The Goddess , the Recluse


Note: Thanks to James Cody for translation. Very good work!

* * * * *

His name was Philips. Once, he had been part of society. Once, he had loved a woman named Sarah. Once, he ended her suffering before a terrible disease could destroy her. Now, having turned his back on the harsh judgments and prejudices of civilization, he lived the reclusive life of a hermit in lonely, peaceful forest.

His only regret were the delicate pleasures of the female form; many had crossed his path, but none more precious than Sarah. But that time had long since passed. Philips was in his thirties now, and though he had strong, toned muscles forged by arduous work and unique, wavy black hair and a frame well displayed by the torn, fitted shirts he wore day to day, his face was shadowed by sadness. Still, he remained a beautiful specimen of a man.

It was during one of his hunting trips that he discovered her, lying on the ground. She looked to be in her twenties. Philips noticed her injured leg and the haggard remains of her clothing; torn in this manner he couldn’t help but notice her magnificent breasts, large enough to draw attention but small enough to fit in his hands. He hoisted her from the ground easily, but refrained from giving in to his instinctive impulses although her warm, yet injured, body was pressed against his.

He brought her to his small cabin where he gently deposited her on his bed. He removed her pants in order to properly treat her wounded leg, but the more he exposed the young woman, the more her beauty came to light. His hands trembled as he realized the perfection of her thighs and legs. And Escort Beylikdüzü despite the scratches and scrapes that littered her flesh, her skin was soft and smooth. As he wiped her down, the contact of her skin ignited life in his cock. He smiled as he spied her torn panties, displaying for him pubic hair from her enticing pussy.

Once he was done cleaning her, he dressed in old boxer shorts and an old pair of pants. Then, he removed her shirt as he saw that her chest was injured as well. With the greatest respect, he delicately cleaned her lovely breasts and tight stomach. When he had to touch her tits in order to bandage a particularly nasty cut, the pressure in his cock grew unbearable. His only option was to undress and jerk off in front of her unconscious body. After he came, pleasure was replaced by guilt for having masturbated in front of her unknowing form. He had never been a rapist or a pervert, but the effect this goddess had on him was undeniable.

As the days bore on, Philips attentively washed her without undressing her; he only wished to maintain his angel’s comfort. He spent his days inside, watching her sublimely subtle features as she slept. Drawn to her fine traits and sensual lips, he imagined her lapping at his engorged cock while he peered into her intense gaze, engrossed by her unrivaled sensuality.

She awoke while Philips was in his garden, harvesting vegetables for his meal. She was disoriented and frightened of this unknown place, but she moved quietly to explore the small cabin. From a window, she noticed an incredibly handsome man. His muscles Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan rippled under his torn T-shirt as he stretched to his full height. She noticed how thin and robust he was; his days-old beard added to his rugged charm. His jet-black hair fell to one side of his striking face, and when he squarely looked at her, she was taken aback by his rough, sculptured features. She lost herself in his gaze: dark eyes full of regret, sadness, wisdom, and desire.

As he slowly approached the cabin, his tight jeans showed her the evident size of his maleness. He quietly sat her back down on the bed and gestured that she should stay there. Immobilized by shyness, she cold not ravage him as her desire cried out. Instead, they ate silently the excellent meal he had prepared. Never once did they break eye contact during the meal. Since he saw her awake, her almost surreal charm and beauty grew all the more irresistible. He wanted her even more.

Philips spent the rest of the day in the woods and when he returned, she’d fallen asleep. He laid down on the space on the floor next to the bed. When he awoke the following day, he felt her head on his chest and her legs intertwined with his. Her hand was on his erect cock, and he prayed that she would excitingly move her hand up and down its length. But the angelic beauty was sleeping, and Philips was trying to convince himself that he did not want her. He had to resist her divine presence. In truth, she was awake, but still frozen by timidity. Her disappointment when Philips put her on the bed was painful; why was he resisting her?

Philips Beylikdüzü Escort was again gone for the day, and despite her injured leg, she went for a stroll in the forest. She followed a small river which flowed into a lake; Philips was there, bathing. She hid behind a bush to drink his nudity. Her eyes glided over his developed pecs, down his rip abs, pausing an instant to savor the hair on his chest and his total lack of fat. Then she saw his cock, the focus of so much of her desire. It was flanked by two powerful, hair-covered legs.

She floated towards him like a nymph, each step slow and graceful. As she sensuously entered the water, her tits swayed hypnotically in rhythm to her steps. They drew Philips hands like an erotic magnet. Her gaze was that of a sensual predator about to strike at its prey. As their bodies touched, all resistance Philips had crumbled and he gave into his instincts. His lips found her awaiting breasts and his fingers slid in to her wanton cunt. Intoxicated by his touch, she shivered and then gasped pleasure overwhelmed her.

She lasted like this for a few minutes before diving underwater only to resurface, slick with water and his engorged organ between her lips. She slid her tongue up his shaft to end with circular movements around the crown. She licked greedily at the drops of pre-come that escaped him. He massaged her breasts while she sucked him hungrily; their satisfaction was total. She released his member so she could kiss him violently without noticing his cock snaking its way in to her moist cunt.

She screamed in pleasure as his massive organ filled her to the brink. He drank the sight of her godlike body rocking to the movements of his love. She savored the taking of her virginity. He came at the moment she took one last deep breath, signaling the eruption of an earth-shattering orgasm. Till this beginning, their language had been silence.

“Again,” she whispered.

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