The landlady, Steve, and her Friend


The landlady, Steve, and her FriendSteve sat in his living room, trying to relax from a long day. He had been traveling since early the day before, only stopping at a cheap motel to grab a few hours of sleep. The trip had been a success and would likely pay off for him greatly, so he was in a good mood, but just a little road weary. Having arrived home and done little more than walk into his house, drop his bags and plop on the couch, and pour an accidentally large glass of bourbon, he wondered if a good hot shower would help him feel better. Standing, Steve grabbed his bags and took them into the master bedroom and tossed them onto his bed before returning to grab his drink. He opened the big one, and fetched out an armful of dirty clothes and dropped them into the hamper. He stood there for a moment and decided that the shower idea had merit, so he stripped putting the clothes on top of the others. He paused and stood there for a long minute as he sipped and then drank the contents of the glass of liquor. He chuckled, knowing that he had basically just put down about seven shots in one gulp. Steve wanted to relax. The Kentucky love was going to do just that.One of the reasons he liked this house so much was the master bath. It was larger than typical for a two-bedroom house. It was all tiled, so cleaning it was a breeze, but the real feature he enjoyed was the set of large windows that made up the back wall of the shower. Even with waterproof curtains over them, the room was usually bright. On summer days, such as this one, the sun shone brightly through them. Stepping behind the low wall that separated the shower space from the rest of the room, he turned on the water and got the temperature just right. Since cleanliness wasn’t the primary goal, he soaped up quickly and just enjoyed standing under the flowing water. Without really giving any thought to it, he opened the curtains to let the sunshine in. He even opened a window to let in some fresh air. It had to be the steam coming from the open window that got her attention. The shower had two heads than projected water from both directions at once. It made for a glorious feeling. Steve leaned back against the wall and reveled in the warmth. It was, perhaps, his enjoyment that kept him from noticing her at first. His landlady, whom he rented the house from, lived in her own home next door. Diane liked him. When he first applied to be her renter, they hit it off, and that helped convince her to rent to him. Admittedly, she thought he was somewhat handsome. She had been divorced for several years. She said it happened because she was too flirty for his tastes. He, wisely, said that she was welcome to flirt with him anytime she wanted. It was his attempt at being charming. Not that she wasn’t an attractive woman, Diane was just older than he was, and not really his type. Over the eleven months he had been living there, they had enjoyed drinks on occasion. They ate at each other’s house a few times. They had gone for a couple of long drives when both admitted that they were bored. They had talked, and he felt they were quite friendly.Steve was a middle-aged man. He considered himself average in almost every way. He was tall, standing six feet and four inches, but that was all that he thought exceptional. He had an average build for a man his age. He shaved his head because he hated the grey hairs that had taken up residence. He had a bit of a belly and a bad back. All average things for an average man. He used to say that he wasn’t much to look at, but he cleaned up pretty well. Diane had corrected him on more than one occasion. She didn’t like his self-deprecating deflections whenever she offered a compliment, she had said he was handsome and rather attractive on more than one occasion. As he leaned back enjoying the warm water, he really started to feel the sixteen-ounce glass of bourbon he had finished begin to course through his system. Diane had been outside for over an hour, working on her flower beds. It was a warm day and being out in the yard made her happy. She had seen him pull into his drive and carry his bags into the house. She liked him and was glad he was home safely. As Diane pulled weeds and trimmed flowers, she saw a window in his bath open, and steam poured out into the sunshine. She giggled a little at the idea that he was showering and that only flimsy curtains blocked her view. As Diane finished with the bed in front of her, she gathered her tools and went to the next that required attention. After putting the implements on the ground, she lowered herself to her knees and reached for a little shovel. It was when she stretched to grab the handle that she noticed. The curtains were pulled back, and the sun was shining into the bath. She looked away in embarrassment. Steve was her neighbor, and she shouldn’t be spying on him. She returned her attention to the flowers. After a couple minutes, she couldn’t help but glance up. When she did, the little shovel fell from her hand. She could see him clearly. He was leaning back against the wall with the dual showerheads sending water over him. The position he was keeping her from seeing much other than the fact that he was obviously naked. His right leg was pushed out a little, which showed her little more than the right side of his bare frame. It was enough to send her imagination reeling. After several minutes, that tested her resolve to be good, she gave in. Diane looked again.Steve had been standing under the water for several minutes. The bourbon in his system made him warm from the inside out. It was the first liquor he had enjoyed in a month, and the feeling reminded him why he liked having a buzz. Nothing hurt, he had nothing important bugging his mind, and it did the one thing a large amount of bourbon always did for him. It made him horny. Allowing his mind to wander while his hands did the same, he grabbed the bar of soap and started lathering up once more. He stepped forward and turned the shower head across from him off so the soap would stay on his body longer. As he stepped back to lean against the wall, movement caught his eye. Steve looked and saw his landlady at a different flower bed. As he looked, Diane suddenly became very interested in her plants. He could tell that she had been watching him and was now embarrassed at almost being caught. Now, under normal circumstances he would have written it off as something accidental yet innocent. These were no longer normal circumstances. First of all, he was horny-drunk. Secondly, he knew very well that when he was sexually excited, he became very suggestible. Basically, if he were right and worked up, he would do just about anything for pleasure. That part of his brain took over. Having seen him turn, Diane knew she had almost been caught. Sweat was running down her forehead from the excitement. In her peripheral vision, she could see something had changed, but she would have to look directly to see what. Did she dare?If the sun weren’t shining directly into the room, he could have taken a couple of steps back, and he would have been hidden in shadow, but the sun was blazing and filling the entire bathroom with light. He knew, without a doubt, if she looked, she could see him and whatever he might be doing. Steve hesitated. He had not been very exhibitionist in the past. He also didn’t want to do anything that would affect his relationship with the woman he rented this beautiful house from. His brain was swimming in Bourbon, and that, combined with his mood, washed away any hesitation he had. He pushed the curtain away from the window entirely and took a step back. He sat on the low tiled wall that separated the shower from the rest of the room, and he waited.Diane fiddled with a flower in front of her to appear like she was working and not involved in an internal struggle. To look or not to look? After a couple minutes, she had the thought, a little peek wouldn’t hurt. Steve saw her take off her sunglasses and move her head just enough to see without being obvious about looking. That was his cue. Wrapping ödemiş escort his hand around his now swollen cock, he began to stroke from his tight balls to the tip of the head in long slow movements. He actually saw Diane’s body flinch as she gasped upon seeing what he was doing. It emboldened him. He stared directly at her as he began stroking his cock at a more regular pace. He could feel his pulse racing. Diane glanced, peeked, and snuck views for a couple of minutes. She didn’t know how to act. At fifty-eight years old, she had never, not once in her life, seen a man masturbate. Much less do it obviously and open for her to see. As she caught sight of his pace increase, she abandoned any pretense of not watching. She sat back on her legs in a squatting position and stared. It must have been what he was waiting for. She saw him stand and step closer to the now open window. The bathroom windows didn’t have screens, so she was seeing a completely unobstructed view of that handsome man stroke his cock for her. It was the sexiest thing she had ever seen. She felt her nipples harden under her blouse and her own privates heating up. She marveled at what he was doing. She was only thirty feet from his window, and that afforded her a very clear view. Steve’s cock was larger than she suspected. She could see the thick veins running up its length. She could see the swollen purple head. Had she not been in the yard, she likely would have had her hand down her pants playing along with him. She did have an epiphany. The yards were surrounded by six-foot wooden fences. There were no houses on either side, their homes were the only ones together on the street. Still too shy to do what she really wanted to do, she could do one thing. When she went out to tend to her flowers or do other outside work, she usually wore an old men’s button-up shirt and a white cotton jacket to shun some of the sun. Diane stared at him as she executed her idea. Steve was panting with excitement as he stared at her while stroking his cock. He was as excited as he possibly had ever been alone. He had no illusions of this being sneaky or covert in any way. He stood in full view of his neighbor, wet, naked, hard, and masturbating. What happened next nearly blew his mind. She was on her knees but leaned back on her calves with her body upright. He saw her look around and then smile. He watched as she unbuttoned her shirt from the top down. Once it was open, he could see she was wearing a black lace bra. That was incredible, but she continued. He watched as she curled her arms up behind her, then into the sleeve of the jacket she wore on each side. She was smiling at him as she then grabbed the bra in the center of her chest and pulled it free to drop on the ground. He thought she was attractive before but had absolutely no idea how nice her breasts were. They were large but not overly so. Their perkiness belied her age. Her small dark nipples looked diamond-hard as she ran her palms under the curve of each breast, stopping to pinch each one. It was the last thing he needed to tip over the edge.Diane knew he was the only one who could possibly see her bared flesh. It was exciting beyond words. Her eyes flared as Steve griped his member tighter and began stroking it furiously. It took a moment, but she saw him flinch and start to orgasm. Watching him, she felt her own orgasm hit unprovoked by nothing other than seeing him. She fought to keep her eyes open as thick white strings of his cum shot out through the open window onto the deck along the back of the house. She could hear his a****listic grunts and groans as his cock exploded. It went on for what felt like an hour. She had never seen a man cum that hard or that much in her life. It was the most erotic thing she had ever witnessed. As he calmed slightly, so did she. Diane’s little shorts were wet from her orgasm, but she couldn’t have cared less. She still stared at him.After his eyes uncrossed from the most powerful orgasm he had enjoyed in years, Steve found himself a little weak in the knees. Still seeing that she was watching, he slowly milked the last of his cum from his swollen but now hanging cock. Steve smiled at her as he turned to let the cold running water rinse away his sweat, and the errant drops of cum that stuck to his body. After feeling clean enough, he turned off the shower and moved back to the open window to see if she was still there. She was in a manner of speaking. She had gotten to her feet and was standing there bare-breasted, looking at him. It was when she was standing that he could see that she too had rocked an orgasm or two at least enough to soak her cute shorts. That made him happy, but it also turned him on tremendously. He reached and threw a towel over his shoulder and started to turn as she did. He watched as she almost drunkenly walked across the yard back to her house. He chuckled as he walked from the bathroom. He dried as best he could before slipping into his favorite summer weight robe. He then went to find that bottle. Steve knew it wasn’t empty yet, and neither was he.After refilling his glass with another few shots, he wandered around his house, drinking and listening to music. The living room had large french doors that led onto the rear deck he had been overlooking from the bathroom. The sun was bright, and the afternoon hot. While the air conditioning was keeping the house comfortable, he couldn’t stop sweating. He attributed it to the drink and his heightened heart rate. The robe he wore was made of thin cotton and was perfectly comfortable. Already having had a big orgasm, he knew the build-up to another would take more time. That suited him fine. When he was in this kind of mood, getting to the orgasm was almost more enjoyable than cumming itself. Steve stood at the french doors looking into the backyard. He kept glancing over at the landlady’s house. He was hoping to put on more of a show for her, but he didn’t see any activity. Not having a reason not to, he pulled the belt that held the robe closed and let it fall to the floor, and walked out onto the deck. The hot sunshine felt good, and the little summer breeze that occasionally opened the robe revealing the skin underneath was refreshing. As he stood, he heard his phone make the sound of having received a text. He walked inside to retrieve the device and see who had messaged him. To his great surprise, it was his neighbor. “I enjoyed that more than you know. Anytime you want to put on another show, just let me know. I have a friend coming over. She’s pretty. Maybe I’ll encourage her to take a peek if you are still in the mood ;)” He laughed. After half a bottle of bourbon, he was very in the mood. He started typing.“I can’t say I wouldn’t show off a little for her. Soon, though, I want to feel my cock in your mouth.” He looked at the message for a long time. He wondered if he should send it. It was a very forward and dirty message.On the other hand, she did just watch him cum and is encouraging him to do it again, so maybe the rules of decorum have changed? He pressed send and chuckled. He figured that if all else failed, he could blame it on the drink. Diane responded almost immediately. “She can’t watch me do that, at least I’m not sure she would want to, but I’m certainly open to the idea ;)” He was surprised. She had basically said that she wanted to suck his cock and wouldn’t mind if her friend watched. He poured another drink. Steve sat on his couch and turned on the television. He was sipping his drink while flipping through the channels. He didn’t really want to watch tv, it was just something to occupy his eyes while he fantasized about the possibilities. After several minutes, he went to his kitchen to grab a bite to eat. He was reaching the point of being a little too drunk and hoped some food would pull back on the reins a little. After scarfing down a sandwich and some chips, he felt much better. He was still drunk, but not to the point of staggering. His text notification made him smile.Fetching the phone, he actually paused to enjoy the anticipation escort ödemiş of what the message might say.“We are drinking wine and talking about you. She was very interested in what happened earlier. She said in her fifty-two years, she had never seen a man jerk off for her and had never ever been in the same room with a couple while they did things. I think I just might see if I can get her drunk and escort to your house. Maybe you and I can show her something new? She has always been so stuffy, and this idea has gotten me turned on again. We are on my deck, and I have my phone with me, so let me know if this sounds like fun to you.” He smiled broadly. Does getting naked in front of a stranger turn him on, yes. Does the idea of getting his cock sucked dry sound like fun? Oh, hell, yes. He turned up his glass and emptied it as he walked back onto the deck. The sun was setting. Steve looked and could see his landlady and her friend sitting under a large umbrella on her deck fifty feet away. He stood there in his open robe until he saw both women turn and look at him. He offered a little wave before taking the robe from his shoulders, letting it fall to the boards. His cock hung heavy and full and in plain sight. He saw the friend gasp open-mouthed at sight. It encouraged him to reach to the table on his deck and to grab a container of coconut oil he had brought out with him. He dug his fingers into the semi-hard lubricant before wrapping his hand around his swelling member. He stroked its full-length several times before walking back into his house. He hoped that it was a clear enough answer to her text. He paused long enough to see the pair stand. They were coming over. His heart was nearly beating out of his chest. From inside, Steve watched as the pair made their way into the yard and started walking towards him. The Landlady’s friend was drinking the last of the wine straight from the bottle. She obviously had quite a buzz going because as she emptied the bottle she just tossed it aside on the grass. They walked up onto his deck and in the French doors. They stopped in their tracks when they saw him leaning against the bar in his kitchen, a drink in one hand, his cock in the other. “Very nice! This poor c***d has lived a very long time without ever seeing a man brave enough to just stand naked in front of her, much less one bold enough to stroke his dick for her.” Diane smiled. He walked across in front of the women and took a seat on the leather armchair he found the most comfortable. He slouched slightly and took up his member once more. Steve waited as the two women moved to the couch across from him. Once they were settled, he smiled and started staring at the new woman while he ran his right fist up and down the shaft of his cock. He could see her almost panting. Her nipples pushed hard against the flower print dress she wore, and she wiggled in her seat. After stroking for a few minutes, he looked at the landlady. Steve curled a finger in her direction. Diane took the hint and slipped off the couch and crawled over to him. Without prompt, the guest moved to a different chair so she could see better. As Diane got to him and rose on her knees between his legs, he leaned forward and whispered in her ear.“I’m very drunk and turned on. I don’t just want to feel you suck my cock, I want to fuck your mouth and cum on your face.” Steve leaned back to judge her reaction. Diane smiled broadly and nodded. He watched as she turned to look at her friend before opening her mouth and slowly sliding the seven-inch cock in front of her across her tongue and to the back of her throat. The guest gasped and twitched at the sight. Diane closed her lips around the base of his rod and slipped back up to the head. She released the member for a moment while she unbuttoned her blouse and removed it along with her bra. She ran her hands under her breasts and pinched her nipples while looking at her friend. “You should get comfortable and do whatever you want, I know I am, and he surely is!” Diane stopped talking as she felt his hand on top of her head. He turned her to face him. Steve held his cock in his fingers as he pulled her face close. He rubbed the wet throbbing member all over her face while he watched her friend. She hesitated. He looked down and winked. Smoothly, he stood from his chair without causing landlady to move. The guest watched and trembled as he stepped up to her. She couldn’t take her eyes off of his upright member until he reached down and popped open the top two big buttons of the knee-length dress she wore. It was an unspoken demand. She took the hint and started opening the other buttons. He rewarded her action by standing only a couple of feet back, slowly stroking his cock for her. After she unhooked the front closing bra, her breasts came into view. They were amazing. For a woman over fifty, they were perky and firm. Her nipples were as hard as diamonds as she pinched each one. Seeing she was fully wound up, he moved back to his chair. Steve stepped over Diane and took his seat. After he was comfortable, he took his cock in hand once more. He ran his hand up the shaft, squeezing out a significant drop of clear pre-cum. It sat on the head of his cock. He put his hand back on the top of her head and held it still while he wiped the drop across her lips like lipstick. Now, it was time for the games to begin. Steve looked down at Diane, and she winked. Without assistance, she moved forward and took all of his cock into her throat. He moaned at how good it felt. When she rose again, she paused. She wanted him to take over. And takeover, he did. He placed his hands on both sides of her head and grabbed handfuls of hair. With a smooth and forceful motion, he pushed her head all the way down again. He heard the guest make a noise and he looked at her as he pulled the mouth from his cock for a moment. “Like that, huh?” The guest nodded as she stared. It was all the encouragement he needed. He pushed the landlady’s mouth onto his member again. He held her head still as he flexed his hips and thrust deep in her mouth. He stared at the guest as he started rhythmically fucking upward into Diane’s mouth. The guest couldn’t keep from letting her hands wander. She held one breast while her other hand went lower. The guest started rubbing her pussy through the cotton panties she wore. When she saw him staring at her, she stopped. “Too late to be embarrassed now,” Steve grumbled as he began a more regular and slow ride across the landlady’s tongue. The guest dropped all pretense. She lifted her hips from the couch and pulled her underwear off. She tossed one leg over the arm of the sofa and spread her pussy wide for him to see. She started fingering herself while she watched him fuck her friend’s face. At one point, Steve’s fevered actions caused his cock to fall from her lips. That was fine. Still holding her by the hair, he pushed her face against his balls. She knew what to do. Diane began licking and sucking at the skin she could reach. It felt amazing, so he got more daring. Steve released his right hand and grabbed his cock. He held it back to his belly while pushing Diane’s head lower. The guest craned her neck to see her friend licking and teasing this man’s ass. After a minute, he pulled her away from his body and stood up in front of her. “Now, I’m going to take all I want.” Steve grasped her head in both hands, forced his meat between her lips, and started throat fucking her. He heard her gag and cough, but he did not relent. The guest was furiously playing with her pussy. Diane was too. He felt her shudder under him with one orgasm after another as he felt his rising. The guest was now completely nude, and she released herself to the pure carnal pleasure she was watching and feeling. Just as Steve felt his time getting close, he moved to fulfill his wish. He stepped back slightly and pulled his hard cock from the landlady’s mouth. Grabbing it in his hand, he held her head tilted back as he gave his cock the last few strokes needed. The first shot landed on Diane’s ödemiş escort bayan chin, and she opened her mouth. Her friend watched as Diane was painted with white sticky cum. Steve came hard and long. Shot after shot, spurt after spurt covered her face, lips, and tongue. The guest actually ended up on her knees beside them as he came, her fingers thrusting in and out of her sopping wet pussy. As he stopped flinching and twitching from his orgasm, he looked at the guest. She had a laser focus on his dripping cock. It gave him an idea. With his left hand still holding Diane’s head, he reached out and put his right hand on top of the guest’s head. With a little encouragement, he got her to move up to his hip. He turned slightly until his still dripping cock was in the air between their two faces. Their guest knew what he wanted because it was what she wanted, as well. The two women moved closer and closer until they both planted their lips on either side of his cock. Steve held them still as he pulled and pushed his cock through their kiss several times. When he stopped, he pulled back and put the head of his cum covered member against the guest’s lips. She opened them and let his cock slip inside. He twitched when he felt the warmth of her mouth, and the last spasm subsided, leaving a nice puddle of his cum on her tongue. She even went so far as to open her mouth to show him and her friend. She made an apparent effort to display as she closed her mouth and swallowed the prize he had left behind. Diane yipped as her fingers got her off yet again. Not being one to quit, Steve grabbed his flagging member and used it to catch errant drop of cum slipping down Diane’s face. Using his cock like a frosting knife, he pushed as much as he could to her lips. She started to open her mouth, but he stopped her.Diane looked up at him with her cum covered face, not knowing what was coming next but willing for anything. He smiled down at the two women before turning their faces to face each other and pushing them together. Neither needed any more hint. They kissed and licked each other’s faces clean of his cum. It was blistering hot for him to watch, and in moments, what was a slowly fading erection sprang back to life. After the two stopped deep tongue kissing with his cum, he released their heads, and he stepped away. He went to the linen closet and fetched a couple of towels. He returned to the living room to give them something to clean up with and was genuinely shocked at what he saw.The two ladies had gone from kissing the cum off of each other’s faces to a much bigger surprise action. As he rounded the corner from the hall into the living room, he spotted the Diane sitting in the chair he had vacated. Her legs were spread wide, and her fingers were tangled in her friend’s hair. The landlady was joyously grinding her friend’s face into her pussy. The guest was licking and sucking loudly while furiously fingering herself. Steve thought for two women who had professed to not being very experienced in the somewhat kinkier side of things, they were really jumping into the deep end. He stood watching for a minute until Diane noticed he was standing there with a rock hard erection and a smile. She extended her arm and curled her finger for him to come closer. He walked up beside the chair as she opened her mouth to take his cock deep. It was amazing. He was getting head from a woman who was getting her pussy eaten out. In his life, he had done a wide variety of kinky things, and he did enjoy a threesome twice before, but there was something so much hotter about what was happening now. After a few minutes of watching and enjoying the scene, Steve realized that he wanted more than getting blown. As he pulled free from Diane’s mouth, he bent to kiss her. As his face got close she whispered, fuck her. He smiled and moved away. Steve got on his knees behind the woman. He touched her raised behind to let her know he was there and was willing to base his next actions on her reaction. Despite what was going on, he needed to know that this was what she wanted. He saw her glance back when he touched her, and she smiled. He saw her stop playing with her clit and use two fingers to spread wide her pussy. That was more than good enough. He eased forward and slid in. She was dripping wet, and she accommodated his cock with ease. Steve was slow at first, just enjoying her fire hot pussy. That ended when she started rocking back against him. That was a clear sign she was really ready to be fucked. Grabbing her by the bend of her hips, he steadied himself and began moving more quickly. Once satisfied with that, he picked up the pace once more. With no warning, he jammed his cock deep inside her. He heard her gasp and moan. He began an almost tortuous fucking. He was slamming against her ass over and over. The added benefit of his full blast fucking was that each time he banged deep, the guest was pushed forward hard against Diane’s pussy. In essence, he was giving them both pleasure with each stabbing thrust. This continued until he started getting a little winded. At one point, he backed off a little too far, and his cock slipped from her drenched pussy. He took a moment to lean back on his knees and rest a moment. After recovering, he rose back up. The head of his cock came in contact with her thigh as he rose. To his surprise, he found her hand waiting for his member. She was guiding it along. He was almost shocked when instead of aiming it at her still dripping pussy, he lifted it higher placing it against her asshole. It was obvious what she wanted. He paused long enough to retrieve a condom. After putting it on, he wet his cock by dragging it through her dripping pussy. He waited for her to position him again before going further. She did, so he did. Holding the shaft, Steve started to push the head into the guest’s ass. Once past the head, she surprised him again by pushing back. He let her determine the pace until he was fully planted in her. She yipped when he was all the way in. It was all the encouragement he needed. He pulled back, took a deep breath, and started fucking her ass as hard and fast as he had her pussy. She was no longer licking Diane’s pussy, she had released herself to pure joyous abandonment. He pounded her ass for several minutes. She was in a near-constant state of orgasm as she writhed and bucked under him. He went as long as he could before his orgasm was imminent. He jerked his cock from her ass, tossed the condom aside and moved to her head. He grabbed her by the hair and roughly turned her to face him. She was nearly absent-minded in bliss, but it didn’t matter. With only a couple of strokes, he started to explode. The first spurt hit her cheek, and she opened her eyes to see what he was doing. She liked it because she opened her mouth as a target for him. It wasn’t easy to aim because of the near full-bodied twitching and flexing his orgasm demanded. While he exploded, landlady slipped down from the chair onto her knees, and she grabbed his cock. With some force she pulled him forward pushing the head of his member into her friend’s mouth. The guest was more than happy to oblige, she closed her lips and began licking the head as more and more cum spurted forth. As the last spasm subsided, his cock fell from her lips, He saw her swallow before kissing her friend long and deep. He stumbled to the couch and collapsed in a post-orgasmic high and sweat. The two women released each other and they too laid back to rest and recover. He laid naked on the couch for several minutes before getting up for towels and drinks. He was surprised to see his living room empty when he returned with three glasses of wine. He looked around and caught sight of his two lovers. They were walking across the yard hand in hand. It was dark, but the lights on his deck revealed that they were both still nude. It was quite a sight. He sat on the couch and sipped his drink. It was only then that it occurred to him, they had just engaged in two hours of rambunctious sex, but none of them had hardly said a word. He had been in every available hole of a woman that he didn’t even know the name of. Steve chuckled and went off to take a shower. As the two women walked out of the lighted area of the yard. He hoped they would come visit again soon.

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