Tim , Susan BBC Hot Tub Surprise


Please just enjoy the story. There is no disease, jealousy or hatred in this World of mine. If you don’t like wives being shared, stop right here.


If you read the Hot Tub series then you know about the adventure Tim and Susan had in Kauai, where they met John, then his wife, then a group of men and had a great orgy! Well, John and Susan went back to Kauai on another trip by themselves and decided to visit their favorite hot tub at the resort…

They had already been on the island three days and had visited the hot tub once during that time. An intimate hot tub, tucked away in a lush grove of Canna and Bird of Paradise plants, with only a small, narrow path leading to it. Most guests didn’t even know it existed, and the staff knew that those that did know, wanted to be left alone.

It was the fourth night, and Susan was horny. They were at dinner and Susan had two margaritas under her belt.

“Honey?”, She said in that seductive voice as her hand moved up Tim’s leg and rested on his crotch.

“Yes dear?” Tim responded, shifting in his seat so his cock had room to grow.

“I’m, well, a bit horny. I thought we might visit the hot tub tonight?” Now firmly rubbing Tim’s growing bulge.

“Well, if you keep doing that, I won’t be able to do anything with you in the hot tub.” Tim replied dryly. “But yes”, now leaning in closely to Susan “I’d love to FUCK you in the hot tub tonight.”

Susan abruptly stopped rubbing Tim, not wanting to waste a load there at the table.

“OK then, let’s let our food settle here for a while and make it happen!” Was her response.

Desert, then an after dinner Port later, and they were both in the right frame of mind for some hot tub playtime. While Susan went up to the room to get ready, Tim stopped by the bar and bought a bottle of wine for the hot tub. Arriving at the room, Tim found Susan looking stunning in her famous see through when wet, white bikini, with both her hair and makeup redone. She was going for the slutty “fuck me however you want” look and she had nailed it!

Tim changed, washed up and put on his swim trunks which he had cut out the inner webbing so Susan had easier access to his junk. They made their way down to the hot tub and settled into the warm water with a glass of wine.

It wasn’t long before Tim and Susan began kissing sensually, she moving her hand to his bulge and he kneading those perfect 36C breasts. Tim slid out of his trunks and sat on them to keep them in place. He was just about to undo Susan’s top when they heard voices coming down the path to the tub. They were deep voices and as they came closer, Tim and Susan could tell that they were “black” voices.

“Man, if he’d ran just a little faster, he woulda had that pass…But, you know, I’m ‘tha jet’, so I got that interception…”

The two, well built, black gentlemen came to the opening at the hot tub with two, hot, twenty something blonde bombshells in tow. All four surprised by the presence of Tim and Susan.

“Ah man!”, The lead man stated, disappointed and not wanting to intrude at the same time. “Man, we’re sorry, we didn’t know anyone would be here. I found this place last time we were here and didn’t think anyone else knew about it.”

Tim and Susan had calmed down, well, Susan had anyway. Tim was wondering how he was going to get his trunks back on!

“No worries folks!” Tim consoled the newcomers. “We don’t mind the company and the hot tub is plenty big for us all. Unless you all want some ‘alone time’, then my wife and I can find another tub.” Hoping they’d all stay there.

Tim knew that one fantasy of Susan’s was BBC. When they watched porn, she got especially worked up watching a tight young white pussy get split by a big, black, cock. Tim would push her over the edge by telling her that he’d love to see her take on one or more black cocks. While she never really admitted it, he knew she liked watching it and thought maybe tonight both their fantasies might come true.

“Well, if ya’ll don’t mind? How about you baby, OK with you if we stay here?” The taller man asked Tim and Susan, then directed the second question to his ‘date’.

“We don’t mind at all!” Susan chimed in, squeezing Tim’s leg.

“I don’t mind honey.” said the hottie with the 35C’s. She could have been a playboy model she was that hot.

Slipping into the tub, everyone introduced themselves. It turned out that the two men, Darnel and Marcus, were NFL defensive linebackers, in Hawaii for the pro-bowl that had just taken place the weekend before. The two hot girls, Tara and Lacey, were cheerleaders from the same team and accompanied these two players during away games, which really meant that they were the boy toys for these two players. Everyone shook hands and sunk into the tub.

Small talk about the game that they had just played and where Tim and Susan were from took about ten minutes, then everyone kind of settled in.

Tim had left the wine bottle on a table outside the hot tub, so ulus escort when Susan asked for more wine, Tim looked at her, then down, indicating that it wouldn’t be a good idea for him to get out to get the wine…Being naked and all. Susan got the hint and without thinking, got up and out of the tub to get the wine. As with other times past, Susan totally forgot about her see through suit. It wasn’t until every eye in the tub was on her as she made her way back to the tub that she realized what they were all looking at.

“Oh SHIT!” Susan exclaimed, stopping dead in her tracks three feet from the edge. “I keep forgetting about this stupid suit!”

“Don’t worry about that honey.” Darnel stated as a matter of fact. “I hope your husband don’t mind me saying so, but you look stunning in that suit.”

“I don’t mind at all.” Tim chimed in, knowing that the two players would love to dive right into his wife.

“Darling, where did you get that suit? I HAVE to get one!” Tara exclaimed.

“Me too! Baby, wouldn’t you like to see me in that suit?” Lacey asked.

“Mmmm Hmmmm.” Was all Marcus could say, still looking at Susan.

Tim saw Lacey’s hand move to Marcus’s crotch under the water and begin rubbing it. Tara had already done the same to Darnel. Both men turned back to their dates, assuring them that they had the men’s attention.

Susan got back to Tim and snuggled into him, sipping her wine.

“You fucking tease.” Tim whispered into Susan’s ear in a joking manner.

“Who, me?” Was her response, moving her hand back to his now hard cock. “Someone liked what they saw, eh?”

“EVERYONE liked what they saw.” Tim replied.

By the time Tim and Susan came out of their little ‘zone’, they could both tell that Tara and Lacey were busy stroking their men. Their arms clearly moving up and down. Marcus noticed Tim and Susan watching.

“Hope you folks don’t mind. The girls are, well, you know.” Marcus stated, clearly enjoying the handjob he was receiving.

Tim decided to ratchet the situation up a notch and see if he could make his wife’s fantasy come true.

“We don’t mind at all Marcus. You wouldn’t believe the things we’ve seen, and done in this very hot tub with many other people.”

Susan was shocked at how open Tim was, but at the same time, she waited it seemed like an eternity for Marcus’s response.

“Really?” Marcus curiously replied. “So, if I decided to sit up on the edge here so Lacey could use that cute little mouth of hers, you’d be fine with that?”

“Absolutely!” Susan replied, cutting Tim off. “As long as you don’t mind an audience?”

“Honey, and again, no offense meant Tim, but if you or Tim want to be more than spectators I think that’ll be fine with all of us…Right?” Marcus said, turning to his other three compatriots for their approval.

“Damn right!” Darnel chimed in. “And Tim, feel free to sample Tara and Lacey at your leisure…OK with you girls?”

“Yes!” Came a unanimous response from the two girls.

With the foundation laying out of the way, Marcus proceeded to lift himself up onto the edge of the tub. As he came out, his nine inch, red-bull can thick cock came out of the water like a periscope. Susan let out a small moan under her breath, but Tim heard it…And liked it.

Marcus was totally shaved. His balls were the size of two large plums and his shaft was shiny, with the skin tight. Lacey had moved to the side so Susan and Tim could capture the entire scene. After Marcus was sitting on the edge, she leaned over, looked at Susan and then lowered her mouth to Marcus’s engorged cock head. She began taking more and more of Marcus into her mouth, but stopped just below the head. Marcus was right, Lacey did have a small mouth. She then wrapped her left hand around the shaft, or what shaft she could wrap it around, and began slowly stroking it up and down. She looked to be a good cock sucker from what Tim could see.

Tara was now bobbing up and down on Darnel’s cock, but they were still in the tub so there was really nothing to see. Darnel reached behind Tara and undid her top, letting it fall into the water. She had nice, firm breasts, about a C cup Tim thought, with very erect pencil erasure nipples that she fed to Darnel, letting him suck on one, then the other.

Susan was entranced with Marcus’s cock and he could tell. She was still stroking Tim under the water, but Tim knew she wanted that black cock. Tim reached behind her and undid her top, letting it fall into the water and knowing that Marcus would love what he was about to see.

“Damn girl.” Was all Marcus could say.

“Why don’t you give Marcus a closer look baby.” Tim directed.

With that, Susan moved over to Marcus and placed her left knee on the edge while standing on the bench on her right leg. It was the perfect height and both breasts were right in front of Marcus’s face while Lacey continued sucking his cock.

Marcus looked up at Susan, then gently sucked yenimahalle escort her left nipple into his mouth. A shock ran through Susan. He then switched to her right nipple and another shock ran right down to her pussy. Tim couldn’t take it any longer. He had been staring at Lacey’s pert, tight ass, sticking up in the air while she sucked Marcus and needed to see just how good that pussy was. He moved over behind Lacey and snaked his tongue between her legs, flicking her clit, then tracing back through her entire slit and ending on her cute little asshole. Lacey was gyrating on Tim’s tongue and he knew she wouldn’t last long.

In the meantime, Marcus had moved Susan’s bottom to the side and had begun rubbing her clit and up and down her slit, finally inserting his index finger all the way. His finger was like have a cock in her pussy and she immediately started humping it, moaning as he assaulted her nipples and her pussy.

Darnel had now come up out of the water and was laying on his back. His cock was as long as Marcus’s, but just a bit thinner…Still thick enough to please any woman. Tara was now riding him cowgirl style, slowly moving up and down his shaft while he sucked on her nice titties.

Tim decided he needed the pussy he’d been licking on for the last five minutes, so he raised up and gently slid his respectable eight inches into Lacey. She liked what Tim gave her and pulled off Marcus for a minute while Tim eventually bottomed out in her. He then set a nice ‘fucking’ pace, not too fast, not too slow, and within two minutes, Lacey’s tight little pussy convulsed around his cock and she purred like a kitten. Tim started to pull out, but Lacey stopped him.

“I like to be fucked Tim, so please keep it up as long as you can, and I’ll just keep cumming for you.” She requested.

Not wanting to disappoint the hottie, Tim set into his rhythm, Lacey kept cumming.

With Lacey out of the picture, it was time for Susan to get what she really wanted. She gently pushed on Marcus’s shoulders, and, getting the hint, he laid back on the decking. Susan through her right leg over Marcus, straddling him but holding her pussy just above his thick cock which was now resting on his stomach. She looked back, making sure Tim could see her. Tim had a perfect view and gave her a wink of acknowledgement. She then reached between her legs and, taking hold of that big, black, cock, she guided it to her pussy. She rubbed his cockhead on her pussy for a good minute.

“Damn girl, I want that pussy so fucking bad!” Marcus exclaimed, appreciating the cock teasing that Susan was giving him. Usually, it was just a girl, his cock, a fuck and done, but this woman knew how to be fucking sensual.

“Well, I want that cock so bad.” Susan said matter of factly while she now began to position the cock head at her pussy. She began easing herself onto the head until it was just inside her pussy, then she took it out and started the process again, each time allowing another half-inch to penetrate her. When she got to the six inch mark, she glanced back at Tim, who was transfixed on the scene before him. Their eyes met, as she took the entire ten inches of thick cock into her. Susan, Marcus and Tim all moaned at the same time, each acknowledging their individual erotic moment…Susan feeling the entire 10 inches of another man in her, Marcus having the most sensual experience he’d ever had, and Tim seeing his hot wife experiencing something she had been fantasizing about for months.

The scene got better as Susan moved slowly up and down the black shaft, letting seven inches show until easing back down to the thick, black balls and then grinding into them, wishing for even more length. Marcus was in heaven, experiencing the warmth of Susan’s pussy while feasting on her magnificent breasts that she hung over his mouth.

Lacey had come four times by this point and was officially worn out. Tim pulled out of her and took a position on the ledge opposite Marcus and Susan so he could still watch her fucking him. Tara had come a couple of times as well and sat next to Lacy, recuperating with her friend. Darnel sat near Tim, watching the same show, slowly jacking off. Tim didn’t realize that he was jacking off as well, it just felt natural, like they were watching a porn video.

Tim could tell that Susan was getting close when she picked up the pace. She flew up and down the glistening shaft now and her low moans grew until she couldn’t take it any longer. She wasn’t a sensual woman now, she was a moaning, horny, slut, who just wanted to be fucked into tomorrow.

“Ahhhh fuck!” She moaned. Tim smiled, knowing she was close now. “That’s it, fuck me, fuck my pussy with that cock!” She continued. She had stopped moving up and down and was now letting Marcus fuck her violently from below, just the way she liked to be ‘fucked’. He was shoving his cock all the way up into her, bottoming out, crushing her clit while his balls slapped against her ass.

“My God you have a nice pussy!” Marcus exclaimed.

On the last stroke up into Susan, she followed him down, shoving her pussy onto his shaft and holding him to the deck. She continued to grind onto him until she could take no more.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCKKKKK!” Susan shouted as she came like never before. She held herself on Marcus’s cock, convulsing for at least thirty seconds.

While Susan was fucking Marcus, Tara and Lacey had gotten their second wind. Lacey had Tim’s cock in her tight little mouth and Tara had Darnels in hers. Lacey was a good cock sucker Tim acknowledged, and it was very erotic to watch her try to take his somewhat oversized cock into her small mouth.

By now, Susan was off of Marcus, but not done with him. She had cum, but he had not, and the last thing she wanted him to experience was a real blowjob, from a self-proclaimed expert. Marcus sat on the edge of the tub again, and now each man had his own porno scene before him, watching the others getting their cocks sucked.

“Oh my fucking God!” Marcus said to no one in particular. “I thought your pussy was awesome girl, but that mouth! Darnel, you gotta get this girl to suck you off man!”

The other two girls didn’t even react, but instead redoubled their efforts to get their man off. Lacey was now jacking Tim with her right hand as she sucked his head. Tara was doing the same to Darnel, who had thrown his head back, almost there.

Susan took her time, and as with the fucking, she started out slow and easy, taking little by little into her mouth until she had at least half of the shaft literally down her throat. She had learned this technique from a specific porn queen video and practiced it often on her husband, who could never last long once she started using the technique. She would then come up off the cock and tease the frenulum with her lips and tongue, looking up at Marcus with her teasing eyes.

“Fuck girl!” Was all Darnel said and Tara shoved his cock further into her mouth, continuing to jack him as he exploded. Tim could see Danel’s shaft convulse and knew he was sending a huge load down Tara’s throat. She took it all like a pro and wiped her mouth afterwards in a comic, showy gesture. Darnel settled back into the tub with Tara snuggling into him.

Tim was trying to time his orgasm with Marcus, but Lacey was making it hard to do. She had picked up the pace and her little hand flew up and down his shaft with blurry speed. She wanted his load. It was at that time that Susan took Marcus down her throat on more time and while jacking him with her right hand, cupped his huge balls with her left and began to knead them.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…Cumming!” Was all Marcus could get out before his shaft tensed up and he began firing string after string of cum down Susan’s throat. She kept up with him and near the end came off his cock so that the last three strings could eject onto her stroking hand. She knew Tim liked seeing that, and as she turned to Tim, Marcus’s cock still in her hand, she began licking the stings of cum off her hand and Marcus’s shaft and cockhead.

“Mmmmmffff.” Was Tim’s signal to Lacey, who had other plans. She took the first two spasms of cum in her mouth, but then withdrew Tim’s cock and continued to jack it all over her pert breasts. Lacey knew how to jack off a cock. Most women stop or slow down when the man begins to cum, but Lacey knew to keep jacking that shaft for maximum ejaculation! A considerable amount of cum covered her breasts and she immediately waded over to Tara, who began licking them clean. Lacey glanced over to Susan…

“Would you like some Susan? It IS your husbands cum!” She asked.

Susan silently waded over and began licking her husbands cum off Lacey’s breasts, sucking her nipples as she did. Tara leaned in again to get a few missed drops and as she did, Lacey brought the two together with her hands on the back of their heads, wanting to find out whether Susan was into that or not. She was answered when Susan leaned into Tara and the two began to French kiss, exchanging Tim’s cum as they did. Susan then raised up to Lacey and kissed her deeply.

“Does that answer your question?” Susan asked pulling away from Lacey for a moment.

“It sure does.” Lacey replied, going in for another deep kiss.

The girls eventually settled back into the tub with their respective men and they all began conversing about what just happened. Marcus told Darnel that before they left, Darnel needed to sample Susan’s goods.

Recharged now, Susan decided to fulfill another fantasy of hers. She moved in front of Darnel and motioned for him to sit on the edge. When he did, she looked at Tara as if asking permission. Tara nodded in the affirmative and Susan proceeded to go down on Darnel’s now growing cock with her mouth. Darnel quickly understood what Marcus meant, getting the best blowjob of his life.

Susan paused for a moment, turned to Marcus and then looked back at her hind end as if to say ‘come fuck me’. Marcus, not wasting any time obliged and within twenty seconds he was balls deep in Susan’s pussy. She was in heaven…A BBC in her mouth and one stuffed into her pussy. She came in less than two minutes but even as she came, she never missed a stroke on Darnel’s cock.

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