The Interns (Part 5)


Levon almost panicked when his boss didn’t show up for work the next day. Sure, he understood that the guy was most likely hung-over beyond belief, but it was also the sheer awkwardness of what had transpired the night before.
It was plain and simple: Jim Scott had given Jaime Regan a blowjob through a glory hole at a gay bar. Levon wasn’t sure if Jim had actually been ok with it, or if he was just so drunk that all of his inhibitions had left him and he had no control over his urges.
Either way, Levon felt somehow responsible. Even though Jaime had intentionally gotten their boss drunk and then took advantage of him for his own sexual gains, Levon shouldn’t have let Jim out of his sight, especially considering how drunk he was.
But Levon made it to work on time, by himself. He decided that he would drive himself to work instead of carpooling with his mom. Surprisingly, Jaime wasn’t there when he got there. All week, Jaime had been in their cubicle unpacked and ready for work before Levon could get off the elevator. Eager little bastard.
Levon went about the day as best as he could, trying to focus on the tasks he needed to accomplish. This was somewhat easier seeing as how Jaime wasn’t there to make sexual advances on him every ten minutes. But every now and again, Levon would gaze from his desk to Jim’s office and worry. Perhaps he should give Jim a call at lunch.
Then, Jaime entered. He strode in casually, seemingly unaware of his tardiness and carrying his ever-present air of confidence. Levon honestly envied that trait.
“Where have you been?” Levon asked as his fellow intern unpacked his work.
“Around,” Jaime replied nonchalantly. “Just taking my time, you know? I figured Jim would be too hung-over to come in today, so I slept in.”
“Well, you’re lucky that you’re right.”
“But aren’t you worried about him, though? After last night…”
“Hey, last night was fun! I honestly enjoyed myself, and I think Jim did too. You should really lighten up more. You probably need to get laid more…” Jaime placed a hand on Levon’s crotch, the recipient quickly shooing it away.
“What’s the matter?” Jaime asked seductively. “The boss isn’t here…”
“Yes, but there are still coworkers…”
“Aw… yeah, I guess. I get caught up sometimes.”
“You mean like having your boss suck your dick?”
“Pretty much. That really was something, huh?”
“God, shut up!” Levon yelled. A few coworkers popped up out of their cubicles to see the commotion.
Levon’s voice turned to whisper. “Don’t you know what you’ve done? You probably turned a straight man gay. At least for one time. It might seem like this terrific accomplishment to you, but you don’t think about it from his point of view. He’s probably at home drinking himself to death because of how confused he feels.”
“Calm down, man. You act like you never wanted to do that yourself…”
“—No, you shut up.” Sultançiftliği Escort Jaime had gotten stern; something Levon had never seen him do before. “Stop pretending like you don’t like him. I know you do, or else you wouldn’t be this worked up about last night. I’m not the only person around here who needs a reality check.”
Levon sat in silence for a good while, staring angrily at Jaime. “Whatever the case,” Levon said finally, “I’m going over to his house at lunch to tell him that it was you he did that to last night. It’s your choice if you want to be there to apologize when I do.”
And with that, Levon got up and left, heading out for a much-needed smoke break.

Jim Scott lived in a modest house not far from work. He lived alone, but still took the time to keep the outside of his house well-kept and attractive, much like he did himself.
Levon knocked at the door, listening closely to hear any movement coming from inside. On his smoke break, he had tried calling Jim but got no answer. Now, here he was checking up on him. Jaime stood next to him on the front steps.
The door opened, and a much different Jim Scott stood before them. He wore a bathrobe, and underneath appeared to be only wearing boxer shorts. Levon couldn’t help but take notice of the well-built and hairless chest appearing at the opening of the robe. The hair on his head was messy and his chin sported a five o’clock shadow. He still smelt of alcohol.
“Boys,” he said softly, squinting at the outside light, “Come in, come in.”
Jaime and Levon followed their boss into his home. The inside was well-furnished but obviously a bachelor pad, with expensive-looking art and a large stereo system in the living room. All of the shades had been drawn to keep out the sunlight. Jim gestured for them to have a seat on one of the two couches facing a giant flat-screen TV. They sat and Jim sat at the couch across from them; the one that Levon had left Jim sleeping on the night before.
“Sorry I didn’t come in today,” Jim said as he slouched back on the sofa, “as you probably guessed, I’m not in the best of shape after last night’s drinking.” He attempted to laugh, but winced slightly from a headache. “What brings you down here, though?”
“Well, we want to check on you,” Levon said.
“That’s nice, thanks.”
“Do you remember… what happened?”
“Yes. I remember. And don’t worry, I’m not mad. No… I’m not mad that I ended up performing oral sex on a strange man.”
“We… wanted to talk to you about that, though.”
“Look… I’m a grown man. I can handle this sort of stuff. I’m not traumatized by it or anything. Hell, people do stupid and crazy stuff when they’re drunk.”
“But we just thought you should know something…”
Levon looked at Jaime, hoping the boy would buck up and say it himself. Jaime just looked the other way.
Levon sighed. “You didn’t… perform oral sex… on Escort Sultançiftliği a stranger. It was Jaime in the other stall.”
Jim sat up slightly. “Really?” he said, Levon detecting no hint of anger in his voice. “Well… honestly… good for you, man. You’ve got yourself a pretty nice package down there. If you weren’t… you know… the chicks would be all over you!”
Jaime blushed and smiled slightly.
“You’re not mad?” Levon asked.
“No, not really… I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it… and I’m sure Jaime didn’t either, did you, bud?”
“Guilty,” Jaime said smugly.
“I think we should just forget the whole thing ever happened,” Jim continued. “It was a one stupid, drunken night and that’s all. Sound good?”
Levon was surprised. Here he was, expecting Jim to be upset, when the guy was actually cool with it. The strangest feeling came over him that perhaps Jaime had actually turned Jim gay.
Jim stood up. “Thanks for your concern, guys.”
“Hey,” Jaime laughed, “if you’re ever interested in me doing that to you, you just let me know, ok?”
“I’ll think about it,” Jim laughed back.
What the hell is going on here? Levon thought, his mind spinning in confusion. Am I dreaming again?
“So I’ll see you two at work tomorrow?”
“You bet,” Jaime said, getting up to shake his boss’s hand.
Levon got up and followed Jaime to the front door. Jim placed a hand on Levon’s shoulder. “Thanks again,” he said with his classic smile, “I’m fine with all of this, I promise.”
“Ok…” Levon said.
Jaime and Levon said their goodbyes and made their way back to Levon’s car. As they got in, Levon shot Jaime an angry look.
“You got fucking lucky,” he said, quickly pulling the car away from the curb.

“Pull over,” Jaime said as he Levon drove down an empty road back to work.
“Why?” Levon asked, still mad at Jaime over the events that had just transpired.
“You’re stressed. Let me give you a backrub.”
“Come on, you know you want it.”
“…Fine…” Levon sighed, and pulled the car off the road to a clearing of bushes.
“Lean forward,” Jaime commanded, and Levon did so, resting his head on the steering wheel. Jaime moved over from the passenger seat and began slowly rubbing Levon’s shoulders. He worked at the knots of tension that he could feel in the other boy’s muscles, kneading and rubbing out all the built-up stress. Levon moaned softly in relief, feeling himself getting calmer by the minute.
Jaime moved his hands down his back, massaging and rubbing along the way. “That feel good?” he asked.
“Yes…” Levon said softly.
After a good few minutes, Jaime stopped. Levon sat back in his seat feeling refreshed. “Thanks,” he said. “I did need that.”
Suddenly, Jaime broke into tears. “I’m so sorry, Levon,” he sobbed. “I’ve been so bad to you…”
“Hey, no…” Levon said, leaning forward to hug Jaime. He held him in his arms Sultançiftliği Escort Bayan as the other boy cried into his shoulder. “I should be sorry… I’ve been so short with you…”
Jaime’s cries got softer, and he began chuckling slightly. “I guess we’re both bad people, huh?” he said, sniffling.
Levon looked at Jaime and wiped a tear away from his face. He held Jaime’s chin softly and brought his lips to his own. They embraced, kissing slowly and softly. Levon climbed over the seat and sat on Jaime’s lap. He reached down and reclined the seat back so that he lay on top of him, continuing to kiss.
Jaime let his tongue slip into Levon’s mouth, who gladly met it with his own. They passionately made out for a while, exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues, feeling each other’s hard bodies with their hands. Levon placed his hands on Jaime’s chest and unbuttoned his shirt, kissing his bare chest of the way down.
Levon let Jaime unbuckle his pants, and he dropped them a little so he could feel around his smooth bare ass. Mimicking his movement, Levon did the same to Jaime and pulled down his pants, while still sitting on his lap. Levon took hold of Jaime’s cock and stroked it softly, continuing to kiss him as he did so.
He then moved his hard dick to his ass and rubbed it between his cheeks.
“Be gentle,” Levon whispered, “I’ve never been a bottom before.” And with that, he sat down on Jaime’s rod, engulfing it in his virgin asshole. Levon had fingered himself before, but his fingers were nowhere as thick as Jaime’s dick. Pain quickly transformed into pleasure as Levon started grinding against the cock.
They kissed hard and passionately as Levon rode Jaime in the cramped space of the car, having to adjust himself occasionally to accommodate with the limited space. As he bounced, he stroked his own cock feverishly.
Jaime held on tight to Levon’s hips as they grinded against him. Jaime had never been a top himself, but he was highly enjoying the feeling of a nice, tight asshole squeezing his huge penis.
After a while, their breathing was heavy and had created thick condensation on the car windows.
“I’m gonna cum,” Levon moaned as his balls rubbed against Jaime’s pubic hair.
“Do it, babe,” Jaime commanded, running his hands up and down Levon’s ass.
“Ffffuuuuuck!” Levon exclaimed as he ejaculated jizz all over Jaime’s chest, his climax intensified like never before thanks to the cock deep inside him. This was a new experience for Jaime as well, as he felt Levon’s asshole tighten even more as he came. He fought as hard as he could to keep himself from exploding, but it was ultimately futile. He felt the hot cum quickly well up inside him and burst forth into Levon’s welcoming asshole.
“Yeah, Jaime, like that!” Levon cried as he finished his own messy orgasm.
Exasperated, the two boys looked down at each other. Jaime took a scoop of jizz from his chest with his finger and popped it into his mouth, smiling at Levon in seductive satisfaction. He then drew a heart on his crest with the rest of the cum.
Levon leaned in and kissed Jaime, enjoying the moment to the fullest.
“Let’s see Jim Scott do that!” he said triumphantly.

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