Tim and Fiona

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Author’s note…

This one came out quite quickly after some wine and a meal. Hope you like it and please don’t bother to comment on spelling or punctuation as this one is purely a bit of fun writing that I’m offering up to you as something to read when you want a bit of silly fun.

As always. All people depicted in sexual liaisons are of legal age and are consenting adults.

Hope you enjoy.



Tim looked at his young wife and tried to suppress the urge to take her right there and then. She was dressed in a sexy white dress that barely covered her bum and had a plunging neckline that reached past her bellybutton. Fiona had a great body that was slim but curvy in the right places with a peachy bum and large sloping c-cup breasts, breasts that were very much on display in the tiny dress that only just covered her nipples.

Fiona looked at Tim nervously as she showed off the dress he had picked out for her. Her large blue eyes were filled with anxiety as she nibbled on a lock of her shoulder length light brown hair that was naturally wavy.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit much?… I mean my boobs are practically falling out and I daren’t even lift my arms without worrying I’m flashing my bum.” She said to her husband.

Tim smiled at her and caressed her cheek gently.

“It’s perfect… you look amazing.” He told her in a reassuring tone, hoping she wasn’t going to back out of their agreement.

Fiona bit her lower lip in consternation.

“I should wear panties… don’t you think so…?” she asked as she worried about getting in and out of the car. Positive that she would be flashing her freshly shaved pussy. At just nineteen she wasn’t overly shy with Tim but the idea of letting anyone else see her private parts was a frighteningly embarrassing thought.

“No darling. You look the way you should and are wearing everything you need to be for this.” He told her and kissed her brow lovingly.

Fiona nodded and blushed as she thought again about what Tim wanted her to do.

They had married when she was sixteen and Tim had been twenty five. Her parents had tired to talk her out of it but in the end had given her their blessings and her father had wept a bit as he had given her away in a small family only ceremony. Fiona had been happy with Tim all through the last three years. She loved him with all her heart and even though she had married young she didn’t feel she had missed out on anything that her friends had.

Tim was the only man she had ever slept with and she felt perfectly happy about that. But he had always liked showing her off and asked her to wear sexy clothes often, at a beach in Spain he had encouraged her to go topless and she had. At parties he liked her to wear skin-tight revealing outfits and would dance with her just so that her impressive tits jiggled about until they nearly fell out of whatever small dress or top she was wearing.

Fiona had come to accept that rather than being jealous of men seeing her body, Tim actually got off on it. She knew she had a good body and a pretty face, people often told her she was pretty. But since she only loved her husband she never let that go to her head or feel a temptation to stray. Especially since he was great in bed and made her cum multiple times whenever they had sex. Not once had she faked an orgasm the way some of her friends told her they did with their boyfriends.

“I’m scared.” She admitted.

“You’ll be fine.. I’ll be there and if anything gets too freaky I swear I’ll step in.” he promised her as he gave her a hug.

She nodded reluctantly as he held her shoulders and looked into her eyes. His dark brown eyes held nothing but love for her and since all she had ever wanted in life was to make him happy she took a deep breath and told him they had better get going before she lost her nerve again.

The park was a short walk away but they drove because she didn’t want to walk too far in her high heels and frankly slutty dress. Not where the neighbours might see her. It was getting dark now but the streets were well lit and she had no doubt that someone would see her if she walked.

The park was well lit too, large wrought iron lamps that dangled four lamps every few yards. Tim walked with her to near it’s centre and the small fish shaped fountain with its surrounding benches. He left her side after a reassuring squeeze of her hands and a quick ‘I love you.’ Just before she entered the area. She knew roughly where he planed to set up his camera and watch her.

Her heels crunched on the small gravel as she walked to the bench she was meant to go to and saw a tall man stand up as she approached.

“Fiona?” he asked nervously.

She nodded.

“Yes.. erm.. Jack right?” she replied just as nervously.

He nodded back and held güvenilir bahis out his hand.

“I didn’t expect someone so… erm.. young.” He admitted as they shook hands and looked at each other.

Jack took her in with his eyes. More than pleased at what he was seeing. The internet often lied but this time he was getting a prize unlike any other he had previously managed in the six months of using the casual sex sight. She had a cute face with dimples in her cheeks, large eyes and nice longish hair. Her body was sexy too, with long shapely legs a decent flair to her hips, a small waist and then a pair of truly great tits. If this went well he wanted to meet her again.

She was pleasantly surprised too. He was fairly good looking and clearly kept fit. His T-shirt didn’t hide the well-defined muscles on his arms or the flat stomach he had.

“Lets sit.” He said and waited for Fiona to sit on the park bench before joining her and sitting so close their hips were touching.

Her short dress rode up and he smiled as he saw she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“You said online that you haven’t done this before?” he asked as he put an arm around her and lifted her face up gently with his other hand to gaze into her eyes.

She blushed and he knew before she answered that she hadn’t lied on the website.

“Yes.. this is my first casual sex encounter.” She said truthfully as she smelt mint mouthwash from his mouth. A mouth that descended onto hers in a kiss.

“mmm.. your lips are so soft.” He said into her mouth before kissing her deeply again.

Fiona’s nerves started to melt away as he kissed her without groping her. She had half expected him to slide a hand under her dress straight away.

He broke the kiss and smiled at her.

“Would you like to see it?” he said and didn’t wait for her to answer as he unzipped his fly and pulled out a semierect cock that made her eyes widen in shock. It was far bigger than her husbands and looked massive to her inexperienced eye.

“I don’t think it will fit.” She gulped out nervously.

“Oh it will.. I promise.” He told her as he gently took her hand and placed it on his cock.

“No rush though, just feel it… maybe kiss it too once you get to know it a bit.” He told her as she wrapped long delicate fingers around his shaft and slide her hand up and down it experimentally.

In the bushes, Tim had his own cock out and was wanking it slowly as he watched his wife bend her head down to kiss the mans cock. A man she had only just met. Seeing her kiss the strangers cock turned Tim on and he wished he could get closer. He checked his camera was recording it all and then watched as Fiona took the tip of Jack’s cock in her mouth.

As she started to suck the large cock she looked over to where she knew Tim was hiding, she felt a bit ashamed for actually liking the way this man’s cock felt in her mouth and wished Tim could be close enough to tell her it was okay. She knew this was what her husband wanted but still wished for a tiny bit more reassurance.

Jack looked down at her bobbing head and brushed her hair away from her face to see her lips wrapped around him more clearly.

“That’s it.. keep going.” He breathed out softly.

Jack let her go at her own pace. He was well experienced with getting a BJ and knew if he left her to it he would get more from her than if he held her head.

Fiona sucked more and more of him into her mouth until she was close to gaging. Her head moved up and down a bit more rapidly and she wondered if she could get him to spurt before he fucked her. For her that would be great.

She was soon repositioning herself on the bench so that she was kneeling on it with her ass in the air as she really went for it with her mouth. Suppressing her gag reflex and now taking him down her throat with each bob of her head. Jack was panting hard and seemed close to shooting his load into her mouth as he pulled at her dress and made it bunch up around her waist.

She ignored the fact her bare bum and pussy were now waving in the air as she sucked him off, sure she was close to making him spurt.

Jack moaned in pleasure but stopped her before he came. Moving around quickly so he was behind her and looking at her bare bum and shaved pussy.

“Head down… all the way.” He panted out as he slid his cock between her bum cheeks slowly.

Fiona did as she was asked to and closed her eyes in dismay. She had hoped for a while there that it wouldn’t get this far.

“Did you remember to lube it for me?” Jack asked as he pressed the head of his cock to her anus.

“Yes… please be gentle.” She said. Her voice sounding frightened.

Jack wasn’t a cruel man. He just liked casual sex.

“I can do your pussy if you prefer?” he asked gently.

Fiona shook her head türkçe bahis with a whimper. She had told Tim very firmly she would let another man cum in her vagina or fuck it. That was just one step too close to cheating in her mind. This was too but she had wanted to hold something back and decided it was going to be vaginal sex.

“No.. use my ass.. My husband does and I’m used to it.” She said honestly.

“Lucky husband.” Jack said with a smile as he pushed his tip inside. Fiona grimaced and waited for the pressure to pass.

She was tight and Jack took his time to ease into her anus. She had lubricated it but it was still a very tight hole. Jack guessed her husband didn’t have a big cock.

“Gently.” She squealed as his tip went deeper and his shaft started to penetrate her taboo hole.

Jack grunted and pulled back a little before working back to where he had been with slow gentle strokes.

“Fuck you’re tight.” He said in pleasure.

Fiona didn’t answer but looked at where she knew Tim was hiding. Her expression told him everything. She felt ashamed.

Tim half considered stopping it but was too turned on. Seeing his wife fucked in the ass by someone she had just met was just too good. Nearly every fantasy he had was right in front of him.

Jack got a rhythm going and with each slow trust got deeper inside the pretty pale girl who was taking his cock willingly if nervously.

Fiona bit her lower lip as she felt him getting deeper and deeper inside her ass. She wanted to deny how good it felt but couldn’t. it felt so wrong yet so very good at the same time.

“Faster.” She moaned out in a mixture of shamed pleasure and pain.

“God YES.” Jack grunted out as he got the okay to really fuck her ass. Thrusting almost all of himself inside her, he started to hump her faster. His hands went from her hips to her tits and he tweaked and pulled on her nipples as he fucked her tight ass with powerful strokes.

The dress gaped open and Fiona moaned in pleasure as she felt his hands on her bare breasts.

“Fuck me. Fuck me.” She panted out and lost herself in a sexual haze of desire and need.

Jack moved a hand to her cunt and soon found her bean. He rubbed it fast as his other mauled her left breast and his cock jackhammered in and out of her. With each thrust he was now bottoming out and filling her with his full length. His hips slapped against her bum and the sound filled Tim’s ears.

“Take it all baby.” Tim whispered softly as he got close to cumming. His hand working fast on his own cock.

Fiona clutched the wooden bench as she orgasmed.

“oh. Oh. OHHHH… Unngggghhhhh.” She gasped out as she came from being fucked in the ass and having her clit expertly played with.

Jack wasn’t far behind her and grabbed her hips with both hands as he buried himself as deep as he could get to spurt his load into her anal passage.

“Fuuuuucccckkkkkk.” He moaned out as his cock started to pump his semen into her back passage.

Tim spurted as he watched his wife’s bum hole being filled with cum.

“So hot. So hot.” He said under his breath as his cum splattered onto the grass and he watched Jack sliding out of his wife in exhausted pleasure.

Fiona was dazed for a bit. She felt the large cock leaving her back passage but couldn’t quite focus right then. She stayed as she was as she gulped breaths and tried to get herself together.

Jack sat on the bench panting with her ass right next to his face. He looked at with a grin as he saw some of his cum on her bum cheeks and her gaping hole start to close.

“Thanks… that was… that was fucking great.” He said to her as she moved and started to adjust her slutty dress back into some semblance of dignity.

She was blushing again as she looked at him. He looked very pleased with himself.

“I’m glad you liked it.” She said as she stood up and smoothed the dress down over her hips and hoped this was the last time Tim would ask her to do something like this.

“You did too.” Replied Jack as he zipped up.

She wanted to deny it but couldn’t. instead she looked away from him with a red face.

“Yes.. yes I did.” She admitted to both him and herself in a barely audible whisper.

Jack stood up and laid a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“look.. there’s no shame in getting off… if you want to.. erm.. well that is to say… I wouldn’t mind doing it again sometime.” He told her with obvious care in his voice.

Fiona nodded her head once before moving away. Jacks hand left her shoulder and he wondered why such a young pretty girl needed a website for sex. He watched her walk away and sighed. It would have been nice to get her number he thought to himself as he turned and started the walk home.

She walked towards where the car was parked and was güvenilir bahis siteleri soon joined by her husband. Tim kissed her cheek affectionately.

“That was perfect. Better than I had ever hoped.. god I love you.” He told her with a smile.

Fiona lent against him as they walked.

“I love you too.” She told him truthfully and then put her arms around him. Stopping their walk to stand on tiptoes and kiss him with loving lips.


They got home and he pulled her into his arms as soon as they were inside.

“I want you.” He said lustfully as he kissed her warm soft lips.

“I’m yours.” She told him as she scrambled with his belt eagerly. Needing him inside her desperately.

They fell to the floor as her dress came off and she wrapped her legs around her husband. She wanted him inside her and didn’t need foreplay. Fiona gasped in pleasure as his cock entered her wet pussy and she started to grind her hips to his. Fully feeling him inside her and wanting it to never stop.

Tim lasted a long time. He always did and she orgasmed twice before he came inside her pussy and filled her with his cum.

“I want that every day.” She panted out as she smothered his face with quick loving kisses.

“I’ll try my best.” He laughed out as he kissed her back. Quick affectionate kisses to her mouth, eyes and the tip of her nose.


Six months passed by fairly quickly before Tim asked her to do it again. They had been making love well over four times a week so she was a bit surprised when he did.

“Tim.. why? Everything’s been fine between us… hasn’t it?” she asked tearfully. She didn’t want to do it again. Even if she had liked it. She was over the shame of it and didn’t want to feel that again.

Tim told her he needed it but she didn’t have to. He just really wanted her to and it would mean the world to him if she did.

Fiona shook her head.

“No.. not again.. I’m NOT fucking some random stranger for you… not EVER.” She said crossly.

Tim didn’t argue. He loved his wife and let it go for a bit.

A couple of days past by. They were watching a bit of porn together at the time while her husband fingered her.

“What if it was the same guy as last time?” he asked as she was getting close to cumming.

“Jack?” she exclaimed as she started to cum.

Tim kissed her gently as she came down from her orgasm.

“Yeah… him.” He whispered into her ear as he started to work her pussy again the way he knew she liked it.

“um… um… not fair.” She moaned out as he quickly built her close to another orgasm.

“Well?… would you?” he asked as he nuzzled her neck and rubbed her clit.

“Maybe… finish me off… PLEASE.” she said and tried to forget how hard she had cum from being fucked in the ass by Jack.

Tim obliged her willingly before mounting her and taking her ass for himself. His cock felt so wonderful inside her that she swooned a bit. Lightheaded, she agreed.

“Yes… yes, I’ll fuck Jack again for you.” She said in a daze.

Just hearing her say she would fuck another man in front of him sent him over the edge and he spurted into his loving wife like crazy.

“I love you so much.” He whispered into her ear as he filled her ass with his semen.

“I love you too.” She panted out as she felt him cumming inside her. Nothing felt quite as good to her as having him cum inside one of her holes. Unlike some couples they never wasted his cum on her tits or other body parts. Both much preferring the feeling of consummating their loving marriage with Tim’s seed in her mouth, ass or ever ready pussy.

“Can I look?” Tim asked as he pulled out.

Fiona giggled and spread her bum cheeks wide apart for him as he used two fingers to hold her gaping hole apart and look inside.

“Happy Hubby?” she laughed out.

“Very.” He said and swatted her bum playfully.

Fiona giggled again.

“Yowch… mmm.. do it again.” She said with a naughty smile.

Tim stood up and picked up his belt.

“handcuffs too?”

“Oh yes please.” Fiona said as she eyed the belt and felt a small quiver of anticipation.


Fiona walked into the park alone in the same dress as before two days later. Tim was already set up and waiting. Her tummy was full of butterflies but she wasn’t scared this time. Just nervous.

“Hi Jack.” She said as she saw him waiting like last time.

He smiled warmly.

“I’m really glad your husband contacted me again.” He said and waved over at where Tim was hiding.

Fiona nodded. They had come clean with Jack and told him why she was doing this. Tim could have come closer but found it more erotic to hide as if they didn’t know he was watching.

“You don’t mind him watching?” she asked with a glance over to where she was sure Tim was.

“Like I said before… you don’t have to be ashamed of what gets you off Fiona.” Jack replied as he unzipped and beckoned to her.

Fiona smiled and relaxed as she knelt down to suck his cock.

The end.

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