The Shower

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With his wife already asleep in the bed, Jason thought he would indulge himself in a little bit of pleasure. Sure, sex with his wife was good, no it was great, but on occasion he selfishly wanted it all to be only about himself and here was the perfect opportunity. Stepping into the bathroom he closed the door and then turned on the shower. His wife had showered several hours earlier so Jason knew it would take some time before the water warmed up.

He quickly leafed through the magazines that were stacked on the tank of the toilet looking for a Cosmo or possibly a Glamour magazine. Often he could find some sexy articles in those magazines but all he found that evening was either Good Housekeeping or Ladies Home Journal, certainly no good reading for jacking off. Stepping away from the pile of magazines he peeked into the shower, stuck his hand into the water and confirmed it was still too cold to get in.

Moving back over to the sink he looked at his face and then he slowly stepped back until he could see his entire upper torso and down as far as his cock in the reflection. Then, watching his cock in the mirror he reached his palms up to his chest and began circling them over his nipples. Feeling them quickly harden at the sensation he continued watching his cock in the mirror as it slowly poker oyna stirred to life.

First the growth was steady as it pushed itself out from under the reddish pubic hair and though still soft, it was several inches longer. Then as he continued toying with his nipples, alternating between rubbing his palms over them and using his fingers to lightly pinch them he saw his cock begin to twitch as it continued to grow, but this time as it grew it curved upward in an odd twitching motion.

Continuing to watch his cock in the mirror he reached down and wrapped his fingers around the shaft and then slid them back and forth over the head and then back. His cock hardened even more with the motion of his hand and the sensations it created. He stopped stroking himself and moved his hand away so he could see himself fully erect.

By then he noticed the steam curling around the shower door so he moved to the shower, opened the door and stepped inside, carefully avoiding the, now too hot, water. Adjusting the water temperature and testing it several times he finally stepped into the stream and let the warm water cover his body. After a while he adjusted the shower head changing the constant stream to a powerful pulsing blast.

He then reached for the soap, soaped up his hands and as he began running canlı poker oyna his slippery hands over his nipples, he arched his back and pushed his cock under the pulsing spray of water. Moving his hips back and forth he watched as the pulses of water splashed on the head of his cock and then as the pulses splashed down the shaft and finally into his pubic hair. Toying with his nipples he continued moving back and forth letting the water splash off his cock making it tingle along its entire length.

Knowing the water wasn’t enough to get him off, he continued a bit longer letting the teasing sensations get him more and more turned on. By now he had moved from toying with his nipples to pinching them quite hard, letting the bit of pain mix with the other sensations coursing through his body. Finally, when he could hold off no longer, he reached out and grabbed the soap with his right hand.

He squeezed the soap, working up a good lather and then suddenly pulled his cock out of the shower’s pulsations. Backing into the shower, he let the water pulsate on his shoulders as he grabbed his cock with his soapy hand and fingers. Wrapping them around himself he began sliding up and down while squeezing hard. As he stroked himself he recalled the images of his cock sliding in and out of his wife, at the way internet casino she whimpered and moaned as he fucked her and then the way she moved as she came.

The images in his mind mixed with the sensations coursing up his cock and the sensations he created as his free hand continued toying with his nipples, one and then the other, and he felt the pleasure building inside him. He pushed his cock forward and then leaned his back against the shower wall. Rising up on his toes as his whole body tensed up, he looked down and watched his cock as he was overcome with the pleasure.

As he came he watched his cum spurt across the shower splashing into the water still pulsing from the shower head. His cock spurted again with the cum going only half as far. The last bit of cum ran down his hand so he turned and let the water from the shower rinse the soap suds and the cum off of himself. Looking down he watched his white fluid swirl around and then down the drain, disappearing from his sight.

Jason then reached up and turned off the shower. Opening the shower door, he grabbed a towel, dried off, hung up the towel and then grabbed his underwear, pulling it on. He came out of the bathroom, grabbed his tee shirt from the bed, pulled in on and climbed into bed. He then leaned over and gave his wife a kiss whispering, “Goodnight.”

His wife mumbled something back that he didn’t understand. Not really paying attention to what she said, he simply rolled over, grabbed his pillow and slowly drifted to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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