The Movies


We walk into the movie theater, and find that there are only about twenty people there. Just like we were hoping. We chose a late night movie that had been playing for quite a while anticipating the theater’s near emptiness.

I am wearing the jeans that you love so much, and you are wearing a short sundress with buttons in the front. We sit down for the movie, simply enjoying being together. We hold hands for awhile, and then my fingers start slipping slowly up and down your forearm, lightly scratching it as you place your palm on my thigh.

After we have been there for a little while, you surprise me, gently sliding your hand around over my crotch and squeezing a little. I respond by placing my hand on your knee, and slowly dragging it up the soft skin of your inner thighs, causing your dress to slide up towards your hip. We have begun to tease each other a bit now, haven’t we?

I look over at you and see the smile on your face and the mischievous look in your eyes. You squeeze my crotch again. My hand slides further up your thigh. You squeeze again, and my hand reaches even further. Wow. You aren’t wearing panties. I can see that we are on the same wavelength tonight.

You remove my hand from your thigh and, holding it, slide it over your belly, brushing ever so slightly over your breasts, and up to your mouth. You seductively slide one of my fingers into your mouth and, winking at me, begin to suck it as your other hand slides more vigorously over my crotch. As you suck on my finger, sliding your lips down over it and your tongue across it, you feel the reaction in my pants. My cock has been moving against your hand, and is now standing straight up, the head almost protruding from the waist of my jeans. Your hand fumbles around to find the zipper. You find it and slide it down. I am not wearing Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir any underwear either.

You reach inside with a finger and slide it down the length of my shaft. Meanwhile, my finger leaves your mouth, traces down your chin, and reaches the top button of your sundress. I unbutton the first two buttons and slide my palms across your collarbones and then slowly over the tops of your breasts. Your skin is so soft. Your fingers continue teasingly sliding ever so gently up and down my shaft, really just gliding your fingernails along it. My hand reaches over your right breast, slowly enclosing it. As my thumb and forefinger begin circling your breast, slowly approaching your nipple, you reach with your hand to unbutton my jeans.

As my cock is freed, you eagerly wrap your hand all the way around it and give it one long, slow stroke. I gasp. That feels so good. As you stroke me, my thumb and forefinger find your nipple and gently squeeze across it, tugging it outward ever so gently. Your hand slides all the way down, and you lightly slide your fingers over my balls, cupping them. Holding your hand there. My hand reaches all the way around your breast, squeezing it, drawing it upward. Your eyes are shut, your head tilted slightly back. Your hand begins sliding slowly up and down my cock, smooth, slow, gentle strokes.

I am rock hard. As are your nipples.

My hand slides from one to the next, gently tugging at them. Then it slides slowly down your body, unbuttoning one button, and then the next, until the front of your sundress is entirely unbuttoned. My hand slides down over the soft skin of your belly, and then down between your legs. It caresses your thighs down to your knees and back up. As your legs spread apart, my fingers find you. You are moist İstanbul Escort already.

My fingertips trace your wet lips slowly up and down, and then find the opening. You gasp as my finger slides inside you. Your hips turn upward, as you eagerly accept my finger. Your hand is still stroking my cock. Your finger finds a drop of precum, and you slowly slide it all around my head. You lean over to lick it, pulling your legs behind you, kneeling in the chair. Some of the people nearby might be aware of what we are doing, but at this point we are entirely oblivious, lost in the pleasure of the moment.

You look into my eyes lustfully, and then slowly slide your tongue up my shaft, starting just above my balls, and then circling the underside of my head. You pull back for only a moment before sliding the tip of your tongue all the way around my head and tasting the precum. I slide my fingers through your hair as you wrap your lips around the head of my cock. You hold just the head inside your mouth as you swirl your tongue around the head. Your mouth opens a bit wider, and your tongue leads the way, slowly gliding down the vein at the front of my shaft. My hips rise a little bit to guide myself into your mouth.

I feel your tongue sliding back and forth across and around my hard shaft as your lips suck gently at it. Your head begins moving slowly up and down, your tongue dancing around my shaft in ways that I almost can’t handle. It’s so good. I am gasping. Finally, I can’t take it anymore.

I use my hand to guide you to stand up, facing away from me. I pull my jeans down around my ankles, and you sit down on me. You slowly lower yourself down over my shaft. My head presses against your swollen lips, and then slowly enters as you sit down farther. Your legs release Escort İstanbul entirely, and you sit down on me, letting my cock reach all the way inside you. We are both gasping now, moaning as you slide up and down over my shaft.

Your head tilts back, and my fingers reach around your body, my palms closing around each of your breasts. I am squeezing your breasts, pulling lightly at your nipples, rolling them in my fingers as you guide yourself up and down over me. My hips press up to meet you and our skin is pressing together so tightly. You are squeezing my inside of you. My hand slides down over your belly, reaching down to find your hard clit. My finger brushes across it, then flicks back and forth as you rise up and down on me more passionately.

We stand and you lean over the seat in front of us. We seem to be vaguely aware that people are watching us, but at this point it really doesn’t matter. You look back over your shoulder at me, lustily, and whisper, “Fuck me.” I smile, and whisper back, “I want you.” I grab your hips and slowly ease my cock back inside you. You push back into me, and begin moving back and forth. I pull my cock all the way out, and drive it all the way back inside you. Holding onto your hips, I drive deeper. We are fucking passionately now.

Hard. Deep. Fast. Without abandon.

Neither one of us can hold out much longer. Your body is writhing.

My balls are tightening. A few more thrusts.

Deep. All the way.

Oh my god, this is so good.

I feel your body release, your pussy squeezing my cock.

You are cumming.

I can feel it. And that makes me explode.

You feel my cock throb. Feel it burst. Feel it shooting inside you.

Your orgasm intensifies, and you cum again as you feel me shooting. We are entirely unable to move for a moment, me leaning against your back.

We collapse backward, you still on my lap. My cock slips out, both of our fluids mixing together. After relaxing like that for a moment or two, you slip over to your seat and we compose ourselves. Just in time. The credits are rolling. Wow! What a movie. I can’t wait ’til we get home.

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