Thursday night


Thursday nightIt takes time ti write a good story. Follow me on instagram @raqm0900 and tumblr quemmysissy.tumblr.comIntroduction:Eating Sundaes early; Tony gets two cherries with his bananaTony was sitting at his comp in his room, slowly stroking off as he surfed his fave site for something to catch his eye. He was still scanning pages when he heard a knock on his door. Quickly, he hit the panic button and a word doc popped open, showing his homework.“Yeah?” he called, nonchalantly as possible. He dropped his hand to his fly and tucked himself away, then got up and started walking to the door. By the time he got there, he was fully dressed again.“It’s me and Liz.” said his sister. She was celebrating her 14th birthday today by having her best friend stay the night, even though it was only Thursday. She was going to be there all three days this weekend, having ridden the bus home to their house instead of her own. Friday was no school, so the two girls would get to hang out all that day, too.“Kim, you know you guys are supposed to play by yourselves and leave me alone.” he told her. “Dad’s working late tonight, and I’m in here, so you two have the whole rest of the house to yourselves. Can’t you guys find something to keep you occupied?”“Tonyyyy…” Kim whined. “We’re hanging out, not playing. Can we come in for a minute?”He opened the door, looking at the two of them standing there in their cotton nightgowns. “You want to hang out with me?” he asked suspiciously. “Why?”Kim pushed her way inside, past her brother, pulling her friend by the hand into his room. “Tell him, Liz.” she said, a hint of humor in her tone.“Well, actually, we kinda were playing, sorta. “We were playing Truth of Dare…” said Liz hesitantly.“Go on.” Tony prompted.“Kim dared me to do something with you.” Liz said softly. She looked down at the floor. “I’m your slave for fifteen minutes.”“Really?” he laughed, closing the door. “Okay, you can clean my room for me.”“Tony, wouldn’t you rather have her clean your room… naked?” Kim asked coyly. “Or… instead of cleaning your room, she could perform a… different chore?”Tony looked at Liz. She was blushing furiously, and refused to meet his eyes, even after he spoke her name softly.“Liz?” A long pause. “All you have to do is clean my room, Liz.”“That wasn’t the dare.” she whispered.“So what?” he asked. “You don’t have to do anything. I won’t laugh or be mad or anything. I can tell you’re embarrassed because you don’t want to. I understand, and it’s okay.”“That’s really sweet, Tony, really it is.” Kim said. “Liz and both know that she’s not embarrassed because she DOESN’T want to, Tony, she’s embarrassed because she DOES!!”“Really.” he said once more, much more dryly this time. “Just what exactly WAS the dare she lost?” Kim went forward and whispered in her brother’s ear. A slow smile crept across his face as he looked directly at Liz. She blushed deeper and deeper until she finally dropped her gaze and tried to stare a hole in the floor.Liz finished whispering and stepped back. Tony smiled broadly and walked over to Liz, reaching out one hand and lifting her chin until he captured her gaze with his own.“Your fifteen minutes starts now.” he said. He slid his hands down her arms, then pulled open the tie holding the waist of her nightgown closed and slowly pulled the bowtie open. He could feel her trembling under his hands as he slid them back up he arms to her shoulders, then brought her face closer to his, and they kissed.“I’ll be in my room. You can come in when the 15 minutes is up, Liz.” Kim said, edging her way to the door. She never took her eyes off them, moving very slowly.The kissed ended, and the two were holding each other close, looking deep into each other’s eyes, then Liz slowly slid down to her knees, still looking up into Tony’s eyes. Kim reached the door and paused there, watching intently as Liz unbuckled her brother’s belt. Her back was up against the door, the knob held at the small of her back in both hands.Liz moved her thin, nimble fingers to the waistband of his slacks and unhooked then, then ran the zipper down as she licked her lips.“Oh, man, I can’t believe this is happening.” he moaned softly. Liz smiled up at him, lowering his pants down, then helping him step out of them. “You’re really going to do this? This isn’t some elaborate joke, get me all hard and then run off laughing?”Liz kept smiling, looking directly into his eyes, then shook her head, “no,” and licked up his hard shaft through the material of his boxers.“Ohhh, God.” he moaned. “Prove it, Liz. You’re my slave; I order you to take my cock out and suck it, right now. Don’t stop until I come, either.”He took her head in his hands, holding it firmly, with his fingers twined into her thick red hair. “Do it!!” he hissed. “Suck my cock!”He could see the look of fear in her eyes right then, and he let her go, turning away. “I knew it.” he said, scornfully. “Fucking little bitches, teasing me like that.”“No, Tony, please!” Liz pleaded, moving forward on her knees. “I wasn’t teasing, I promise! I’m really going to do it!” She reached out and grabbed the waistband of his short, pulling him back in front of her. “Now, where were we?” she asked coyly, pulling down and exposing his güvenilir bahis 9” cock, fully hard and standing at attention. “Oh my God!” she whispered, staring at it. “I knew it was big, but I had no idea!!”Kim was also staring raptly at her brother’s big cock. It was the first time she had ever seen one in person, and even if it was her brother’s, she wasn’t going to pass up a moment of staring. She could feel butterflies in her stomach as she watched her best friend reach her hand up and take it in her hand.Liz could hardly close her fingers all the way around it. She had done this once before, also on a dare, although she hadn’t had to suck it that time; all she’s had to do was give the boy a handjob through a hole in the back wall of the summer camp boy’s room last year. She was excited to try the next step in her sexual journey.“Lick it, Liz.” Tony whispered hoarsely. “Take it in your mouth and suck it! I need it so bad!“ This was a first for him, too. Someone other than himself was touching his cock for the first time, and it was the best thing he had ever felt. He wanted more, though. He wanted all that he had been promised.Kim watched, breathless, as her friend lifted herself up a bit, moved her face closer to her brother’s groin, then opened her mouth and allowed her lips to slowly slide down over the helmet shaped head of pole sticking out in front of her.“OHHH, GOD!!!” Tony moaned loudly, twining his fingers through Liz’s thick red tresses. She let him feed her about half his length, then made a sound of alarm and pulled back.She gasped and looked up at him, wiping her mouth with her hand. “Just let me do it my way, okay?” she asked. “I promise you’re going to like what I do.”“Okay.” he agreed, taking his hands away from her head. “You may proceed.”Kim was still standing by the door, watching avidly. Her hands were no longer behind her back, however. They were tucked into her robe, inside the waistband of her panties, and she was fingering herself madly as she watched her best friend licking and sucking on her brother’s big cock.Liz and Tony were oblivious to the other girl’s presence as the blowjob continued. Liz was letting Tony thrust half his cock in and out of her mouth and she held the shaft steady with one hand and applied constant suction.A few moments of that was all Tony could take, and Liz pulled her head back when she heard him moan growl deep in his throat and felt his cock twitching, knowing what was going to happen next. She leaned back and opened her gown fully, baring her breasts with one hand as she continued jacking his cock.Kim watched in amazement as three steaming hot, thick white ropy spurts of goo jetted out of her brother’s cock, arching up and spattering onto Liz’s chest, coating her “b” cup breasts.Liz giggled when he was done, looking back up at him. “You made a mess on me.” she accused, laughingly.“I have a few minutes left, and it‘s still hard.” he shot back. “I could get you messier still.”“That wasn’t the dare.” Liz said primly, closing her robe. “You’re just going to have to wait until it’s your sister’s turn again.”“Seems fair to me that I should get a turn.” he said. “After all, you brought the game into my room. I want to play.”“Okay.” said Kim. “That sounds fair to me, too.” “Good.” he smiled. “I get one dare to each of you.”“No way!” protested Kim. “That means you get two turns in a row!”“Well, we DID start without him, Kim.” Liz pointed out. “We went one round of Truths each before we came in his room, so he kinda gets to catch up.”“My first dare is for Kim.” he said. “I dare you to lick my come off Liz’s tits. All of it. Swallow it, too. I think that will be REALLY hot to watch.”“No way…” Kim whispered palely. “That’s so gross!”“That’s your dare, Kim.” laughed Liz. “Come on, baby, let’s get licking!!” She threw open her robe again, leaning back and arching her back to thrust her spermy boobs into the air. Tony appreciated the view he got of Liz’s perky, eraser sized nipples pointing pinkly into the air.“If anyone hears about this, they are also going to know that you sucked my brother off.” Kim muttered, moving across the room. She tied her robe closed more firmly, then knelt next to her friend, bending down to lick a dollop of slime off Liz’s left nipple.“Mmm, that felt good.” Liz purred. “Nobody’s going to hear about this; lick me like the lezzy slut I know you are.”“I’m no lezzy!” protested Kim as she bent and took another taste, a bigger one this time. “I just haven’t been with any guys yet!”“How’s it taste?” Liz asked, seeing Kim savor the flavor with a thoughtful look on her face.“It’s not so bad.” she replied. She put her hands on her friend’s shoulders and pushed her flat to the floor, then began licking it all up in earnest. “In fact, once you get past the texture, it’s quite good. It tastes like a man.”Tony watched as Liz closed her eyes dreamily and let her friend continue licking and sucking her nipples long after all the jism had been eaten off. “Okay, it’s time for Liz’s dare.” he announced. “Liz, my sister dared you to give head to her brother . Now, I’m daring you to give head to my sister!”“What! No! We can’t! She’s my best friend!” Kim protested. “So? You just ate your brother’s come off her tits; türkçe bahis you’re gonna quit now?” he retorted.She had no reply to that, so she just opened her robe and dropped it to the floor, sitting down on the edge of the bed.He got his first unimpeded view of his sister’s breasts, and they were magnificent. Bordering on a “c” cup, they were pointy cones on her chest, capped with thick chocolate nipples. She parted her legs for Liz as her friend moved closer, and Tony could see a thin stripe of dark hair furring her mound, spreading slightly at the top. Her clit was large and dark, protruding prominently out between the top of her labia.“Mmm, I’m going to like my part of the dare.” Liz murmured, running her hands down the inside of Kim’s thighs. “I’ve always known that I was going to get to do this someday.”“That’s because you ARE a lezzy dyke.” Kim laughed, laying back and opening her legs.“Not anymore.” Liz murmured. “After that taste of cock, I think I’m addicted.” She kissed Kim’s belly, flicking her tongue into her best friend’s bellybutton.“Ad- DICK-ted?” Kim giggled. Liz looked up and giggled as well.“Yeah, I guess you could say that.” she agreed. Tony cleared his throat, and Kim put her hands on her best friend’s head. “I think he’s as ready for this as I am.” she said huskily.Liz bent her head and kissed Kim’s lower belly, then licked up the narrow stripe of pubic hair. Kim legs spread open even wider, and Liz let her tongue slide down to the base of Kim’s puffy labia, then pushed between them and caress it’s way upward.She could taste a sweet musk, liked it, and immediately went back for more. Kim moaned out loud at the sensations she was feeling, and pulled her friend’s head tightly to her groin.Liz was exactly where she wanted to be, and doing exactly what she had always wanted to do all along. Excitedly, she licked and lapped up all of her friend’s copious juices. Knowing exactly what pleasure the other girl was feeling through her moans and soft cries was turning her on, too, so Liz reached back and began fingering herself.“Oh, man, that’s the hottest thing I ever saw.” Tony muttered to himself, . He was slowly stroking his cock back to life as he stared raptly at the scene splayed out before him. “Get ready, Liz, here I come.” He moved closer to the edge of the bed and put his hands on Liz’s hips, pulling her back slightly.Liz stiffened and tried to lift her head, but Kim was right on the edge of coming, and she twined her fingers into her friend’s hair.“Don’t stop! I’m almost there!!” she cried out, masking the muffled sounds Liz was making.Tony rubbed the head his hard cock up and down through Liz’s labia, probing for her opening. She was moving her ass up and down, though, avidly trying to avoid being penetrated.He was enjoying the feel of her squirming under his hands, and he pressed right up against her, leaning down over her back.“You know how much I want to be inside you right now, Liz?” he whispered in her ear. She quit moving under him, and both girls were still, awaiting his next words. “I know you’re a virgin, Liz. Do you want me to be your first?”“Oh, God.” she whispered. “Oh God.” She could feel his big cock sliding along her labia, over her clit with every thrust of his body against hers. She lifted herself up onto her hands.“Don’t do this to me, Tony. I want to stay a virgin.” She rubbed her ass back and forth over his groin. “Don’t you dare put that thing inside me.”“I didn’t hear you say no, Liz.” he whispered, sliding his cock back further. He slipped one hand down between their bodies and guided himself into position. She was silent as he rubbed the head of it right over the soft spot, working it into her gently.“What are you doing, Tony?” she asked coyly. “Didn’t you hear me? I’m not ready yet. I want to stay a virgin. If you put that inside me, I won’t be one anymore, will I?”“I love you, Liz.” he told her, then pushed firmly into her. He felt the flimsy barrier of her hymen part as he entered her, and she moaned as she bit her lip.“No.” she whispered as he came to a stop all the way inside her, buried to the hilt in the softest, tightest warmth he had ever experienced.“Oh my God.” Kim whispered, her eyes as big as saucers. “You guys really did it!”“Yes.” said Tony. “OH hell yes!!” He put both hands on Liz’s hips and began thrusting, slowly increasing the tempo. “Ooohhhhh.” sighed Liz, collapsing back down onto Kim’s belly. Ohhh my God.” She let out a long loud moan as Tony increased the pace further still, and then she was gasping and shuddering through the most intense orgasm of her life.Tony felt the walls of Liz’s insides rippling as she came, and he couldn’t stand it anymore. He pulled out at the very last second and fired his load into empty air, not wanting to get her pregnant.Thick, hot, ropy white jets of come arched out over Liz’s back and hit Kim right in the face. The shocked girl had it d****d from her forehead, down over her eyes and nose, and right in her open mouth as she stared, flabbergasted at what she just saw. Tony just laughed at the expression on his sister’s face. She glared at him.“What!?” he said defensively, throwing up his hands in mock surrender. “You have to admit, you looked pretty funny with my güvenilir bahis siteleri come all over your face and in your mouth!”“Well, maybe.” she admitted. “Like I said before, though, I kinda like the taste of it.“I might be able to provide you with another taste tonight.” he said. “You can have all you want in days to come.”“Mmm, sounds yummy.” she purred. “And now that I know how good it feels to have a tongue at work down there, how about if you return the favor sometimes?”“Definitely.” he smiled. He rolled Liz over, letting her laze a little longer. He had attention only for his sister, now. “Except for one thing.”“What’s that?” she asked warily, watching him advance toward her between her wide open legs.“I know you’re a virgin, Kim.” he said. He put his hands on her knees and kissed the inside of her thigh.“Oh God.” whispered Kim.“Do you want me to be your first, Kim?” he asked, kissing higher up on her thigh, then licking it.“Oh God.” Kim whispered again. “OH GOD.” His mouth was on her, tasting, probing, licking wetly. She felt his hands slide up her waist first, then he was kissing a trail up her belly.His hands cupped her breasts together as he feasted on her nipples, and she could feel his hardness laying against her belly like a hot iron poker. He pushed himself up on his hands and looked down at her.She reached down and touched her belly, marking the place on her tummy. “It will be inside me this far?” she asked timidly. He nodded and slid his hips back, then took his cock in hand and positioned himself as Kim opened her legs wider for him. “I love you, Kim.” he said, then buried himself deep inside his sister’s tightness.“Oh, man, that is SOO fuckin HOT!!” Liz maned, rubbing herself between the legs as she watched avidly. Kim shuddered and bit her lip, feeling her brother’s big cock ram through the flimsy veil near the entrance of her love tunnel. He filled her completely full of hard dick and came to rest with his balls gently resting on her asshole. He kissed her gently, then used his tongue to part her lips as he drew his throbbing cock out of her.“I love you, Kim.” he said again, then buried himself inside her once more. She hugged him into her, wrapping her legs around his back and thrusting her hips up into his. She kissed him back, fiercely, invading his mouth with her tongue and writhing under him as he pierced her.He began fucking her rapidly, as she started moaning, low and deep and primal. She spread her legs wide apart and raised her knees up, letting him inside as deeply as possible. After several minutes of intense fucking, he pulled out, sliding it between her labia and up over her clit.“Are you gonna cum?” she asked. “Are you gonna shoot it on my belly so I can watch?”“Not yet.” he panted. “Turn over on your belly.”“What?” she said, surprised. “On my belly?”“Yeah.” he said, helping her roll over, on hand on her hip and the other on her shoulder. He moved her legs aside as he knelt between them, then pulled her hips upward. “Spread your knees wide apart, Kim.”“Okay. What are we doing?” she asked, obeying her brother’s command.“Nothing, it’s not his turn anymore.” Liz spoke up. “As much as I’d love to see what comes next, it’s my turn again, and this time I get to ask Tony.” She reached out and grabbed Tony’s cock, pulling it gently towards her. “Truth or Dare?”Tony took one last reluctant look at his sister, opened up and ready to mount, then looked at Liz and raised his eyebrow at her. “Truth.” he said. She let go of his cock and leaned back, opening her legs and letting him look.“I was hoping you would choose Dare.” she said. “No matter. Were you going to cum inside your sister if I hadn’t stopped you?” she asked.“I didn’t come inside you, did I?” he retorted. “I always pull out. Always.”“Okay, okay.” she laughed. “I trust you.”“My turn to ask him.” Kim said. She had also turned back over and was stroking her pussy, mimicking her friend’s posture. “Truth or Dare?”“Truth for you, too.” he smiled at his sister.“Have you ever fantasized about doing this with me, and if you did, tell it to me.” she smiled. “Who knows? It just might come true.”“Yes.” he said, grinning wider. “but remember when your friend Jenny spent the night last week? It involved her, too.”“I thought you behaved a bit oddly that night around her. What was the fantasy?” she asked. She and Liz shared a look and smiled.“Well, remember when you two were watching the movie on the floor and I was on the couch?”“Yeah, what about it?”“Both of you were wearing matching panties. Black G-Strings. I could see right under those short little T-Shirts you had on, and neither one of you had their legs closed all the way.” he told her. “It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen, and truthfully, the fact that one of the pussies was my sister’s made it even hotter.”He licked his lips. “All I could think about was kneeling behind one of you, either one, pushing that little strip of cloth aside, pulling your hips up a little, and…” He licked his lips again. “Just the thought of it, even now.Liz and Kim exchanged a sly smile and a wink, then kissed each other and giggled. An unspoken sentence passed between them.“Thanks for the game of Truth or Dare, big brother. We’re going to bed now, see you in the morning.” Kim said, giggling.“I don’t think so, ladies.” he said, pointing at his still hard cock. “No way am I ever going back to me hand after all that. You two are going to suck my cock together and let me cum on your faces.”

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