The Morning After The Night Before

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After a good long nights sleep, the warm rays of sunlight streaming through our window wake me. You lie beside me still peacefully sleeping you look so beautiful. It has been a very warm night, so we are both still naked, with only a thin sheet over us. Your body looks so sexy and attractive draped in white linen. Your lying on one side facing me, your breasts clearly visible through the thin fabric, they look so warm and inviting, your nipple forming a little mound in the otherwise seamless drapes.

With feather light touch, I stroke the very tip of your nipple through the fabric, with the back of one finger. Looking in to your lightly closed eyes, I continue to stroke gently and as your nipple begins to swell, you open them. We smile together and with our gaze fixed I kiss you gently on the neck. You moan softly, returning the favour, as I slid the sheets away from as. I lie back for a moment admiring your body, such beauty I have never experienced before.

I stroke your nipple lightly with my fingers, and you slide on to your back, as I start kissing your neck Anadolu Yakası Escort once more. Planting soft kisses I work down your body to your swelling bosom, starting at your cleavage and then working round under your breasts, I kiss gently. I flick my tongue over your nipples then blow gently over the moist flesh, goose pimples run over your chest as your moan softly. I continue playing with your breasts, kissing, licking, blowing and gently caressing until I can feel your body reaching a heightened state of arousal.

After the night of passion I gave you last night you feel obliged to return the favour, and rolling me on to my back you lie on top of me, your legs straddling my body. Sitting up, your breasts hanging down before my face, you start to massage my chest. As you rub firmly, you grind your pussy into my abdomen, your breasts swaying gently back and forth. You move down my body, your labia runs over the tip of my erect penis, sat firmly on my belly and the juices trapped inside them, spill out, running down the length of my shaft. You continue down my now lubricated shaft, your labia raped round its length until the head of my penis nudges the swelling lump that is your clitoris. Your rock gently, my penis rubbing against your clitoris, as yet more love juices run out of you and on to my belly.

Lifting your hips slightly and placing you hand at the base of my penis; you guide my shaft it into the warm wet folds of your vagina. You slide your body down my penis until your clitoris is pressed against my wet and sticky abdomen. You lie onto my chest, your warm breasts pressing your nipples into mine. You position your legs so they are inside mine, the whole weight of your body imposed upon me. You look into my eyes as you start to rock gently back and forth, grinding you swelling clitoris into my body, every now and then lifting your hips slightly so the head of my penis rubs against your g-spot.

I run my hands over your shoulders, and down onto the small of your back. I trace my fingers up and down with feather light strokes, making ripples of pleasure run down your back. You continue to rock gently, your love juices running out of you and on to my abdomen and legs. The heady sent of your juices is filling the air, and with your warm breasts massaging them selves into my chest, I am in heaven.

You continue for what seems like eternity, every time your feel me nearing orgasm, you back of slightly, not much, just enough to keep me simmering without boiling over. You know how much I like this slow steady rhythm. It has taken a little practise for you to know exactly when, to change pass or rhythm for me but now you have mastered it, we can keep going for hours.

You have resisted temptation to orgasm early, preferring to wait, to share the experience with me, and after well over an hour you decide I’m ready. You don’t change pass or rhythm in any way, just continuing your steady rocking, letting me drift into orgasm almost unexpectedly. My body explodes with lust, my hips lifting high into the air as you bring me to an earth shattering orgasm, I feel your vagina begin to contract, as you to, ride the rapids of orgasm.

We lie exhausted in each others arm for half an hour or so, before running a nice hot bath for us both to soak in, preparing us for the day ahead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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