The Ultimate Baby Sitting Job


At sixteen, I was the only person in a secluded neighborhood that was old enough to babysit. My parents, being in the Jaycees allowed me access to a load of parent’s that were in need of an older kid to sit with them on Friday and Saturday nights, a little job I had begun at the age of thirteen. Being a club that prides itself doing charity work, in the older days (the 70’s) it was an association that, for the most part, attracted a slightly higher income individual. Mostly these people had the time to give and also understood the need for charitable work in the community. They provided turkeys at Thanksgiving, toys at Christmas, and so on throughout the year. Obviously predominately a men’s’ association, they were not chauvinistic and had a similar branch called the Jaycettes. This club was an extension of the men’s’ club and mostly were the wives of the gentlemen in the men’s club. As my parents had belonged to this club for many years, I knew as an early adolescent most of the members as well as the wives. So you might say, as I got older, and went through puberty, I became a good source for mowing yards, helping with handy work when the husbands were away on business or JC events. And then, obviously, babysitting. Otherwise, there would be little need for this story. At sixteen, I played a lot of sports within our small town. My parents had hopes that I may be good enough in one sport, or another to obtain assistance in the form of a scholarship to college, therefore; I was not required to have a job. I did however yearn for a little more money than my allowance provided. A weekly allowance back then, not a large sum today, was twenty dollars a week and a tank of gas. To earn this, I only had to be a sweet, and lovable teen that I had become and do a few chores around the house. I took out the trash, mowed the yard, and was responsible for cleaning my bedroom, the latter being irrelevant to me as I did not allow anyone in my room at that age. We were lucky enough to live in a small thirteen home community at the time, and probably even today, would be considered an influential community. The homes were quite large; the moms rarely worked if ever, they were “stay at home” moms. Coincidently two of the women, excluding my mother (step-mother), were also Jaycettes. My step-mom was the oldest at time, at the ripe age of 30. My dad had remarried a much younger woman, by ten years, for his second wife. The other ladies were twenty-six and twenty-eight. Not much different, and not close to a motherly age with regards to my age. They were all hot, both blondes and one brunette, my mother. Ataşehir Escort My mother was hot as hell, but at the time I did not feel right looking at her that way. But when she sat out by our pool in her bikini, it was very hard not to notice the five-ten frame with legs to the heavens and stacked with a rack that was incredible. But, enough about her. The neighbors, both of which lived across the street from each other, both being blondes were very different in size and shape. Sherry was five-seven, maybe one-thirty, and a great set of 36D’s. Marcia, on the other hand, was five-foot at best, probably a hundred pounds and sported a dainty 32B at best. But, they were some perky babies that had the hardest nipple that would protrude all day long on a ninety-degree day. All of the ladies’ in the neighborhood would share their pools on different days with the other moms to allow the kids to swim while they drank and played cards. One day here, one day there. I rarely attended these “get-togethers,” I more preferred to spend time with my girlfriend, who lived down the street. Besides, with her mom at the pool with the other ladies and dad away on business or at the office, it left a lot of play time for a couple of teens. **To the story** As close as the houses were when I would babysit, the parents would arrive home generally late, offering to take me home. But I rejected the offers when possible and would walk home. This way I could make a late night stop by my girlfriends, and she would try to get out of the house and meet me from time to time weather permitting as her parents slept. We did not have cell phones, email, and texting back then. We roughed it, the old sneak and hope. It was one winter night early in December where the story became a memory. I was sitting with Marcia’s twin seven-year-old girls, and also Sherry’s three girls, age four, five and seven. All of the kids knew me and loved playing “dress up Chris”, don’t judge, you do what you have to make money, normally I was the queen because I was older. Marcia and Sherry were going out with the other ladies and for whatever reason, my mom had decided not to attend. Marcia had told her my mom that it would be late and suggested to her, “why not let Chris sleep over if he likes, and I will drive him home in the morning.” My mother obviously did not have a problem with that suggestion as she told me as I was leaving the house, “If Marcia gets home too late, just sleep over and come home in the morning. The weather looks like it could be nasty tonight.” I said, “Ok, but I can walk Ataşehir Escort Bayan home if she is unable to drive, it was no big deal. I’ve done it so many times before.” She replied, “That’s fine. You decide what you want to do, but I think she made a nice gesture.” Now, as a young man, or at least I thought of myself as one at sixteen, I had fantasized about both Marcia and Sherry. I had even spent the night at Sherry’s house once, about a year earlier. She came home late, her three girls were asleep, and she just asked me, “Chris do you mind staying tonight, I don’t think your parents will mind, I just don’t want to be alone.” Sherry and her husband Mike had been going through a difficult time as he had taken a traveling job and was away three weeks at a time every other month. The job must have paid well; Sherry had a new car, and they had just put in the pool that summer. So, things were good but she was lonely. I said, “Ok, I guess that would be ok, but I did not have anything to sleep in.” I had already begun sleeping in the nude at home by then, but there was no way I was doing this at someone else’s house. Sherry said, “No problem, undress to your underwear, and I will do the same, that way you will not feel so weird. I am sure you have seen your mom in underwear, and it is no different than seeing me in a bathing suit.” So, Sherry just began taking off her dress, then her pantyhose, and stood there in her bra and panties. Then she said, “See, no big deal, now get undressed and climb in here where it is warm.” WOW, was my only thought. I had been with naked girls plenty of times, but not close to a half-naked woman. And though the bra and panties were like a bathing suit, I had not been in a bed with a woman wearing that. It was odd, and I asked her to turn the light out, to hide my embarrassment as I jumped in the bed. Sherry rolled over to hug me and thank me, and all I could do was try to stay away from her and hide the “adult” sized hard-on she had caused. I think she sensed it, and we just rolled over and went to sleep. You can imagine the hard on did not totally go away all night, so as soon as I awoke, I went straight in the bathroom a jerked the pony till I shot on the wall. Back to the topic at hand, sorry. The evening passed uneventfully; it had begun to rain, and the wind was whipping something fierce. I put the girls down at eight read, them a book, and they went to la-la land. I don’t like to say I was a snoop at that age, but I did have a fetish. Lingerie. I loved women’s panties; the Sears catalog became my friend Escort Ataşehir at a young age. I would fantasize about taking the panties off of the models just to sniff the crotch. I had always loved that V in a woman’s stature. I loved looking at a great ass, and loved women’s breasts, but I loved all of the aromas a woman, or I should say, a girl has. I had lost my virginity at a young age, and I suppose I had many dates because girls obviously talk. I was one of the few guys my age that licked pussy; I do not know if I was good, but sixteen year old girls did not have a clue either. However; it must have felt good. **Sorry, brain fart.** Marcia and Sherry arrived back around one-thirty that am morning. As they came in the back-door from the garage, obviously a bit high, they were a little loud. I met them there in the kitchen and “shushed them.” They laughed, and Marcia said, “We are going to have one more drink before bed-time, why don’t you join us.” I had not had many alcoholic beverages at my age, but I said, “Why not. What are we having?” They both spoke up at the same time and said. “Vodka-Tonic.!” Marcia said, “Chris, grab a lime from the fridge, and show us some expert bartending skills.” I was not sure which was vodka or scotch except by the label, I did my best to figure it out as I pretended to know what I was doing. They must have enjoyed them, I thought the drink was nasty, and it burned. Marcia looked at me in a few minutes as they were talking and said, “Drink up Chris, and then fix us one more.” I did as instructed, and the ladies’ went through them fast. Sherry looked at Marcia and said, “Can I just leave the girls here for the night and come by in the morning to get them?” Marcia said, “Of course, but, it is raining outside, Chris can grab an umbrella and walk you across the street if you want, right Chris?” I just nodded, and Sherry said, “Thank you.” I walked Sherry home, just across the street, snuggled tight against me arm in arm as the wind whipped, and the rain came down hard. We go to the door, and she turned and looked at me, then she asked, “No kiss goodnight?” I kissed her on the cheek, and as I drew back, she grabbed my face and shoved her tongue down my throat. WOW, what a kiss, a woman kiss, an adult kiss, this was no thank you for sitting my kids kiss, this was deep and hard. Not to mention, my cock was too. As I drew back from the kiss, Sherry simply looked at me and said, “Goodnight sweet boy, have fun tonight.” She opened the door, stepped inside, and closed it behind her. Leaving me to wonder what the fuck she had meant by that. I walked back across the street; the rain now had blown my clothes wet from the hips down, and I walked into the house and Marcia was standing there in the kitchen, looking quite hot, asked me, “Chris, did you go into my bedroom tonight?” I stammered a bit, just looking at her, trying to come up with what I should say.

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