The System


At the age of six, I entered the foster care system. Having been born out of wedlock I never knew my biological father. I am not sure that my mother knew who he was either. She was a troubled individual and it was deemed appropriate that I be placed with Shirley and Luke, my first foster parents, to have a normal upbringing. I had an erratic life with my mother prior to that, and having been ostracised by her family before my birth, I am not sure they even knew of my existence. I did see her over the following ten years, but less and less frequently as time passed.When I was sixteen, Luke, already in his early sixties, had a severe stroke and passed away soon after. He had always been the anchor in our household and with him gone there was no way Shirley could care for me. She was taken in by her sister after Luke passed and there simply wasn’t any room for me. After ten wonderful years, I again found myself being processed in the foster care system. The foster care officer placed in charge of me was a creepy man named John. He was thickset, ugly, and hairy. John had the fattest fingers I had ever seen on a human.With glee, John told me that he had the perfect family to place me with. Rod and Doris were in their late thirties and had never had children. I wouldn’t even have to change schools as they lived two blocks away from my former foster parents. I sat in John’s office waiting till five p.m., after which I was taken and introduced to my new family.After a short drive, we arrived at a large unkempt house. Upon alighting from the vehicle a lanky rough looking man approached us and introduced himself as Rod. Rod’s hands were mucky and although his fingernails were short, his nails had dark peripheries. Rod had his own business restoring vehicles. Upon seeing me, Rod’s eyes lit up salaciously, making me feel like a sexual offering that was being delivered into his dirty clutches. Rod had a fair complexion, long hair, and a moth-eaten looking goatee. When he smiled his nicotine-stained teeth flashed at me. Assisting me with my two suitcases Rod, led us into the house.Doris, his wife, was the most indifferent person I had ever met and scarcely acknowledged me when I walked indoors. She was slovenly and ambled about lifelessly, as if in existence mode.John, Rod, and I sat in the lounge chatting for a while before John got up to leave. He remarked that he would be popping by from time to time to check up on me. Once John departed, Rod gave me the grand tour before carrying my suitcase upstairs. I was shown to my room in the centre of the passage.The room to the left was Rod’s bedroom, which he Escort Avrupa yakası occupied alone due to his snoring problem. The bedroom on the right was a spare room and almost never used. There was also a bathroom upstairs, with a basin, shower, and toilet, which he and I would share.Downstairs, the large lounge, dining room, and kitchen were all open planned. Doris’ bedroom had an en-suite bathroom that was directly beneath the upstairs spare bedroom. Rod then showed me his man-cave, which was located below his bedroom. It contained a large dirty couch and huge flat-screen television. I was assured that it had been sound-proofed and informed that I was never to enter there unless invited. It stank of masculinity and cigarettes. Tour complete, we sat down to supper. Conversation at the table was limited with Doris hardly uttering a word, as she liberally drank her wine.When we finished dinner, Doris performed her perfunctory task of clearing and cleaning.Offering to assist Doris I was bluntly told by Rod, “That’s women’s work, and your help isn’t required.”I was then invited into the man-cave to watch television. Enveloped by male odour and cigarette smoke, Rod and I watched some or other nonsense for the next couple of hours. Upon asking what Doris was doing a while later, I was told that she would probably be in la-la land by then because she was addicted to sleeping tablets.At around nine p.m. Rod and I headed upstairs. Rod sat on my double bed as I unpacked my belongings. Having completed the job, I left for the bathroom to brush my teeth. After my arrival back in the bedroom, I hovered about expecting Rod to leave. Remaining seated on my bed, however, he then asked, “Are you cock-shy or something?”Smiling nervously I stripped and hastily put on my pyjama shorts. Rod’s eyes radiated desire during my entire ritual.Next, after pulling the duvet open he motioned for me to get into bed, before stating, “I am going to love having you around Billy.” I thanked him for his generosity before he bent over me and gave me a goodnight kiss on my forehead. As he did so his smoker’s breath and strong body odour lingered over me.After he left thoughts raced through my head. I knew I was gay and had often been told I was as pretty as a girl. Being five foot six inches tall, blond, and blue-eyed, I was like a fuck-magnet to bi-curious and gay men. At school, I had often been hit-on by boys who saw me as an easy target after they had been spurned by reluctant girlfriends. I also had a premonition that my new foster setup was not entirely altruistic. I furthermore Ataköy escort wondered about John’s role in this masquerade, feeling sure that he and Rod were in cahoots. Troubled, I finally fell asleep.When I showered the following morning Rod joined me in the bathroom. Also naked, I got a good look at him. Rod’s body hair was wispy like his goatee and he was skinnier than I had first thought. Rod had a very pale body, making his darker coarse hands seem rather odd. He had a long thin cock, which nestled on an elongated ballbag dangling halfway down his thighs. A flappy foreskin drooped an inch past his dick-head. I was, however, pleased that he also showered because he really needed to.Arriving back home after school that day Doris was on the couch, having a nap. I ate a sandwich, which I presumed was for me, before going to my room. At around five p.m. Rod arrived home, after which I joined him in the lounge, as Doris busied herself in the kitchen preparing our evening meal. The same routine was followed as the night before and we were soon in the man-cave, watching television after dinner. With his arm on the backrest of the couch, Rod ruffled my hair from time to time. Shifting his body occasionally, he was shortly right next to me on the couch.An hour later he asked me if I liked porn. I shrugged in a noncommittal fashion before he got up and inserted a DVD into the machine. Presently, we were watching a petite woman being fucked silly by two huge hunks. Seated directly next to me with his left arm slumped around my shoulders, Rod pushed his right hand into his tracksuit pants. As he toyed with his knob his breathing began to intensify. Pushing his pants down eventually, his entire package flopped out on display. When Rod began tugging on his stiff pole I pretended to be engrossed in the movie and did my best not to stare blatantly.He timed his ejaculation perfectly with the onscreen action and as cum gushed from the two studs in the movie, Rod shot a huge load all over his t-shirt. As he rubbed his sperm into his t-shirt, I arose and announced that it was time for me to head off to bed. After thanking him for the entertainment I made my way upstairs. Prior to switching my bedside lamp off, Rod entered my room and approached me. Bending over me he kissed me on my lips. The kiss wasn’t prolonged but sensually sustained. Ruffling my hair, he then bid me goodnight before leaving.Rod only worked half days on Saturdays and invited me along to meet his crew. I had never seen such a motley bunch in my life. There was enough ink to sustain a tattoo parlour Şirinevler escort bayan for a year. They were a nice bunch of guys, however, and I spent an enjoyable morning in their company. Rod took me to a steakhouse for lunch after work and thereafter, we spent the afternoon watching sport in the man-cave.Rod had not showered that morning and I would come to realize, that personal hygiene wasn’t a daily priority in his life. I also got to whiff his sweaty armpit when he placed his arm around my shoulders as we observed the screen.After supper and Doris’ departure, Rod and I again returned to the cave and watched another DVD.This time it was bisexual with two men paying a lot of attention to one another. Rod soon got up off the couch and stripped naked before re-joining me. I was invited to follow suit and somewhat reluctantly did so. We both had hard-ons as I returned to my seat. Leaning over me, Rod closed in on my mouth and this time the kiss was sustained. He loved licking and after the inside of my mouth had been thoroughly explored, he turned his attention to the rest of my face.His breath did not offend me as much as I had feared and the masculine stench from him was also not as off-putting as I had dreaded. Rod’s saliva assault progressed down my body and shortly my dick was swathed with spit. With my body now lying on the couch, my legs were pushed up as his overactive tongue began its raid on my rosebud. Kneeling on the sofa, Rod pulled my body up with my legs in the air and commenced spitting and stabbing his tongue into my hole. With his left arm around my waist, Rod tugged my cock with his right hand.With the level of excitement, I was experiencing, I fast approached climax. Warning him of this fact he moved his mouth onto my dick and greedily sucked my balls dry. Then, placing me flat on my back Rod climb on top of me and introduced me to the practice of snowballing. Our semen flavoured kiss was awesome and prolonged. Once done, Rod sat on the couch and intimated that it was time for me to reciprocate. Kneeling before him with my knees on the carpet, I began servicing his dick.Tugging on his floppy balls with my left hand, my right hand grasped hold of his long shaft. I sucked on the loose flappy overhang of his knob, before retracting the foreskin to liberate his cock-head. As the glans escaped its confinement the smell was overpowering. Rod obviously never washed this part of his body. I wanted to bail, but given the satisfaction I had received from him earlier, I followed through.Rod encouraged me to swallow his cock. It took some time, but with encouragement from him, I soon had most of his dick in my mouth and down my throat. Sensing my growing comfort level, he began face-fucking me in earnest. Things got rather messy as I drooled copiously during my oral battering. Thankfully, he didn’t last too long before I received my reward, after which another snowballing session followed.

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