The Rose Garden 3

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When Beth woke up, stars already danced in the heavens above the botanical garden. It was cool in the rose garden, but someone had covered Beth’s naked body, exhausted from fucking, with a warm blanket, appropriately enough a shade of dusty rose.

Riff and I sat at the foot of the mattress chatting in low voices. Beth yawned and asked Riff the time. “After midnight,” he replied, to which she nodded sleepily. She noted quickly that the special volunteers were still there, despite the lateness of the hour, and that puzzled her. In addition, they all seemed to wear dark robes that bore gold lightning streaks down the shoulders.

Before she could ask Riff about it, Brian Holley and his raven-haired beauty Andrea with her green eyes came over. “Awake, I see,” he chuckled at Beth. “From my point of view, you seemed to have enjoyed this afternoon’s physical exercises. How do you feel?”

His tone of genuine concern touched her, an act I’d seen Brian play before. He was a shoe salesman before becoming a chief executive. “Oh fine, I guess.” She paused. “Wow! I never thought I would feel this good.” She peeked under the covers. “Yay!” she squeaked. “It’s still there.” General laughter as some of the special volunteers gathered around.

Scientific fact: semen contains hormones that make a woman feel really good. That was by design. Riff knew she would be relaxed and feeling sexual after the gang bang, and he had a plan. Beth did not know that Riff had offered Brian a lot of money so the renovations currently underway to the botanical gardens could be finished and Brian could retire.

In return, Brian Bahçelievler Escort and the special volunteers had agreed to deliver Beth into Riff’s hands for a punishment session to be delivered tonight, assisted by the group. That was the secret Riff had been explaining to me when Beth woke up. Now he was visibly excited that it was really happening.

Brian nodded at Beth, bathing her in the sunshine of his big smile. “So, that is good news,” he told her. The group smiled and nodded with him. “We want you to know that we really enjoyed you this afternoon.” More nods and smiles, even murmurs of approval, amid which I thought I detected guttural grunts of sexual arousal.

“In fact, Beth,” Brian continued, “we enjoyed you so much that we have arranged a surprise for you. With Riff’s permission, we are going to do a special session for you now in another part of the botanical gardens. It will be an experience like no other for you.”

Beth blushed at the compliment and nodded her gratitude as the women came to her and wrapped one of the dark robes with the gold lightning around her shoulders. Riff lifted her to her feet, and surrounded by the women, the pair followed Brian and Andrea to the path leading out of the rose garden.


The moon was nearly full, and stars scattered over the night sky seemed to pulse with sexual energy as the group of special volunteers, led by Brian and Andrea, moved along an open path lit only with the occasional flaming torch.

The path wound its way leisurely through tropical forest and emerged across African grassland. Beth breathed Escort Bayan deeply of the fresh air laced with the heady fragrances of tropical plants and the earthy smell of grassland. I knew what she was thinking as she moved along beside Riff, her hips swaying sleepily. Yes, the flower fragrances were delightful, but not as exciting, I thought, as the smell of Beth’s cunt.

The path now entered another forest, actually a simulation of the Amazonian rain forest: tall trees, hanging vines, and everywhere the damp earth smell and the calls of night birds. Just ahead the path curved to the right past a vaulted open space about the size of a small gymnasium, and it was into this open space that Brian led us.

Beth had seen exotic butterflies in the gardens before, and now reflected ruefully that the butterflies were now fluttering in her stomach. Before her in the carefully arranged space under the forest canopy were two ominous pieces of furniture. They looked out of place, not the crude tables and chairs one might expect made from rough lumber. Instead, the steel, leather, and polished wood came from a cruel perfectionism, a desire to create a device to hold the naked female form helpless to prevent strange men from satisfying their depraved desires.

To the right, ropes and chains hung from an overhead branch that carried a powerful hoist mechanism. In the centre of the clearing sat what appeared to Beth to be a table set on a low pedestal. Just behind it stood a large statue of a Polynesian deity of polished teak wood and decorated with jungle flowers and painted jewelry.

The table’s istanbul Escort edges carried straps and anchors clearly meant to hold down anyone lying on the table. Before she could speak to Riff, to protest, her worst fears were confirmed as Brian and Riff each took a wrist and snapped a leather bondage cuff around it. Her ankles swiftly followed, and then a leather collar around her neck with a short chain attached. “Yes, my dear,” Brian whispered into her ear as he took her right breast in his strong hand. “We are going to whip you.”

“But not too hard,” I assured her quickly. People watch too many pirate movies. “We want to see whether you can handle a little pain and convert it into sexual energy. Brian and I have experience with this, and we’re going to let Riff try it too.”

“But,” I went on quickly before she could protest again, “the ladies are here to help you, coach you. They will be your guardians through the whole ordeal. Yes, I said ‘ordeal’. I will not lie to you, Beth. This will be hard, but it will be worth it. You will see.” Her face had fallen, and she fixed me with a nervous stare.

“I …. I guess so,” she replied. “It’s just that I was so nervous at first, and then all the … you know .. on the mattress … and I felt so good … and had a nap … and now.” She bit her lip and blurted, “Do we really have to whip me?”

Riff’s wolfish grin as he nodded made it clear he had arranged this and was enjoying her discomfort. His hand moved his robe aside momentarily to show her his very aroused cock. “They tell me you will enjoy this sort of thing eventually. I hope so. I know I will enjoy this little show very much.”

With that, he motioned Brian over and placed Beth’s hand in Brian’s. “I will put you in the hands of a master,” Riff told her. “Master Brian, do with her as we all wish you to do.”

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