The Ex colleague

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I’ve been wanting to put this story on here for a while now as I’ve rarely been as turned on and horney as this.
To give you background I used to work as the UK manager of a medium sized marketing agency. I was 48 and doing well in my career. There were around 30 people in my team, complete cross section. I have a fairly rounded bum and big boobs and used to make the most of them in the office, attracting glances from most of my males colleagues, even though I was carrying a few more lbs then maybe I should have. But I enjoyed the attention. One guy in particular used to go out of his way to flirt with me, but he was good fun and we had a laugh so it was all good. I didn’t really fancy him and one time he really tried it on at a Christmas party. It was my own fault, I was on the verge of taking him back to my room at the hotel but my concience got the better of me at the last minute.

The years passed, we both left the company and never thought I’d see him again. Anyway, last year I go to my best friends wedding in Spain last year. For an abroad wedding it’s quite big with nearly 80 guests, and low-and-behold who is there, but this old colleague. We have 3 nights in the same hotel. He sees me by the pool and instantly rushes over. He had changed a bit, filled out and looked fairly hot in his trunks. We greeted and it didn’t take long to see that he was up for some fun in the sun. I wasn’t sure and come dinner that night was playing hard to get. In fairness he got the message fairly quickly and whilst I couldn’t help thinking what could have been, sloped off to bed early. When I got there my mind was whirling. I was really turned on and couldn’t get him out of my head, thinking that sex with someone who wasn’t a complete stranger would be a good way to get into the holiday spirit.

The next morning I instantly regretted that decision as I find out he had taken my friend, also single, back to her room for the night. She is a lot slimmer then me and has an amazing body – I was insanely jealous and it only served to build the sexual tension. I made sure to get his attention at the pool by taking my top off and sunbathing on my front.

Sure enough it worked – not 2 minutes later he was over offering to rub cream into my back. His hands felt amazing. One thing led to another and not 20 minutes later we’re back in my room. We’ve hardly got anything on anyway – so it doesn’t take long to strip off. He locks onto my boobs, sucking and stroking murmuring how long he’s wanted to do this. Eventually he moves down, removing my bikini bottoms and gives me amazing oral. He really knew how to please a woman and I was in ecstasy, cumming twice at least – glorious.

Eventually i I got up and led him to the bathroom. I had an amazing walk in shower so I turned it on and went straight down on his cock. It wasn’t huge but long and round enough and I gulped it down as the warm stream of water. Soon enough he pulled me up and whispered he was about to cum if I carried on and he wanted to cum in my. I turned around, placed my hands on the wall, put my arse in the air and let my younger lover take me from behind. Him fucking me felt amazing. He didn’t last long but I didn’t mind, it was so sensual.

we fucked again on the bed, me riding him until he came inside me again before we fell asleep in each other’s arms

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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