk and used the pineapple in her hair, it was intoxicating.

Xeira summoned the strength to push him away, she wouldn’t deny that it was what she had wanted for awhile and only Master Windu knew. He had counseled her during their therapy session this mid-day. Padawan Bayrod’s mind was wandering and he needed something to bring it back to focus. Yoda had seen this crush bloom into more than that a few months ago and had brought it to her attention. Jedis were not allowed to have lovers with other cultures but part of her job was to help the Jedis with their normal frustrations. As she was the only one to do this for her Padawan, the Council had given its permission for her to counsel him in this manner. She still had motherly doubts, thinking this might be too incestuous for the boy. To be honest, was much more restrained than boys his age, more patient and mature. This is what the Council saw and had decided upon. She turned away from him.

He just looked at her, knowing he had violated millions of Jedi codes and some very personal ones. He dropped his hands and sat back on his legs. His voice was barely a whisper as he said, “All my life, I have wanted one thing, Xeira. That one thing was to truly be yours, have you give me your joy, your love and your suffering. To be the pillar on which you could rest yourself on. I have seen your beauty, your calm, I have seen you and you are all I could ever want. Let me, mistress, let me be yours…” He turned her head gently and met her lips with his own.

At first, she didn’t respond–he didn’t need her to. He was lost in her full lips, the taste of her in his mouth for the first time; his first kiss. His eyes opened into hers, willing her to move somehow. She took the back of his neck with her long loving fingers and pressed him to her. He reveled ümraniye escort bayan in the trust, permission, the love he was feeling. His hands instinctively ran up her robes and parted them. He caressed the bare up-turned breast he found there, he was excited to find that she was as aroused as he was. She broke the kiss and stood up, climbing into his crossed legs and he held her weight, she wasn’t much. Her legs pooled around his backside and her warmth pressed against his. She was kissing him again, he was learning at the speed of light now. His fingers played against the hardness of her nipple, stretching it to a hard little pebble that he had no idea what to do with. He broke her kiss this time and cradled her ass into his arms, pressed her forward against him, popping her round pinkness into his waiting mouth. Xeira sighed, letting him explore her breasts with his tongue.

Her hand dropped to his robes, spreading them open while untying them. He was wearing the formal undergarments that he would have to a Council meeting, she parted these also with the usual ties as he lingered on her breasts and allowed her to undress him. She left the loincloth that would be the final piece before he stood there naked in front of her for the first time since he was a child. He could do that when he was ready, she thought.

Bay was glad she stopped, it was entirely pleasurable and very uncomfortable all at once. It also left her hands free, he reached to take a breast in each hand and push them together so he could have them in his mouth at once. She cried with abandon and nudged herself upon his loincloth. As he continued, he was aware of two things; this was incredibly exciting for him and she was so excited, she had made a wet little puddle on his cloth directly above his cock. His cock also seemed aware of this, as it was not going to be contained any longer.

He stood hurriedly and took off the loincloth, throwing it somewhere on the sand. As he stood, she caught him, literally in her mouth. Xeira’s incredibly full lips met his cock and he almost lost it there. He called on the Force to guide him, give him strength to not do what he wanted to. To have the patience and wisdom to know the right time, he breathed heavily in this knowledge. Then, he opened his eyes, there she was, licking his cock, magnificent in its hardness, cradling it in her mouth. Loping on and off of it, never letting him reach that pleasurable moment too soon. She varied it up, licking and stroking him with the full length of her mouth, he was breathless kartal escort with her skill. Soon enough, it was only worse when he watched her take obvious pleasure in her job, the Enlightenment came.

It hit him hard as he was standing, like a blow to the body, he arched like a fish out of water, gasping, crying, grateful. Xeira was kind enough to take his whole organ into her mouth and let his normally messy juice fall down her throat. It felt glorious as she tickled the underside with her tongue, making sure she got all he had to give. He was retreating as she removed his cock from her mouth. He fell back on the blanket, knees first, winded but wanting more…

Her robes were hanging opening and her sex was exposed, in its wet warm nature. He felt his cock harden a little. “Thank you, mistress,” he breathed. She just smiled and took off her robe, showing her world to him. Oh Almighty Force, he thought. She stood now and he got the idea, straightening and looping her knee over his shoulder, opening up the most intriguing mystery that was his to solve. He licked and ran his tongue into and around her, randomly, passionately. He opened his eyes and watched her face, enjoying the pleasure he created in her. Xeira cried for him, rubbing herself against his mouth, just as he thought she was going to make another puddle for him, she removed herself. He was stunned, he sat back in the sand, looking at her incredulously.

She got down on her knees and pushed him down on the blanket, he laid there, waiting for her as was his cock, she saw. She straddled his hips and slowly met his cock, resting it at her entrance. “Bay, this is what you want?” She had him firmly, in body and mind. All I could do is nod furiously. His mistress let gravity take over and impaled herself on his thick cock, she was tighter than he would have expected so he helped her by holding her by the hips and pushing his legs so that they cradled her in a gentle manner. He was lost, in the feeling. She rode him and massaged her clit as she needed it. After awhile, Bay caught on and replaced her fingers with his thumb and that was perfect. They rode together, sighing, crying and fucking to their peak. When she reached hers, it was unbearably tight that Bay, for the second time that night, found True Enlightenment. It bathed him in its light and she accepted it just as before, wanting him.

They stopped their beat, breathed without breathing. Both were affected. Xeira stayed on top of him until he lost the better part of his erection, then freed herself from his hands clamped around her waist. Bay just sat there, he could do nothing else. Soon, he reached for his robes and pooled them under his head, thoroughly satisfied. She brought another blanket and covering them with it, their bodies warming the sand. And they slept, perfectly.

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