The Steamy Chase Ch. 06

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Dean Broody vs. Kayla Cooper


Kayla couldn’t remember a time she had been this deliriously happy. A determined Dean was a delightfully terrific guy. Right from the moment he had finally shown his face on the plane, to landing in Dubai, he had made Kayla fall even more in love with him. For a moment on the plane, Kayla couldn’t believe he was the same Andrew Cole had spoken of. Dean had to show her his passport to prove that Andrew was indeed his middle name.

“He didn’t lie to you Kay.” Dean said trying to suppress the laughter bubbling up within him.

“Yeah whatever.” Kayla had snapped with a mock scowl. “A dean in a university in Dubai? Really?”

Dean had laughed so hard he had erupted into coughs, alarming a scowling Kayla who quickly handed over her apple drink. “Here, drink this before you die on me you jerk.”

“Your boss is the jerk.” Dean said after gulping down the drink and catching his breath. “Is that the best he could come up with?”

“You are both morons.” Kayla retorted, and then with a sudden groan, buried her face in her palm. “D-B 001. I should have known.”

“Don’t beat yourself up hon. I was the last person you expected to be your ticket to Dubai.”

“Yeah tell me about it.”

And Dean had made her flight a blissfully memorable one. She hadn’t slept a wink. They had watched movies, played scrabble, ate really delicious meals and generally had fun.

When they got to Dubai, Kayla got to know that Dean had booked them into the elegant Burj Al Arab hotel, which was consistently voted the world’s most luxurious hotel. Kayla had a whole suite to herself. They were both so tired they had gone straight to bed. Kayla woke up around nine p.m. to her bedside phone ringing. It was Dean.

“We have to eat sometime Kay.” He drawled.

Kayla laughed softly, stretching. “God I’m famished.”

“Good. I’ll be at your door in fifteen.”

“I’ll be ready.”

When Kayla opened her door, Dean gave a low whistle. She was looking hot and elegant in a perfect hourglass shaped maroon alluring tulip dress, which had a really low v-neck, shirred waist and draped skirt. Whilst the dress’ low neck gave a hint of Kayla’s creamy breasts, Dean couldn’t keep his eyes off her exposed beautiful thighs. Black platform heels completed the chic look. Dean swallowed and took a deep breath.

“What are you trying to do to me? Send me to an early grave?” His voice had gone husky.

Kayla chuckled. “They did say dinner was a formal affair Dean.”

“Yes but this…” He trailed off staring at her creamy cleavage.

“Hey, I’m up here.” Kayla laughed. “Dude, I didn’t know I was coming on this trip with you. I just packed what I thought would feel comfortable. So don’t think I’m trying to seduce you or anything. ‘Cause I’m not.”

“I won’t complain if you do.” Dean drawled making Kayla burst into laughter. “Come, let’s go eat.”

At the restaurant, almost every man ogled Kayla, making her groan softly. Though she was used to men ogling her all the time, the attention she was getting was rather absurd. That was probably because almost every woman there was…covered up. So much for being comfortable.

“Told ya.” Dean chuckled beside her.

“Do you think I should go and change?”

“Hell no.” Dean said pulling out a chair for her to sit.

“Perv.” Kayla muttered, making Dean laugh.

They were served food that was so exceptionally delicious the flavour lingered in their minds long after the meal was over.

“That was some good food.” Dean said standing up and reaching for Kayla’s hand. “Now let’s go explore Dubai.”

They were driven around town in Dean’s luxury jeep, a sleek 2014 Lexus GX 460, taking in the beautiful sights, with Kayla particularly taking note of the shops which she could visit the following day. Dean had been to Dubai several times as he had a branch of his firm in the country. He therefore didn’t need to look around so rather used his time to watch Kayla’s delightful expression. He thought she was totally adorable. Their final destination was the luxurious nightclub, Cavalli, where they danced till the crack of dawn. The club was an exclusive one which was known to stock the most expensive champagne in the world, the Louis Roederer, Millennium Cristal Brut 1990. Dean met some friends there who he interacted with for a while, leaving Kayla to enjoy her champagne.

“Hey come on let’s dance.” Dean said drawing Kayla onto the dance floor. “Hope you’re not drunk.”

“I’m not. I’ve learnt my lesson. But that was some good champagne.” Kayla drawled moving sensually to the music.

Dean looked mouth-wateringly sexy in black jeans and a black button-up shirt un-tacked. So handsome, virile, and so masculine a man, any woman would wish to have him for themselves. Kayla had to make a conscious effort to stop herself from dragging him onto the floor and having her way with him in front of all the people in there. All she could comfortably antalya escort do, was rub against his hot body.

“I must have taken in more than I thought.” Kayla purred, knowing she was losing her inhibitions.

Dean knew he was in trouble when Kayla twined her arms around his neck and started rotating and grinding her hips in rhythm with the music. Her fluid and sensual movements was the epitome of dirty dancing. Dean was so aroused he bit his lip till he tasted blood. Damn Cole! He moved his hands from her back to her hips and rocked back against her, bending his head to kiss her ear.

A cry of pure unadulterated need escaped Kayla’s lips when she felt Dean’s wet tongue on her ear, tracing her helix. Her vision blurred. She could feel Dean’s throbbing erection rubbing against her. Kayla was so wet she was worried she would start dripping onto the floor. Her need for Dean was so strong she was ready to damn the consequence and fuck the shit out of him.

Dean knew they had to get out of there before he lost control, before he fucked her right there on the dance floor.


“Yes Dean.” Kayla breathed as she lifted beautiful glazed green eyes to his, her lips slightly parted. All dean wanted to do was lean forward and capture those sweet soft lips with his. He leaned in and heard her breath hitch in her throat, her lips trembling with obvious arousal.

“I really can’t help it.” He whispered, now mere inches from her parted lips. He felt a sudden tightness in his chest, an emotion that gripped his throat and had him staring at her with a need to never have her out of his sight? Where the fuck did that come from, Dean asked himself.

Kayla’s gaze which was fixed on his, flicked down to his lips and she let out a sexy little whimper that went straight to Dean’s cock, making it jerk. That was it for Dean. With a groan he closed the distance between their lips and crushed his mouth over hers, and then proceeded to kiss the living daylights out of her.

Dean could feel her trembling against him, her fingers pulling at his hair as his lips ate at hers. Her throaty moans only fueled his hunger. He couldn’t get enough of her, couldn’t kiss her deeply enough, strongly enough. Heat exploded inside his body, pouring to his cock, hardening it even more.

Moaning lustfully, Kayla allowed herself to be swept away with the kiss. She couldn’t believe just how much she had missed those exquisite lips against hers. Dean’s kiss was confident, skilled, and just the right side of aggressive to turn her on wildly. She was desperate, going out of her mind with want. They both knew they had to stop what was going on before things got out of hand but couldn’t bring themselves to release each other’s lips. It felt like hours before they came up for air. Kayla was trembling and trying to get some air into her lungs and Dean’s breathing was erratic.

“Let’s get out of here Kay.” Dean husked drawing a dazed and aroused Kayla after him as he pulled out his phone from his pocket to instruct the chauffeur to meet them out front.

Their chauffeur pulled up immediately they got outside and quickly jumped out to open the door for them but Dean beat him to it. By the time he got into the backseat beside Kayla, the car was already in motion. Kayla didn’t waste any time in moving to straddle Dean. She grinded against his erection, drawing a groan from him.

“Fuck baby.” He clenched his teeth and fought against the need. The need to fuck her long, deep and slow, until they were both screaming in release. He had never been so turned on in his life.

Lifting her head, she looked up into his eyes, pouring all the invitation into her gaze that she knew how. She wanted him and she wanted him now. Waiting didn’t seem to be a viable option.

“God, Dean, I’m so wet.” Kayla whispered. She needed him. Knew he also wanted her. But she could sense Dean holding back. If it was going to take her begging for him to give her what she craved…what only he could give her, then so be it. “Please Dean.” Her tongue came out to lick her lips which were trembling with so much emotion.

Dean froze, staring down at her. His perfectly shaped lips parted as his gaze dropped to her mouth, watching her pink tongue leave a trail of moisture. With a low growl he cupped her nape, leaned forward and captured those sexy lips with his, giving Kayla a ravenous kiss. When Kayla trapped his tongue and sucked on it erotically, Dean totally lost it. He slid his hand between them and cupped Kayla’s heated panty covered pussy, smiling into their kiss when he heard her sigh. Even in the heat of passion, she was so adorable. He gripped the band circling her hips and tore the fragile material from her, the scraps of fabric easily ripping from her body. After quickly pushing the pantie into his breast pocket, his covered her wet heat with his fingers and groaned even as Kayla moaned lustfully. But just as he was about to start torturing Kayla with those wicked fingers, the chauffeur interrupted by loudly clearing his antalya rus escort throat.

“We are here Sir.” He said, making them conscious of where they were. “Would you want me to drive around Sir?”

Dean groaned and removed his fingers from where they just lay against Kayla. “No, thanks.” Dean said tightly and got out of the car, taking note of how shaky Kayla looked. Surely he couldn’t leave her like that. That would be cruel he thought.

They got on the elevator with another couple, who couldn’t keep their hands off each other. By the time they got to Kayla’s suite, Dean had resolved to do the right thing. If he was going to get anywhere with Kayla, he had to be able to control his lust. Kayla was trembling so much she couldn’t swipe her card. Dean gently took it from her and opened the door.

“Would you like to…” Kayla looked hopefully at Dean.

“I’ll see you later Kay.” Dean said leaning down to kiss her on both cheeks. “Get some sleep.” And with that, Dean closed the door softly between them and walked away to his suite, cursing Cole the whole time. Turning away from Kayla was the hardest thing he had ever done in his life.


Kayla stretched and looked up at the time on the projected clock on the wall. It was twelve past ten. She got out of bed and padded on the plush carpet into the en suite bathroom, taking in her appearance in the large mirror covering the wall on top of the vanity. She watched her face turn beet red when she recalled how wanton she had behaved in the club and in the car on their way to the hotel. Trying to seduce Dean with her dirty dancing, begging for a fuck, shamelessly doing that with a chauffeur present, inviting Dean into her room for an obvious fuck, and the most humiliating of all…getting rejected. She had been so mortified she hadn’t been able to sleep for a long time. How could she? But then, when it came to Dean, she didn’t really care where she was or who was present. She just needed to feel him inside her. She knew what Dean was doing…trying to steer their relationship away from sex.

“Oh my God!” Kayla muttered aloud as she stepped into the shower, wondering how Dean would perceive her now.

Just as she was coming out of the shower, she heard a knock on her door and knew it was none other than Dean. Not wanting a repeat of what had happened the last time she had gone straight to open her door to Dean from the shower, Kayla pulled on a pantie, bra and a long clingy t-shirt and went to open the door. It was a waiter with a trolley of assorted dishes.

“I’ve been asked to bring this here Ma’am.” The waiter said.

Kayla opened the door wider for him to enter and heard Dean’s voice in the hallway, talking on his phone. Kayla went to stand just outside the door and looked at him, willing herself not to drool. Was there ever a time that Dean didn’t look sexy and commanding? This morning he was in blue jeans and a grey long-sleeved Henley shirt and boots. He looked totally hot. When Dean spotted Kayla, he walked over to her and drew her into his arms, still talking to whoever was on the phone. When the waiter came out, Dean tucked the phone between his ear and shoulder, not even once releasing his hold on Kayla, and reached into his pocket for some money to tip the waiter.

“Listen Nish, let’s discuss it over dinner tomorrow at eight p.m. in my hotel. See you then.”

Dean hanged up and drew Kayla into the room, closed the door behind them and promptly pulled her back into his arms. Kayla tightened her arms around him, loving the steady beat of his heart in her ear. And he smelled divine. God, how she loved him.

“Did you sleep well?” Dean asked, dropping a kiss on her forehead when she looked up and nodded. “At least one of us did.” He muttered making Kayla laugh.

“And whose fault was that?” She drawled.

“Let’s eat.” Dean said deliberately changing the subject. “We’re going on a desert safari afterwards.”

“Really? Great! What should I wear?” Kayla asked looking excited.

“I’ll pick something for you when we finish eating.” Dean said drawing Kayla to the dining area.

After the delicious meal, they both went up to the bedroom and Dean made a beeline for her closet. He chose a sexy emerald, casually cool, soft, stretchy, cotton dress with a sexy cowl back. It was ridiculously short but what Dean loved about the dress was the fact that it brought out the green in her eyes. Then he picked a black jeggings and really lovely black ankle boots. He looked at Kayla’s handbags and turned to look at her with a slight frown.

“You know what? Dress up. I’ll be right back.” Then he left a stunned looking Kayla.

Kayla quickly dressed up, styled her hair and made up. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled with contentment. She looked good. Just as she was adding a touch of gloss to her lips, she heard Dean enter the suite. He had obviously gone with her card. Kayla shook her head in amusement, turning to watch Dean enter the antalya ucuz escort bedroom with a package in his hand. He reached into it and came up with a classy, large, black Chanel leather bag with emerald edges and handles. Kayla gasped. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

“Dean you shouldn’t have.” She whispered, staring at the beautiful bag.

He smirked and brought out a gorgeous ultra-soft black belt, which he promptly buckled loosely around Kayla’s hips, giving her an even hotter look.

“There. That’s more like it. Now pack your stuff into the bag and let’s hit the road.” Dean said dropping a quick kiss on Kayla’s lips before stepping back. He raised a brow when he realized Kayla was rooted to where she stood.

“Thank you.” She said softly.

“You are most welcome darling. Now move.”

Kayla laughed softly and begun putting her stuff into her new bag. The bag was so sweet she could probably just sit and stare at it for hours. She knew it must have cost a fortune and though she felt guilty for accepting it, she felt some kind of joy within that Dean would actually go to such lengths just to make her look and feel good. Though this caring Dean was refreshing, he left Kayla even more confused. With a sigh, she followed Dean out the door.


“Oh my God that was fun.” Kayla gushed out as they were getting into the car to head back to the hotel. After driving around in the desert dunes for about an hour, they’d stopped to walk around, take pictures and ride on camels. It had been fun. “Thanks for taking me.”

“My pleasure. Now time for some pampering at the spa. You up to it?” Dean asked with a grin.

“Oh yes.” Kayla squealed, making Dean bark with laughter.

“Good. When you finish changing into your robe, come and call me from my room. I have some mails that I have to quickly respond to.”

Kayla did just that. After changing into a large fluffy white robe, she left for Dean’s suite. It wasn’t locked so she simply entered. Dean was behind his iPad hitting away at the keys so she simply wandered around, taking in her surroundings. It was huge and simply elegant. She went up the stairs to check out his abnormally huge bedrooms. But then, it was the presidential suite so it was only to be expected. Hers was the deluxe one bedroom suite and even that was big. Dean had explained that he always slept in the presidential suite on his trips to Dubai though it was rather huge for just one person. Only God knew what and who he did in his suite on his trips. A sharp pang of jealousy swirled through Kayla even as she tried to suppress it. What was her problem? She didn’t have any hold on Dean. She had made her choice on that Friday two weeks ago. She therefore didn’t have any right to feel jealous of any woman he chose to bring to his bed did she?

“Kay, I’m done.” Dean called from downstairs, startling Kayla.

She went out onto the landing and looked down just in time to see Dean take off his top, revealing his bare sexy hairy abs. Kayla couldn’t control her gasp. If Dean heard her sharp intake of breath, he didn’t acknowledge it. He started unbuckling his jeans whilst climbing the stairs. When he got to Kayla, he took her hand and pulled her into the bedroom.

“Huge huh?” He grinned. “You should test the water bed.” He said, stripping out of his jeans, leaving on his white boxer briefs which did nothing to conceal the large bulge at his groin. Kayla’s breath was coming out fast. Was Dean doing this on purpose? She was a second away from jumping him. She gave a sigh of relief when Dean pulled on his robe. “Go on, jump on it.”

“Rain check…” Kayla said in a voice she barely recognized as her own. “Maybe later.”

“Tell you what, why don’t we have dinner in here? Then we can use their water bed as a trampoline. What do you say?” Dean said with a naughty look.

Kayla promptly dissolved into laughter. “Sounds like a plan. You’re crazy you know that?”

“You should see what my brothers and I could do when we were kids and still do even now. I want to have only daughters when I start making babies. Boys are terrible.” Dean said casually throwing his arms across Kayla’s shoulders and walking out of the suite. Kayla’s heart started beating rapidly all over again. Babies? Dean Broody talking about making babies? She must be hearing wrong.


“God, I’m full.” Kayla said with a stretch, feeling all relaxed, thanks to the great massage at the spa earlier. They were in Dean’s suite eating dinner. As usual, the food was great.

“Let’s sit for a while before we start the jumping game.” Dean said with a laugh, moving to sit on the couch in front of the TV with a bottle of Hennessey and two glasses.

Kayla went to sit beside Dean on the couch and took the half-filled glass of Hennessey he offered. She leaned against him and sipped at her drink, watching but not listening to the newscaster on CNN. She felt so much contentment she just wanted to cuddle against Dean. After a while, they moved into the bedroom, lying on their sides facing each other. They talked about themselves, their careers and generally, about their expectations in life. Dean delighted Kayla with stories about his crazy brothers. Whilst most were hilarious, others were so touching Kayla wished she had gotten the privilege of having siblings.

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