The Indian Girl’s Adventure

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“Are you sure?” Monica was surprised, shy and skeptical about the situation.

“I don’t think we will find a better time, Monica,” Niklesh alias Nik assured her.

His hands were busy fumbling with her bra straps. The dusky 19-year-old Indian girl was shyly standing in front of her hunky boyfriend sporting a pricky mush. She felt his mush prick her when they were busy, engaged in a deep French kiss moments earlier.

“Ahh, I got it finally.” Nik’s voice was filled with pride and lust when he declared his feat.

“No, let me go. I’m not sure. This looks so wrong.”

“We have come this far, baby and my home is completely free for the night which is a rare occurrence, don’t you know?”

“Yeah, but…” Monica’s voice trailed off.

Without wasting the paused moment, Nik cupped her cheeks in his palm and planted another kiss on her glistening lips. That was all she needed to shed off her final layer of inhibition and submit herself to the guy she loved.

Pre-marital sex is taboo in India because the culture is deep rooted and it ain’t escort kartal easy for an orthodox girl to accept being naked before a man, in his bed. But, it’s happening with her partial consent.

“Nik, what are you doing?” Monica exclaimed when he broke the kiss and carried her to bed. Her bra fell off on the way and her supple, brown breasts crushed to his chest as the young couple made their way to make love.

Nik took his own sweet time to explore his girl and her curvaceous body. He began his feast in between her breasts by planting a soft kiss.

Monica moaned in pleasure, losing her life-long chastity to the moment of pleasure.

“Nik, honey, I just can’t breath,” she moaned in eternal bliss when he took her erect nipples into his mouth and started chewing it.

Expertly, his free hand went to cup her other breast and fondled it with intense passion. As minutes flew by, the moments of softcore, erotic pleasure moved to hardcore sex.

He took a couple of sweet bites on her nipples before loosening her night pants. Her maltepe escort bayan panties soon joined her bra and tops on the floor before Nik spread her legs to lie on top the petite girl. He spent ample time in kissing her eyes, nose, neck, lips and nibbled her ear lobes.

Nik…Monica moaned in ecstasy and held his hair tightly. She gripped him tighter and pulled him closer for more passionate kisses.

“I’m going to let you taste me now.”

“But, I’m not ready for that yet.”

“You will be…” He straddled her face and eased his thick, man meat into her open lips.

Seeing no other choice, Monica began slurping the hard-on even though it felt weird at first. She obediently wrapped her lips around the erection and start sucking it in earned passion. The rhythm soon builds up and she starts stroking the entire length, while her lips keep the tip busy with occasional kisses.

All of a sudden, much to her dismay, Nik pulls out of her lips and proceeds to spread her legs wide. He comfortably places one of his hands on pendik escort bayan her chubby inner thighs while his other hand adjusts his erect hard-on, preparing it for Monica’s defloration.

“Will you surely marry me, Nik?”

“Of course, dear.”

Without wasting a moment, Nik plunges his thick, erect hard-on into Monica’s wet hole. He lies on top of her, crushing her jiggling boobs under his chest and continues to hump her hardly. Every thrust provokes a moan from the dusky beauty who’s still in pain but slowly taking her first step towards the real world where women are willing subjects for lust.

Monica couldn’t agree more on how good being spread and humped in hardcore style is. “Nik, keep going,” her words encourage him.

Adding more weight to his thrusts, Nik goes deeper inside Monica’s. His hands roughly fondle her exposed boobs and soft hips while the action continues without interruptions. He keeps humping her harder and harder, until he shoots his cum inside the exposed pussy.

Monica smiles and kisses the sweaty Nik as a sign of love. She hugs him and the couple drifts off to a temporary nap because the night has just begun. Little did Monica knew that she’s not going to be all innocent and flowery in the next few years but become a raunchy slut who stops at nothing to enjoy the other side of lust.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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