The Funeral Ch. 02

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After our love making, Mom got out of bed. She reached out for me and I put my hand in hers. She pulled me out of bed saying, “Come on sleepy head. Time for a shower.” She then led me to the on-suite bathroom.

Once inside, she let go of my hand and started to get ready for the shower. She turned on the water and then got some towels stacked up. Mom then sat down on the toilet. I was about to leave the room when she said, “Come on now dear. You’ve seen a woman go the bathroom before haven’t you? You’re my lover now so we don’t have any secrets.” So I stood there as she peed.

When she was finished, she stood up and went to the sink. I had to pee so I stepped up and started to let it go. I looked at mom. She was standing there looking at my cock and watching me pee. “I have always liked to watch that. It turns me on.” Mom reached out and gently put her hand around my cock. “I find this very exciting.”

“So do I Mom. Your hand feels incredible.”

When I was finished, we both stepped into the shower. Mom took the soap and started to work around my cock. I took the soap from her and started to wash her tits. We smiled at each other and enjoyed the sensual feeling of soapy hands on skin. Eventually, we completely washed the each other. I paid particular attention to her pussy. Mom made sure my cock was nice and clean. After the shower, we each took a towel and dried off the other person. It was incredible and so sensual.

Mom had her hair to do so I went to the kitchen to start breakfast. I was nearly ready when mom came in. I didn’t turn to look at her as I was finishing cooking the eggs. Mom stood and talked to me. Then I finally looked at her, I nearly dropped the plate I was holding. Mom was only in her panties and bra. “You had better get used to seeing me like this. I don’t plan to wear much else from now on when we’re home.”

All I could do was take a big gulp.

We sat and ate. Mom said to me, “Sweetheart, I want to make you a promise. I will do anything you want. I’ve done most things before but I’m still willing to learn. I want to please you in every way. So from now on, I will only wear panties and bra around here. I know how you like that soooooo much. I like it too. I like seeing how you stare at me. So my dear, you can touch me any time you feel like it. You can make love me any time also. I want to please you.”

“I don’t know what to say mom. This is all very new.”

“Do you remember how you felt years ago when you mostly could only look and not touch?” I nodded at her. “Well now you can touch. I’m yours from now on.”

Mom got up to get the coffee pot. She stood beside me as she poured it into our cups. My eyes were level with her tits. I thought, “What the hell!!!!” I put my hand between her legs at her knees. I then ran it upward. Mom didn’t move. As my hand got higher, she opened her legs and let my fingers go where they wanted. Soon I was touching her panty covered pussy. Mom put the coffee pot down and leaned over a bit. This opened up her crotch a little so I could rub her pussy more easily.

Her panties got wet. “God that feels so good. I’ve wanted your fingers there for so long.” I hooked my finger inside the leg opening of her panties and then touched her pussy lips. They were hot and wet. My finger easily parted the lips and slid between them. Mom started to rock her hips as my fingers slid along her pussy.

My cock was growing hard. Soon I put my other hand in my lap. cebeci escort Without thinking about it, I was gently rubbing it. This went on for several minutes.

“Take me honey. I need to feel your cock in me again.” I didn’t need to be asked twice so I stood up and got behind mom. I pushed her panties down just below her ass then lowered my pants also. Mom leaned over more and I touched my cock to her hot pussy.

I slid my cock along her pussy lips. I did this a few times before mom reached between her legs. She grabbed my cock and aimed it at her hole. I pushed in and her pussy swallowed half my cock. I pulled out then pushed back in. This time I was completely in her. My cock told me to go fast and hard. I started to drive into her. I reached around and grabbed her bra covered tits. I started to pull her backward to meet my thrusts by pulling on her tits. Mom let out an, “Oh my god. That feels incredible.”

I took this as a sign to go faster and harder. So I was pumping mom with everything I could. We were driving so hard, the table was moving across the floor.

I don’t think we lasted more than 3 minutes before we both erupted in our orgasms. Mom let out a little scream and then I shot into her pussy.

As we settled down, I did not pull out. I needed to sit down again though. I just pulled mom with me. My cock was still semi hard and buried in her pussy. As we sat there, I still had her tits in my hands. So I gently squeezed them and played with her nipples.

“My God David. This is better than I thought it would be. You are incredible. What a lover you are. I don’t know how much of this I can take but I’m willing to find out.” We both laughed. Mom half turned toward me and kissed me on the lips.

So that was how our day started. Mom didn’t get dressed all day long. She did put on several different pairs of panties though because my cum kept soaking them. That night, we fucked ourselves to sleep. The next morning we fucked ourselves awake.

We did have to go to the store that day. It was raining so mom wore her long raincoat out to the car. When she got inside, she opened the coat. She was naked underneath. We laughed. “Are you going in the store dressed like that?” I asked her.

“You bet. This won’t be the first time I’ve done it. It feels so naughty and wicked. I love it.”

For the rest of the day, the two of us fucked like young lovers. I don’t know where either of us got the energy or stamina.

It was a few days after the funeral and I was sitting at the table reading the paper. Mom came into the kitchen. She leaned back against the table right beside me. I looked up at her. She was wearing a short dressing gown. It was pink satin and came to just below her pussy. “Do you remember when you were younger and I wore the red panties and bra that one week?”

Did I? My thoughts quickly flashed back to that time. I had never forgotten. I had beaten my cock many a time thinking about mom in that outfit. I had even fucked my ex thinking about that week.

As I remember it, mom came downstairs one day in a new red outfit. It was lacy and I could make out her areolas and dark bush through the material. I got an instant hard on. To say the least, mom looked stunning. Several times that day, I bumped up against her ass and let my cock rub against her.. That night I beat my meat thinking about her. The next day, mom wore the same outfit. I had to bump up against her several cebeci escort bayan times again. This time I let the back of my hand rub across her ass. Mom never protested. The third day, mom had the same outfit on again. When I came home from school, there she was in the kitchen. I gave her a big hug. My hands were on her back. One hand was on her bra strap and the other was on her lower back. Mom just let me touch her. So I decided to move my one hand lower. I was soon holding her ass in my hand. Again mom did not move. I bet we stood there for a good 5 minutes with me holding her ass.

The next day was Friday. Dad was at a conference or something. When I got home, there was mom in the outfit again. We hugged as soon as I saw her. My hand went directly to her ass. Mom never moved. I pulled her in tight to my body and just stood there. My cock was rock hard of course. I put both hands on her ass and squeezed her cheeks. I even let my fingers travel between her legs a bit. I could feel the heat and dampness from her pussy. Mom just let me feel her. I could not believe she was letting me explore her this much.

That evening, I was sitting watching television and mom came into the room still in her red outfit. I was sitting at the end of the couch. Mom got a pillow and put it against the arm of the couch. She then lay across my lap so her head was on the pillow. Her hip was right beside my hip. She had her knees pulled up. I put my hand on the side of her chest. My hand was on her bra. Mom did not move or object. Slowly I started to stroke her side. Each time my hand came up, my fingers moved closer to her breast. Mom never moved. Eventually, I just moved my hand over her tit. Again there was no objection. I started to squeeze it. I could feel her nipple through the bra. After about 10 minutes of playing with her tit, I decided to go for broke. I moved my hand and slipped it inside her bra. I was holding my mother’s breast in my hand. Mom never said a word.

I don’t know how long I sat there playing with her tit. It felt amazing. Her nipple was as hard as could be. I was tweaking it and pulling on it. Mom never said anything.

Some time later, the thought came to me, “Since this is going so well, why not go for it all?” So I slid my hand out of her bra and moved it along her side down to her hip. I then cupped her ass and started to squeeze. Slowly I let my hand move lower until I was almost touching her pussy. I could feel her dampness again. It took all my courage but I eventually moved my fingers so I was rubbing her pussy through the panties. Mom did not say a thing. It was like she was asleep and didn’t know I was doing this to her. But I knew she was awake because I could hear her breathing change. It was getting shorter and coming in little gasps.

I moved my hand up to her lower back. My finger tips found the waist band of her panties. I wiggled them under and slid my hand over her naked ass. I ran my fingers down the crack of her ass. In seconds my fingers were at the back of her pussy. I could feel the heat and wetness. I pushed my fingers lower. Pay dirt!!!! I was touching her pussy. Mom never said a word. What she did next did astounded me. She moved her hand and grabbed my cock through my pants. I started to rub her pussy hole and she started to stroke my cock. I pushed a finger inside her and she kept stroking and squeezing my cock. I didn’t last long. My cock erupted in my pants. Mom escort cebeci started to shake a little and I heard a moan.

It was over all too soon. We just lay there for a while still touching each other. I could not believe how wet mom was. I guess 10 or 15 minutes went by when mom finally sat up. I took my hand out of her panties. She kissed me and said good night. Mom headed to her room. That was the last time I saw that red panty and bra outfit. Never again did I touch her tit or pussy until a few days ago.

“You bet I remember that outfit! How could I forget?”

“Well I have a surprise for you.” With that, she opened the belt on the dressing gown. There were the red panties and bra on her again. My cock became instantly hard. “After that one night, I put them away. I never wore them again. I knew if I did, we would have fucking like rabbits and I didn’t want to cheat on your father. I put these away so I would not be tempted to cheat on him. He never saw me in these. I felt these were for you only. So what do you think? Do you still like them?”

To answer her, I just leaned over and put my lips to her tit. I sucked her nipple into my mouth through her bra. My hand was on her stomach and I ran it down over her panties. Mom opened her legs and I put my fingers on her pussy. Quickly I had a finger inside her panties and in her pussy lips.

Mom laughed and said, “I was hoping that is what you would say!!!!”

I scooped mom up in my arms and carried her to the living room. I laid her on the couch so her legs were over the side. I knelt on the floor between her legs. My hands pushed her legs apart and I leaned in. My mouth covered her red panties over her pussy. I started to suck her pussy juices through the panties. Mom let out a loud moan. “My god dear, that feels amazing.” I was encouraged and sucked even harder. My hands were on her tits. I was squeezing and pulling on them. I slid one hand inside her bra to feel her tits. With my tongue, I moved her panties over and my tongue touched her hot pussy lips. Her clit was peeking out so I sucked that into my mouth. Mom let out a bigger moan. “Suck it baby. Suck mommy’s clit. God that feels good.”

I sucked mom to 2 orgasms. Her tits were hard and swollen from my hands working them. My cock was like a pole. I sat up and undid my pants. I was looking at mom. She didn’t even open her eyes. She was still finishing her second orgasm. I leaned forward and put my cock on her pussy. I slid it up and down to get the head wet. I could feel the opening to her pussy and pushed in. Mom let out a scream of delight. In two thrusts, I was all the way in. I grabbed her hips and started to drive into her. Mom locked her legs around me and started to pull me into her harder.

I didn’t last long. My cum boiled over and I shot mom full. As soon as she felt me starting to cum, she had her third orgasm. When I was finished, I laid on mom.

After recovering, I looked at mom and she said, “I guess you remember this outfit!!” We both laughed.

From then on, mom only wore that outfit for special occasions. Maybe once a month or so I would see it. But every time she put it on, we had incredible fucks.

Mom and I lived together until her death at 75. She got cancer and died rather quickly. I had heard that older women had problems making love. They get dry or something. Mom never did. She was always wet and ready. Mom was an incredible fuck. I knew after she passed away I would miss her and all the fucking. I didn’t start looking for a new mate for over a year. But my cock forced me to start looking. I was lucky to find Gloria. She is 5 years older than me. The first time we made love, I undressed her and she had on a red bra and panties. I knew all would be good!!!

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