The Keys Pt. 03

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Evan and I anchored his boat nearby the sailboat, and we both swam back over to it. My head was swimming as much as my body was. The things I had experienced in the past twenty four hours were almost too much to process. I had now experienced sexual relations with my Dad and another adult. Two guys before I even had any experience with girls. I wasn’t complaining, but the sensory overload was stifling. As I climbed aboard the boat, my Dad asked, “How did you like it?” I wasn’t sure if he was talking about the boat or what I had just done with Evan. I assumed and hoped he meant the former.

“It’s real nice. Pretty fast. There’s a cool reef on the other side of the island,” I said. I walked toward the bow and laid out on the deck. The sensual excitement I’d been experiencing was draining, and I wanted a little nap to recharge my batteries. My Dad and Evan sat in the stern and talked about hospital things as I drifted off to sleep.

I woke to the sound of pots clanking in the cabin. Rubbing my eyes, I stood and walked toward the cabin. I still hadn’t completely gotten used to being naked full time, so I would always look around the area to make sure no new boats or visitors had suddenly arrived. In the cabin, Evan and my Father were cooking dinner. I could see a couple lobsters cooking in a large pot on the small galley stove. The spread looked great. They asked me to get the utensils out and some drinks. They were having beer and insisted that I have some as well. I had never liked the taste before, bit this wasn’t to bad.

Dinner turned out well. I hadn’t had lobster in a while and we had a surplus of it. The two older guys had several beers each and kept them coming toward me as well. My teenage body wasn’t used to alcohol and after two beers, I was pretty well sauced. We stumbled out to the stern and they kept on having some beer from the cooler. Dad had an apron on from when he was cooking. He took it off, showing off his limp, but still well-endowed tool.

Sitting here naked with the two of them, having beer with them; it felt like being an adult and less like the tag-along younger guy I’d been used to feeling like all my life. Even though I had just turned eighteen, and was technically an adult now, I wasn’t a very big guy, and had the features of someone younger than I actually was. The beer made me feel confident of myself as well. My Dad commented on the look on my face and smiling, said, “Well, I think we’re going to have to cut you off. Your Mother would have a fit if she saw you right now.”

I responded, “I think she’d have a bigger fit if she saw all of us together right now.” Evan and my Dad laughed out loud at the truism. “So,” my Dad started, “did you guys have fun out on the ocean side today?”

“Oh yeah, it was great. Evan showed me the reef over there and said there’s lots of dolphin around.”

“Yes, there sure are. There are lots of things to see and do bostancı escort over there. Did you two do anything else over there?” he asked. I glanced over at Evan. He was grinning at me mischievously. His hand moved subtly over to his penis and he stroked it lightly. It began to swell in his hand. “Well, we just talked about some stuff. He showed me how to drive the boat,” I said. I caught myself divulging a bit and attempted to lead him off the subject. It was clear that it wouldn’t work.

“That’s great! I like sailboats a little better, though. It’s good that you’re learning how to control both kinds. So, what else did you two talk about? I’m sure it wasn’t all about dolphin and powerboats,” my Father said. Evan piped in, saying, “Oh it wasn’t anything big. We talked about how it’s normal for two guys to get erections when they’re naked around each other, right, bud?”

My Dad looked at me with a raised eyebrow. “Um, yeah, something like that. Nothing big,” I said. Evan chuckled and sat down next to me. His cock was continuing to swell. He put his arm behind me on the railing. My Dad was sitting on the railing on the opposite site of the boat and his large, thick penis twitched as he watched us. The sight of both of their dicks coming to life made my own small boy’s cock get a familiar stir.

“I see. So you both got erections? That’s understandable. Evan’s a good looking guy and so are you. You must have done something about those erections, am I right?” he asked.

“Well, sorta…I mean,” I started. Evan jumped in, “Well, what he means to say is that we both did a quick jerk and took care of it. No big deal.”

I was shocked at the matter-of-fact description of the event. My Dad looked on in approval. His hand also moved to his stiffening cock. I looked over at Evan and his dick was at full attention now. His thigh was touching mine, just like on his boat in the afternoon. My cock was rock hard now. The beer was making me a little less reserved than normal. It was also obvious that my Dad was fine with all of this.

“Yeah, he saw me doing that last night, so I think we’re all pretty comfortable around each other now. As a matter of fact, I’m kind of surprised that’s all you guys did out there. Did you touch his penis, son?” he asked.

Evan’s hand moved from around my back onto my thigh as I lightly held my stiff 5-incher. “Yeah, a little bit,” I said. Evan’s hand slid a couple inches further up my thigh.

“And how did that feel? Did you like touching it?” he asked. He was now beginning to lightly stroke his thick, uncut cock. “Yeah,” was all I could muster. I was darting back and forth between looking at my Dad’s hard dick and Evan’s. I didn’t know what to do with myself.

“You know, you did so well with me last night, I’m sure Evan would love to know what you feel like some more. Why don’t you show him what we did last night?” he said. I ümraniye escort bayan was frozen as I looked at Evan next to me. His hand moved to mine, removing it from my stiff dick to his thick tool. Precum oozed from the tip. I wrapped my hands around it and started stroking him. He closed his eyes and said, “Oh yeah, that’s good. Mmmmm.”

My Dad walked over and stood in front of us, slowly caressing his fat dick. I loved seeing the foreskin move back and forth over its cock head. Then he said, “It looks like he likes that, son. Why don’t you show him what else you learned last night? I’m sure he’d love that.” Evan then moved his hand back around me and draped it over my shoulders. He looked down at me and shifted his hips so his long dick pointed at me more. The alcohol had made me abandon all reservations now, so I lowered my mouth onto his beautiful cock. I tasted the precum at the tip as he entered my mouth and his hand went to the back of my head. I heard him say, “Oh yeah, God that’s good! You’re doing great.”

My Dad watched from the side of us and I heard him say, “Yeah, son. Suck his dick. I love watching you suck that dick.” Evan’s hand pushed lightly on the back of my head and his long cock touched the back of my throat, making me gag. I didn’t care, though. I kept on bobbing up and down on his dick. I was completely absorbed in the act of sucking his dick. I wanted to see him cum like he did on his boat, and like my Dad had done the night before.

Evan suddenly pulled his dick away, saying, “Easy, easy. I think your Father would like some, too.” My Dad immediately stepped up in front of me, offering his thick tool to my mouth. I immediately took him by the base and started sucking him into my wet mouth, loving each inch I could get. I loved the feeling of his thick foreskin in my mouth and could also taste the salty liquid dripping from the tip of his cock. It filled my mouth totally and he held the back of my head with his eyes closed. “Yeah, that’s it son. Suck your Dad’s big cock. God, you’re so good,” he said as I took him ravenously.

I was enjoying every second of this debauchery when I saw Evan stand and reach into a small day bag nearby. He pulled out a small bottle of liquid and squirted it into his hand. He massaged the thick fluid onto his cock and it glistened in the lights of the boat. My Dad pulled out of my mouth, still stroking his fat cock. Then he said, “Remember those videos you told me about? Well, I’m sure you saw guys having sex with girls, right?” I nodded, jacking my own dick which was so hard it hurt.

“Well, sometimes guys do that too. It’s just a little bit different. How would you like to try that, son? I’m sure you’d love it,” he said. Evan walked toward me and stood me up. My Dad sat down where I had just been sitting and Evan turned me to face him. My Dad then took my hands and placed them on the bench, either side of his kartal escort hips, bending me over. I didn’t realize what they were really talking about until this moment. I was so far gone that I didn’t protest. I then felt Evan rubbing the lube he had on his dick into the crack of my ass. I was nervous, but I just looked down at my Dad’s reddened cock pointing at me. Then I felt what could only be Evan’s long penis pushing against my rectum. He moved it lightly up and down, looking for the right point of entry. Finding a spot of less resistance, he applied pressure and the head of his dick began pushing inside of my asshole.

I felt immense, stabbing pain upon his first insertion. It took my breath away. My Dad put his hand on my face, saying, “Shhh, shhh. It’s ok. You’re doing fine. Just relax.” Evan pushed deeper inside me and I began to moan. I had never felt such a combination of pleasure and pain at the same time. My Dad started jacking his hard cock in front of me. I bent my head and licked its throbbing head as Evan’s dick pushed deeper and deeper inside my young, smooth ass. He started moving back and forth inside me and talking to me, repeating over and over, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, that’s it, boy. Take this dick. Take it!” My Dad started saying the same thing.

“Take that dick, son. Suck my cock while he’s fucking you. Oh, you’re so good. Suck that cock!” he said as I sucked him off. I had to pull off his dick so I could shout. The feelings were so intense, I didn’t know how else to handle myself. Evan kept fucking my tight ass and now was nearly completely buried in it. I was totally full of cock now. My dad’s thick uncut tool was filling my mouth and Evan’s long sleek rod was filling my ass. It was incredible. My own dick felt like it might explode.

Even pulled out of my ass and was jerking his slick cock and walked around to where my Dad was. He was sweating heavily and panting. My Dad then pulled out of my mouth and told me to get on my knees, which I did. The two of them stoked their massive cocks in front of me. Suddenly my Dad started grunting loudly, shouting, “Oh yeah, Oh yeah!” over and over again. Seeing this, Evan closed his eyes and with a pained expression on his face loudly shouted, “Yeah! Here it comes!” Suddenly they both came near simultaneously. Their cum shot through the air, landing all over me. I was being sprayed in the face and the chest. Cum dripped from their softening cocks as they panted and sweated before me. I sat on my knees as I felt thick gobs of semen drip down my face and my chest. It was a feeling of complete satiety. I didn’t even feel I needed to cum. They had shot their loads on me and that was a perfect ending.

They both side down on the bench opposite me, drained of all visible energy. I looked around for a towel, but saw none. In no hurry to go below and search, I decided to just jump in the water. The ocean felt cool and relaxing. I scrubbed the thick ropes of cum off my skin, watching it float through the water like white ribbons. I climbed back aboard and shook myself off. I grabbed some water from the galley and lumbered into the V berth up front, the boat rocking me into a dreamless sleep moments later.

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