The Perfect Job: Neighbor

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Welcome to the third installment of this series. Please do read The Perfect Job and The Perfect Job: CEO prior to reading this installment. Thank you for all the wonderful comments and I do hope you enjoy this chapter.


‘Hey Stud, breed anyone lately?’ the text came through from Jenny. Surprised to hear from her.

‘Not since your boss.’ I answer back.

Shed sends me a sad emoji along with, ‘that is too bad. You busy Friday night?’

I think for a moment, nothing coming to my memory. ‘Nope.’ I text back.

‘Good. Be at my place at 7pm.’ She texts me, along with her address.

‘What for?’ I ask her.

‘Just be there.’ She states flatly. I shrug and put my phone down, going back to the mundane work before me.

Jenny opens her apartment door. My eyes going wide. Standing before me in a silk robe that goes to mid-thigh. Her nipples poking through the sheer material. The robe hugging her thin frame. Long shapely legs going on forever. Her green eyes looking at me with delight, light red lips pursed.

If my cock wasn’t already hard, it sure would be right now. “Umm… Hi Jenny…” I manage to stammer out.

She smiles, a shiver running down my spine when she does this. “Hey Jimmy, come on in,” she greets me, moving aside to allow me to enter.

I walk into her apartment, which looks to be a one bedroom. A couch and tv on one side, with a kitchen and table and chair set on the other. Looking to be one of those open concept floor plans. Two closed doors can be seen towards the back of the space.

She leads me to the couch and we both sit down. Her already short robe rising higher on her thigh as she crosses her legs. Her hands resting in her lap, her eyes feeling like they are staring into my soul.

“I appreciate you coming over,” she says, that smile appearing once again.

“Umm… Of… of course,” I say with a slight quiver. “Though I am curious as to why you invited me over.”

“I found a new client for you,” she blurts out.

I sit there a bit dumbfounded, processing the information while trying not to stare at her lovely body. “Well, you could have told me this over the phone.”

Her smile never wanes, “I know, but this is a special case.”

“In what way?” I ask, curious.

She takes a deep breathe, “this is one of my neighbors in the building. She told me about her and her husband’s issue conceiving. So, I told her about someone I know who may be able to help her.”

I sit there, thinking about what she has said so far, nothing special about this case so far. I nod for Jenny to continue.

“I had a long discussion with her and her husband about what service you offer, but no personal information.” She looks down for a moment, I see her fidgeting with her fingers. Looking back at me, “they both agreed to go through with it, but they have a few conditions.”

My left eyebrow raises, “Conditions?”

She nods, “they want this to be as anonymous as possible, so she will be blindfolded and ask that you do the same.”

“Ok… But how will that work?” I ask, trying to figure things out in my head.

“Well…” she looks at me, a bit nervous. “I will be there to assist you both.” I catch a small hint of a smile, before it disappears.

My eyes wide, “What do you mean by assisting?” Her first-time assisting was with her boss, and other than clean up and cooking, there was no interaction during the injections between us.

“It is simple, after you are blind folded, I will guide you into my bedroom. She will be bent over my bed, her pussy lubed and ready for you. I will assist you in lining up, then you will do what you do best.” She smiles at me, I notice her thighs slowly rubbing together. I start to wonder if she is getting turned on by this.

“Well, that is straight forward.” I think for a moment, the idea of this being fun. But a thought come into mind, “If it is anonymous, how can we sign a contract in order to protect myself?”

She fidgets for a moment, “Well… See…. You wouldn’t. I was hoping that because it was so anonymous, you would be ok with forgoing the contract.”

“I don’t know,” I start to say. “The whole point of the contract is to protect me. What if something happens and they try to force you to give me up?” starting to think this is not worth the trouble.

“I would never do such a thing, I promise you.” She looks at me, she could probably tell that did not calm me. “I mean it Jimmy; I would never say anything to anyone.”

I look at her, her green eyes feel like they are boring into my soul. I slowly start to calm down, “Ok, I will agree. Are there any other conditions?”

She suddenly leaps forward, hugging me tightly. Feeling her hard nipples pressing against my upper body. “Ohh thank you Jimmy.” She then let’s go, sitting back down across from me.

“She also requested that you do not speak during the act.” I agree to this, seeing as how it is not much of an issue. “The final thing, well… I hope you will do this as a favor to me.”

She elvankent escort pauses for a moment, once again fidgeting. “See, they are not well off, so the amount you charge is a bit steep for them. I was hoping you would lower your price.”

Knowing that I won’t have to pay Dr. Somner, I figure I could lower the price a bit. “Ok, how much are they able to offer?”

“One thousand dollars is the best they are able to do.” I sit there a bit stunned, getting a quarter of what I usually make seems a bit too low. Before I could respond Jenny continues, “I know it is a lot less, but I was hoping you would do it as a favor to me, plus I would personally make it up to you.” She winks at me and licks her lips. I am taken aback, not use to this; I wonder if she is flirting with me.

Rubbing the back of my neck, “Well, I guess that is ok.” She suddenly hugs me again, this time giving me a big kiss on the cheek before she moves back.

“Oh wonderful,” she says enthusiastically. “She already gave me the money, so all that is left is for you to get undressed and put on the blindfold.”

“What… Wait what…” my mind reeling, not yet understanding what she said. “We are doing this now?”

“Of course, there is no need to wait.” She says, acting like this was the plan the entire time. “She has been in my bedroom waiting this entire time. Though she has headphones on so she could not hear us speaking.”

Feeling nervous once again, I start to fidget on the couch. Jenny grabs my hands with hers, her soft skin calming me slightly. Her robe coming loose, the swell of her breasts peeking out. I stare at her, my eyes not leaving her lovely cleavage.

“I know this is sudden, but her cycle started yesterday, she didn’t want to wait an entire month for fear of chickening out.” She explains to me, “so here we are, will you be able to perform?”

I look up into her striking green eyes, I just nod my head. She smiles at me, “Great, now get undressed while I go fetch the blindfold.” She stands and walks off.

I stand, slipping off my clothes and placing them on the couch. Standing there completely naked, feeling a bit exposed for some reason. I feel a hand on my shoulder, I start to turn but am stopped.

“Don’t move, I am going to put on the blindfold. From this moment on, do not speak.” The covering goes over my eyes, everything going black.

Jenny Davis

Making sure the blindfold is nice and tight, I walk Infront of him. Getting my first up close look at his body. He is tall, but scrawny. Certainly not fat, but also not muscular. I would call him unremarkable, if not for the softball size nuts protruding from his body. His hard shaft sticking out before him, giving me a perfect view of them.

I stop myself from reaching out and caressing them. Telling myself there will be time for that later. “Ok Jimmy, stay right there. I am going to inform her that we are ready to begin.” He nods.

I shed my robe, tossing it on the couch as I walk by. Opening the door to my bedroom, I see her bent over, ass towards me, her upper body resting on the bed. Wearing a pair of 3 inch heels in order to be high enough, legs spread.

I walk towards her, getting closer, I see her dark curls wet from obvious excitement. Reaching my hand between my legs, I feel my pussy, juices coating my finger. Moaning softly, shivers running through my body.

Pulling my finger from my pussy, I come back to the job at hand. I lightly touch her hand, letting her know I am here. She startles for a moment, removing her headphones.

“It is Jenny, he has agreed and is waiting.” I tell her, “Are you ready?” she nods her head yes, I tell her I will return, she nods again and puts the headphones back in her ears.

Returning to Jimmy, I take his hand in mine and carefully lead him to the bedroom. Doing my best to make sure he doesn’t walk into anything. Placing him right behind her, his rigid member right at the entrance to her pussy.

Squirting lube into my hand, I rub it on her pussy, then onto Jimmy’s throbbing shaft. I find myself lingering there a bit too long. My hand going to his ass, his cock lined up with her entrance. I push him closer, the tip entering her warm hole.

Letting go of his shaft, I continue to push until he is fully inside of her. Giving his ass a squeeze, I let go. His hands going to her hips, he begins to saw in and out of her wet cunt.

I step back a bit, giving them room. My hand returning to between my legs. Middle finger running along my wet, juicy slit, collecting my juices. Rubbing them against my engorged clit, a shockwave of pleasure running through my body.

I watch them, enjoying the live sex show. His thrusts getting stronger and faster, hearing quiet whimpers escaping her mouth with every thrust into her fertile pussy. My body shuttering as my own orgasm builds inside of me. Finger rubbing my sensitive nub faster, every flick driving my orgasm closer.

Jimmy’s thrusting getting faster, the entire emek escort bed shaking with every thrust. Sweat coating his body, the wild fucking driving me crazy. Wanting to feel that, my orgasm fires through me, my entire body shivering. Legs getting weak, I reach for my nightstand to help keep me upright.

Jimmy stiffens, grunting, his body pressed against her. Remembering this look, I know he is spurting his extremely potent seed into her fertile womb. Breathing heavily as I watch the breeding before me, Jimmy slowly starting to thrust again, making sure he releases all his seed inside of her.

Getting myself under control, I walk over to Jimmy, “Have you finished?” he nods, I help him pull from her pussy. Glancing down, I watch as his cum gushes out of her well fucked pussy. Biting my lower lip, wanting to drop to my knees and lick it all up.

Pulling my eyes from her cum drenched pussy, I take Jimmy and lead if to the bathroom. “Jimmy, you are in my bathroom, when you hear me close the door, you can take off the blindfold. Please take a shower, I will return to check on you when I am done with her.”

Taking one last look at those amazing balls, his shaft still hard and glistening with their combined juices. Wanting so bad to lick them off, but knowing I need to take care of my neighbor first. I leave the bathroom, shutting the door behind me.

James Hanover

Hearing the door close, I remove the blindfold. Blinking in order to adjust to the light in the room. I relieve myself, then turn on the shower. Once the water is right, I step in, letting the water cascade over my body.

I breathe out a relaxing sigh. My body relaxing as the warm water cascades over my head. My hands against the cool tile under the shower head. Eyes closed, relaxing, not moving. My entire body enjoying the warm feel of water relaxing my muscles.

Startled out of my reverie, the feel of hands running along my spine. I jerk upright, turning. Before me I see the naked body of Jenny. Her amazing body on full display. A smile on her face, standing there, gazing at my naked wet form.

“What… What…” unable to form coherent sentences. My eyes never moving from her lovely perky breasts, nipples the size of pencil erasers. My boosted libido kicking in, shaft stiffening before her.

I watch as she falls to her knees before me, her eyes wide and focused on my crotch. Soft hands graze over my hard shaft, sliding down, cupping my massive balls. Massaging them, caressing them, loving them.

“Magnificent,” she moans. Feeling her tongue slivering along them, licking them. Her full lips kissing, trying to suck them into her mouth. Watching as she worships my full nuts.

My throbbing cock resting between her brilliant green eyes. Her lips kissing and sucking on my balls. Her moans driving me wild. My entire body trembles with my oncoming explosion. Her eyes staring up at me, lust showing in them.

“Cover me… Explode all over me…” she moans out. Her soft hand grasping my shaft, stroking it from head to base. My heartbeat moving in time with the throbbing in my shaft. Eyes never leaving hers, the lust showing more and more.

My orgasm hits me, ramming through my entire body. Eyes going wide, watching as Jenny leans back, aiming my cock at her body, rope after rope splashing against her soft skin. Her hand stroking my shaft, making sure to get every last drop of my cum out of me.

“Fuck… Fuck YES…” she moans as I cover her with my spunk. “So… Much… Give it all to me…” her hand continues to stroke me, my cum covering her from head to breasts. A smile on her face as she takes every shot from my hyperactive balls.

I watch her breathing heavily, cum dripping from her body. Breathing heavily as well, my orgasm subsiding. She extends her hand towards me. Helping her up, she moves past me, the water flowing over her body. My cum washing off her body.

I stare at her, my eyes never leaving her amazing body. Her bubble butt taking my focus. Water rushing over it, wetting the skin, giving it a shine.

She turns towards me, my cum washed off. Reaching behind herself, shutting off the water. Taking my hand, she steps out of the tub, taking me with her. No words spoken between us; I follow her lead. She towels us both off. Leading me to her bed.

Laying me down on my back. Watching as she crawls up onto my body. Her soft skin caressing my own, sending tingles throughout my body. My cock coming alive once again, my condition giving me supernatural stamina.

Her face right above mine, feeling her hard nipples against my body. Her body rocks, the familiar sense of my cock entering a wet tight pussy consumes my cock. I moan softly, staring into those intoxicating green eyes.

Her body rocking on top of me, pussy tightening around my cock. Her hips bucking faster and faster. The pleasure rushing to my brain, I feel myself giving in to the feel of her pussy wrapped around my throbbing member.

My eyes suddenly widen, the eryaman escort realization of my bare cock deep inside of her. I begin to protest, her lips slamming against mine, the softness melting my brain. Arms wrapping around her back, holding her tightly against me. Our tongues playing together, dueling. More pleasure shooting to my balls, cum churning, getting ready to explode.

My mind feeling like mush, her soft body writhing on top of me. The silky feel of her pussy wrapping tightly around my rigid member. Her lips pressing hard against mine, our tongues playing with each other.

Her lips kiss their way along my cheek, moving towards my ear. Her breathe warm, voice sultry. “It’s ok… Let go… I can’t get pregnant.” I begin to protest, “I’m Infertile,” the words resonate through my mind. I see her face before me. There is more to be said, but more to be said later.

My hips begin to buck up into her, moving her body up into the air. Our eyes never leaving each other. Her movements going wild on top of me. I watch the passion in her face as her orgasm hits. Fluids gushing out of her pussy, drenching me.

I release inside of her, every throb of my hard cock sending another shot of my cum deep into her convulsing twat. The orgasm rushing through my mind, sending pleasure deep down to my core.

Her eyes close as she collapses on top of me, her breathing low and steady. My final shots of cum filling her up. Feeling my fluids leaking out of her and on to me. My eyes closing as well, I quickly dose off. My softening cock slipping from her hole as I do.

James Hanover

My eyes flutter open, the light coming through the window blinding me. Hand shooting up to block the offensive light. As my eyes adjust, I look at my surroundings. A closet to my right, two night stands on either side of the queen bed I lay on.

My eyes go to the bathroom door, Jenny walking out, a towel wrapped around her body. She smiles at me as she drops the towel in her hamper. The site of her body making my already hard shaft throb. She walks over to her bureau, getting a good look at her plump ass as she picks out clothes to wear.

She dresses and then walks over to the bed. “I left your clothes in the bathroom, take a shower, dress and come meet me in the kitchen.” She then walks off.

I get up and walk towards the bathroom.

Jenny Davis

Sitting at my kitchen table, sipping my coffee. My mind goes to the events of the night before. Anxiety creeping into my mind, wondering what Jimmy must be thinking right now. I work on gathering my thoughts, getting ready for the obvious questions.

I come out of my reverie as I see Jimmy approach. I look him over, tall, hair shaggy, stubble on his young face. Remembering that he is 19 years old. Normally I would not have given him a second glance. But knowing the impressive package between his legs, I just get wet every time I think about him.

I smile as he sites down to my right, “would you like a cup of coffee?” he declines and asks if I have any water. I get him a cold bottle from the fridge, sitting back down next to him. He takes a long pull from the bottle. I can see he is trying to pull his thoughts together.

“So… Um…” I watch him fiddle with the bottle. I can tell by his expression that he is having trouble trying to ask the question.

“It was cancer,” he looks at me when I say this. “I was young, 16 years old. It is rare but not unheard of.” I let out a low sigh, giving this information not being easy to me.

“I am sorry to hear that,” he smiles at me.

“I appreciate that.” I take a sip of my coffee, “It was stage three, the only chance I had was to have my ovaries removed. In the end it worked, and I was able to move on with my life.” A tear coming to my eye as I reminder what I went through.

“Umm… And what happened after your neighbor left?” I knew this question was coming, though I still wasn’t ready for it.

I fiddle with my coffee cup for a moment, collecting my thoughts. “a few years after my surgery, I started to develop a fetish for… well… breeding. It is not something I tell anyone, at least not until you.”

Jimmy sits there, not saying a word. “I guess my inability to get pregnant, led me to enjoy the idea of being bred. Then when Ms. Osterman told me her plan and asked me to help.” I let the thought linger, hoping he understood.

He sits there for a moment, obviously collecting his thoughts. “This is a lot to take in, I truly was not expecting this to happen.”

“I am sure, it is difficult to tell anyone about this fetish of mine.” I breathe a sigh of relief; glad he is not running out the door. “When I watched you with Ms. Osterman, it made me so wet. I masturbated myself to sleep that first night, the image of you and her in the kitchen.” I confess.

I watch him blush, “I honestly don’t know what to say to that, this is still all very new to me.” I am glad to hear his honesty. “But there are plenty of men out there that could quench this fetish, why me?”

I look at him thinking he is joking, but I see the sincerity on his face. “Because you can Jimmy. Not only able to but have on at least two occasions. You are a breeder; you could get any fertile woman pregnant.” Feeling the wetness between my legs, thighs rubbing together.

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