The Subway


The SubwayThe Subway©Shyblueeyes1968 2016(Interracial, gangbang, FMMMM, oral, anal, voyeur, reluctant, birthday surprise)Summary – it’s a warm summers evening, the sun as just dipped below the horizon, and in the twilight, a woman stands at the top of some concrete steps that lead down to a subway. Sara is a woman with dark desires that leads her into dangerous places in search of fulfilment.Sara paused at the top of the concrete steps, which led down to the subway. She glanced around and shivered, her skin had goose bumps despite it being a warm summer’s night. But then, it wasn’t feeling cold that had caused her to shiver, but a little bit of fear, but quite a lot excitement and anticipation. She knew she was about to take a terrible risk, but this flood of conflicting emotion had become highly addictive and she needed a fix.She glanced the other way, there was nobody in sight in the twilight lit lane, although in the distance she could see a parked car with a shadowy figure sitting in driver’s seat. Above the late evening traffic thundered along the M6, still busy even this late on a Friday. She looked down the rubbish strewn steps. The actual entrance to the subway was out of site, and opposite the step, was a smooth ramp. With a final glance back over her shoulder, she began to make her why down the concrete steps. She had to take care in her heels. She was glad she hadn’t worn the 6 inch stilettos, because even with wearing four inch heels it was precarious enough. When she’d walked though in daylight with her two dogs, it hadn’t looked that bad, but in the semi-dark which grew darker as she descended, because all the lights where broken, it took on a whole new menacing aspect. She thought she heard the distant sound of a car door being closed. Her heart was thumping against her ribcage, the fear and excitement was almost suffocating.She reached the bottom of the steps and walked a few feet and turned to face the mouth of the tunnel, and paused again. At first, it seemed completely dark and unlit, but after a few minutes, her eyes grew accustomed to dark and she could see dull patches of yellow light. It was cooler down here; she could feel it through the thin material of her summer dress. She took a deep breath; the air was cool and damp, despite the recent dry hot weather, and full of odours. You know, all those you associated subways. All this combined to send a shiver fear tinged excitement through her slim body.After a few more seconds pause, she stepped forward and entered the tunnel. The sound of her heels sounded shockingly load, echoing off the concrete walls of the tunnel. Her foot brushed something on the floor, paper it felt like, she told herself, perhaps she should have brought a touch. But no, a torch hadn’t been allowed. She continued along the dark tunnel, there was dull rumble of the traffic above her and she occasionally passed though dim pools light cast by few working lights.At first she seemed to be alone in the tunnel, but as she slowly neared the halfway point, there was a bright flare of a match being lit, and for a moment, she could see several dark figures silhouetted in its light, before it went out. She paused, fear and excited sizzling through her body. She could turn back, there was still time, has a bubble of panic built up in her belly. What if they came after her, chased her down…she didn’t think she would be able to out run anybody, not in these heals. However, despite her sudden feeling of panic, she was also excited, and she felt her nipples harden painfully. Oh god she thought, without a bra, even in this poor light, they would be clearly visible as she walked by. But then, her darker side told her, “you knew that, that’s why dressed this way. It was like this every time…you know you tease them, taunting them, you deserve what you going to get…”Well she couldn’t stand here all night, so she pushed down her panic and she stepped forward and continued to carefully to walk along the tunnel towards the far end. In front of her was an area of dull yellow light, and suddenly, first one, then another dark hooded figure stepped into the light and stood there, and although she couldn’t see there faces, she knew they were staring at her. She nearly stopped, but she forced herself to remain calm and continue to walk forward despite the almost overwhelming buzz of fear and excitement boiling up inside her. As she drew closer, she could make out more than two figures, there was at least four, perhaps even more, her dark side, standing in her path at the end of the tunnel. Now she could see that the two standing in the dull light where men, black men, big black men she told herself. She tried too look past them, not to focus on them, because if they meant her harm, it was far too late. As she approached to within a few feet of the men blocking her path, it was clear they weren’t going to stand aside.“Well, lads, it looks like we’ve got ourselves a trespasser.”“Yea, bitch, you’re trespassing.”She could see their eyes, and there were 4 pairs of them, full of lust and desire, roving over her slim but shapely figure, and she knew, even in the dull light, that her dark hard and very erect nipples would be clearly visible thought the light fethiye escort bayan cream material of her wrap around summer dress. Oh god what have I let myself walk into? She was almost fainting with heady mix of fear and excitement.“You gonna have to pay a toll to pass, bitch.”Her mouth dry, Sara asked in a whisper “how…how much is the toll?”“Well, let’s see, what do you think lads, this little white bitch comes matching through our territory like she owns it…what do you think this fine piece of arse is worth?”As they considered the “Toll”, they moved around her, blocking off her retreat, and stood close, hemming her in. She could now see all the men were black, and all towered over her petite figure, despite her high heels.“Fifty quid?”“Nar, I think this white bitch can afford much more than that, lets call it a round hundred shall we?” said the one who was clearly in charge. There were nods and murmurs of agreements and sniggering laughs.“I don’t have that sort of money on me…”“What? You came here without the toll…well, that’s a real shame, at least for you that is, Bitch.” There was more laughing and sniggering, full of wickedness and lust. “Please, I am sorry…” she tried to step back, but strong hands seized her arms.“Sorry? You gonna be more than sorry.” They chuckled wickedly. “Well you see, we’ll just have to accept payment in kind, won’t we.” And then, addressing the rest of the gang, “what do you think lads?”More laughing and murmurs of agreement, as the leader stepped forward and began to caress her breast. She tried to step back from his big grasping hands, but the two behind her step forward and took a firm hold of her arms. “Hmmm, yea, money isn’t everything, not when you got a fine arse figure like this. Fuck man, feel these titties…she en’t wearing no bra. Fuck man she don’t need it either, I love small firm tits” His hand roughly caressed and squeezed her breast through the thin material, and she felt other hands snake around her body and also begin to grope and squeeze too. Other hands ran themselves up and down her body. She didn’t even make a half hearted attempt to resist, there was no point, she was in their power and they clearly knew this. These were men that knew they could use her as they saw fit, what she thought or wanted no longer mattered. Already the combination of fear and sexual excitement had taken her to another world, so that she was only dimly aware that the tunnel was suddenly brighter.A hand must have found the bow that tied her wrap around dress around her body, because she felt it falling open, and then the man, the one giving the orders, stood back to admire the view. “Fuck man, would’ya just look at that?” She was pushed up against the cool concrete wall of the subway. For a second she was free, but she was far too gone to even think about running. They gathered in front of her to admire her near naked body, because under the dress, she was only wearing white lace topped hold up stockings and nothing else.“Shit man, the little slut was commando…you’d think she came down her looking for us”“Fuck, and look at that sweet little pussy…fuck I do love to see a baby smooth cunt…”Several held up mobile phones and took pictures, and teased her as she made half hearted attempts to cover her breast and pussy. To one side, she was dimly aware of a shadowy figure, behind a bright light.“Lady, for an older women, you’ve got a fine body…hold her up, I wanna taste that white bitch’s pussy!” Again they gathered around her, big rough hands took hold of her and pushed firmly against the cold concrete wall, and then, taking hold of her legs they lifted her up, spreading her thighs wide open. She vaguely thought, they’ve done this before, because there was little discussion, each seemed to know what to do. They felt too comfortable and relaxed in their roles for this to have been the first time.In front of her, the leader had lowered himself onto his knees, and behind him, the shadowy figure behind a bright light moved closer. Oh God, she thought, I am being filmed. Her thoughts were interrupted as she felt something soft blow over her hairless pussy, and she glanced down into the eyes of the man on his knees. As she watched, he flicked his long tongue out and then, barely touching her, he flicked it over her naked flesh. Although the tip barely touched her, its effect was like an electric shock sizzle through her body, and she gasped, she arched her back and thrust her hips forward. Hands run up her sides, cupping her breasts and squeezing and caressing them. The lead assailant continued to tease her pussy with his tongue for a few more minutes, flicking over her smooth flesh, toying with her small erect rose bud. He was surprised just how hard and erect her clit was and especially the way her body jumped every time the tip of his tongue flicked over it. He started applying a little more pressure and licking more deeply and slipped his tongue between her out lips and run it up and down. He pulled back for a second, “Man, she hot for it and as sweet as honey.” He lent forward and started to lick her soaking wet pussy, first on the outside and then pushing his tongue deep into her soaking cunt. He could feel her convulsing and shuddering, escort fethiye and then he move up to her swollen clit and sucked it between his teeth. She cried out, her back arched, oh god it was too much, it was more than she could cope with, and the lost all sense of reality as her first orgasm slammed into her body. Wave after wave rolled over her has her oral assailant continued to violate her pussy and clit with his tongue and teeth, and hands continued to squeeze and pinch her breast and nipples. She must have briefly passed out, because now she was on her knees, completely naked save for her stockings and shoes. The ground was soft and spongy, and then she realised it was a mattress. God, they were that prepared? Had they done this before? Was she one of the many women lured to this tunnel and gangbanged on this mattress? Lured, asked her inner dark self? Nobody lured you here, you walked into this slut.Then she came back to the reality of her surroundings. While she had been in her stupor, her assailants had striped, and she was now surround by naked black men, naked and “oh God” she thought, very aroused black men. There was no escaping the reality of what was going to have to her. The stood leering and slowly stroking huge black erect cocks…only in her wildest, darkest fantasies had she imagined cocks this big.One of her assailants stood behind her, and the first stepped forward, his huge black cock dangling in front of her. “Open your mouth slut…come on.” The massive head of his black cock was pushed against her mouth, and she relaxed and allowed it force its way, stretching and forcing her mouth wide open. Her nostrils were filled with his masculine odour and she savoured both the smell and taste as his thick cock slide over her tongue. “Yea…you love it slut, that’s it baby…use your tongue” He pushed his hips forward forcing his cock in deep, almost making her gag, but she relaxed and was able to control her reflex reaction to having a thick black cock forced deep into her mouth, and she knew this was only the first of five cocks. She could feel the others being pressed and rub against her, impatient for their turns as the first was slowly fucked back and forth. After a few minutes he pulled out and allowed the next cock to be pushed in, and each of her assailants took it in turns to violate her mouth until her cheeks began to ache. Though out this ordeal she was aware of the constant flash of cameras and presence of fifth silent person who was clearly videoing her whole ordeal. She’d choked on the last cock, and to her relief they allowed a few minutes pause, before she pushed forward onto her hands and knees. She felt one of them position himself behind her, the tip of a cock pressed her against her pussy, hands griped her hips and then in one long thrust the cock was pushed into. She cried out. Oh God it was too big…and there were three more too…she’d die. She fell onto her face, and she heard somebody say “hold her steady” and hands gripped her arms and gently but firmly lifted back onto her hands and knees. The cock in her cunt…oh how she hated and loved that word…cunt, was slowly pulled back and then rammed back into and with each deep thrust she gasped and groaned. This continued for a while, and then it slowly built up, getting faster and faster, and then it slowed down again, and the cock was pulled out, only replaced by another cock, this time it was rammed in and out faster with more urgency. Hands griped her hand and pulled her face up, and she felt a cock being pushed back into her mouth, and this was the one that just come from her pussy, because she could taste her own juices. He didn’t say anything, but she knew what was coming. With each firm hard thrust of the cock being rammed into her cunt, the cock in the mouth was fucked almost down her throat. Both her violators were fucking her in time. She felt the man fucking her mouth tense, and she tried to focus for a few seconds, to prepare for it. The cock being thrust in and out of pussy slowed but continue be pumped in and out of her. The owner of the cock in her mouth tightened his hold on her head and his thrust became more frantic and then she felt the first hot thick salty spurt of spunk on tongue. With a loud groan he pulled back and pushed in again has thick hot spunk continued to be pumped into her mouth. She started to swallow, it was that or choke and she couldn’t spit with a mouth full of cock. She continued to be fucked slowly from behind and she was vaguely aware of comments and questions being asked…“Man, look at that jiss dribble out of her mouth, fuck she swallowing it too…”“Did you get that man….”“Yea, I got it” The cock was removed from her mouth, and the fucking from behind picked her and she grunted and groaned with spunk dribbling down her face. He fucked her hard and faster, until he let a load groan and another load of black spunk was injected into. He pulled back and thrust again with a grunt, forcing her face down into the mattress. He pumped her several more times and then slowed and collapsed on top of her panting. After a few minutes she felt him pushed himself up and then off.For a brief moment she thought it was over, but as she felt fethiye escort other one position himself, she told herself “don’t be stupid, they do me as much as they like….”Suddenly she stiffened, as she felt a finger probe her anus and then slip in. It was covered in lubricate, but still, their cocks was huge, they’d spilt her apart. She loved anal sex…but they were too big!!! “No, please, not there, you’re too big…please…” The guy probing her anus with his fingers just laughed and said “hold her boys, looks somebody doesn’t like their medicine.” Hands took a firm hold and pushed her down as the finger continued to finger fuck her anus.“Relax” she told herself, “relax”….but her other half shouted back at her… ”it’s a fucking ebony tree trunk…”The finger was removed from her arse and then she felt the tip of the cock being pushed between her bum cheeks and pressed against her anus. She felt a little relief as she realised that it wasn’t just going to be rammed in. Still when it pushed in and forced her anal ring to stretch she cried out and tried to pull away, but she was held firmly and the cock just followed her, stretching her like she’d never been stretched before. She gasped and screamed. Once it was in though, he paused, and allowed her to relax and get use to. The pain turned into a burning sensation and she felt hands begin to finger and caress her pussy and the pain and the pleasure began to merge… “Oh God, YES…” she cried out loudly.After a few minutes, her anal violator asked “You ready baby…cos I am gonna fuck you…”“Just do it you bastard…ooouuuch fuck…oh God fuck.” He stabbed his cock forward with a sharp thrust and then slowly pumped his cock back and forth…but with each inward thrust of his cock going a little deeper. She felt somebody knee in front of her, and another cock being pushed into her mouth, and has before, they worked together, thrusting in together, pulling out together and has she got use to the cock in her arse, her body began to respond. She loved anal sex, but her husband’s cock was a lot smaller than these logs, and she never came from just anal sex alone, unless her pussy was being stimulated at the same time, in which case her orgasms were explosive. Somebody must have read her mind, because suddenly the cocks were being pulled out and she was lifted up as one of the assailants slid underneath and she was lowered back down and her pussy impaled upon his cock in one smooth thrust down. The pleasure rippled through her body and then multiplied as she felt her anal intruder slide back into her. “Oh God” she cried out and then any further sound were muffled as a third cock was pushed into her mouth.Each cock was slowly but firmly thrust in and out of each of her holes. Her muffled grunts and pants merged with sound from those of her violators thrusting into her holes. The flash of a camera continued and as she ascended into ecstasy she was vaguely aware of the fifth, white, man moving around with the video camera. She had never felt anything like this…and then she lost her self as first one and then another orgasm rippled her though her body. Her cries as each orgasm crashed into her were muffled by a mouth full of cock.This continued with each cock being moved around until she lost all sense of her surroundings and at some point she must have slipped into blissful u*********sness. The next thing she was aware was somebody lifting her gently in strong arms and carrying her back down the tunnel and up the stars in the fresh cool night air. She was vaguely aware being carried to a car…the car that had the shadowy figure in the driver’s seat. One one she had got out when she’d arrived. She was vaguely aware of being put on the back seat and wrapped in a soft blanket and familiar voices quietly talking.“Will she be ok? “Yes, I’ll handle it from here, fuck that was great.”“Yea, I can’t wait to see the stuff…do you think she’ll be up for it again?”“Yes, but something different…will the guys be up for it again?”“You’re k**ding right? Cause they will.”“Ok, will call you in a week.”“Yea ok, see you.”She heard the driver’s door open and somebody getting into the car.“You ok love? Not in any pain” asked her husband?“Yes and no, no pain just sore…and sleepy” she replied.“Ok, we’ll be home soon…happy birthday…”“Thank you…” and Sara drifted off to sleep as her husband drove her home.___________________________A week later, having recovered from her spit roasting, she lay on her bed, on her side, watching the video footage that her husband had filmed under the motorway. One hand was rubbing her clit, and the other was sliding a vibrator into her arse from behind. The whole event had been arranged by her husband and Clive, his best friend and her black lover, has a surprise birthday party. All she’d had been told was where and when, and nothing else, which was how she wanted it. She loved the tingle of fear and excitement of knowing she was going to get fucked, but not how and who.As she watched herself being fucked by three black studs, she thought, Clive and husband James had done a great job. Soon, they would have to do this again…Oh yes…oh yes indeed. She started pumping the vibrator as she watched herself being gang fucked on the TV screen. Next to her, laid out on the bed were several black dildo’s in varying sizes…she needed to do some stretching exercises in preparation…those cock had left her feeling very sore indeed. Shyblueeyes1968 © 2016

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