The Tutor That Taught Me

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“Mom, why are you making such a big deal out of this? It’s only a B.” That was the test score I got on my last History test and being Chinese, that freaked my parents out. My mom insisted that I get a tutor.

“Look Chris, if you don’t get these grades up, I will make you drop out of your extracurricular activities.” She looks at me sternly. “You better get an A+ on that next test. I know History is a silly subject but it’s still something the college admissions people look at so either you shape up or no more football for you.”

She’s right – it is a stupid subject. Really, how would knowing this stuff be practical in the future? Plus, I’m only a junior so these grades aren’t even reflected in my college applications anyway.

“And how exactly would this Erica person help me?”
“She’s a college liberal arts student. I mean, she’s pretty much going to teach after she’s done anyway so she better be good at it.”

I sit there, looking glum at the fact that I’m stuck at home with what I think will be some fat bookworm with bad hair and weird glasses and have no social life.

“I’ll be coming home a bit later tonight. Make sure you treat Erica nicely, okay? There’s plenty of food in the fridge and make sure you offer her something. I’ll be home at around 11.”

Later that evening, before Erica comes over, I go down to the basement to lift some weights and run on the treadmill for a bit. Removing my shirt, I admire my toned body in the mirror; muscular arms, a defined chest and a six-pack on my abs. My mom never liked that I spend so much time on sports, which she thinks take up precious study time. Well, we’ll see how she feels when I bring home her future daughter-in-law one day. It takes more than brains to attract a fine lady.

I hear the doorbell ring upstairs and begrudgingly, I go upstairs to answer it. As I open the door, I groan silently but suddenly, I am trying in vain to keep my eyeballs from popping out of my head. Erica is a total BABE! Gorgeous green eyes that twinkle under the moonlight with shoulder-length wavy red hair that frames her creamy white skin. She has a tight-fitting green t-shirt on that shows off her amazing curves, especially her nice round what I’m guessing are 34D cup tits that just pop out at you. Her jeans wrap nicely around her shapely butt and hug her long legs all the way up to her hips that curves inward again toward her thin frame.

She gives me a friendly smile and said, “Hi, you must be Chris. It’s nice to meet you.”
“Uhh…hi…” I stammer, feeling my face begin to flush.

My mouth turns dry and my palms are sweating. Sweat. Oh god, I probably stink from my workout. I couldn’t believe how beautiful Erica is. What I wouldn’t give for Johnson and Lenny to see me with this babe.

Realizing she’s still standing at the door, I blurt out “Uh…come on in.”

She walks in and removes her shoes and I go and get myself a quick wipe down before getting dressed. We spent a little over an hour going through the material, none of it sinking it as all I can focus on is her body, especially her amazingly juicy breasts. I try not to stare but I can’t seem to help it. Her voice is incredible sweet and she’s always giving a smile that melts you. As soon as she’s done, I dart upstairs and hop into the shower. I stand under the hot running water and imagine Erica soaping up her body under a waterfall. I begin to stroke my swollen cock, wondering what her nipples would look like. Are they tiny and what color are they? It wasn’t long before my cock twitches and as that familiar tingle just before ejaculation happens, I picture her beautiful face in my mind. I close my eyes and let out a soft moan as the first load exploded onto the bath tub, washed away from the running water.

That night as I sleep, all I think about is what she would look like naked. I imagine what it would be like to touch those creamy breasts of hers and that amazing bubble butt. It’s driving me crazy. I bet her breasts are firm and if it weren’t for those tight clothes, they would jiggle with every step. I bet that she has the pinkest pussy that’s fresh and warm too. I imagine eating her out, licking up and down a narrow slit of completely shaven pussy that’s juicy and ripe. I want to suck on her developed clit and pleasure her until she is constantly squirting all over my face. I picture her to be so tight that I would have a hard time penetrating her. I envision licking her asshole and squeezing those amazing cheeks in my hands as I do so. bursa escort Her on her knees in doggy style, with her back arched down and a sweet full ass sticking up in the air waiting for me to devour. I wonder if she’s a virgin? And I imagine how wonderful it would be for me to deflower that ass of hers. Sticking my hard cock into her sensitive butthole as I finger her pussy would be amazing. Just picturing it is getting me all excited and I can barely sleep.

The next morning, I realize that I jizzed all over my bed.

Erica would come to my place every Thursday to help me study for the next month and every night after a tutoring session, my cock would swell so badly. She never wears anything revealing and once she even had a sweater on. But nonetheless, I still picture her in my mind every time I jack off. During my next History test, I got an A-, which my mom is not the most excited about but it sure beats a B. Hell, with Erica’s sexiness distracting me, I’m surprised I am able to absorb any of the material at all.

The following month, a heat wave hits down and Erica has to come over to pick up her money for the tutoring sessions. With it being such an incredibly hot day, she wears something that shows a bit more skin this time; a pink tank top that hugs every nook and cranny of her curvy frame, barely covering the top of her cleavage and a silky white flowing skirt. My mom had to work that day so she left me with a check to give her when she comes over.

“Here you go, Erica. Thanks for everything.”
“You’re welcome, Chris,” she says sweetly. “I hope your grades have improved.”
“They have, indeed,” I tell her.
“Gee, it’s really hot today, isn’t it? Is there anything cold I can have?” she asks.
“How about a popsicle?” I offer.
“That would be great! Thanks,” she says with a smile.

I run to the kitchen and grab her a strawberry flavored popsicle from the freezer before running back out to hand her one.

“Thanks!” she says, again with a smile.
”You’re welcome,” I tell her.

She unwraps the long fruit flavored ice pop and puts it in her mouth. Maybe the heat is getting to me but I feel like I’m seeing things. I see the way her tongue is swirling at the tip of the popsicle as she makes sucking noises to inhale the chilly goodness in her hand and it makes my mind go to a whole other place. I try not to look like a teenage pervert but seeing her treat that popsicle the way she’s doing it is making my eyes linger on her.

As she eats the popsicle, she drops the wrapper from her hand onto the floor and she bends down to pick it up. While she’s on the floor, I can see down her shirt and into her cleavage, the first time I have any indication of what the flesh of those wonderful mammeries look like and the vision immediately gives me a rock hard erection. My mouth is watering at the sight of those two soft fleshy pillows. I desperately crave to see what her nipples would look like. Erica looks up from where she’s at and she can see my hard on poking out of my shorts. And what happens next is something I never thought would happen in my wildest dreams.

“Wow…” she whispers.

Her hand instinctively comes up and brushes against it, catching me off guard. She pulls back in embarrassment but I boldly bring her hand back and she leaves it just lingering there for a moment. I pull down my shorts to reveal a nice hard meat pole and her eyes widen. She looks in awe and looks up at me.

“Do you mind?”

I gasp and my body is practically frozen but I manage to shake my head. She takes her fingertips to gently observe its length. She continues to explore and wraps her hand around it. “It’s nice.” She giggles. “You’re really hard, too.”

She opens her mouth and brings her face towards me and moments later, the tip of my cock is engulfed by her warm, wet mouth. She begins to rub her fingernails lightly along the outsides of my thighs and a wave of pleasure washes over me as I watch her suck me. Her tongue swirls all around the head but she soon starts taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth. I become dizzy with the sensation. Her lips slowly travel the length of my shaft, giving every inch of meat some attention. A few moments later, her mouth comes back to the end of my dick where she gives the tip of the head a gentle kiss from her juicy wet lips and the process begins all over again. She makes “mmm…” noises as she bops in and out from sucking my cock and I moan in bliss as I slide in and out of her mouth. Before long, I feel that tingle bursa escort bayan coming and I tap Erica’s cheek to warn her but she only sucks harder and harder. Not long after, I spray a wave of hot cum into her mouth. She swallows it all and licks up any remaining on the tip of my cock before continuing to eat her popsicle. I collapse onto the couch, still in denial that this just happened.

“Wow, Erica…that was…”

She smiles as she bites her lower lip and comes up onto the couch to remove my shirt off of me. “You have a really sexy body. So well defined and toned…I’ve been noticing you ever since I saw your sweaty muscles the first time I laid my eyes on you.”

She places her hand over my still rock hard dick. I don’t know what kind of reaction I’m giving her. All I know is my eyes are closed, relishing the pleasurable sensation of her hand gliding over my swollen shaft.

Suddenly, I feel a smooch over my chest. I open my eyes just as Erica lays her wet tongue over my left nipple and starts swirling it like she was doing with the popsicle. The pleasure level just increased tenfold.

“Oh, Erica…geez…” I moan.

In between swirls, she would close her lips around my nipple and give it a gentle suck while her precious hand strokes my cock off. I take my hand and run it up and down Erica’s smooth legs before reach up under her skirt and caressing her panties along the crease where I believe her slit is. I brush my hand up and down that crease and feel a wet spot starting to form. Her breathing gets heavier and the rush of warm air that is blown over my chest before she cools it off with her hot wet tongue is intoxicating.

I bring her head up to my face and give her a kiss. Her lips are luscious and I can taste the popsicle on her tongue. Our eyes close in embrace and I inhale every fiber of her being. She opens her eyes and looks up at me.

“I thought I was supposed to be paying you for your service. Seems like I’m getting the bargain here,” I tell her.

She gives me a coy smile. My hands continue to wander all over her lower region, grabbing her nice round butt and hers continue to stroke my cock.

Suddenly, she pulls me up on the couch and sits on top of me, my cock suffocating in between her legs. She takes my hands and puts them on her breasts and motions me to caress them. I waste no time and giving them a nice squeeze while gently twirling them in their place.

“Isn’t that kind of hard with all these clothes on?” she asked.

She pulls off that tight tank top of hers to reveal a cherry colored bra. I reach my hand out to touch it, finding that it’s not padded whatsoever. That curvy voluptuousness is all her. As she reaches around behind her, she looks at me and pauses.

“Do you want to do this?” she asks.

I swallow hard and nod my head. I wrap my arms around her and with minimal effort, I unhook her bra to reveal these creamy white mounds of beautiful flesh topped with a pair of puffy pink nips that are to die for. I place my hands on them and give them a gentle squeeze. They are so perky, it’s incredible.

“Are they sensitive?” I ask.
“Why don’t you find out?” she says seductively.

I wrap my arms around her and bring her close to me. I lick up the middle and move my way towards her right breast, lifting it gently with my hand and kissing around the curves. I gently press my nose up against her nipple, brushing it lightly across it and planting my lips just under the bottom of the areola. I then jiggle them a bit. I could feel her panties getting wetter.

“Okay, quit teasing me already and just suck on them!” she demands.

I stick my tongue out and flick the tip of her nipple, which sends a chill down her whole body. She shakes in my arms as I hungrily devour her breast, closing my lips around her nipple with some pressure and swirling my tongue inside my mouth all over the surface of her nipple and areola. “Yes, that’s it,” she coos.

I release her breast and take the other into my mouth, this time biting gently with my front teeth and using pressure from my lips, sucking hard which drives her crazy. “Oh, YES!” she moans loudly. I suck the tip of her nipple in and out through my teeth while licking every nerve that surrounds it with my tongue. Now, her panties are officially soaked and she practically bathes my cock that’s stuck underneath her. I continue to alternate between the two breasts and I suck so hard, it’s making her moan wildly. My hands explore her silky escort bursa back as I do this, holding her tightly and as close as possible.

I look up at her and her eyes begin to mist a little. She holds me down and gently gets up a bit, releasing my cock from her tight hold and allowing it a moment to breath. She removes her panties off her legs and gently lowers herself back down. This time however, she picks up my cock, holds it straight up and wrapping her long silky legs around me, lowers herself onto my cock. As soon as the tip of my cock makes contact with her sweet cunt lips, Erica looks at me lustily, put her hands on my shoulders, and completely lowers herself onto me. I am now completely inside her and she starts to bounce gently up and down. It’s incredible tight down here, as if it is harder for my cock to breath than before. I can feel her wet pussy walls clinging onto my shaft and as she slides up and down my cock, her muscles contract, tightly squeezing my rod while releasing ounces of juice to allow smooth penetration.

I place my hands on her bouncing breasts as she rides me, feeling it is a sin for me to neglect these beautiful mammeries. My thumb gently rubs her nipple as I caress them and she starts grinding me in between bounces to rub her swollen clit on my body. My groin area is so wet that I feel like I peed myself. I am so hard that my cock feels like it’s a metal pole inside of her. Her warmth pressing against my hardness sends streams of pleasure signals throughout my body.

I lift her up while still inside of her and get off the couch to turn around. It’s my turn to pound her! I lay her down and slowly thrust in and out of her, and between her moans, Erica begins to match the rhythm of my hips. The sensation of me sliding in and out of her pussy is overwhelming. I know that I’m not going to last long as I could feel a stirring sensation in my balls. I hold onto her hips and try to match her thrust for thrust. I bend down to continue sucking on her nipples as I fuck her brains out. Every time my mouth makes contact with her nipple, her body quivers in satisfaction. They are so delightfully sensitive that I love playing with them. As I look down, I notice my cock is covered with a white creamy substance that is coming out of her pussy. It has a very distinctive scent that I can’t describe but it’s really arousing. Must be her cum because the more I plow her, the more my cock is covered. Suddenly, Erica screams out loud with her eyes rolled back and trembles as if her body has been jolted with a thousand volts of electricity. I could feel her pussy walls contract with quick heavy rhythms. This goes on for a few moments and she grabs onto me, squeezing hard, indicating for me to slow down as she goes through this orgasmic experience. I slow down my thrusts and when she finally stops shaking, she reaches up and kisses me hard on my lips.

Soon I feel my balls contract a little and my dick begin to swell inside of her. It’s about time. My cock twitches. In a panic, I pull out of her and immediately, a hot load explodes out from my shaft and lands on her face. I moan as it happens. The splash of cum surprises Erica but she gets over it real quick. I stroke my cock as pulse after pulse of cum race up along the shaft and out the glans, landing all over Erica’s sexy body. I can’t count how many times I squirt but I completely drench Erica with my cum.

As my cock ceases its pulsations as Erica lies on the couch breathing heavily, her cum drenched tits heaving as she does so. She raises her head towards me and sucks out the remaining cum from my semi-hard dick. Just like when she ate the popsicle.

“Wow!” I pant in exasperation. “That was…holy, shit…it was…WOW!”
“I’m glad you enjoyed that,” she says with a smile.
“Erica, that was the greatest moment in my life. I’ll never forget it…” I tell her.
”I haven’t cum that hard in a long time myself,” she says.
“One thing’s for sure,” I tell her. “History has now become my favorite subject.”
“You’re going to be late for school,” she says.
“What?” I ask her in confusion.

“CHRIS!!! WAKE UP! You’re going to be late for school!”
A vision of complete white washes over me and I am dazed. What’s going on? Some form of picture seems to be materializing but it’s blurry. Within moments, things clear up. I was asleep and that whole encounter had been a dream.

“Christopher, you need to get up now or you’ll be late for school,” my mom yells out.

Just as I’m about to pull my covers off of me, I realize that I made a huge mess. Great, just what I need – my mom standing in my room while my bed is all warm and sticky from my wet dream.

The end.

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