The Protégé Pt. 02


I set my alarm for 4:15 to make sure I was ready for action at 5:00AM to run with Cynthia. Unfortunately, the raging headache and nausea beat my alarm to the punch at 3:17AM. My body purged, and I drank as much water as I could hold down. I took some extra strength Tylenol, I’d had in my purse since 2015. By 4:30 I was feeling human and willing to give this a try.

I only hoped I could bluff my way through and not let her know I was suffering from the worst hangover I could recall…maybe ever.

I snuck into the kitchen early and devoured a bagel straight from the bag, hoping to settle my stomach. I felt better by 5:00AM and even more so when Cynthia was late. I sat on the beach and watched the first hints of sunrise as it got closer. When she arrived about 5:15 the sky had an awesome orange hue.

I wore mid-thigh black running tights with a pair of short red and white striped Under Armor gym trunks over top. I had a black lycra v-neck, short sleeve T over my sports bra.

Trying to replay the events from last night in my head was a little difficult with the fog of my hangover. I decided to play it dumb until she said something to me. Pretending nothing happened seemed like the easiest way to deal with it. I soaked up the view from the beach and was stretching when she once again startled me.

“Looks like you’re ready, shall we?” she said, leaving me a little breathless. She stood next to me in pink form fitting yoga pants and matching sport tank that was absolutely eye popping.

She looked at me while pulling her left foot up to the small of her back. The outfit was two-tone; there was a shimmering bright pink material that covered most of her ass. The side of the legs were a lighter pink color and softer looking shimmer free material. She raised her right foot turning to face me. The lighter color carried around the front to the seam running up her inner thighs and crotch. At the waist there was a 2-inch wide waist band of the shimmering hot pink material .

Her top was a bikini tank that began about mid torso. From the front it looked like a cut-off form-fitting tank top with a zipper down the center. I had to stop the thought of pulling that zipper slowly down…The front was the soft pink material with a subtle seam from the top of her breasts near her armpits running diagonally down, meeting in the center at the bottom of her breasts. The neck, straps and zipper were outlined with a quarter inch wide strip of the shimmering hot pink material.

The color popped against her bronze tanned skin. She turned back stretching her shoulders. The back of the top looked like a sports bra. The back panel was the hot pink material with one-inch wide shoulder straps made of the soft pink material trimmed with hot pink on the sides.

I nearly had to slap myself into reality as I pictured stepping behind her and caressing the areas of her upper back and sides with each hand and gently kissing the exposed skin up her spine to her neck. I could feel my wetness building…

“Snap out of it!” the voice in my head screamed.

“Three, two, one, go!” she took off at a vigorous pace.

Suddenly, reality hit, and she was running away from me. I quickly followed.

“Hey not fair…I wasn’t…”

“Ya snooze, ya lose,” she yelled. She shoved ear buds in her ears, never breaking stride.

As her ass flexed in the shimmering material, I was reminded of Hayley Williams in the video I had watched a hundred times. What was it about a nice ass in glimmering spandex that made me want to bite it?

I found my eyes fixed on the flexing cheeks as she ran in front of me and the need to catch her faded from my mind. The view from behind was just fine.

The hot pink shimmering fabric did not go around to the center of her outer thighs. It covered little more than three quarters of her legs in back with the light pink covering the outer quarter. When the seam reached her lower ass, it angled slightly out as it followed the contour of her ass before angling back in, leaving about a six-inch-wide gap at the top of her waist band. Centered in the waistband in back was a small zippered compartment where I saw the outline of her iPod.

As she ran the smile shaped crease at the bottom of the ass cheek intensified with each contraction and disappeared with each extension. Her firm buns bounced in unison with no jiggle.

Her pace was brisk and steady. I wanted to talk, but with her ear buds she did not seem to want that. So I was content to run in silence and drink in her amazing ass. The pants ended about mid-calf and the shape of the shimmering fabric gave the illusion of a smaller thinner lower body in hot pink running behind a larger one in soft pink. It was almost hypnotic. There was no visible panty line under her pants and it almost looked as though I could see the silhouette of her ass crack through the stretched fabric.

After a while I could see the pockets of sweat peeking through in the lower edge of her top and the Bycasino top edge of her waistband. Later some sweat soaked through around her lower crotch area. I began to wonder what might soak through my running shorts with the twisted thoughts going around in my head. Then I felt the familiar twinge of monthly cramps starting to erupt.

It appeared Aunt Scarlet would be making an early visit. Unfortunately for me the monthly visit always seemed to make my horny. It was a sad irony that the time I wanted sex the most was the time it was not practical to have. I trudged on and my mind wandered to the events of last night…Her naked ass bent before me as I fucked her with her silver dildo. I secretly hoped she wouldn’t ask for it back.

It could come in handy in the shower later, the best place to scratch that itch during that time of the month. Something about the shape and tone of her upper torso drew my eyes. Her jogging top had a little half-moon cut out at the bottom of the top, exposing a little patch of skin in the center of her back. As I jogged, I could not stop staring and thinking about kissing that little patch of skin.

“Get a grip Alecia!” I screamed in my head as she made the turn at the halfway point.

Soon her lower back glistened with sweat as a wet patch grew at the waistline, slowly engulfing her upper ass. I noticed sweat dripping along her lower lumbar line and imagined her laying on her stomach as I knelt over her beautiful ass. I wanted to run my tongue along her skin, starting at her waist band, tracing my way up the curve of her back, drinking in the salty taste of her sweat as I worked my way up her spine.

“Hormones! Alecia, control yourself, this is crazy!” my inner voice yelled.

I could see her house ahead and decided to kick it up a notch. I accelerated past her and she immediately sped up to keep pace. The closer we came to the end the faster we ran. Eventually, I was able to pull away as we ran up onto the pool deck and came to a stop, both panting wildly and bending over with hands on knees.

“Not smart to show up the boss,” she panted with a grin as she stood up with her hands on her hips, still gasping for air. Let’s see how you do in the weight room. Follow me.”

I followed, eyes fixed on her sweaty ass. “Stop!” the inner voice screamed causing me to raise my eyes to her swaying pony tail and thoughts of kissing her neck.

Her weight room would have ranked with some of the best hotels weight rooms I’ve ever seen. Between, cramps, obsessive thoughts about my new boss and a generally less toned body than hers, she embarrassed me in the weight room. She was surprisingly gracious about it.

When we finished, there was a great breakfast ready on the pool deck, but no signs of any house staff. There was an amazing spread of fruit and muffins, eggs and French toast that could feed ten people easily. We ate breakfast soaking in the view as the sun began to rapidly heat up. It was going to be a hot one.

During breakfast the conversation was light with no mention of last night’s activity.

“I gotta say, I was impressed how you were ready to go this morning. I honestly wasn’t sure I was gonna make it. My head, my stomach…I haven’t been that hungover since college,” she said and held up her orange juice glass as if giving a toast.

“To be honest, I got sick about 3:30 and it took some serious Tylenol to get me started. I don’t think I’ve ever been that drunk before,” I said honestly.

“Safe to say we are not ‘Party Girls’,” she said, smiling. Well the sun’s up. I think I’ll hit the shower and sleep it off on the beach. You’re welcome to join me, but feel free to do whatever you feel like today. The house is yours.”

“Sweating it out in the sun sounds like a plan,” I agreed.

I downed a large glass of ice water after she left the table, trying to keep hydrated and knock out the hangover. My stomach already felt 100% better, as I headed for the shower.

As I undressed, I stood naked looking in the mirror feeling the heat building as I recalled last evening. I retrieved her silver bullet before entering the shower. I needed to take the edge off if I had any hope of maintaining control around her.

I placed the silver bullet on the shelf and began to wash myself, imagining Cynthia showering with me, feeling her hands, pressing the wash cloth against my stomach, slowly working her hand back and forth as she worked toward my breasts. I could almost feel the jolt through my body as she caressed my nipples with the soapy cloth.

My upper body complete, I began at the ankles and worked up my legs and thighs. My pussy heated up at the thought of Cynthia washing my inner thighs. My legs spread wider, granting her access. As I touched myself with the cloth, I let out a moan of pleasure and imagined it was her hand spreading my lips with the warm soft cloth.

I leaned against the wall with my left arm extended against the shower wall as my right Bycasino giriş hand did its work. I leaned my head under the shower, letting the hot water flood my head and face. As my passion built, I tossed the wash cloth aside and grabbed the silver bullet. I turned on the vibrator and touched it to myself. I imagined her fingers touching me as my legs trembled, whining audibly when she hit her mark.

“Oh yes, feels so good! Ohhhh please…” I squealed as I shoved it in slowly.

In my mind she had me against the shower wall kissing me with her probing tongue as her fingers slid deeper and deeper with each thrust.

“Oh God Cynthia, oh you make me crazy… Please make me cum… Oh yes… Oh God Yes! I’m cumming baby…Aaaaahhhhhh yyyyyyyeeeessss… I’m cumming… please don’t stop… Auh! Auh! Auh! Auh! Auh! Auh! Auh! Auh! Auh!” I panted, fucking myself faster and harder.

My body shook, legs spread and stiff as a board while the thundering orgasm hit home. When I finished, I noticed a couple spots on the floor as they washed away. Aunt Scarlet had arrived.

I cleaned myself up and thanks to a hand wand shower head was able to get a good rinsing inside and out. The upside and downside of the silver bullet encounter is things were a little looser so less pain inserting the tampon , but it made me nervous about the leakage. With that in mind, the choice of a red bikini seemed like genius on my part.

I got myself together and headed out to the beach where Cynthia stood before a large blanket applying sunscreen to her belly. My thoughts betrayed me immediately. I was speechless at the sight of her in a black string bikini that barely contained her full breasts as they bulged around the tiny triangles in front. The triangle in the front of her bottoms was barely 2 inches wide at the top and an inch wide a it disappeared beneath her cameltoe. There was no sign of hair peeking through anywhere. She spun around revealing a string across her back and one around her neck. Her even tan showed no sign of lines anywhere. When my eyes glanced down my heart stopped at the sight of her perfect ass in a tiny thong that exposed most of her golden globe cheeks. My heart stopped and mouth watered. I was already feeling the warmth of growing wetness as my pussy tingled.

“Do you like it?” she teased, looking back over her shoulder.

I could barely break my eyes away and turned tomato red as it became apparent, she saw I was drooling at the sight of her sweet ass.

“It’s just not fair, you have one of the world’s greatest business minds and one of the world’s hottest bodies as well. I’m sorry but you definitely rock that bikini,” I tried to play off my staring.

“Can you get my back for me?” she handed me the sunscreen.

She lay face down on the blanket, toes pointed, and legs spread. Her ass screamed for me to touch it…I asked, hoping for a yes, “legs too?”

“Please, then I can do you.” She turned her head to the right, laid her head on the blanket and closed her eyes.

I knelt between her feet and squeezed out the sunscreen onto my palm and began to rub it on her ankle. I picked up her foot and covered her feet giving them a bit of a rub. She moaned her approval, so I stepped it up with a full-blown foot rub.

“Oh Leasie, that feel wonderful. I didn’t know you were a masseuse too,” she sighed.

I moved to the next foot and applied lotion while I worked her heel with my thumbs. “That feels amazing. You can do that all day if you want,” she sounded like she was in a dream state. I worked her calves to continued moans and sighs. I kneaded her hamstrings and thighs, feeling the heat rise between my legs.

My focus was on the thin strip of cloth that barely covered her lady parts. It dipped in between her labia ever so slightly. As I applied the lotion further up her legs, I found myself leaning closer, rubbing my lubed hands over her warm soft skin. Not a hint of razor stubble anywhere. Not a single hair poking out of the tiny strip of cloth.

I was breathing deeply and found it difficult to swallow as my heart rate rocketed. I wanted so badly to slide my hands over that firm ass and peel off those bikini bottoms. She had to have shaved herself completely to wear that tiny bikini.

As my hands reached the top of her thighs, my fingers touched the bottom of her warm buns. Leaning in I caught a whiff of her scent and noticed a tiny wet spot forming on the thin strip of material covering her crotch. My own wetness was undeniable..

I wondered what was wrong with me. The vibrator session seemed to have no effect on my wandering mind. I had never had thoughts like this before. I wanted to lean in and cover her beautiful bronze buns with soft kisses, spread her legs wide and lap up her pussy juices. The taste of her on the vibrator last night lingered in my mind. Unconsciously, I lowered my face closer and let out a heavy sigh inches from her glorious ass.

She visibly shivered. “Oh, Bycasino deneme bonusu wow your breath is so warm. I got chills…”

I bolted upright and applied more lotion on my hands and proceeded to her lower back. My thumbs traced her spine with my fingers pointing out. I rubbed up to the bottom edge of her top, and then moved my hands out ward applying lotion to her sides. When I reached the top of her thong, I removed my hands for more lotion.

“Can you untie me please?” she asked. “I don’t like tan lines.”

I pulled the string untying the lower strap and then the upper and tossed the strings aside exposing her entire back. I squeezed out more lotion and massaged her upper back and shoulder. She moaned and sighed her approval.

“Damn Leasie, you have a real talent. I’ve paid two thousand dollars and not gotten a massage this good. Please don’t stop.” She grinned softly with her eyes closed.

As my hands moved over the curve of her shoulders and touched her neck, she sighed with such pleasure it sent a new wave of warm wetness through my vagina. I wanted to lean all the way forward, slide her ponytail aside and kiss her neck, while I stretched my legs out and pressed my warm wetness against her leg to show her how warm and wet she made me.

I fought to control my breathing, trying to shift my focus off ravaging my new boss and role model, telling myself I could ruin the opportunity of a lifetime. I finished up and sat up on my knees between her legs.

“There you go all done,” I said, breathing slowly and deliberately.

“Are you gonna let me burn my cheeks?” She wiggled her butt.

“Uh…I guess not,” I said, squeezing out a little more lotion spreading it on both hands.

I backed up slightly and placed a hand on either cheek, thumbs toward the center and fingers pointing up. I started at her hips and pressed slowly up, pushing my fingers under the edge of her thong.

My heart pumped and the heat between my legs intensified. My hands moved inward, fingertips under her thong, spreading lotion over her upper ass cheeks. When my thumbs touched, I kneaded her ass cheeks. I pulled her cheeks apart in the process, allowing the thong to penetrate a little deeper in her crack.

She moaned and pushed her ass upward ever so slightly to meet my grip. I wanted to pull those buns apart and yank the thong off to get a full view in the light of day.

“You’re on the beach… anyone can see,” the voice in my head said calmly.

I slid my hands down, thumbs pressing gently into her ass crack as I worked down and around her buns. My thumbs dipped down and glided over her upper thigh and lower ass, moving back across to her hips. Then I gripped her inner thigh, spreading her labia apart and letting the thong cameltoe a bit, which allowed her dark pink labia to peek out ever so slightly.

I realized I’d been holding my breath, as I swirled my palms up and around her buns to spread the lotion over her silky-smooth firm ass. She gasped slightly and her body tensed as I removed my hands to get more lotion.

“Need some more lotion,” I whispered trying to sound calm. “How do you manage to have no tan lines down here?”

“I’ll show you later,” she replied with her eyes closed, grinning.

She relaxed and her cheeks spread slightly. I began to spread lotion, pushing firmly on her buns in small growing circles.Then I worked my thumbs into her ass crack a little further each time and gripped her a little more firmly with each circle. I felt my wetness grow when I noticed the exposed tips of her labia were glistening and the strip of material covering her pussy showed wet spots soaking through. I felt a new level of heat between my own legs, sat up on my knees and saw the noticeable spot on my own bikini.

I quickly jumped up and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around my waist.

“Hey, what’s up?” she asked, straining her neck to look behind.

“All done,” I replied thinking about my next move.

“Where are you going?” she sounded disappointed.

Not sure what to say, I went with a version of the truth. “I got an unwanted visitor this morning. My breasts feel like they were put in a vice and I wanna make sure the dam doesn’t burst. I’ll be back in few.”

“Do you need anything?” she asked.

“I think I have all I need, thanks,” I said, heading back to the room.

I stood in front of the mirror and removed the towel. Although, not as bad as I thought, the spot was pretty noticeable from the front, and really noticeable from the bottom. I started the shower and removed my swimsuit. The dam held but I removed it and cleaned up the the aftermath of my lustful thoughts in the shower.

My mind could not shake the feel of her ass and the sight of that wet spot on her suit. I had to do something to calm myself and thought about retrieving the silver dildo for round two, but thought, “I don’t even need it.”

I sat on the bench in the walk-in shower, leaned back and let the water run as I closed my eyes and imagined peeling off her bikini bottoms. I envisioned kneeling between her legs and slowly spreading them wider as I leaned in close enough to breath in her scent. I inserted two fingers into myself, imagining they were entering her.

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