The Waitress


I was feeling a bit naughty so I decided to go out and see if I could find some female company for the evening. I dressed in a short tight denim skirt, black lace teddy and a white men’s shirt tied at the waist. The crotch of the teddy was damp before I left the house, but then I had rubbed my pussy all the way through my shower.

I went to a bar that I had heard was sort of a pick up spot for men and women. I got a table near the back and waited for a waitress to come and take my drink order. When she did come, she was lovely. She was a blond with hair down to her waist. Her uniform was a regular pink waitress uniform except that it was made of spandex and was very tight and the skirt was very short. It was unbuttoned down far enough that plenty of her ample cleavage showed and it was short enough that one could almost catch a glimpse of what was under it. Her lips were full and red and her eyes were sky blue. Her smile was just a tad naughty as she asked me what I was having. I looked her up and down and smiled back. I ordered a white wine.

She returned a few minutes later with my wine. She bent over to set it on the table and I could see down her tight blouse almost to her nipples. My pussy clinched at the sight. She slipped me a little card with my drink. I read it when she left after watching her lovely ass as she walked away.

The card said: “I’m Misty. I get off work in half an hour. Meet me at the back door then.”

I slid my hand under the table and rubbed myself through my silky teddy. I was sooo wet. When Misty came back with my second drink, she managed to drop her order tablet and bend over to pick it up so I could see that the only thing under her skirt was a glistening pink slit. I was almost drooling by this time. I looked at my watch. It was almost time to meet her out back. I paid my bill and left. I got to the back of the bar just as video porno she was coming out. “Hi!” she smiled and greeted me. She kissed my lips as she came close enough.

“I’m Alex,” I smiled and embraced her.

The embrace turned into a passionate kiss as our hands wandered over each others bodies. I backed her up against the building and unbuttoned her blouse. I cupped the large breasts that spilled out and then leaned down to suck both of them at once. They were big and hard as could be. She moaned as I bit her tender tit.

“Let’s go somewhere we can be alone.” I said. I lead her to my car and we got inside. We paused to kiss some more and she untied my white shirt and opened it. My nipples tingled against the black lace of the teddy. She hooked her fingers in the straps and pulled the teddy down to my waist, freeing my large tits to her hands and her view. She pinched my nipples hard and then leaned down and kissed each one so lightly that I almost came right there.

“We can go for a drive if you’d like.” I grinned and started the car. I drove to the outskirts of town to a deserted area that I knew would be safe for us to park. I turned the engine off and turned to her. I kissed her long and hard, running my tongue deep into her sexy mouth. She kept kneading and rubbing my tits as we kissed. I sucked her tongue and slid my hand up her skirt. Her naked pussy was smooth and wet. I slid a finger into her warm folds and then tasted it. It was sweet and sticky. She made a little noise in her throat. I slid the finger back and found her hot hole and slipped it inside. She was so wet, I met no resistance. I fingered her deeply as we continued the kiss. She opened her legs wider to give me better access. I ran my thumb over her hard clit. She whimpered and wiggled against my hand.

“Let’s get in the back so we’ll have more sex izle room.”

We got out and kept kissing and touching and pulling at each others clothes until we were both naked by the time we climbed into the back seat of the car. She pushed me back and lay on top of me, kissing me. She nibbled my ear and whispered into it. “I’m going to fuck you till you scream, Alex.” Then she kissed her way down… my neck, my chest then my tits, giving attention to each one, biting and sucking until I was moaning and whimpering myself. She kissed a wet trail down to my hairless pussy. She hadn’t touched it before and it was dripping with my honey, ready for some attention also. She slowly parted my pussy lips and blew hot air on my quivering cunt. I shivered and said “YES.”

She then touched my clit with her finger as she continued to blow. I watched her through slitted eyes as I pinched and pulled at my nipples. She sucked my clit now and slid a couple of fingers into my wet pussy. I moaned and met her fingers with a thrust. “MMMMM, what a juicy little cunt you are!” she grinned up at me, her mouth and face wet with my juices. She continued fingering me and dipped her head back to my clit. I wrapped my legs around her neck and fucked her face with my hips. It was so good. My muscles clinched her fingers as my clit tingled and the tension mounted inside me. She pulled out before I climaxed and grinned at me.

She reached over the front seat and got her purse. She opened it and withdrew a long double headed dildo. She licked one end of it and slid it over my trembling pussy then into my pussy. I gasped at the size of the rubber dick! It was so big and it felt so delicious as it rammed up me. She drizzled some lube on it and bent it double. She slid the tip of it into my ass. I screamed in pleasure. She slipped a little more into my ass. I reached down bedava porno and rubbed my clit really hard.

“Can I come now, Misty?”

“Oh yes, baby,” she whispered and leaned over to suck my clit as I rubbed too. The first orgasm hit me hard, making me scream and arch and it went on for several seconds. Wave after wave of searing pleasure shot through my pussy and ass. When my breathing slowed a bit, Misty took the dildo out of my ass but left it in my pussy. She took a wipe from her bag and wiped the dildo off.

“There! Its ready for me later.”

I sat and pulled her to me. I kissed her and tasted my own cum on her face. I sucked her tits hard… hard enough to make her moan. Then I gently licked and sucked them till they both were wet from my saliva. I ran a hand down to her wet dripping snatch. I fingered her pussy as I continued it nurse at her tits. The dildo was still in my pussy and I decided it was time to get fucked. She lay back on the seat and I lay back the other way, scooting closer to her so I could stick my “cock” into her. As it went into her cunt, it pushed into mine and we both grinned at each other. We sat up a little and I reached for her clit and she for mine. We finally lay back and concentrated on fucking, pushing the huge dildo into each other and both of us were rubbing our own clit.

“Oooh, I’m going to cum,” she moaned and thrust hard into me. I kept pushing back and watching her as she screamed and moaned. She clamped her legs together and rode the dildo, shoving it deep into me also. “Oh god,” she screamed as she came. I could feel her pussy clinching the dildo. I rubbed my own clit as I watched and felt the sweet pressure build in me once again. My orgasm hit me as she began to settle down a bit and return to regular breathing.

“Misty, you sweet bitch” I screamed as I came, pulling the dildo deep into myself. I ground into it and her. The pleasure kept coming, pussy juices running everywhere too. I finally fell back exhausted and spent and very happy. I smiled at my sweet lover and reached for her. She snuggled up in my arms and pulled the dildo out of my pussy and licked it clean.

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