The Ritual

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Mara sat at the edge of her bed, by an open window. The midnight bell struck, and the only source of light in the dark room was a candle on the bedstand next to her, illuminating her naked body. She put a pencil down on the bed stand and a piece of paper was bathed in light. In her handwriting, it read:

“I offer my body, I offer my mind, I offer my spirit to my Master, Lucifer; Beast God of the Night, Pride, and Lust. I beseech that I am worthy of his blessings.”

She put her hands behind her head, facing the dark world beyond the window. A soft, cool breeze from outsides blew across her breasts. Her nipples grew hard, her face grew warm, and she felt utterly vulnerable.

Her arousal rose up in waves, conjuring visions of her lord master. She closed her eyes, and the image of Satan burned into her mind’s eye. Her hungry cunt called out, and she could feel the heat of his skin coming closer. She could feel his breath coming from him into her mouth, down her throat, and into her heart. She felt his hand grip her cunt.

She began to drown Ankara escort in the sensations of touch; his tongue forcing its way into her mouth and locking around her tongue, his tail sliding between the cheeks of her ass, the tip of which found her asshole and started forcing its way in, his horns wrapping around her head, and his beastly cock spreading her cunt lips.

She could feel the searing hot head, then the cold steel sheath of his cock, and his hands gripping her tits, squeezing them, and pulling her engorged nipples. Pain flashed across her mind, and then extreme ecstacy. Her hands were locked in position behind her head with his horns. Her nipples were suddenly clamped to his and their breath became one. It felt as though he was sucking her throat from both inside and outside. Her pussy was dripping. She ached to be his whore. She opened her eyes, excited, and feeling hornier than she had ever imagined she could feel… but she was alone.

Looking out the window, she saw the silhouette of a stranger standing on the other side of the fence, Ankara escort bayan half hidden in the shadows beyond the streetlight, frozen in shock, and staring at her naked figure in the candlelight. She could feel their gaze wrapped around her but couldn’t make out much about their appearance. She knew what Master Lucifer wanted now that she was being watched. Enthusiasm.

She couldn’t stop now that she had started anyway, and now she had a witness to offer. With her right hand, she picked up the paper she had scrawled her summons on and held it over her cunt until it was wet. With her left, she slapped her cunt through the paper, saying “Master I offer my body.” A second slap: “Master I offer my mind,” and a third: “Master I offer my spirit”. She then crushed the paper into a small ball, fit it to her slit, and pushed it slightly in before closing her cunt lips around it, keeping it there until it was soaked.

She removed it with her right hand, bent over, and reached around to put it between her ass cheeks touching her hole, tempting him; Escort Ankara He loves anal. Then she held it open with both hands and licked it. “Master, I am your slut. My holes were made for your pleasure.” she called “My cunt, asshole, and mouth are yours. I beg that I am worthy to be desecrated to you.”

She pivoted her hips towards the window, held the paper over her womb with her right hand, reached down with her left, spreading open her cunt lips, and howled desperately “Master, I implore you to enter me and fill me with your seed. I am your devoted demonic receptacle, and my juices will guide your shaft into the depths of my being. I beg you to take me!”

She moved the soaked paper over her heart, between her breasts, laid back in the bed, and spread her legs as wide as she possibly could, until they ached. She then inserted a massive dildo into her sopping wet, hot pussy, and raised her pelvis up off the bed screaming “Master Lucifer, I am your slut; your servant; your slave. Take what is yours!” as she started the process of fucking herself silly, forgetting completely about the stranger’s existence.

She felt him take her then, replacing the paper summons and dildo, and she was lost in the pleasures of flesh gifted by the Dark Lord.

She never looked back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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