The Guesthouse


Jake and Fiona were staying at a little guesthouse in a tiny island in the Caribbean. The place had two apartments and four efficiencies. They had been there for about a week and were planning on staying another week. Their days had taken on a familiar routine, get up kind of early, 7 ish go to the dive shop by 9:15,do one dive and be done by noon. They would have lunch and then have the afternoon free. There was not much to do on the island so they would often hang out at the guesthouse in the afternoon. It had a pool so they would lay around until they got too hot or tired or tired of being hot and then head up to the apartment.

It was typical day. They had gone diving, lunched on peanut butter sandwiches, and were hanging by the pool reading.

“I need to conserve this book, it’s got to get me through the next week. I’m going to go up and work on my story.” Jake said, he liked to write little erotic stories for Fiona when they traveled.

“I’m going to hang here, the sun feels good.”

Jake went up and started working on his story, it was called “The Guesthouse”. Working on these stories always got him excited. He would sit there working on the sex scenes with a big woody.

Jake had been gone for about 5 minutes when another guest walked up the driveway to the hotel. She had seen him the night before in the restaurant eating dinner alone. He was a handsome black man with a thin mustache that traced his jaw line and hair cropped very short. He went upstairs and entered the room above theirs. So he was the one they heard padding around upstairs lately. They were glad the family that preceded him had left quickly. A few minutes later he came out of the room wearing board shorts, a white wife beater and holding a towel. He went to the pool and assessed the seating possibilities. There were only two chaise lounges and Fiona was in one. The other was right next to her. He walked over to the empty chaise.

“Good afternoon, is this seat taken?” He said in his perfect British accent. If she closed her eyes she would have visualized the typical pasty white Englishman with an overbite.

“Oh no, feel free. These are the only 2 comfortable chairs around the pool.” No overbite with this chap, perfect teeth. He reached down and pulled his wifebeater over his head. He had a beautiful body, with great muscle definition but in a slender, lithe way. He was not a big beefy jock, he just took really good care of himself. He dove in the pool and swam.

When he came out of the pool they chatted for a while about the usual topics, the weather, the island, where they were from. His name was Nigel and he was from London. He was a barrister.

“Are you traveling alone.” He asked.

He saw us last night she thought to herself, he knows I’m not alone. “No I’m traveling with my husband.” She replied.

“Well shame on him for leaving his pretty wife alone at the pool. I guess it’s my gain.” He said smiling.

They chatted some more. He would find little ways to flirt with her from time to time. He was a really nice guy, well spoken, educated, funny and interesting. After about a half an hour Fiona looked at her watch, it was nap time.

“It’s been nice talking with you, but it’s time for my nap. The diving really takes it out of me. I’m sure I’ll see you around.”

“It’s really been a pleasure. Tell your husband he’s really taking his chances leaving you alone at the pool with me.”

“I’ll pass it along: Fiona said smiling, “ciao”.

Fiona went up to the room and they took a nap.

The next day it was the same drill. Jake hung for about 45 minutes and then he went up to the room to work on the computer. About 15 minutes later Nigel came walking up the hill to the hotel.

“All alone again, that’s a crime.” He said smiling. He had a lovely smile.

“I guess its Nigel to the rescue again.” A few minutes later he emerged from his room. He was wearing the wife beater again, but today he had on a speedo. It wasn’t the really brief kind, it had a little leg to it and it looked good him. He had a nice butt. He put his stuff on the chaise next to her.

“Good afternoon Fiona, is this seat taken?” He flashed her a big smile. He set his rum punch next to hers on the table between the chairs.

“Its all yours, I saved it for you.” He has a really nice smile she thought to herself.

“I’m really hot from that walk up the hill.” He Said. “Will you join me for a swim?”

“I’d love to, it’s really hot today.” She got up and slowly walked down the steps into the pool. He peeled off his shirt and dove in. When he came up she was still on the first step.

“Aren’t you coming in?” He asked.

“I like to take it nice and slow.”

“I’ll make a note of that for later. I can do it fast or slow.”

He kept kidding her that she really didn’t have a husband, she was traveling alone.

“What does he do up there all afternoon?” He asked.

“Well, he went up just before you came along, so it hasn’t been all afternoon. Avcılar Escort He is either working on his photos, he’s a photographer, or he’s writing.” She replied

“I’ll bet he has some nice pictures of you. He’s a writer? what does he write?”

“He has some very nice pictures of me. He is not really a writer, he just writes little stories for me.”

“How could there be a bad picture of you. I’ll bet you like to pose nude for him. I’d love to see them some time.” He said laughing. “What kind of stories does he write for you?”

“You have a dirty mind. You’ll have to use your imagination for those sexy pictures. He writes erotic stories for me. It’s kind of fun. He likes to read them to me.”

They were getting out of the pool.

“What happens then?”

“You’re going to have to use your imagination again.”

They continued talking about different things,he usually found a way to work the conversation around so they were talking about sex.

“Well, your alleged husband is a bad man for leaving you alone down here. I see that your rum punch is empty. Why don’t you come up to my room, I’ll make you a new one.”

“You’d like that very much wouldn’t you. What would people think if they saw a married woman coming up to your room with you?’

“Good point, I’ll go up first.” With that he stood up, collected his things. “I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

“Well you’re a cheeky bastard aren’t you.”

‘I’ll give you the attention you deserve.”

“Well you run along, I’ll be right behind you, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. On second thought, maybe you should.” She was finding him mildly irritating today.

“Ohh right then, it’s all settled, I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

“But you may only see me in your dreams.”

“I’ll take my chances.” And with that he headed up.

Fiona was not sure what to do. He was very very handsome, but he was a little bit too cocky. On the one hand he had a really great body and was really sexy. On the other hand she barely knew him, he could be an ax murderer. But Jake was only ten steps away, one scream and he’d be there in a flash. He may not appreciate coming to her rescue in this situation, but he would come. She sat there with her eyes closed enjoying the feel of the sun on her skin. She tried to clear her mind. She couldn’t, she was excited. She felt sexy lying there. She knew Nigel was watching her. He really turned her on. She realized she was horny. She decided she wanted to fuck someone. Would it be Nigel or her husband sitting upstairs at his computer with a hard on. She looked up and saw Nigel come out on his porch and raise his glass to her. She pretended not to notice. He sure looks good, the prize should go to the one that turned her on. She took stock of the staff. She didn’t want anybody seeing her go to his room. They were all in the restaurant at this hour. She collected her things and put on her little skirt. She didn’t want to get her skirt wet, so she slipped off her wet bottoms and put them in her bag. If she encountered anybody she would abort. She went up the first flight of stairs and walked past the windows to their apartment. The curtains were shut as usual so Jake didn’t see her. He was probably sitting in there at the computer writing about her fucking some guy, creaming his shorts.

The irony was not lost on her that while he writing a story about her doing some guy she was going to be one floor up really screwing this beautiful black man who had picked her up at the pool where she was alone because he was in the room writing his little stories.

She walked past their door and continued up the stairs. She got to Nigel’s room and paused, his door was ajar. Was she sure she wanted to do this? She was nervous, she was being so bad. There was no time to deliberate, she needed to slip in or walk away. She wanted what was on the other side of this door. She looked around to see that no one was looking and knocked. The door swung open as she did and she slipped in. Nigel was right there and he closed the door behind her and locked it.

“How ’bout that drink handsome?” She asked. For some reason slipping into the room had given her a shot of adrenaline. Her heart was racing. She handed him her glass.

“My pleasure, I’m drinking Old Grog and pineapple, is that OK? I could call down for something else if you want.” He could not believe she had come. He thought she was really hot and he was excited to have this lovely woman in his hotel room with the door closed and locked. He had never in his wildest dreams thought she would accept his offer for a “drink”. He wondered if she would really follow through or if she would have a guilt attack or something and chicken out.

“That will be fine, that’s what Jake made for me earlier. It’s too bad for him that he wasn’t around when my glass was empty.” She was looking around the room. It nice and tidy. His cloths were all put away and his suitcase stood in the Beylikdüzü Escort corner. She looked at the bed, the maid had not been here yet. The anticipation was getting to her. She just wanted him to grab her and throw her onto the bed. She wanted to be taken, screw the pretense of the “drinks”.

“Well, his loss is my gain. I hope he’s not the jealous type. What’s he going to do if goes looking for you at the pool?” He was wondering if this was a good idea. He had no problem screwing cheating wives, but he didn’t like to be around their husbands. This husband might be a little too close for his comfort, he was sitting directly below them. But that also made it more exciting.

“I told him that I might go for a walk, he won’t suspect a thing. But of course there is nothing to suspect because we are just having “drinks”.” She made little finger quotes when she said “drinks”. She was still standing by the door, she leaned against it watching him as he made the drinks. He was really sexy. She was getting really excited.

“That’s good.” He continued what he was doing in silence. He was rushing. He wanted to slap these drinks together and go grab her and lead her to the bed.

She kept watching him, staring at him. They were silent. She was tired of the small talk. He put a few dashes of bitters in the glasses. She liked the way the muscles in his arms looked when he grated the nutmeg. He stared at her as he grated.

The drinks were almost done. She was staring at him and he was returning her stare. She looked really sexy leaning against the door. She had her far leg propped up against it. It was a provocative pose. He looked at her crotch. With her leg up like this he expected to see her red bathing suit but he didn’t. Maybe she had taken it off. He brazenly stared, he thought he could see her labia. She spread her leg a little and brought it back, flashing him. His heart skipped a beat. She shot him a mischievous smile. He was glad to see that she was waxed. She was going to be fun.

He walked over and handed her a drink. They were staring into each others eyes. She took a sip and set her glass on the counter next to her without breaking eye contact. He set his drink down next to hers. He was standing so close to her they were almost touching. He paused for a second. His heart was pounding in his chest. The excitement was palpable. He was teasing her. He wanted her to make the first move.

He’s having fun with me she thought. What a tease. I wonder how long he can hold out. He wants me to make the first move. She reached behind her back and took the Do Not Disturb sign off of the doorknob. She handed it to him.

“Maybe you should put this out. We wouldn’t want to be disturbed while we are having our drinks. What would people think.” He reached for the doorknob and she slipped out from between him and the door. She picked up her glass and took a big drink. She set her glass on the bedside table. She walked across the room to the windows looking out on his balcony and the hillside below and looked out. Two could play at this game.

After he put out the DND he picked up his drink and took a sip. He leaned against the door as she had done and watched her slowly walk past the bed to the far side of the room. It seemed to him like she was having second thoughts. She opened the door to the porch.

“It’s kind of stuffy in here.” She opened two more windows as she walked across the room toward him. She wanted Jake to be able to hear them, it would inspire his writing. He was watching her and it made her feel good. He was making her feel really sexy. This little game was really building up the tension for her. She looked across the room at him leaning back against the door. His stiff dick was plainly visible through his speedo. She walked up to him and got right in his face. They were looking into each others eyes again. He had really nice brown eyes. She reached behind him and locked the door. She needed him to make the first move.

The tension was killing him. She was playing his game, and winning. He couldn’t take it any longer. He reached his hands around to her back and pulled her the last inch toward him. Their lips met. They had a long passionate kiss. He held her tight. He was so excited.

He finally kissed her! She beat him at his own game. He was a great kisser. His hands felt strong as he explored her back and butt. They were kissing frantically. There had been so much tension, now it was being released in a torrent of passion. She wanted him so badly. He pulled up her skirt and was grabbing her bare ass pushing her crotch into his. She could feel his hard cock inside his Speedo. She tried to grind on it a little. He quickly flipped them around so her back was against the door. He wanted to take control. He wanted to do her right against this door. He reached his hands under her little tank top pushed it up above her breasts, massaging her nipples with his fingers. They were Esenyurt Escort still kissing frantically. He reached down and started stroking her crotch. She reached inside his Speedo and started stroking his nice sized cock. He wanted her so bad. She was stroking his cock with one hand and gripping his back with the other. She pulled his cock out of his Speedo and started rubbing the head of his cock against her pussy.

She was frantic to feel his dick inside her. She was so excited. Rubbing his dick against her clit, it felt electric. She wanted to feel it inside her. His hands felt wonderful on her breasts. Their juices began to combine as she became wetter and wetter. She pushed his head into her a little and pulled it out and rubbed her clit some more, repeating the drill, lubing him up more and more. She was ready. She raised her left leg, he grabbed it and she stuck his dick in. It was in a couple inches and she just left it there, not moving. Lets see if he knows how to use that beautiful dick of his.

He pulled his cock out a little and slowly pushed it in a little farther and stopped. Her pussy felt terrific. He hiked up her leg a little. He pulled out again and pushed in a little deeper. Without pause he pulled out again and pushed all the way in, then slowly he began stroking in and out of her. She was moaning quietly. Pressing her hard against the door he thrust deep into her and held it there,. He lowered himself down a little, getting under her and reached down grabbing her other leg behind the knee. She put her hands around his muscular neck to help support herself as he picked up by her legs and did a little hop, repositioning her. The door banged hard as he did. He was berried deep inside her. She moaned loudly now.

Jake was sitting at his computer working his story which was set in a guesthouse very like the one they were in now. In it Fiona was getting gang banged by 4 guys while Jake took pictures. He heard a loud bang from the room upstairs followed by a moan. Jake thought it sounded like someone had slammed their finger in a door. He listened for a moment and thought he heard another moan. He listened carefully. There were definitely moans coming from upstairs. While not as loud, the bang was happening too. Someone was fucking in the room above theirs. The British guy Fiona had talked to at the pool was staying up there. Good for him, he was getting a little action. Jake kept listening. He had a hard on already and he stroked himself through his shorts. There was a big wet spot on his shorts. The moaning got louder. Suddenly a thought shot across his mind. Where was Fiona! He jumped up and went over to the window and looked down at the pool. It was deserted. Her stuff was gone too!

She was so hot now. She was getting close. His dick felt so good. She wished it felt like this when Jake fucked her. The way it had all played out made it all the more exciting. Being screwed against the hotel room door by this guy she had met only once before. She was moaning loudly and the door rattled with each of his powerful thrusts. With all of the windows open she was sure Jake could hear them. It will help him write, she thought, and let out an especially loud moan.

He was getting really close. It sounded like she was too. She was being really loud, he wished she had not opened the windows. Her husband might be able to hear them. I wonder if she is playing to him, being loud so he can hear her. He wanted her to be a little quieter but he didn’t want to say anything. He was so close, pounding away at her supporting her almost entirely on his pelvis. Only the small of her back and her head rested against the door. The door rattled with each thrust. Still being worried about the noise he started to pull away, moving over to the wall.

“No, I like it here.” She panted. She didn’t want to move. She wanted to make as much noise as possible for Jake.

“It’s too loud, we’re making too much noise, you husband will hear.” He was really close. Her pussy felt so good. This was so hot, just fucking her like this, a total stranger.

“I want him to hear you fucking me.” She said out loud and let out a load moan.

Jake had quickly changed his shorts, he couldn’t walk around with a big wet spot in his crotch. He went over to the front door and stopped to listen. They were still at it. He heard the woman say something about fucking. It sure sounded like his wife. He opened the door and it let out a loud noise as it scraped across the floor. He headed up the stairs.

Fiona heard their apartment door open. Jake had heard them. The thought of him listening just outside the door drove her wild. She was really close and moaned loudly. The door rattled. He bounced her up and down on his cock which felt even better.

“Ohh fuck me Nigel!” She said. She knew Jake was outside the door so she didn’t have to yell. “Fuck me with your big black cock……fuck me harder…….ohhhh…..fuck me…..ohhh…come inside me ….fill me….ohhhhh”

Her orgasm exploded inside her. She came hard, moaning. There was a lot of wetness down there. She continued squirting as he bounced her.

Nigel came right after she did. He had a big intense one. This was so exciting, fucking this guys wife while he listened and jerked off one floor below. She was really hot.

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