The Perfect Gift

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It was the Saturday before the Senior Prom. Janice Young, eighteen year-old daugher of the noted cardiac surgeon, Doctor Alfred Young, stopped in the family den to see her father. Janice wore the gown she designed for the prom. Her dream was to attend design school and work for the big houses in New York.

“Daddy, I need your help.”

“What’s up, Baby?

“I need a few spots adjusted. Not something I can do on a dress form.”

Janice stands in front of her father. He has done this before. Lydia, his wife and Janice’s mother, was a writer and could not sew a stitch. Alfred helps his daughter because it kept his fingers nimble for surgery.

Alfred took the sewing kit from Janice. He pulled loose a few seams and redid them to leave smooth fabric. He soon had the dress fitting his daughter like a second skin.

He skimmed his hand over the dress to be sure no other location needed adjusting. He ran his hand down the back of the gown. He found himself slowing down as his hand moved across Janice’s backside.

He found himself thinking it was a nice backside. It was small, round and firm. He felt the heat come through the cloth. He paused his hand, letting the heat warm his hand.

“Turn around, Jan.”

She turned to face her father. He started at the bodice of the gown. It was cut low. Low enough the upper edge of her areolae were exposed when she breathed deeply. Janice moved and she was uncovered to the nipples. Alfred saw this was designed so Janice could reveal what she wanted revealed.

“Would you check the front for wrinkles, Dad?”

Alfred started at the top of the strapless gown. That top was just above her nipples. His hands froze.

“Come on, Dad. I can’t go to the prom with bad seams.”

His fingers that could remove and replace a dying heart became clumsy. It was like he was wearing boxing gloves. His hand rested on his daughter’s breast. He felt the nipple grow under his touch. To him, if felt like a strawberry.

He went lower, looking for imperfections in the dress. What he found was perfection in his daughter. The skin of her gown enhanced the skin of her body.

Her waist was tight and small. He had a moment’s fear that Janice was anorexic. No, there were no bones outlined to his touch. She was just thin built.

“Jan, you are a beautiful woman.”

That was when he noticed the shallowness of his breathing. He watched the movements of his daughter’s breasts. She was aroused, too.

“I think you’re perfect.”

“What about the dress, Daddy?”

“That was what I was talking about.”

Janice pushed his hand lower, till it rested on her mons.

“This needs to be a bit smoother, Dad.”

Alfred moved his hand to smooth out the fabric. It was not the fabric that caused the ripples. It was the contour of her sex. Alfred felt the irregular pattern that was her pubic hair. His hand instinctively flexed. He found the thin panties she wore.

“Dad, I need your help in something else, too.”

“What’s that, Dear?”

“Jimmy, my date, has a room for us to spend the night.”

She watched her father for a reaction. He did not get mad but he lost some the erection her father did not know he had.

“You know the risks and dangers, Jan. Your mother and I trust you to make up your own mind.”

“Well, Jimmy thinks I’m an experienced woman. I don’t want to disappoint him.”

Her father kartal escort stared at her. He never thought about her having sex. It was her call. She was a girl who dated. He assumed she had her first lay long ago. Now, she was hinting that she was still virginal.

“I want my night with him to be the best possible. I need to learn how to please a man.”

Father and daughter sat on the sofa. Alfred tried to decipher what Janice was telling him.

“Did you ever talk to your Mom about this?”

“It was like reading her novels. Her books can make me cream, but she can’t vocalize her ideas.”

Alfred smiled.

“Jan, I can assure you, she can act it out in bed. Sometimes she uses me as research. Not that I’m complaining.”

Janice laughed. It was easier to talk to her father than her mother about sex.

“You sure you want Jimmy to be your first lay?”

“Yes, I just don’t want him to KNOW he’s the first. Can you pop my hymen?”

Alfred thought about his daughter’s request.

“I can do that. Not my area of expertise.”

Janice takes a deep breath. She threw caution to the wind. She reaches into a secret pocket in her gown. She pulls out a small foil packet. She hands it to her father.

“As a man, Dad. Not as a doctor.”

Janice reached between her father’s legs. She felt the natural reaction to her request. It grew to her touch. It strained against the pants Alfred wore.

Alfred took a sharp breath at the touch of his daughter’s hand. Wetness spread in his boxers.

Janice stood before him. She did a quick movement of her shoulders and the gown slid off her body revealing her silk panties.

“Make me a woman.”

Janice helped her father undress. She stopped when he was clad only in his boxers. She wanted the last decision to be his. She removed her panties when he stripped of his shorts. She looked at his manhood while Alfred looked at her tangle between her legs. She watched the clear liquid drip from the tip.

Janice knelt before Alfred. She licked the pre-cum from the tip. She kissed the tip. Janice licked the bottom side of the shaft. That caused more leakage. Janice held his sac in her hand. She felt the testicles tighten up. She kept her virginity by using her mouth to keep her boyfriends happy. She knew her father was about to blast her tongue with his semen. She stopped to let Alfred calm down.

“You said you were a virgin, Baby.”

“Only below the waist, Daddy. I have to drink something and I’m too young for beer.”

Janice lay back on the sofa. She put one leg over the back, exposing everything.

“Would you like a pussy cocktail, without the cock, for now?”

Alfred buried his face in his daughter’s bush. She parted the folds to let him in. He buried his tongue as deep in his daughter as he could. He used his nose to stimulate her clitoris. He lifted his head to take a breath. Janice grabbed his hair and shoved him back into her fountain.

The taste of his little girl was sweet. She flowed. Her love juice did not stop. Alfred could not keep up with the love water. It poured off his chin into her ass.

Her legs tightened as she approached release. Her orgasm shook the couch. She would have hurt her father’s ears with her scream had they not been muffled by her thighs.

It was painful laying on his hard-on. He looked up between his baby’s thighs into her face, framed maltepe escort bayan by her breasts. He opened the foil.

Janice watched as her father inserted his cock into the rubber. The materiel stretched over his cock. She was glad it was not the super-sized monsters her mother wrote about. She knew it would hurt but she did not want extreme pain.

“Can you make it to my bed, Daddy?”

Daddy shook his head. Now was the time.

Janice did not want to be on the sofa. She put the cushions on the floor. She reclined on them. Alfred got another cushion and placed it under her ass, raising it above her head.

He knelt between her legs, bringing his ready cock to within inches of her swollen cunt. She secreted her fluids onto the cushions.

“Don’t fuck me, Daddy. Make love to me. Show your daughter how much you love her.”

He did not need the lubrication that came on the rubber. Janice made entry easy.

He pushed in slowly. It was a good brand. He felt every twitch and contour of her cunt. He felt when the tip of his shaft contacted her maidenhead.

Janice felt the intrusion. The membrane stretched as her father slowly assaulted her virginity.

“Wait a minute, Dad.”

Alfred stopped while Janice shifted her body. She hooked her feet behind his ass.

“I’m ready.”

Alfred resumed the pressure. She felt the stretching return. There was pain at the first sign of conquest, of the penetration of her maidenhead.

The pain caused her to flex her legs. This pushed her father through the last resistance. It was like he fell into her. He could no longer control his body. Nature took over.

He took both of her breasts into his hands. He dug his nails into her flesh. She screamed again. As did Alfred. He blasted his cum into her hot shaking box.

Alfred had not worn a rubber since he started dating Lydia. He stopped wearing one before they married. The pooling of the cum in the tip almost put him off his stride. Almost. He kept pumping his spent dick into Janice until he felt her orgasm. The quivering of her inner muscles squeezed every last drop out of him. He felt one last, but weak, blast of his hot, sticky semen empty from his balls. He kept his body moving until Janice stopped moving beneath him.

Alfred rolled off his daughter and fell asleep on the floor. Janice pulled the rubber off her father and drank his cum before falling asleep.

Alfred woke the next morning with his daughter in his arms and a blanket over their nude bodies. Then he realized he heard the clanging of dishes in the kitchen. Lydia was home.

Alfred looked around the room. He saw the gown hanging by the door. In the door was Lydia drinking coffee. She sat by her husband’s head.

“Hi, honey. Did you keep busy?”

“I, uh, helped Janice get ready for the prom.”

Janice started laughing.

“The prom was last month, Daddy. I didn’t go. Jimmy got sick at the last minute.”

“Then what was this?”

Lydia removed the blanket. She got between Alfred’s knees and took his cock into her mouth. He responded as Mother Nature intended. The rod of life once again hardened.

His cock was ready for more. The touch of his wife’s tongue on the tip of his cock caused more hardness. Lydia scratched her teeth on the cleft under his cocked. She got the clear water flowing. Alfred purred in pleasure. His eyes closed. escort pendik Something felt strange. He never felt it before. He looked.

He saw both his wife and his daughter licking his member. This sight started his cock to quiver. His women stopped. They smiled at each other. They played a round of Paper-Scissors-Rock. Lydia chose paper and Janice took scissors.

“Great,” said Janice. “I’m in the middle.”

Alfred watched as Janice retook her position on the cushions. Janice indicated to her father to she wanted him to, as she put it, “Fuck her brains out.”

“You have anymore rubbers in your dress?”

“Not this time, Daddy. I want it all this time.”

This time when Alfred entered Janice her muscles grasped him like a wet glove. They shrunk until she held him in a meat vice. He tried to wait until Lydia was seated on Janice’s mouth. Janice made her cunt squeeze him. It made him start moving. As tight as Janice was, it did not keep her from leaking around her father. He felt her juice drip on his balls.

Alfred looked at his wife. Her eyes were closed as her rode Janice’s face. Lydia pinched and pulled at her daughter’s nipples. Janice was doing the same to her mother.

Alfred watched his wife glowing face. He could not see Janice’s. Lydia started to twitch. He knew that she was approaching orgasm. The bucking of Janice’s hips indicated she was close too. Alfred was chewing on his lip almost to the point of bleeding to keep his cock under control.

That failed. Janice had an orgasm that milked his man-juice from his cock. This time it sprayed the insides of his daughter. There was nothing to keep his seed from hunting for fertile ground. They searched in vain. Janice used the pill since she was a sophomore.

Alfred watched the action between mother and daughter. They were so in tuned to each other’s bodies he knew this was not the first time for them to have incestuous, lesbian sex.

They had great stamina. It was obvious they both had cummed. Watching them continue made him want more. But, Junior was asleep.

Alfred stuck his face back in his daughter’s cunt. He was rewarded with the taste of his own cum mixed with Janice’s. The exotic flavor woke Junior.

Alfred pulled his cum-covered face out of Janice. His lovers were finally coming down to earth.

Lydia sat back on her heels. Janice was trying to catch her breath. They both caught sight of his cock. They played their game again and Lydia won.

Lydia got to her hands and knees. She pointed her pussy at Alfred. He knew that when she did this, she wanted it hard and with pain.

He rammed into her, pumping her cunt with his dick. His balls slammed against Lydia’s ass cheeks. Teased by her daughter’s tongue, her cunt hungered for a real cock. It went deep into her.

Her arms weakened and collapsed. The pound she got from the back racked her nipples across the rug. The friction of the carpet started to rub them raw. Her body was wired like a taunt spring.

She got close. Alfred raked his nails down her back. Some nails left red marks. A few drew blood. But it triggered her orgasm. She did not get much jism from her stud, but it was enough to satisfy her.

They all were panting on the floor, almost too spent to move. Janice managed to crawl to her father. Janice kissed her father. She sent her tongue deep into his throat.

Alfred repeated his question.

“If this was not about the prom, what was it about?”

“I wanted to give you something special for Father’s Day. And what is more special to a girl than her cherry? I knew you would not take it if I just asked you to sleep with me. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy.”

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