The List


He left for his annual weekend with the guys three long days ago. Before he left, he wrote her a list of words — something to keep her mind occupied, to keep her aroused and thinking of him.

Each night he was gone, she curled up on his side of the bed. Holding his pillow close, breathing in, smelling him, willing him back to her. Each night she took that list he left, read each of those words. She memorized the words but grasping the paper was like holding a piece of him.

One by one she read the word, spoke the word, let the word conjure a vibrant memory of him. Each word painted such a vivid picture!

SUCK — So many memories flooded her mind. His sucking her wet, aroused fingers, sucking her clit as she screamed his name. Her sucking on his thick, swollen cock. Each of them taking turns sucking the remnants of chocolate frosting off each other — oh man, what a fun and messy night that was!

THRUST — “My God,” she thought. Why did he put this one? Did he realize how this word — just the word made her miss him? She could take care of those basic needs without him. But THRUST? That was all him! The feeling of him fucking her hard, his cock driving into her could not be replicated with her fingers or even her favorite toy. Damn, how she missed him now.

QUIVER — He could make her quiver with merely a look! The look in his eyes after she got out of the shower- the passion in those eyes made her quiver. But his touch could too. When his fingers stroked her … anywhere…yeah…. but most especially when his fingers were buried in her… when his firm fingertips found that spot!

His words – these words were also making her quiver. The way they met — it was words (well and the occasional picture and video) that captured her heart and her body.

SLIDE — The slow, agonizing precursor to THRUST. When he would first enter her — his slow slide into her. She loved to watch the pleasure written on his face. His face could hide nothing. She thought at first this slow slide was meant to torture her — she wanted him in her fast and hard yet he almost always slid into her. He told her it was about the feeling as she opened up to him- each millimeter he pushed into her was another veil passed, another wave of pleasure. She started to pay attention to that feeling- sometimes nearly going over the edge with his sensual slide.

BURY — Three long days and even longer nights! She longed to have him buried in her — tongue, fingers or his cock — as long as it was him, all found themselves buried in her in several places. Her mouth- how she loved when he buried his hard swollen cock in her mouth. Her womanhood – pussy — cunt – what ever he called it, it was his usual burial ground. Her ass — his newest playground. She always knew he enjoyed it, she pretended to give in to his pleads but secretly loved it just as much! Whether it was his fingers, his tongue or his cock — whatever he buried in her showed her the way to heaven.

FUCK — verb — to have sex, to pound her with intensity

exclamation — usually growled and drawn out

i.e. fffuuuuuuccccckkkk

He said he loved how she commanded him to fuck her. “Fuck me now,” was her usual cry. It usually followed an overwhelming orgasm. He would bring her to such heights — worshiping her with his mouth and fingers. But she always needed more. Fingers and tongue brought her to heaven while fucking his cock took her to Nirvana! Feeling his cock in her made her complete.

There were times she used it to taunt him. Those times when she was the one in charge! She loved to see the emotions run across his face as she allowed him to pleasure Anadolu Yakası Escort her but denied him.

“Do you want to fuck me?”

He would reply, “Yes, ma’am. I need to.”

He looked so vulnerable — she could see the love, desire, fear and shame all written on his face, playing in his eyes. He wanted to play submissive to her but she had a hard time denying him what she wanted just as bad. Yes, she would deny him, the honor of fucking her. Instead she would make him watch as she brought out her favorite toy and fucked herself with it.

MOAN — Emotions in sound. She moaned constantly when they were together. No words were needed. Their moans sounded different depending on what was being done. His moans as she took him in her mouth were deeper and more drawn out than the ones that escaped as he kissed her.

She missed those moans. Since he had left — the house was so quiet. The only moans were from her as she read this list of words.

CLIMAX — Ecstasy, heaven, nirvana

The culmination of the most perfect union of him and her. There were so many ways they found their way to this plateau. Together, one at a time but always they ended in each other’s arms, perfectly sated. Sometimes it was her goal to beat him to be the first to climax. She could climax seemingly at will- her mind so active that the slightest touch could find her at her first pinnacle. Then there were times she made him work for it. She would hold out, savoring every lick, thrust, kiss until she could hold back no longer. Other times she would attack him and bring him to a quick orgasm. She loved that feeling of power – he was totally at her mercy! Her favorite, favorite? Was any one better than another? She loved when they came together. The feeling of him pulsing in her, his balls tightening just before he came – that feeling took her and as he released in her- it produced the best climax. One that she could feel from her head to her toes. One that she would feel for moments afterwards – tremors that would continue as he collapsed against her.

EXPLODE – That release, that feeling of it all being let loose, what paved the way to heaven! It wasn’t one of those slow building, gentle releases. This was that fast, animalistic climax where you felt the world disappear behind you. It seemed that each time he can for her, it was an explosion- such force, power and desire – she loved it- no matter where it happened. For her, the explosion she felt was when he was latched on to her clit, sucking her until she begged for release. His fingers probing her until he hit that spot. That’s when she would explode – gush – squirt. Call it what you will, but he loved it!

PUSSY – That was his word. She didn’t care what he called it, as long as he found his way back there every night. She loved the way he seems to worship it. He would take her to the highest highs with his tongue, his lips, his fingers, and his beautiful, throbbing (oh God how she was missing it!) hard cock.

She had the hardest time saying the word but hearing him say it – no, how he growled it…oh my, that sent her over the edge. At the beginning of their relationship, phone conversations bridged the distance. She cherished each of those calls- it brought them closer while the distance threatened to break them. Those calls turned racier and it was *this* word, his word, that she still remembered. Even after they closed the distance, he would leave her a message on her phone telling her what he wanted to do to her pussy. Just hearing him say it still makes her wet!

NIBBLE – She loved to nibble, suck and lick. She loved to be nibbled, sucked Kartal Escort and licked! When they were cuddling on the couch watching his favorite team, she loved to tease him. She knew he wanted to watch the game but she wanted him! She would start by kissing his jaw line from his adorable goatee to his ear. She would run her tongue around the edge of his ear. Up and back down where she would alternate nibbling and sucking on his earlobe. Meanwhile, her fingers would trace circles on his thigh- from the ticklish spot just above his knee up to the apex of his thighs. Once he was sufficiently distracted from his game, she would move her nibbling down his neck until she found the spot she craved. She loved feeling his pulse beneath her tongue, under her lips. She occasional left her mark on him there. While her mouth found is pulse, her hand would move to find another throbbing area. She loved his button fly jeans! She loved that with one firm tug… What was the word again? Oh yes, nibble. Focus! Nibble… no, not those buttons… Ok, ok, nibble. She would continue from his neck lower. She would lift his shirt to feel his hot skin beneath her hands, her lips and capture his nipple between her teeth, pulling it until a moan escaped his lips.

PENETRATE — An invasion, an assault. She craved that sweet invasion upon her body. He love to watch as his fingers or his cock disappeared within her body- her mouth, her pussy, her ass. That slow penetration, it always increased her arousal.

KISS – More than anything, she longed for his kisses. Each kiss showed his love, desire, compassion and kindness. Each kiss made her crave, love and want him more. Each kiss spoke volumes. A quick peck as he raced out the door to work. Sweet soft kisses when he met her at lunch. Urgent kisses when the mood struck. Kisses he trailed along her body from her head to her toes and all spots in between. They were heated as if his lips were fire. He stoked those flames with his trailing tongue.

She remembered their first kiss. They were at a party thrown by a couple they both knew. After talking most of the night, he walked her to her car. As she went to open her door, he put his hand on hers, his other hand on her shoulder. He leaned down and gave her the softest kiss, lighter than air. But coupled with his hands, she knew the next kiss would- could be so much more.

After all this time, he still kissed her like that. After he thought she was or asleep, he would lean over and kiss her – just like it was the first time all over again. He probably never knew she knew he did that but she loved trying to stay wake. It made her feel like she did that first night.

What would their next kiss be like?

*Would it be a peck on the lips, “Hello.”? Oh, it better not be! He might be tired but she planned to wear him out more and no little peck would satisfy her.

*Would it be a gentle soft kiss – the one that showed her how much he loved her?

*Would it be a deep, soul-searching kiss that showed his built up passion?

*Or would it be one of those “Baby, I am desperate for you!” fierce kisses. Regardless of his kiss for her, she knew where it would go. He was hers, these words had her stirred to the core and she was going to show him how they effected her!

SQUEEZE – His hands were a work of art. His long fingers, strong fingers kneaded her body as if it were clay. She loved how his hands worked the kinks out of her shoulders after a long day at work. His hands worked her neck, moving to her tense shoulders. His lips, kissing and sucking her freshly relaxed muscles, usually followed his hands. His hands would work Maltepe Escort their way down her back squeezing, kneading their way to her waist. She loved the attention he paid to her aching muscles. When his hands and lips were on her, she could hardly stifle her moans. Sitting between his thighs, he would pull her back against his chest. She could feel that these massages had an effect on him too. His hands would return to her shoulders, his lips to her neck. He’d work his fingers down her arms. His firm squeezing hands – so warm on her skin. As he reached her hands, he would take each hand and lovingly massage each muscle, each joint. Her favorite part was when he would take her hand and kiss the inside of her wrist, her palm and then suck each finger. Just the thought of it now made her quiver.

His hands would snake down to her hips and thighs. Squeezing, stroking along the top and sides but never straying where she felt the greatest need. Up to this point, other than making an oral assault on her neck and shoulders, he had avoided her most erogenous areas. She would squirm under his fingers. He knew what she wanted but he loved to see her like this. This was one of his power plays.

He would run his hands down her arms again and bring them up to wrap around his neck. He would wrap his arms around her waist, continuing to nuzzle her neck. Just when he knew she could stand the anticipation no longer, one hand would move up to her breast and one down to her drenched curls.

She had her favorite ways of squeezing him too. Yes, she would work his tense shoulders but more than that. She knew how he moaned when her hand was on him. She would grip him a bit tighter right as she would take him in her mouth. Or when her hand would stray lower, cupping his balls and applying just enough pressure to get the response when was looking for. She was pretty sure that this word was on the list for one other reason. He used the phrase “slippery vice” many times to describe when she would clench her muscles as he thrust in her. She loved the feeling of holding him tight in that way.

SWEAT — This one was sort of a mystery to her. She knew what it meant to her but what it meant to him… she was going to have to discover that when he returned.

The sight of him after an afternoon working in the yard- oh my! Long gone was his shirt. His chest, back and arms slick with sweat. He usually headed straight for the shower but if she timed it right, she got to him first. She would run her hands from his waist up to his shoulders, her hands gliding over his slick skin. Sucking his neck, licking along his shoulder, swirling her tongue around a nipple savoring the saltiness of his skin. The taste of his hot moist skin made her even more aroused.


Sunday morning he came home. She didn’t expect him until late that day but he knew he needed to get home to her. A weekend with the guys was great but they didn’t understand what it was like, knowing what was waiting for him. He knew what that list would do to her! Hell, that’s why he wrote it!

He quietly closed the door, put his bag down and made his way to their bedroom. He could smell that she had been burning candles. He smiled knowing how she spent the night! When he wanted to give her a special night, he lit those candles. They were all around their room. They were a sensual scent- vanilla with a hint of cinnamon – she chose them. She said she had a reason for that particular scent. He didn’t care but every time he smelled them, he was all over her.

Today was no different. That lingering scent made him instantly think of her. He pushed open the bedroom door and took in the sight before him. She was lying on his side of the bed, her legs tangled with the red sheets and white coverlet. His pillow was in her arms, her hair spread over it. In her hand was the list. He leaned over, moved her hair from her face and kissed her awake.

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