The London Eye

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It had been quite a complicated endeavour, but if I could pull this off, I would give Steve the surprise of his life. I had arranged with the tour guide, through playing on his love of romance as well as his love of cold hard cash, to be waiting alone, already in the capsule, for Steve to board the London Eye. The guide, Nigel, would separate Steve from his group and lead him to the private Cupid’s Capsule, where I would be waiting for him with champagne and chocolate truffles, dressed in a long coat and not much else.

My heart was beating fast as I heard the group approach. I was excited but also nervous. I hoped he wouldn’t think I was too crazy for orchestrating this elaborate scheme to get him alone. I took a deep breath and willed myself to relax. After all, my crazy, naughty tendencies are what attracted him to me in the first place. He surely should be accustomed to them by now. I heard Nigel say, “Mr. Collins, step right through here, please. The rest of your party will meet you in 30 minutes.”

The capsule lights were turned off, the only illumination coming from the lights of the London streets below. I could see Steve trying to adjust to the dim surroundings, and then he suddenly stopped in his tracks. As I approached him, a smile spread across his face. I was in his arms within seconds, his lips on mine, his hands in my hair. “What is he doing here?” he asked.

“Surprise,” I whispered, a little sheepishly. To my relief, he started to laugh.

“Actually, I shouldn’t be, should I?” he asked.

“Maybe not,” I answered, before taking his mouth in mine again. It had been months since we’d last seen each other, and our hunger had only grown stronger. Our kisses grew more heated, our tongues dancing and tasting, sex hikaye wanting more. Steve untied my coat and eased it off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. He made a noise of appreciation as his eyes traveled over my white lace teddy and sheer lace-topped stockings. My heels made my legs look longer than they were, and I knew he liked the way I looked in them. My hands were on his chest, fumbling at the buttons to free him from his shirt. As he took over that task, I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and pushed them down, eager to get access to him. He kicked off his shoes and let his pants fall to the floor, stepping out of them. Then he pulled me to him, holding me close. We hugged and kissed, his hands cupping my ass cheeks, pressing me against his hard erection. The fingers of one hand dipped under the lace edge of the teddy, finding me wet and ready for him. He teased me gently, lightly rubbing my clit between his thumb and forefinger. I moaned into his mouth. He knew just how to touch me, knew how my body would react.

I couldn’t wait anymore to have my mouth on him. I backed him up to the wooden bench, and he had no choice but to sit down as my hands pushed down on his shoulders. Before I could move, he put both arms around my waist, bringing me close to him, kissing my stomach through the sheer fabric. His hand reached between my legs and he unsnapped the crotch, pushing the lace up above my belly button. He buried his face in my pussy, running his tongue up and down my slit as I raised one leg and rested it on his shoulder. I opened my eyes as the car started moving and realized we were rotating. I watched the lights of London appear on the horizon as Steve’s tongue thrust into me. The whole atmosphere was so incredibly porno hikayeleri hot, I felt myself starting to tingle and throb already. I put my hands in Steve’s hair and held him to me, grinding myself against his face. “Oh, God, Steve! I’m going to cum!” I breathed. I nearly lost my balance as contractions seized me, making my hips thrust against his mouth even harder. Steve’s mouth stayed clamped onto my clit, sucking relentlessly, prolonging my orgasm and leaving me breathless and limp.

He pulled me down on the bench next to him and held me while I shook and tried to catch my breath. We shared a musky kiss, the taste of my pussy juice on his tongue – now on mine. Mmmm, so hot. The bench was not comfortable, but the ambience was so romantic, I didn’t care. We sat up and had some of the champagne, savouring the taste and the experience. Might as well go all in, I thought. I pulled the teddy over my head and kicked off my heels. Then I knelt between Steve’s knees and slowly eased the waistband of his boxers over his very engorged penis and took them off.

Now we were both naked save for my nude stockings. Sitting with my feet under me, I took Steve’s cock in my hand, loving the feel of his velvety flesh against my palm. I gently stroked the length of it, seeing a pearl of pre-cum at the tip. I licked it up with my tongue, swirling it around the tip and lightly licking the tiny opening. With my hand, I used my own lubrication from my wet pussy to stroke him from root to tip, holding him straight up so that I could lower my mouth onto him. “Mmmm,” I hummed around his cock. It tasted so good and felt warm and firm in my mouth. Steve had the most perfect penis, and I could spend all day making love to it in one way or another. erotik hikaye I loved making him feel good, making him groan and squirm under my touch.

I slowly but firmly used my hand to meet my mouth as I attempted to take more and more of his length into me. I sucked gently, lightly grazing the base of the head with my teeth while fondling his balls. His hands were now in my hair, guiding me, his hips thrusting towards my face. I used my lips to slide along the side of his cock, returning to the tip, licking and sucking, before sliding down the other side. My palm covered his head, fingering gently, while I took each of his balls in turn into my mouth. Stroking harder now, I heard his groans increase. I loved hearing lthe feedback, and it spurred me on. I returned my attention back to his sensitive head, sucking harder now, my hand moving faster on his slick shaft.

“I’m gong to cum, Baby,” Steve said. I held on tight, not letting him go. I increased the suction, using my tongue to flutter firmly just under the head as I squeezed his shaft. I felt hot streams of cum shooting into my mouth, and I swallowed, ready for more. I gentled my movements and my mouth, knowing how sensitive he would be, but I didn’t let go right away. I licked him until he was no longer hard, cleaning every drop of cum from his body.

I knelt with my head In his lap as he smoothed the hair away from my face. He bent and placed a kiss on my cheek. After a bit, we got up and dressed, then sat on the bench with the rest of our champagne and fed each other chocolates as we watched the skyline come and go. I leaned back into his arms and closed my eyes for just a few moments, so happy that we were together again, even if just for a short time. We shared a chocolatey kiss as the capsule came to a rest and Nigel opened the pod’s doors. We walked out arm in arm, big smiles on our faces, and tried not to catch the eyes of Steve’s colleagues as we headed back to his hotel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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