The Meeting Ch. 02


Jade slowly moved up and looked at Anthony into his eyes, pleased that she had given him intense pleasure, she was swallowing the last of his cum, enjoying its salty taste. He looked back into her eyes, longingly, he could tell Jade wasn’t finished, she wanted his cock inside her.

She smiled and kissed him, he enjoyed the lingering kiss, the strange but sexy taste. He felt immensely good, under normal circumstances he would have been satisfied, having came, and ready to move on, but these were no normal circumstances and this was no normal lady before him. A feeling inside him wanted to satisfy this woman, repay her for the immense pleasure she had given him.

She stepped back and undid her dress, it dropped to the floor uncovering a beautiful body. A most beautiful sexy irresistible woman, naked apart from a lacy bra, black hold up stockings and high heeled shoes.

Anthony looked at her, his eyes dropped to where her legs met, her shaven pussy captured his gaze. He looked at her pussy, he thought he saw it glisten slightly, moist from the excitement Jade was feeling. He licked his dry lips, imagining how it might taste.

Jade moved forward, slowly and deliberately undid his shirt, and removed it. It fell back on the table. She moved her hands across his chest, enjoying the firmness.

Anthony kicked off his shoes, moved his legs to release his trousers and trunks. He was naked.

Jade looked at his well maintained body, she very much liked what she saw, but she would enjoy the control she was having, she knew he was vulnerable, having just came, and she did not want Anthony to become over confident. Her eyes deliberately dropped to his cock, she was staring at it, making it the obvious centre of her attention. She wanted him to feel that it was his cock that she was most interested in, certainly not him, despite his good looks.

Anthony knew despite his satisfaction Jade expected more and if he did not deliver, she would find it elsewhere, soon. He was enjoying being there, in their current state of undress, he wanted to feel her stockings, how soft and delicate they would be to his touch. He moved forward and put his arms around her, grateful for the pleasure his cock had received. They enjoyed each other’s touch, naked bodies close.

Jade took his hand and placed it on her leg, she enjoyed controlling the situation, more precisely his touch on her stocking clad legs. She knew he was excited by the feel of them, but more importantly how sexy and dirty she looked, in her stockings, ready for sex. She looked around the room, unexplainably checking for others, almost disappointed that there were not others present, to watch, or even join in.

Her thoughts drifted to Pete, he would surely be wondering how things were going, maybe she should send him a text, tell him she had just sucked Anthony’s cock, and was about to be fucked hard in her pussy for seconds. She knew his perverted mind would find this immensely thrilling, and it would make his cock hard. That erotik hikaye thought lingered, it appealed, maybe next time, her hands were occupied with the body that was in front of her.

Anthony loved the feel of stockings, he loved the naughtiness associated with nice lingerie, and sexy attire. He moved both his hands behind her legs, caressing her stockings and the underside of her ass, it felt electrifying. He moved one hand to her ass, stroking, looking for her sensitive area, he wanted to play with her ass, his touch was soft, but experienced, he had been here before and found himself unable to resist returning for more pleasure.

Jade took hold of his cock, her experienced touch could sense that it was returning to a state of hardness, she knew this time it would take much longer before he shot his load of cum and it would be in the place of her choosing. She stroked his cock, loving the feel of his shaft in her hand, kissing Anthony, letting him feel her desire for him. Her tits felt good against his firm chest, and she lifted a leg slightly, knowing it would graze against his cock, the feel of her stockings against his hardening cock would intensify his excitement.

Anthony was very hard now, he knew where he wanted his cock to be, and he sensed that Jade was longing for the same. He deftly but firmly turned them both around, she now had the table to her back. Equally firmly he spun her around, cupped her tits and fondled them firmly, expertly. He loved to squeeze her nipples, and feel the fullness of her tits. His cock was big and hard now, unmistakably pushing against Jade’s ass.

For an instant Jade sensed that Anthony was going to push his cock into her ass, she toyed with the idea of stopping him and taking charge, perhaps insisting on some form of lubricant, but thought she might let him, if that was what he wanted. She had been visited there by both cocks, and her rabbit and the sensation was one she enjoyed when the moment was right, she was ready of or anything Anthony could offer.

Anthony turned Jade around so that she was facing away from him, he played with her tits, and could feel his cock against her ass. He wanted his cock deep in her pussy, he remembered how soft and warm it had felt. He pushed her slightly forward and bent his knees, this conveniently aligned the tip of his cock with her pussy. He thrust his hips forward, he wanted the first entrance to be hard, he wanted her to feel his cock deep inside her, surprise her with its size and hardness.

Jade could feel Anthony’s cock lower, she wanted it inside her now, she didn’t care where. Suddenly her pussy was filled with his cock, it felt fantastic. Just when she thought he had filled her completely he pushed harder and further, there was more of this fabulous flesh shaft to come, how great his cock felt.

Jade gasped, she had anticipated this moment for a week or so, disappointed that Pete had not taken the opportunities he had presented to him but at this moment that was his loss. She was adult sikiş hikaye loving the feel of this big hard cock thrusting into her wet pussy. She would somehow let Pete know how good Anthony’s cock felt inside her, how much she had enjoyed the feeling of being fucked hard. The ideal solution might be a picture of her being fucked by this sexy guy.

Anthony’s thoughts were focused on the ass of this beautiful sexy woman, it looked fantastic, perhaps he would fuck her there soon. He imagined how tight it would be around his cock. His thoughts suddenly came back to how nice his cock felt inside her moist pussy. He was fucking her as hard as he could, hands on her hips, holding her there, he felt could fuck her all afternoon.

Jade was loving this cock thrusting deep into her pussy, from behind. She could have taken this for an eternity, remembering no better feeling. He bent forward, moving his hands to her tits, grasping them, holding them firmly, squeezing. She enjoyed that, she knew her tits were good and attracted admiring glances from lots of guys, not least some of her son’s friends, who undoubtedly would love to be alone with her, perhaps in a similar situation. Her mind came back to the particular cock which was fucking her, he did fuck well she thought.

Anthony moved his hands to her hips, controlling his thrusts, making them harder. He knew he was fast approaching the time where he could cum once more, he wanted to cum deep inside her pussy. He knew of her home situation and momentarily thought how foolish her husband was not to be regularly giving her his own cock, “madness” he thought to himself.

He was intensifying his thrusts, he wanted to please Jade, to bring her to an orgasm. He knew he was about to have a second orgasm at her expense and was keen to make sure his cock could give her the orgasm she was surely longing for.

Jade was pushing back against his powerful thrusts, she loved being fucked hard from behind, it gave her the liberty of imagining it was anyone she desired fucking her, would Pete be this good? But she knew the familiar shape of Anthony’s cock filling her. She knew if he could keep this up she would orgasm, better still whilst impaled on his gorgeous strong cock. She longed to feel such an orgasm, it had been some time, other than with the aid of her rabbit. She lowered a hand to her pussy, she enjoyed the feel of his thrusting cock, and touched it as it moved in and out, she also made contact with her own pussy and was intensifying her own feelings. She rubbed a little, enjoying her hand finding the right place to help her reach the orgasm she craved. The feel of a cock thrusting deep inside her along with her own touch was enough, and she suddenly felt herself orgasm, she cried out.

Anthony knew he was reaching a second fantastic climax, he was hoping to be able to share this with Jade, he felt her hand touching his cock, it felt great. He moved his hands down to her legs, feeling her stockings, this was better than any porn film erotik hikaye he had watched, and Jade was hotter than any of the sluts he had wanked over. The feel of her soft moist pussy contracting around his cock was certainly a heavenly alternative to his well practiced hand stroking.

He could sense she was reaching a climax, as she was intensifying her reaction to his thrusts. He too was close to cumming, and thought to himself wouldn’t it be great if we could cum together.

This cock was certainly reaching deep inside her, she could feel it, and wanted to hold it firmly inside her with her pussy. She wanted their orgasms to coincide, that would add to the special feeling. Suddenly she gasped, and called out loudly, caring little who heard.

Anthony felt ecstatic that this gorgeous woman was approaching orgasm, and it made his experience more special. He loved when women orgasmed with him, he knew his cock could please most women and it had felt special to have fucked this beautiful one till she came.

A few more thrusts and his lower body froze momentarily. Cum spurted from his cock, he pushed deep inside, wanting to ensure his cum reached the deepest parts of Jade’s pussy. Once spent he wanted to remain in this position forever, it felt so good.

He found himself inadvertently caressing Jade now, feeling affectionate, the experience had brought them close, he didn’t want to just get in his car and drive away, but he knew their circumstances prevented the orgy from continuing, much to his disappointment. He knew his cock would find its way into the pussy and mouth of this beautiful woman again, soon.

Jade was enjoying her recovery from her orgasm, his cock was still deep in her pussy, softening. She knew she could get anything she wanted from this man, and most others too, whenever she wanted. She strangely enjoyed that feeling. She felt his cock withdraw from her now soaking pussy. She wanted Pete to be there, she would have loved exciting him, teasing him, perhaps allowing him to feel her cum filled pussy.

Anthony dressed quite quickly, what conversation there was had drifted back to work, diverting attention from what had just transpired. He watched as Jade sensuously replaced her dress, somehow she once more looked immaculate, stunning, as if she had just got ready that morning.

As Anthony left Jade’s thoughts switched to Pete, what would he be doing now, teaching, perhaps or finished, at home wanking at the thought of her being fucked. He was a pervert. She wished he was there right now, she wanted to tell him in person about the experience, now much she had enjoyed Anthony’s cock.

Maybe if he had been in the cupboard watching helplessly she could now unlock him, bring him out and they could kiss. He would taste Anthony, smell his male aftershave, perhaps she would encourage him to feel her pussy, filled with Anthony’s cum. The thought aroused her.

Anthony’s mind was not on the road as he drove away in his Aston Martin, he was wondering when he would next be allowed to sample the delights of Jade, his cock was once again hardening as he thought of her moist pussy, and gorgeous lips around his cock.

The fuel light suddenly reminded him he needed to fill up soon.

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