The Erotic Adventures of Annie


The hot water cascading from the showerhead felt good. It had been a long week and Annie was ready to unwind. The soapy washcloth soothingly massaged her tight body. Each time she passed the cloth of her small firm breasts her nipples tingled, she let a soft moan escape her lips as she spent a little extra time on each breast. Her sexual energy had been building all week, she felt as though she would burst if something didn’t happen soon. It didn’t help that Stan had been away on business all week, but he would be home tonight. The washcloth slid down her flat tummy through the small tuft of soft light brown hair just above her aching nether region. Annie slid the cloth between her legs and immediately came in contact with hardened little clitoris. “Ohhhhhhh, damn.” She mumbled as she rubbed the soapy cloth across the hardened little button then between her inflamed lower lips. She let the cloth drop to the shower floor and let her fingers slide gently inside the damp entrance of her cunt. “Whew, mmmmmmm ohhhh yes.” She wished she wasn’t so damn horny all the time; it would make things much easier on her. She slid a second finger in and slowly began to pump them in and out of her wet hole. Her thumb gently tapped her now extended clit. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She heard bells, a ringing in her ears, it felt so good. Suddenly her eyes opened. “Damn, it’s the phone.” She grumbled, pulling her fingers from herself.
Quickly she turned off the water, stepped from the shower and ran to the phone in the bedroom. “Hello.” She panted as she flopped across the bed and grabbed the telephone.
“Stan, hi honey, where are you?”
“You’re a little out of breath, there baby, you ok.”
“I was in the shower, thinking about you.” She said softly, her face flushing at what she had been doing.
“Hope it was good thoughts.”
”It was sexy thoughts, sweetie.” She giggled. The dampness between her legs made her squirm around on the soft covers. “Stan why are you calling me, I thought you were on your way in?” She asked suddenly aware that something might be wrong.
“Annie I’m going to have to stay over the weekend.” Stan said after a short pause. “I’m sorry honey I knew you were expecting me home tonight, but there is just too many things to get done in the next couple of days before we open the plant.”
“But Stan,” She started, but she could hear the pain of letting her down in his voice. “How long are you going to have to stay?” Her pussy throbbed as she asked him.
“It’s probably going to be another week, listen Annie can you get a few days off and come down here with me.”
“I told Cindy I’d help her with the paper Sunday.” She said, sadly. “I don’t know if Mr. Long will let me off any next week, I’ll try, ok.”
“Ok, are you alright?” Stan asked.
“Yeah, I’m ok, just miss you that’s all.” She said, her wet pussy involuntarily grinding into the soft covers.
“I miss you too honey, I’ll make this up to you, I promise.” Stan’s voice soothed her a little.
“I just wanted so much too feel you wrap your arms around me and hold me.”
“Me too baby, listen I’ll call you in the morning, say about nine and see what you found out ok.”
“Ok, I love you.”
“I love you too Annie, maybe you and Cindy can catch a movie or something.”
“I love you, sweet dreams tonight.”
“Sweet dreams to you too honey.” Annie hung up the phone and buried her face in the pillow. “Damn you Stan, I’m so god damn horny I can’t stand it and your five hundred miles away.” She groaned as her hand slid between her legs, and her fingers once again found the soft wet folds of her cunt. “I need more than fingers.” She moaned as she bounced up and down on her invading fingers. “I need more.”
An hour later Annie awoke from her self-induced orgasm sleep and realized she was still naked. She glanced at the clock it was just past eight. She lay there for a few minutes then slowly got up and moved to the dresser. Pulling a pair of panties from the drawer she slipped them on, then went to the closet and pulled out one of her light weight scoop necked sweaters and pulled it on. Next, thumbing through her skirts, she picked a mid calf wrap around and put it on. Walking out to the kitchen, she went straight to the cabinet that held the liquor. Pulling down a bottle of Vodka and a bottle of Kahlua, she then went to the refrigerator and got the milk. A glass, and a few ice cubes later she was sipping on a white Russian. She then padded off to the living room and turned on the television.
Twenty minutes later and an empty glass, Annie gloomily stared at the clock. “This sucks.” She said to herself, got up and walked back into the bedroom. “Let’s see Annie dear, you could throw yourself on the bed and finger yourself again, or you could go out and have another drink and maybe a little dancing.” She turned and looked into the mirror across the room. She had just enough alcohol in her the decision was pretty easy. Walking over to the closet she slipped on a pair of low heels then went into the bathroom and began putting on her make up.
It was about nine thirty when she pulled into the parking lot of her favorite bar. Her and Stan came there often on the weekends. They usually had a decent band and the place was just upscale enough she never really worried about going in alone.
“Hey sweet lady, where’s the old man?” The large gray haired man at the bar asked as she made her way to the corner stool, the only one not taken.
“Had to stay over and work the weekend Steve.” Annie said, sitting down.
“The usual.”
“Sure.” Annie watched as Steve fixed her a white Russian and brought it to her. “On me.” He smiled.
“Feeling sorry for the old married woman on her own are ya.” Annie scolded him, and then smiled.
“Just a way for your friendly neighborhood bartender to hopefully keep a pretty young woman out of trouble.” He grinned back at her.
“What by getting her drunk?” She giggled as she sipped her drink.
Steve moved off down the bar, fixing drinks for the ones that needed them, Annie turned slightly to watch the band. About mid way through her drink, Annie realized she hadn’t eaten anything since lunch, which was why she was feeling a little light headed. She was about to call Steve over, to see if he had anything left over from happy hour, when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to see a man about her age maybe a little older smiling at her.
“Would you like to dance?” He asked, his piercing blue eyes looking directly into hers. Got to work off the booze, Annie thought.
“Sure.” She said sliding off of the barstool. The alcohol had a little more of an effect on her than she thought it would. She stumbled slightly into him and realized as her breast pushed against his arm she hadn’t worn a bra. “Sorry, guess the drink was a little stronger than I thought.” She said, taking his hand, hoping he hadn’t noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. She glanced down her hardened nipple pushed the light sweater out, not a chance of that. He was at least gentleman enough not to mention it or stare.
She danced the next two songs with him. They were fast songs so there wasn’t any real contact between them. It felt good to get on the dance floor and move around. By the end of the second song she had worked enough of the drink into her system it wasn’t effecting her head. When the second song ended, she looked up at her dance partner and smiled. He was a good-looking guy, no doubt about it.
“Thank you.” She said.
“No, thank you, you’re a good dancer.” He paused for a moment. “Not to mention prettiest woman in the place.”
Annie blushed at his last statement. The third song started, it was a slow number. The man held out his arms. Annie thought what the hell since we’re here. She slid between his arms and draped on of her arms over his shoulder. His right hand went to the small of her back and his left hand grasped hers. It was the first time he had noticed her wedding ring.
“Where’s your husband?” He asked, slowly guiding her around the dance floor. sex izle They were far enough apart he could easily gaze down to her pretty face. Annie thought about her answer for a moment. She really didn’t want to send out the wrong signals.
“He’s working late, going to meet me here in a little while.” That would be sufficient for now.
“And if he comes in and finds you dancing, not the jealous type is he?” He smiled at her.
“I hope so.” Annie giggled. “No I think he would understand.”
“Good, because you’re a lot of fun to dance with.” Annie felt his hand push a bit more firmly into her back. Their bodies came a bit closer together but not enough to panic her.
“You know, there is one thing I would like to know.” Annie said, leaning back just a bit.
“And what would that be?”
“Your name, I’ve dance three times with you and don’t know your name.”
He laughed. “Art.”
“Hi Art, I’m Annie.” When she once again leaned forward, her breasts lightly grazed his chest. A tingle went all the way through her. “This is getting out of hand.” She thought as the song ended.
He led her off the dance floor and back to her seat. “Would you join me for a drink?” He asked as he helped her onto the barstool.
“Now that I don’t think my husband would understand.” Annie was glad she had told him Stan would be coming.
“Yeah, probably not, thank you Annie, maybe another dance, later.”
“Maybe, thank you Art.” Annie turned on her seat and Steve was standing there grinning. “What?” She drank the last of her drink and Steve fixed another.
“If you have any trouble, Annie just holler, ok.” He smiled once again.
“Everything is fine, but thank you for thinking about me.” She grinned at Steve. “Do you have anything left back there from happy hour, I forgot to eat.”
“How does someone forget to eat?” He said shaking his head and walking to the opposite end of the bar. He said something to the barmaid and a few moments later at plate of food appeared. “Here you go, best I could do.”
“It will be fine, thanks my favorite bartender.”
“Your welcome my favorite hot sexy little customer.” Steve once again made his way down the bar fixing drinks and swapping stories as he went.
He had brought her three hot wings, celery sticks, baby carrots, chips and ranch dressing. She ate and enjoyed the music, every once in awhile catching a glimpse of Art as he moved through the bar working his magic on all of the women that looked interested. She wondered if he used the same lines on all of them. A couple of men asked her to dance but she refused gracefully and just watched. With her plate of food gone and her third drink of the day nearly finished, she decided it was time for her to get home. Just as she finished her drink and turned to get up, Art was standing behind her again.
“Hubby’s running pretty late isn’t he?”
“Yeah, he’s not going to be able to make it, I’m going to meet him at home.” Annie lied
“Hey, how about one last dance then, before you go.”
Annie thought about it for a moment, what harm would one more dance hurt. “Ok, I’ve got time for one more dance.” Annie stood up and took his hand, the third drink was one more than she normally had and she could feel it start to affect her in ways that weren’t good. As he led her to the floor, the song to band was playing ended, the next song was slow.
Art turned as they got to the dance floor and put his hand once again on her back, she felt tingles as he pulled her closer to him. As they started moving through the crowded dance floor, he lowered his mouth to her ear. “You are such a gorgeous sexy thing.” He whispered. Annie felt goose bumps all over her body. She could feel his hot breath on her neck and her legs felt like they were going to buckle. He rose back up and pulled her close. Her breasts pushed into his lower chest. His hand gently rubbed her lower back, all of the feelings she had early in the evening laying on the bed alone flooded back. This guy was good. She felt him gently push his midsection into her. Almost unaware of her motions, she pushed back. It felt so good; she could feel his hard member push into her.
“I can’t be doing this.” She said, pulling back just a bit. Her body suddenly ached for his touch. “Here, too many people know me.” She bit her lip at what she had just said. He smiled down at her.
“Your husband is waiting for you.” His hand slid a little lower on her back and pulled her into him again. Annie had nearly lost all control now.
“He’s out of town.” She blurted out. His cock pushing into her felt so hot.
“Your going to leave, I’ll follow you out in a few minutes.”
“Ok.” She moaned as he pulled there left hands close in and his hand brushed against her hard nipple.
“Your so hot, so delicious.” His mouth was once again near her ear. She could feel herself getting wet. Thankfully the song ended and he walked her back to her seat.
“You be careful going home now.” Art smiled at her, then at Steve who once again was standing waiting on her. “And tell your husband I appreciated the opportunity to dance with you.” With that Art turned and walked up to another woman who was sitting alone, Annie felt a little pang of jealousy work through her.
“You ok to drive Annie?” Steve asked, when he saw there were not problems with the guy she had been dancing with.
“I’m fine, I got to get home and get some sleep.” Annie smiled at Steve.
“You sure your ok, you look a little flushed.”
“No I’m fine promise. Me and Stan will stop in next week when he gets in.”
“Ok, be careful sexy lady.” Odd choice of words, considering what was about to transpire.
Annie stepped outside and the cool evening air hit her like a rush of cool water. What had she just done? She had all but told a man she had just met to meet her outside and fuck her. She could just get in the car and get the hell out of there before he came out, that’s what she could do. The dampness between her legs told that wasn’t what she was going to do. She walked to her car, fighting with herself. Damn Stan it was all his fault she was like this. If he just would have come home. She turned and stared back at the front door of the bar. Maybe he was just teasing her, maybe he was in there having fun with someone else and wouldn’t come out. That was probably what he would do.
Five minutes went by, then ten. Annie smiled to herself she had been had. Her and her throbbing pussy were going home alone. Actually she felt a little relieved, she didn’t want to cheat on Stan, and he was the love of her life. She stood up from where she had been leaning on her car and walked around to the driver’s side door and unlocked it. Glancing at the door one more time she opened the door at just about the same instance as the door opened to the bar. Art stepped outside and looked around the parking lot until he saw Annie. She could see the self assured smile on his face as he walked toward her.
She had just enough time alone to sort out what was going on and decided she needed to put an end to the evening. As he got closer, she began to say something, but didn’t have time. His arms engulfed her and he pulled her lips to his. The kiss was hot and hard her little speech flew out the window. Her arms went around his and kissed him back passionately, their tongues dueling with each other. Her breathing became ragged as she felt his hands cup her ass and pull her hard into him. She ground herself into him frantically her entire body was on fire with passion, passion for someone other than her husband.
When the kiss ended, both were panting, somehow one of his hands had slipped up her sweater and was gently tweaking her tender nipple. “Get in.” Was all she could manage to say? He didn’t argue he walked around the car and slid in the passenger side. Annie got in and started the car, then turned and looked at him. “I have never done anything like this in my life, I just want you to know that.” She said. With that said she put the car in drive and sped out of the parking lot and straight to her house. alt yazılı porno Art’s hand had found her thigh and slid it up until it was under her skirt just inches away from her overcharged cunt. “Stop or I might wreck.” She moaned.
“Then you better pay close attention to the road.” He said, moving his hand higher.
“Ohhhhhhh god.” Annie moaned as his hand brushed across her damp panties.
“Jeez girl, you need to get out more, this pussy’s on fire.” Art smiled as his finger rubbed over her puffy nether lips.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Art had just sent her into a minor orgasm just running his finger across her panty-covered slit. Annie turned into the driveway and nearly ran into the garage door before she could get the car stopped. Slamming the car into park she crawled over on top of Art and once again kissed him hard. Her hard nipples now pierced into his chest, his hand was firmly planted on her cunt rubbing it furiously.
Breaking the kiss, Annie scooted back across the seat and opened her door. “Come on, hurry.” She said, scrambling out of the car and nearly running to the front door. After fumbling with the keys for a minute she got the key into the lock and pushed the door open. A moment later the door closed behind her and Art moved straight in behind her both hands slid under her sweater and kneaded her breasts. He pulled his hands up and her sweater moved up. Annie instinctively raised her arms so he could pull her top off. He then spun her around bent and took one hardened nipple into his mouth. He gently sucked and bit on it for a moment, then moved to the other. Annie was out of her mind with lust. She held his head between her hands and guided him from one to the other.
His hands were busy with her skirt and a moment later she was standing by her front door in only her panties as a strange man sucked her breasts and rubbed her pussy. Finally breaking away she turned and ran toward the guest bedroom. Art followed closely. Annie fell on the bed and rolled over. Art was between her legs immediately. Grabbing her panties he ripped them from her. Pulling her legs up until they were pushed against her breasts he lowered his mouth to her drenched pussy. Annie shoved herself up to meet his lashing tongue. Stan had done this before, but never had anything felt so wonderful. Art’s magic tongue found her clit and flicked it over and over again until she unleashed an orgasm like she had never felt in her life. Her juices coated his face and tongue she could feel some running across her ass.
With his initial onslaught finished he rose up and smiled at the luscious young woman under his spell. He could see in her face she was his to do with what he wanted, and he wanted to do a lot. Crawling up between her legs he once again kissed her; she could taste her juices on his mouth. It drove her crazy.
“You like the way you taste, baby.” He said, kissing her again.
“Oh yes, I have never felt anything like that before.” She looked him in the face and realized he was still fully dressed and she was totally naked.
“Finger yourself baby.” Art said, crawling off of the bed and unbuttoning his shirt. Annie didn’t think twice, her hands moved to her drenched pussy and she slid two in all the time watching her new lover undress. “Now lick your fingers off and do it again.” He unbuckled his belt. Annie lifted her fingers to her mouth and sucked them in, licking all her juices off, and then she went back down again. “Now three fingers do three fingers.” He pushed his slacks down, for the first time Annie got glimpse of his cock, bigger than Stan’s she thought as it tented out his boxers. She dug three fingers into her pussy then once again licked them off for him. Her third time down she worked a forth finger in for him without him instructing, she let out a low moan as she pushed them deep inside herself. Without hesitation she lifted her cunt soaked fingers to her mouth once again.
Art dropped his shorts and his cock sprang free. It was hard and thick and about eight inches long. He walked to the side of the bed, Annie rolled onto her side and raised up until her mouth was just inches from his cock. She opened her mouth and he slowly fed it to her. His hand went to her breast and squeezed it. Any other time it would have been enough to make her flinch but tonight it was just right. His thumb and forefinger found her nipple and pinched it. His free hand came up behind her head and pulled her mouth further onto his cock. She felt the cock hit the back of her throat and she looked up at Art. He smiled and pushed more in. Her eyes teared as she felt his cock push into her throat, she choked and he backed out just a bit, and then pushed back in again. Annie’s head was spinning. This man had total control over her and she loved it. His fingers increased the pressure on her nipple and she moaned. He wrapped her hair in his hand and pushed more into her throat then out just enough for her to breath before he assaulted her throat again. This time he didn’t stop until his pubic hair tickled her nose. She had taken his entire length down her throat, an unexpected orgasm rumbled through her as she sucked harder on his rigid cock. He released his grip on her hair and she pulled off of him panting and gasping for air. She laid back and stared up at him.
“Get on all fours.” He said, she rolled over and pushed herself up wiggling her ass seductively as she did. “Spread wider baby.” Her legs moved apart. She dropped her head onto the bed and waited to feel his cock. He moved in behind her then pulled her back to the edge of the bed so he was still standing. When she felt his cock slip up her throbbing slit she hunched back. He lined his cock up grabbed her hips and thrust into her sopping cunt. “Ohhhhhh yes, fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me.” She screamed as his cock plowed into her. He pounded into her hard holding her hips as he stabbed her tight cunt. “Harder, I want it harder.” Annie’s body was racked with orgasmic passion as she took the hard pounding. She could feel her cum juices running down her thighs only pushing her deeper into yet another orgasm. Art released her hips and let her work his cock in and out on her own. Reaching under her his finger found her clit and rubbed it, and then he worked his fingers around her pussy until they were wet. He then ran his finger across her tight little asshole. Annie was too far-gone to realize what he was doing, she was so incredibly turned on it didn’t matter. Whatever this guy wanted to do with her, she would let him.
Art felt his balls begin to tingle, he knew it wouldn’t be long before he flooded her cunt with his hot cum. As he felt it begin to build he shoved his long slender finger all the way into Annie’s virgin ass. She shook and convulsed under him as he worked his finger back and forth, feeling his cock about to erupt into her cunt. She felt his hot scalding juice shoot into her; it was then she passed out. Her last orgasm took everything she had. Her body twitched beneath him as her juices flooded from around his cock. Art backed out of her ravaged pussy and fell across the bed. The last thing he remembered before he fell asleep was his and her juice gushing from her gaping swollen cunt.
The first thing Annie felt when she awakened was a slight rush of air between her legs. She hadn’t moved since she had passed out. Pushing herself up on all fours she looked around the room. “God what have I done.” She moaned as she rolled over. Her pussy was sore; her thighs were caked with cum. She raised herself to a sitting position and glanced around the room. She was alone. Gingerly she stood up and on wobbly legs walked to the bathroom. She stared into the mirror for a moment before a flood of tears came forth. “Oh Stan I am so sorry.” She sobbed as the night replayed in her mind. She glanced down one of her nipples was red and swollen. She cried for a good long time standing in front of the mirror before she composed herself enough to turn on the shower.
What the altyazılı sex izle hell had gotten into her? She sobbed at how depraved she had been. How could she have gotten so carried away? Why had it felt so good? The hot shower felt good, it relaxed her. She gently cleaned herself, then just stood letting the water cascade over her. Her mind was reeling with mixed emotions about what had happened. The longer she soaked the more her thoughts turned to the experience and less to what she had done to Stan. She understood none of it, but by the time she turned the shower off her mind was made up that it was an experience she needed. She pulled the shower curtain back and standing in the doorway was Art. His presence startled her. She thought he had left.
“You ok.” He said gently. She could only nod. After what they had done, she felt no modesty about him seeing her naked. “I was worried about you, I couldn’t even get you to lay down.”
“Listen Art, I don’t know what got into me, but………..” She searched for the right words.
“Hey, what got into you is what has been in the back of your mind for a long time. People in general are only going to do what they want to do. You my dear, wanted to be ravaged.” He smiled at her. “I made some coffee, thought we’d have a cup then you could take me to my car.” He turned and walked into the kitchen, Annie slipped on her robe and followed him. They sat across from one another at the table.
“So how did you know, there were a lot of women in the bar?” Annie sipped her coffee.
“I could tell you were horny when you walked into the bar. Sometimes women just exude the fact that they aren’t getting enough.” He could see Annie blush. “You came into the bar looking to get laid, not matter what you thought you were there for.
“I did not…did I?” She smiled weakly at him, she knew now that’s the only reason she left the house.
“What surprised me is how much you enjoy being subservient to others desires.”
“What do you mean?”
“I first noticed it when we were dancing the first time. The way you let me pull you a little closer as we danced, the way you leaned in and rubbed your tits across my chest.”
“You pulled me in.” Annie said.
“I pulled you closer, you rubbed your tits on me.” He grinned.
“Well I don’t think.” She stopped short and looked at him. Her body began to tingle again. The smile on his face grew, he saw it too.
“And you’re insatiable.” He leaned back in the chair. Took a sip of his coffee then sat it down on the table.
“Aren’t you?”
“I…a…” She felt her face flush. It hadn’t been an hour and already her mind was working back to sex.
“Annie, come over here and suck my cock.” Art’s hands dropped to his belt and he unbuckled it.
“Listen I think you better leave.” Annie stared at him, trying to resist her temptations to do as he said. She watched as he unzipped his fly and pulled out his semi hard cock.
“Get on your knees between my legs and suck my cock, Annie.” His voice never raised or sounded threatening. He grasped his cock at the base and shook it slightly. As if in a trance she slipped off her chair onto her knees and crawled between his legs. She kissed and licked him, then slipped her lips over the head. She swirled her tongue over the head as she felt it grow in her mouth. Little electric shocks went straight to her clit as she engulfed more of him into her mouth. He was right she was insatiable. She felt his hand on the back of her head again as he pushed himself further into her mouth.
“You love to have it in your throat don’t you?” He groaned as he felt the head of his cock shove into her throat. She only gurgle her answer as she forced more of it into her mouth. “You are so good.” He said twisting his hands in her hair and fucking her face.
“You want my cum down your throat don’t you, answer me Annie.” Annie forced herself off of his cock and stared up at him.
“Yes, I want you to cum down my throat I want to taste you, I want you to do whatever you want to me.” She forced herself to take him all the way for the second time that night. She could feel him twitching in her mouth and a moment later his hot cum poured down her throat until she was choking. She pulled back and let the last jet spray her face; she felt her cunt melt when his juice hit her cheek. “Oh damn what is wrong with me.” She moaned before devouring his cock on more time.
A few minutes later she let his now limp cock escaped her lips. Scooting out from under the table she sat back down in the chair, a tear ran down her cheek. She wiped the cum from her cheek and licked her fingers clean. She then finished her coffee. She glanced at the clock, it was almost five am, and she sighed deeply. Then got up to put some clothes on so she could take Art to his car.
“Where are you going?”
“To get some clothes on.”
“Your fine just the way you are, let’s go.” Annie didn’t argue, she picked up her purse from the table and followed him out to the car.
They drove back to the deserted parking lot of the bar in silence. She pulled up next to the only car in the lot. Art turned to her.
“Slide over here.” He said, she slid over and he hugged her close. She felt warm and secure in his arms. “Tomorrow evening, I want you to check into the Starlight Motel out on 42, you know the one.” She did, it was a cheap old place that had lost most of its clientele when the interstate came through. Art’s hand slid down to her robe-covered ass his fingers traced over her tight back hole. Her pussy was tender but still wet. He wet his fingers on her juices, and then put his finger back against her asshole. Slowly, steadily his finger worked its way into her tight butt. Annie only whimpered and pushed back, everything this man did to her felt good. His finger began a fucking motion and she gripped his shoulders.
“You want me to fuck you in your ass, don’t you?”
“Yes.” She whispered.
“Yes what Annie?”
“Yes I want you to fuck my ass.” She whimpered moving back harder on his finger.
“You want me to do it right now, do you want to sit down on my cock right now?”
She shivered. “Yes, yes, fuck my ass right now.” Her hand went down to his cock it was getting hard again. She could never remember Ned getting it up more than once. Art was ready for his third time around. She unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and fished his cock out. Sitting up, she straddle his legs, never letting go of his cock. Art just sat back and watched her. Lifting up, she ran his cock over her tender pussy a couple of times, then slid forward until she could feel the head of his cock pushing against her virgin ass. Her mind was reeling; it wasn’t so much that he was doing this as she was. She moved down until the head began to stretch her tight sphincter. The pain was intense as the head of his cock slipped in. She was panting deeply, as she slowly lowered herself onto his waiting cock.
“Oh god, it hurts.” She cried, never relenting on her obsession. She laid her head on his shoulder and continued to abuse her own ass. Art just sat there, thoroughly enjoying the tight confines of her butt. “Oh, oh, it’s too big.” She cried, rising up then sitting down again on it, shoving another inch deeper into her. She ground her ass into his cock; the pain was giving her some type of perverse pleasure. Inch by inch is cock worked further into her ass until finally she was fully impaled. “Fuck my ass Art, fuck me baby, and make my body scream.” She began bouncing up and down on his thick prick, the pain subsiding into a mind seizing pleasure she couldn’t understand. Her pussy was leaking cum like a faucet as she brutally impaled herself on his cock.
“That’s it Annie fuck your ass with my cock, I’m going scald your ass with my cum are you ready.”
“Yes, yes, cum up my asshole lover, give me your fucking juice awwwwwwwwwwwww.” She screamed as she felt his cum erupt deep into her bowels. Art shook uncontrollably as his cock spit shot after shot of hot cum into her. He grabbed her hips and forced himself as deeply into as possible then held her there as his cock shriveled. The torrent of lust that consumed her, now shone in her eyes.
“What time at the motel tomorrow?” She smiled; nothing mattered now except more sex.

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