The Wedding Night


Pam looked gorgeous in a flowing, curve-hugging, sleeveless white gown, surrounded by her three beautiful daughters. Ashley, the oldest and the only blonde, wore a light blue, off-the-shoulder dress. The sheer bottom hinted at a pair of sexy legs underneath. Her smile and personality, so similar to her mom’s, had strangers thinking they were sisters, not mother and daughter. Maryah radiated beauty in her low-cut pink dress. Her lustrous brown hair cascaded down to her breasts. Jordan’s aqua- colored gown accentuated her beautiful brown eyes. Her gown was the most conservative, but that only made her more intriguing to the other wedding guests. Pam beamed when she looked at her gorgeous daughters. She could not have been a prouder mother.She had divorced their father. Then remarried and divorced again. She fell in love once more and figured that the third time would be the charm. She met a wonderful, kind and handsome man, who loved her very much. She loved him, too. She especially loved his big hard cock. They were excited to be starting their lives together. Today would be the beginning of the journey. And what a marvelous inception it would be.The nuptials were incredible. There was so much love and happiness in the room. The bride and groom had kept it rather intimate, only inviting family members and the couple’s closest and dearest friends. Everyone applauded loudly, as Pam and Craig, affectionately, kissed each other.A celebration erupted in the reception hall. They were all drinking, dancing and having a marvelous time. Champagne flowed. Glass after delicious glass consumed by the wedding party, as well as their guests. The DJ played a fast song. Pam and her daughters partied on the dance floor, moving and spinning to the music. Their bodies gyrating and pulsing to the beat booming through the speakers. A great time was being had by all. A few of the more inebriated guests had disappeared, presumably they were finding a quiet place to fuck.”Have you seen Katie?” Ashley inquired, referring to her good friend who had honored them with her presence on Pam’s special day. Katie, like Ashley, was blonde and gorgeous. Neither one had any trouble when it came to attracting men.She looked at her mom as they swung each other around and around. A wicked grin lit up Pam’s beautiful face. She stared at her daughter for a second.”I saw her going outside with izmit escort that cute bartender,” she responded. ” That lucky bastard’s going to get the fucking of a lifetime,” she declared, admiringly.”Oh, how I would love to see Katie fucking that man silly. Maybe I said too much,” she blushed, noticing the others dancing close by, particularly her daughter, Ashley, looking oddly at her. Pam had a fondness for Ashley’s beautiful friend and something told her Katie felt the same way about her.The celebration went on for hours. More dancing. So much more drinking. Some guests left around midnight. Most everyone else was gone within an hour later. The happy couple and their daughters were all that remained as the clock hit one. The girls excused themselves. Hugging and kissing their mom, expressing their deepest, heartfelt happiness for their mother. They each gave Craig a warm hug and congratulated him, welcoming him into the family.On the elevator, on the way up to their honeymoon suite, the newlyweds’ hands and mouths were all over each other. They kissed and groped, lips and fingers exploring bare flesh. Pam rubbed her hand across her husband’s crotch, his erection rock hard against her fingers. She dropped to her knees, unzipping his pants.”I’ve been dying to do this all night,” the smiling bride said, stroking his hardness in her soft, delicate hand. Wrapping her lips around his bulbous head, she sucked him slowly, luxuriating in the feel and taste of his growing cock. She adored giving head. The pleasure on a man’s face brought her so much joy. Seeing her lover explode due to her oral skills never failed to get her pussy soaking wet.”We are nearing our floor,” Craig prodded, trying to get his wife to release his cock from her mouth’s vise-like grip. He did not want her to stop, but he also didn’t want to get caught, literally, with his pants down. How embarrassing it would be if the elevator doors opened and some hotel guests were treated to their own sex show.”Pam! Please!” Craig said, nervously.”Alright,” Pam said, resigned to delay gratification. “You’re no fun.”They got off the elevator, moving down the long hallway. Stopping outside of their room, Craig scooped Pam up in his strong arms and carried her across the threshold. He wanted to continue what she had started on the elevator, but Pam needed to freshen up first.”Order up yahya kaptan escort a bottle of champagne,” Pam said, closing the bathroom door behind her.There was a knock on the door of the bride and groom’s hotel suite. Assuming it must be the room service champagne that he had ordered, Craig walked to the door and swung it inward. The person on the other side did hold a bottle in their hand. But it wasn’t a bellhop as he had expected. Instead, Pam’s daughter, Ashley, stood there with the champagne in hand and a wide, animated grin on her face. He noticed she had taken her hair down. It flowed down past her shoulders, and made her look even more stunning, if that’s possible.”Aren’t you going to invite us in?” the beautiful blonde inquired.’Us?’ Craig thought to himself.She did seem a bit tipsy. Maybe she mistakenly used us instead of me. Before he could say anything, Maryah and Jordan came into view, peeking their heads into the room. A wicked smile played upon Ashley’s pretty face. He stood frozen in place, not sure of what he should do next. A look of confusion etched on his handsome face.Clad in a sexy, white lacy bra and matching panties, Pam strolled out of the bathroom. She raised her eyebrows when she saw her girls standing in the doorway. A mix of surprise and curiosity showed in her eyes.Thankfully, Craig had the opportunity and foresight to excuse himself and hurry to the bathroom so he could get some help from his little blue friends. He popped two pills into his mouth and swallowed a cup of cool water. Not one to shy away from any situation, Ashley slinked over to Craig, kissing him hard on the mouth. Ashley’s wet tongue searching for his in the heat of their embrace. Her hand slid down his body, firmly grasping his crotch. This caused his mouth to gape wide, allowing her tongue further into his mouth.She pushed him down on the bed, quickly removing his shoes and pants. Leaving him in only a pair of boxer briefs, which barely concealed his raging hard-on, Ashley ran her manicured fingers along the length of his twitching bulge. With all eyes on her, Ashley was in total control. She slid his underwear off.”MMMM. Now, this is what I like. Look at the size of this delicious cock,” Ashley proclaimed, his cock in her velvety soft hand.Ashley teased him, circling her wet tongue around the head of gebze escort his penis. She took just the head inside, then let it pop out. Running her tongue languishingly down along his veiny shaft, Ashley nibbled on his cock before snaking her tongue back up to the throbbing head. She loved sucking cock and was very good at it, too. The sexy blonde kept him on edge, pushing him to the brink before pulling back and letting him get his composure.After pleasuring his cock, she needed to feel it deep inside her, thrusting and pulsing. She crawled up his muscular torso. Her pussy brushed against his lips. Craig darted his tongue out, trying to sneak a taste. Ashley laid on her back, her fingers spreading her wet, shiny pussy lips. Craig flipped over onto his stomach, his face inches from her hot box. She stopped his advance with a hand to the face. He looked up at her seeing a stern glare on her face.” I don’t want you to lick me. Taste me. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard with that massive cock of yours. Make me cum,” Ashley commanded. Craig conceded and positioned himself in front of her. He rubbed the head of his throbbing cock against her wet lips, heat emanating from her fiery pussy.He fucked Ashley, slowly thrusting his hard cock inside her, while Maryah and Jordan kissed him on each side of his neck. He still couldn’t believe this was happening. His stepdaughters of about three hours were pleasuring him beyond his wildest dreams. His wife watched from across the room, her beautiful brown eyes glued to the wicked scene playing out before her. Pam and her oldest daughter had talked about sex many times in the past so she knew exactly what kinds of things Ashley enjoyed having done to her. But this was the first time she discovered what her two younger daughters liked to do to their lovers and have done to them.”Fuck the little slut harder. Make her cum!” whispered Maryah into Craig’s ear.He obliged by slamming deeper inside Ashley’s warm, wet pussy. He was so thankful that he’d had the presence of mind to take a couple of Viagras when he had the chance or else he never would have been able to stay hard for this unforgettable night.Jordan licked and sucked his earlobe, running her hand across his heaving chest. Pam sat on the bed, watching intently as her girls pleasured their new stepdad. She pulled her lacy white panties aside and ran two manicured fingers along her moistening lips. Her pussy was soaking wet. Begging for some attention.”I love watching my big sis getting fucked,” purred Jordan, running her tongue up along Craig’s neck. She bit down slightly into the sensitive flesh, eliciting a blissful sigh from his lips.

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