The Teacher Ch. 08


Author’s Note:

Hey guys… sorry about the late entry, but life has been crazy for me… If this is your first time reading this story, I would recommend you to read the chapters before this. Please do not copy or print for your own purposes without my permission. Enjoy and please leave some feedback…

XOXO, Maela


We finally reached San Diego, driving past several beaches on the way. I looked around us to see if any cars were around us, but we were alone for now. Maria kept her eyes on the road, but my pussy was itching to touch hers. I could feel myself get damp as I waited patiently. Finding that I could not wait any longer, I gently placed my hand on her thigh.

Maria jumped quickly, but recovered with a smile. She put her hand over mine, and moved it away. Getting bolder, I slowly inched it under the hem of her skirt, making her giggle, but she spread her legs nonetheless.

“Mmmmmmmm… is my baby all hot and horny?”

I gave her an innocent look before I answered in a husky tone, “Yes… aww,” I gasped as my fingers rubbed her bare pussy. “No underwear again missy?” I ask, pretending to be disappointed, but thrilled at the same time.

“Sorry mistress, but I was sooooooooo… horny that I didn’t want my g-string to get all wet with my juices.” Her breath hitched when my finger poked her clit.

“Not to worry, we’ll take care of that,” I reply with a smile and begin to rub her pussy under her skirt. As her breathing got more and more labored, I worked faster and faster.

“Oh fuuuccccckkkkk… oh… that feels so good Maela… fuck… faster… rub my pussy faster,” she cried out and I kept rubbing her pussy furiously, until she screamed out…

“Ahhhhhh… Shhiiitttt…”

“Yeah, you like that you fucken slut. Tell me… do you like my fingers rubbing your fucken pussy while you’re driving?”

“Yes… Betturkey that feels sooo good… Fuuccckkkkk… don’t stop… don’t fucken stop… I’m cumming…. I’m cuummmmiiiiiiinnnnngggg…”

My pussy had gotten even more wet listening to her, but I waited as I took out my fingers and licked them clean of her juices. When she looked over at me, I reached over and stuck my fingers into her mouth, making her suck them.

Finally, we pulled up to the driveway of a beautiful and surprisingly private beach house. We both got out and went inside with our things to put them away. Once we finished packing, Maria began unloading the groceries that we bought on the way over and she began to cook, while I sat in the chair and drank some wine.

Looking at the way she was cooking inspired me to do something special for her in the morning… but we’ll get to that later. After eating a fulfilling meal, we washed the dishes and Maria finished up, telling me to go to the master room and wait for her naked.

I kissed her passionately, and then ran as fast as I could up the stairs, stripping on the way. I’m sure that as she climbed the stairs, she saw one article of clothing on each step. I stood in the room, waiting for her and when she came in, I saw that she had also taken off her clothes on the way also. Slowly, she walked over to me, and I met her halfway, jumping on her, and wrapping my legs around her waist. I felt my clit rub hers for a moment, and we both groaned as our tongues battled.

But I was even more surprised when Maria carried me into the bathroom, where was a huge hot tub. I pulled away and she began to draw a bath for us. On the side of the hot tub, there was a bucket of ice with champagne in it. Two champagne glasses sat next to bucket invitingly.

I looked at Maela, hopelessly Betturkey Giriş romanticized… all she did was smile beautifully and said, “I set it up while you were unpacking.”

“Awww… that’s so sweet of you…” I walked over and kissed her. She pulled away slowly and just looked at me.

“I thought we could both relax and have a drink before I fuck your brains out,” she whispered in my ear before she bit the lobe and tongued it. Her fingers found my nipples, hard and ready for her. She twisted them, making me cry out in pleasure. But before it got anywhere else, she stepped back and said, “Your bath is ready.”

I frowned at her, but the bath looked inviting, so I stepped in and sat down, loving the warm water and letting it relax my muscles. Maria slid in next to me and let out a moan, making me want her. She poured some champagne for us and we toasted to being together before we kissed. We set the glasses to the side before I straddled her lap.

We kissed hungrily, or at least I did, and I felt her hands moving down my back slowly, tickling my spine before dipping into my ass. Her nails dug into my ass as she gyrated me on top of her, our clits rubbing back and forth, making us moan and move faster with need.

“Mmmmmmmmmm…. Fuck Maria… fuck… aw… that feels so good… Our clits rubbing against each other…”

I moved faster, making Maria groan louder, “Yeeeessssssssss… that’s feels good… fuck Maela, you hot bitch… fuck, fuck, fuck…”

We moved faster and faster until we both screamed out, “Ahhhh!! Fuck… Cummmmmmiiiiinnnnnnnggg…”

At that moment, an intense climax came over us, making my slump… Maria kissed my neck, moving to my breast. “Mmmmmmm…” I moaned… As I was about to move my fingers into her cunt and finger fuck her to orgasm again, Maria picked Betturkey Güncel Giriş me up and turned me around, my ass against her pussy and my pussy against the wall of the tub.

“Mmmmm… baby… what are you doing?” I asked, too tired to assert myself.

“Just wait.”

I heard her hit a button, just as a jet blew bubbles straight at my pussy. “Ahhhhhh fuucccckkkk…” I moan, pressing my ass into her pussy.

Maria laughs huskily, then I felt her finger move around to my breasts. She twisted my nipples, and I felt it straight down my pussy. I cried out as the jet was still massaging my clit, and used my hands to cover hers, rubbing my tits at the same time.

One of Maria’s hands moved from my tit back to my ass, and just as I could feel the buildup of my orgasm, I felt one of her fingers enter my asshole, making me moan even louder in pleasure, moving my ass back towards her.

“Ahhhhhh…. Shhhiiiittttt…”

“Yeah, you like that you fucken whore. Tell me… do you like my finger in your ass while the jet is massaging your pussy? Hmmmm… do you like that???”

“Mmmmmmm fuck yeah…”

“Yeah, are you my little cunt-loving whore?”

“Yes… Ohhh fuuuccccckkkkkk…”

“Yes, what? Huh, what are you? Tell me…”

“I’m your cunt… ahhhhh… loving… whore… Ohhh fuuccckkkk…” Her dirty talk combined with her finger in my ass, and the jet blowing at my pussy was too much for me, and before I knew it, I was screaming out, “Yes… that feels sooo good… Fuuuccccckkkkk… don’t stop… don’t fucken stop… I’m cumming…. I’m cuuummmmiiiiiinnnnnnngggg…”

I felt my climax hit me harder than anything in my life. I collapsed in Maria’s arms, grateful to whoever it was that brought her to me.

After our bath, we both got up and went to bed. We made love again, me eating her pussy, and she eating mine, before we both cuddled and fell asleep from exhaustion. I remember thinking before I fell asleep, “This was the most wonderful day of my life…” *

To be continued…

Please leave feedback so I’ll know if I am doing a good job… ;P… and again, sorry for the long wait.

XOXO, Maela

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