The Linesman


It was another typical summer day in Antigua. The August heat had reached scorching proportions by the time Deidre dragged herself out of the air-conditioned bedroom following a mid-morning nap. It was now around 1:40pm. She was pleasantly surprised to find that her friends had gone off to work and left all the windows to the house opened to let in the breeze, knowing that the burglar bars and double bolt locks would provide enough security in this quiet neighbourhood.

Deidre reveled in the feeling of the breeze blowing across her naked shoulders. She was wearing a beautiful tie-dyed dress that fit snugly on her upper body like a tube and had a flared bottom that ended just past her knees.

Going to the fridge for some cool water and an Anjou pear, Deidre gasped as a trickle of water escaped down her chin and rolled into the valley of her cleavage. Closing the fridge door, she let her hand follow the flow of the water, splaying her fingers across the top of her breast and chest. She absentmindedly rolled the cooling pear from her neck across her shoulder blades and down over her breasts.

Sighing, Deidre looked down at her peaked nipples standing erect and swollen. She licked her full lips as her mind recalled how perfectly the brown mounds had fit into the palms of her last lover, who used to love to cup her from behind, letting her fat nipples slip between two fingers as he palmed her breasts and squeezed her nipples in one motion. A tell-tale ache began in her nether regions at the thought. Giving the pear a lavish lick and pouty kiss, she took one big bite into its firm but yielding flesh, slurping the juice into her mouth.

Lying on the two-seater with her head propping against a pillow, one leg dangling on the ground and the other over the top of the sofa, Deidre absently replayed various sexually graphic scenes in her mind. Her job entailed frequent travel between the islands and it had been over five months since she’d had a lover, her last beau having returned to his homeland at the end of his contract. The growing ache in her pussy was a reminder that that delicate fruit had not been plundered in a while.

Deidre finished off the pear, tossing the stem into the beautiful garden outside the window. The breeze coming through the two bay windows off the garden was cooling her smooth dark skin which already had a thin sheen of sweat as her blood heated from her lustful memories.

She pulled the top of the dress down past her breasts, her hands cupping them and squeezing as she moaned and clenched her pussy muscles. Her moans were soft and steady as she played with them, imagining other hands and mouths worshipping her breasts, licking and sucking her hard nipples, squeezing at her breasts until they squirted clear liquid into the air and her hips jack-knifed up, releasing tiny matching secretions from her pussy.

Straining her neck forward, she extended her tongue as far as it could go, laving her own breasts, intermittently being able to bite on the nipple before letting her head fall back to ease the neck strain.

One hand drifted down and bunched the skirt up, rolling the dress folds up to meet at her middle, and exposing her thighs and pussy to the wind coming through the windows to kiss at her flesh. Her fingers slowly parted the tiny yellow panties, going straight for the tiny hole at the center. She was barely moist on the outside, but with one inward thrust of a finger, a pool of sticky slime was released and şişli escort her pubes instantly became a slime pit. This is the way it usually was, Deidre needed one tiny intrusion into her tight pussy to encourage the heated lava to gush out.

Deidre was beyond herself now. She knew that she would be alone for hours to come in her friends’ home and the months of pent-up longing for some action was just too much. Savagely pulling and squeezing her nipples until they gave off tiny shoots of pain, she slammed three small fingers into her slimy pussy, stopping now and again to circle and pinch her wet clit. Her two hands went down to her crotch as she tried to give more stimulation to that area, splaying her lips apart with one hand whilst the other diddled her tiny clit, causing her stomach to clench with the sensation.

This was too much; it had been over two weeks since she’d given herself a good release. Jumping up, she rushed into the bedroom and searched through her bag until she found her little make-up case containing her hidden treasures. Triumphantly she pulled the pink rabbit and nipple clips from the case, rushing into the bathroom to give them a rinse under the sink. Grabbing a towel from off the rack, she returned to the family room, right under the windows, putting the towel down on the sofa.

Now down to business. Deidre closed her eyes as she guided the shaft of the dildo into her mouth, licking around the head before closing her full lips over it. She let her tongue extend along the underside, imagining that it was a lovely cock penetrating her hungry lips as she slurped and drooled over it. Slowly pulling it out, she rubbed the shaft over her cheeks and lips before sliding it down to her firm breasts and hitting it against her nipples.

Still standing, Deidre propped one foot up on the sofa, grabbing the dress in one hand and pulling the bottom through the top to hold it in place. She rubbed the cock against her bald pussy, glorying in the feel of it meeting all that slimy wetness and gliding over her clit. Turning the vibrator on, she continued to drag it from the hole of her pussy, allowing the ridged shaft to press against her clit as she worked her hips in a gyrating movement.

“Oh fuck, yes”, she murmured repeatedly as the tingling vibrations racked across her flesh. Giving the tender inside of her thighs five quick, hard slaps, she roughly jammed the dildo into her upright flesh, biting back a scream as it plunged into her spasming pussy. “Aaahhhh”, Deidre cried out as her tightness enveloped the sweet cock.

Holding still, she clenched her pussy muscles tightly, one foot on the sofa and the other on tiptoe, as she let her tight pelvic muscles suck on the hard shaft inside her body and pulse as she gingerly stroked her clitoris. This never failed to bring her to orgasm (and often left her lovers screaming at the sensation). With a hard gasp, she squeezed her breasts as her release suddenly hit her and she allowed her body to fall to the floor, sinking to her knees and bending over with her head on the sofa as she let the waves of pleasure wash over her.

After a brief pause, Deidre was ready for some serious fucking. She plucked the throw pillow off the sofa, placing it under her head, and stretched full out on the ground with her legs splayed wide open on the sofa. Turning the rabbit vibrator switches to the desired rotations for the clit stimulator and dildo, Deidre began an easy beşiktaş escort in and out fucking motion, savouring the feel of the rabbit ears wriggling against her sensitive clit as she held the dildo deep inside with each inward movement.

One hand was busy slapping her pussy mound, thighs and nipples as the other relentlessly jammed and twisted that sweet cock into her tight pussy. Deidre’s hips were busy lifting and grinding in that wild dance that black women had made into an art form. Her head was lifting and thrashing on the floor and pillow as she vocally and loudly expressed her need and pleasure.

Another orgasm overtook her and she held her body still as long as possible to just concentrate on the feeling of the hard shaft pushing its way almost to the tip of her womb as the rabbit ears stimulated her clit. With a loud scream, Deidre’s body jerked upright, hand flinging the dildo away as with both hands she cupped her pussy as if trying to stem the flood of molten lava that forced itself out of her jerking, twisting body.

It took a bit longer this time for Deidre to come down to earth and as she did so she savoured the taste of her sticky fingers, tongue licking all between them to get the cum from her fingers. Laughing, she cupped both breasts in her palms, again straining her neck to lick the hungry, erect nipples.

Deidre was feeling alive and sweaty, that last orgasm had left her feeling slightly swollen but all woman. She knew however that she had a little something left for a third and final one. It had been some time since she had so much free space to masturbate and she intended to enjoy it to the max!

One place had been neglected thus far – her tight, fat ass. Like most Caribbean women, Deidre was packing big, beautiful buns of steel. She drew the line at being ass fucked by a cock, but she loved the stimulation of a finger or two up her tight butt. She quickly stepped completely out of the dress, tossing it onto another chair.

Deidre retrieved the nipple clamps and after a few squeezes of her breasts and swirls of her tongue, attached them to her hard nipples. The immediate painful pinch always started an answering ache in her pussy, and she lightly flicked on the suspended clamps to make them wobble, setting off new sensations. Deidre picked up the dildo, bringing it first to her nostrils to take in the subtle scent of her almost dried juices on the shaft before laving the head with her wet tongue.

Going to the dining table, she leaned her body over until one elbow supported her upper body, pushing her ass back and splaying her legs open. The breeze coming through the window caressed her naked body as she reached back to deliver a series of hard slaps to her tight ass. Her nipples simultaneously jerked as the clamps brushed against the edge of the table, delivering a painful tug as she warmed up her tight ass. Delicious gasps of pleasure/pain escaped her lips.

Deidre carefully played with her clit and pussy, slowly encouraging new secretions of gooey slime to emerge, which she let her fingers entice to the entrance of her anus. Rubbing from her pussy to her asshole in long strokes with one hand, Deidre lightly massaged the underside of her breasts with the other, helping her body to prepare itself for another fucking session.

Soon she was able to easily move one finger slowly in and out of her lubed asshole. Deidre loved the feel of that digit going in and out, especially as the knuckle taksim escort moved outside the hole each time. She easily added another sticky finger, loving the strain of her hand reaching back to fuck her ass as the nipple clamp painfully perched on her throbbing breast. She imagined that she was bent over the table like that, holding her ass cheeks open for her lover as he slowly prepared her ass for a good fucking.

Deidre could feel the slime oozing from her well-fucked pussy, making it easier for her to fuck her ass harder and faster as she grinded against her own fingers. Taking the dildo from the table, she inserted her other hand under her body and turned the vibrator on full speed to massage her clit. Releasing both nipple clamps, Deidre screamed as the blood rushed back into her nipples and plunged the two fingers back into her tight but slimy asshole, head thrashing as she rubbed her sore nipples on the wooden table, held the vibrator lightly against her swollen clit, and reamed her own ass. “Oh shit … fuck me … fuck me … FUCK MEEEEEE …!!!!!” Deidre screamed as she lost all control. Her head swam and tears ran from her eyes as she let her body find its third release in the heat of the afternoon. She tried doggedly to hold onto the vibrator as her ass muscles trapped her fingers inside that tight hole, clenching on them whilst her pussy felt as if it would explode and spew a flood of liquid fire all over her legs. Her harsh shuddering was raking her wonderfully abused nipples against the table and adding to her little squeals of ecstasy.

For a few seconds that seemed like minutes Deidre lost all sense of place or time as she rode this final orgasm to its peak. Vaguely she heard someone sobbing and drawing harsh breaths in between loud moans. She knew it was her only from past experience of her animalistic behaviour. As the tremors slowed, Deidre slowly looked over her shoulder at her hand and down to her fingers that were still stuck lewdly up her ass, trapped as her body had gone rigid as she rode her orgasm.

She slowly smiled as she admired her beautiful body and high, firm ass. Deidre shook her head in wonderment, it was definitely time to find another lover, maybe now that her rotation was making her stay over in Antigua two days each week she would have time to hook up with someone. She shook her head at the impossibility of such a thought.

Looking back around and at the sky through the bay window, Deidre froze as she found herself looking directly into the eyes of a man suspended on the electrical poles. In amazement she watched as he tried to ease his rigidly swollen cock back into his pants. What the fuck? She couldn’t believe that a linesman had been up there all that time she was enjoying her afternoon masturbation session. It had never even entered her head to look up all the time she was in front of the window.

With a big smile in his direction, Deidre slowly eased her finger from her asshole. Leaning right over, she wickedly spread her legs and pulled her ass cheeks apart, opening her ass and pussy for his fiery gaze whilst looking through her legs with her tongue stuck out. She laughed as his hand tightened on the shaft of his fat cock and he bent over as if stomach punched. She licked her lips as she thought about wrapping them around that fat, swollen cock.

Damn, things are looking up, Deidre thought, as she turned around and went to the window. Sticking her upper body outside, she quickly surveyed the scene, realising that he was alone. Lifting her breasts provocatively and pointing them at him, she asked boldly:

“Would you like to come inside for some refreshment? This afternoon heat is really hard on the body, and I’m sure I can find something to cool you down.”

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