The Girl Next Door


I had known Joanna for years, ever since she and her mother had moved into the flat next door to mine. There was only the two of them as her mother and father had divorced not long before they had bought the flat. At first they were only the lady next door and her daughter, until one day Joanna managed to lock herself out and knocked on my door, desperate to use the bathroom. She was much younger than I, but she was polite and seemed bright. After that, Joanna and her mother, Pauline, became two of my close friends. Pauline was a staff nurse and worked for an agency She tried to avoid night work, but occasionally, especially when money was tight, she would work a couple of night shifts for the extra money. I would look after Joanna while she was working.

Joanna felt that she could talk to me about things she would find difficult mentioning to Pauline, usually boys or school and even, sometimes, Pauline’s love life. All through this I watched grow from a bright and pretty child into an intelligent young woman. When Joanna was accepted for university I was as delighted as she was. She promised, solemnly, that she would come and see me during the break and I felt a lump in my throat as she set off in the little car her Pauline had managed to buy with a life insurance policy.

While she was away, Pauline and I remained close. We never became lovers, but we were the sort of friends who listened to each other and treasured each other’s company. I didn’t keep a track of the days that Joanna was away, but I was aware of the end of term approaching and, truthfully, was looking forward to seeing her and hearing how she had found her first term. I could only imagine the differences between my first year, ten years ago and hers.

I wasn’t in on the Saturday morning, when Joanna arrived, but I did notice her little car when I went into the main entrance. Living on the first floor, I always used the stairs, unless I had a load of shopping and I reached the top, still flicking through the morning paper. As I folded it to reach in my pocket, I noticed a young woman standing by my door. It took little more than a heartbeat for me to recognise Joanna. I smiled in delight at the sight of her.

“Colin, I’m so glad you’re back. I haven’t got my keys and I’m absolutely bursting to go to the bathroom. You don’t think…”

“You haven’t changed, have you? Of course you may use my bathroom.”

I chuckled as I fished out my keys and unlocked the door. I was just about to tell her that Pauline had left a spare key with me, and I had left one with her , so that we could guard against locking ourselves out accidentally but Joanna dashed straight for the bathroom. I could hear her heartfelt sigh as she relieved the pressure and smiled as I went into the kitchen to brew a pot of tea. By the time she had finished, I had mugs, milk, and teapot on a tray with a tin of biscuits neatly placed on the coffee table in the lounge. Joanna came out of the bathroom, blushing a little.

“Colin, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude but I desperately needed the bathroom.”

“Joanna, don’t worry. Pauline will be back soon I’m sure and, anyway, she left a spare key with me. I’ve just made tea so, if you’re not in a rush have a cup and wait with me.”

“Thank you, I will. It seems silly, especially just after the dash I’ve made for the bathroom, but I’m really thirsty.”

I poured two mugs of tea, remembering that she liked a lot of milk and no sugar in hers and we sat back, her on the couch and me in my big leather armchair. She talked about her first term and how expensive books were , how hard she was working. She seemed even more beautiful than when she had left a term ago. She’d let her long chestnut hair grow a little and now it brushed the top of her shoulders and swung a little as she mover her head. She had always been tall and slender, but now the traces of puppy fat had gone from her cheeks leaving a graceful sweep of cheekbone and wide clear eyes hazel like my own. Her complexion was flawless and she moved with grace and elegance, finally having the confidence to match her striking looks. Her jeans and t-shirt fitted closely and I could appreciate her trim figure, a flat tummy and tight bottom with a small but definite curve about her chest. She chattered away animatedly and smiled her lips moist and well formed. I have to admit that I was too busy admiring the young woman she had become to take in more than about one word in four as she spoke. I did, however, detect a feeling that she wasn’t telling me everything and that something was not exactly wrong, but not quite as it should be. I was about to mention this feeling when we heard the sound of Pauline’s key in the lock and Joanna jumped up.

“That’s Mum, I’ll have to catch her, Tuzla Escort she’ll be expecting me, she must have spotted the car.”

“No problem. It’s good to see you again.”

“Thank you again for the use of your bathroom. I’m sorry if I disturbed you.”

“Not at all, morning papers, spot of work at home and a lazy Saturday afternoon. No big plans.”

“Colin, before I go back, may I come and see you, I need some advice, well an opinion really, and it’s not something I can ask Mum about.”

“No problem, just tap on the door when there’s a light on and we’ll sort something out. No scoot off and catch Pauline.”

Joanna left, banging the door as she usually did. I dare say it was my fault, the door was heavy and I hadn’t put a door closer on it, partly because I didn’t fancy being accidentally locked out. As I washed the tea pot and mugs I wondered why Joanna would need my advice. I also wondered if that was connected to the feeling I had about something not being quite right. Putting it to the back of my mind I finished the pots and settled down to read the report I had brought home from work.

I heard nothing from Joanna for the next few days, Pauline told me she had found a little job in a nearby restaurant to help with her tuition fees and how grateful she had been about borrowing my bathroom. I almost mentioned that Joanna had asked me for some advice but something made me hold my tongue. Joanna worked as many hours as the restaurant would let her, trying to make sure that she had a financial cushion for her second term I would see her leave as I left for work and we would smile and exchange polite greetings. Neither of us mentioned her wanting my advice.

The Friday before Joanna was due to leave for university again, she tapped on my door. Opening it wide, I saw her on my doorstep, twisting her fingers together. I raised an eyebrow and waited for her to speak.

“Colin, that advice I asked for, could I come round tomorrow evening?”

“Of course you can. What time would you like to come?”

“Would after dinner be all right?”

“Fine by me, would you like me to cook dinner? I think Pauline said something about working tomorrow night.”

“Do you mind? That would be really great.”

“No trouble at all. I’ll cook for six o’clock, then you can tell me what you need my advice on.”

Joanna nodded and went back inside their flat. I went back inside to fetch my coat and then went shopping for groceries. I chose food that I knew Joanna liked, and the ingredients for a lasagne. That night I made the meat sauce and layered the pasta then left the lasagne in the fridge until next day. I cut slits in a loaf of crusty bread and slathered garlic butter into the cuts, wrapping the whole loaf in foil. All I had to do then was make a small tossed salad and we had dinner. Cheese and fruit as dessert and everything, at least as far as food was concerned, would be fine.

I put the bread and lasagne in the oven at a quarter to six, and carefully laid two places in the dining nook of the main room in my flat. Salad was in a bowl in the fridge waiting to be dressed and I’d opened a bottle of chardonnay and set it in an ice bucket. Soon the appetising smells of home-cooked food were filling the flat and I thought that everything was just about ready. A tap on the front door turned out to be Joanna. Opening the door I saw that she was wearing a dark red sleeveless dress, with her hair plaited down her back. Normally she wore contacts, but tonight she was wearing round framed glasses that made her eyes look bigger and more luminous than normal.

We moved to the lounge and I poured two glasses of the wine. I sat in my usual armchair and watched as Joanna curled her legs underneath her on the sofa. She had sat this way for years but tonight she seemed to curl more sensuously than ever before. She sipped her wine and glanced at me over the top of her glass

All through the meal, Joanna was bubbly and bright, recounting incidents from her first term away. She drank a little of the wine and seemed to be more relaxed as the evening progressed. It was only when I’d loaded the dishes into the dishwasher and was taking coffee into the lounge on a tray that she seemed to stiffen, as if she was bracing herself to hear bad news.

We sat in our usual places, she curled on the sofa and me lounging in my big leather armchair. We sipped coffee as we tried to find words to start the conversation. At last, Joanna spoke.

“Colin, I want you to be absolutely honest with me. Do you think I’m a freak?”

I couldn’t help it, I burst out laughing.

“Joanna, you have never been a freak. You are a beautiful young woman who has grown from a pretty, intelligent girl. Who Gebze Escort on Earth has put such a foolish notion in your head?”

“Someone at uni. I told him I didn’t want to go out with him and he said I was a frigid freak and he only asked for a bet. He said I was ugly and stupid.”

“And you believed him?”

“Well, he was so popular and I hardly knew anybody.”

“Let me show you something.”

I stood up and took her by her hand, her long fingers suddenly feeling delicate and cool in my palm. I led her to the mirror at the far end of the room and stood her in front of it. She looked at her reflection as I spoke.

“I see a desirable, beautiful young woman. She is clever and witty and stylish and, above everything else, stunningly attractive. Now look closely in the mirror and see yourself as I do.”

She turned to face me, tears shining behind her spectacle lenses. Her breath caught in her throat and I suddenly found my hands trembling as I fought down the urge to take her in my arms and crush her to my body. Her perfume filled my nostrils and the soft pout of her lips filled my vision. I thought that it would only take a dip of my head and I could be kissing her. She looked up at me and slowly put hr hands around my neck, resting her head on my shoulder. I could feel her shaking as she sobbed silently in relief and I gently held her. Gradually her shaking subsided, though she still clung to me. Then she raised her head and I was looking into her eyes, still shining with tears and I could smell her perfume. She lifted her head a little further and I bent mine lower to kiss her lips. She opened her mouth and I flicked the tip of my tongue along the inside of her lips. She pulled me closer, kissing me urgently, her tongue slipping into my mouth.

Pulling back I struggled to find the breath to speak.

“Joanna, we shouldn’t.”

“You don’t think I’m beautiful at all.”

“That’s not true, you’re very beautiful, but there must be someone at uni for you.”

“There isn’t, I didn’t realise what I wanted until I moved away.”

“But it’s too risky, I haven’t got anything and you might get pregnant.”

“No I won’t, I went on the pill before I left for the first term.”

Desperately, I tried to think of another excuse. It wasn’t that Joanna was unattractive, more that I didn’t want to take advantage. She pulled my head lower and kissed me again, plastering her whole body against me. My hands slipped around her and held her close, feeling her leaning into my embrace. I knew then that I wasn’t going to argue any further. She seemed to sense this and took my hand, leading me along the corridor to my bedroom.

Closing the door, she released me for just long enough to unfasten the zipper in the back of her dress. Shrugging her shoulders, she let the material fall around her ankles. Underneath she had no bra, just a suspender belt, to hold her stockings up, and a pair of French knickers in dark blue silk. Her breasts were rounded and firm, though her chest was almost as flat as a boy’s. Her nipples were dark smudges against her pail skin rising to hard points that I wanted to touch and caress. She reached out and took my hand, lifting it to her breast and resting my fingertips against her nipple. Sure that I wasn’t going to take my hand away, she reached out and began to unbutton my shirt, pushing the cotton aside as she unfastened each button. I could feel the hard point of each nipple as I cupped her taut breasts in my fingers, sliding my palms over her soft, lightly scented skin.

I kissed the curve at the base of her neck, my tongue just touching the skin and tasting the salty sweetness of her. I encircle her with my arms and used my fingers to snap the elastic band holding her plait in place; slowly the strands began to unravel, letting the silky hair cascade down her bare back. Her hands were at my waist, her fingers unfastening my belt and then my trousers. Unfastened, they fell to the floor, leaving my tight briefs barely covering the bulge of my aroused manhood. Running my fingers down her spine, I slipped my fingertips into the waist of her silky knickers and slid them slowly down her smooth thighs. The downy hair between her legs was soft and a little damp beneath my fingers as I stroked gently, touching the swollen lips of her pussy through the soft bush.

Joanna slid her hands inside my briefs and worked them down to my knees, brushing her palms against the swollen shaft of my cock. I stepped back and pushed my shoes and socks off, without bothering to unfasten them. Taking her hands I backed away, moving us both to the bed . I noticed for the first time that she had worn heels, making her a little taller and emphasising her shapely calves. Turning Aydınlı Escort I laid Joanna on the bed and slipped the shoes off, making her giggle as I ran my fingertips over the soles of her feet.

I laid down next to her and ran my fingertips over her smooth skin, tracing tiny swirling patterns from her stocking tops, over her taut belly, until I could cup her breast in my palm. I could feel the point of her nipple swell under my touch and leaned over, kissing her lips and invading her mouth with my tongue as I stroked her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Still pressing our mouths together, I slid my hand back down, over her belly and eased my fingertips into the soft hair, covering her pussy. I touched the hard nub and gently stroked my finger around the base of her swollen clit feeling her become moist as she stiffened with the sensation that flashed through her body. She cried out, a sort of squeak that I captured with a kiss and arched her back, before relaxing again. Her eyes shone behind her spectacles and a light flush had coloured her chest a rosy pink while her nipples stood erect.

Joanna reached for me, starting to take my erect member in her hand and then stopped. I caught the frown that flickered across her face and raised myself on one elbow.

“What is it? What’s the matter?”

“I don’t know what to do next. This is the furthest anyone has taken me.”

“Take me in your hand and touch me. Then when you’re relaxed, we can carry on.”

She reached out again and curled her fingers around the base of my shaft. I’m not sure if I was fevered, or her hands were chilled, but they felt cool and soothing against my throbbing cock. She ran her fingers slowly along the length of my shaft, stroking them over the swollen tip and spreading the drops of pre-cum as she explored and caressed me. I could feel the tension draining out of her limbs as she touched he hard, hot flesh. Her fingers curled around my shaft as she stroked gently, moving the soft skin against the hard flesh underneath.

I reached between us and moved her hand away before she could take things too far and make me cum. Pressing her onto her back, I knelt between her thighs, the tip of my cock oozing a trail of precum across her thigh. I released her hands and reached down, taking a grip on the base of my cock and using my other hand to gently open her pussy, The tip fitted beautifully between the lips of her pussy and I pressed forward, slowly and gently, sinking into her slippery tightness.

Joanna groaned softly as she felt me entering her pussy. I could feel her gripping me with the muscles of her pussy as I sank slowly into her. I was trembling with the effort it took me to resist thrusting as hard as I could but I could feel Joanna slowly opening as I pressed deeper and deeper. She had her hands around my neck and pulled me closer so that I could kiss her, probing her mouth with my tongue.

I began to move in and out of her pussy, feeling the smooth caress of her passage. She thrashed her head on the pillow and gasped my name as the ridge of my cock brushed against her swollen clit. Her whole body stiffened for a moment, arching her towards me and then she fell back, limp and I felt a hot gush bathing my cock. I leaned forward, until my lips were almost touching her ear. I could feel the tip of my cock pressed against her hymen, stretching it gently.

“Are you ready, darling Joanna?”

Joanna just nodded and Taking a deep breath, I pushed, trying to be as gentle as possible. She cried out in pain as I felt the thin tissue give and tear. The friction against my cock was a little uncomfortable for a moment, but I could feel her become slippery as I eased back and then pushed into her again. She whimpered again as I pushed slowly until I was sheathed deeply inside her. I could feel love and pride swelling in my chest as I realised she had given herself completely to me. Slowly, but building up an insistent rhythm, I began to work my swollen cock in and out of her tight pussy, gently stretching her until the whimpers tapered off to gasps. I could feel the tightening of her body as she came nearer and nearer to cumming and just as she was about to release her built up energy, I thrust hard and deep, pinning her to my bed as my cock spasmed inside her. I spurted thick ropes of cum deep into her womb, feeling the hot fluid splashing inside her. She clung to me, even as she arched her back and spread her legs as wide as she could to drag me deeper inside.

I could feel my spent cock softening slowly and slipping from inside her, I slowly ease myself beside her and kissed her gently, then glanced down to see our juices mingled on the soft hair covering her pussy. She had bled a little staining the bedclothes and the tops of her thighs and stockings, but her eyes glowed when she looked at me.

We were both relaxed and drifted off to sleep twined in each other’s arms. I don’t know what Joanna dreamed of, but I do know that later she was to make a lot of my dreams come true.

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