Toys are Us Ch. 04


Brenda awoke with a slightly fuzzy mind but feeling wonderful. She rolled over on her back and stretched her arms high over her head, with her legs straight and her toes pointed tightly at the foot of the bed. Twisting her back from side to side, she sighed as muscles eased and several joints in her lower back popped.

She sat up in bed, the fuzziness was fading, and she smiled for no other reason except she felt so good. She sat there for a moment as memories of the living room chair and Ron slowly floated up in her mind. She felt herself blush as she remembered Ron lifting and spreading her legs.

And then she was scrambling off the bed and looking for her husband. Memories of Ron licking her clit and shoving the new toy in her pussy made her almost miss a step as she ran into the kitchen. Ron naked, sitting at the breakfast table drew her up short. That and the memories of the monster from the dark and the orgasms he had brought.

“Well, hello there gorgeous, welcome back to the world of the living.” Ron said with a big smile.

“How…. Uh….” Brenda started to say and then she was trying to figure out how she had gotten in bed. The last she remembered she had been in the chair.

“I put you to bed after you passed out on me.” Ron said as though he had read her mind.

“Oh, ok.” Brenda whispered as an embarrassed flush climbed her chest to her face.

“You sacred the heck out of me. I thought I had killed you with that toy, there for a few seconds.”

Brenda took two quick steps and was in Ron’s lap kissing him passionately. After a second of surprise, Ron was kissing her back equally as passionately. Brenda broke the kiss, looked deep into Ron’s eyes, and then went back to kissing him.

The phone ringing broke the kiss. They both were grinning and looking deep into each other’s eyes. “I’d better answer that.” Brenda whispered.

Ron nodded and she laughed as she jumped up to run across the living room and scoop up the phone.

“Hello.” She said with mirth still in her voice.

“You sound happy, so I guess things are all right over there.” Rose said from the receiver.

“Things are wonderful!” Brenda replied happily. “And I have you to thank for it.”

A sigh of relief came from the phone and Rose said, “Thank God, I’ve been worried. I thought I did the right thing but you never know.”

“Hey, how about me? Don’t I get any thanks?” Ron asked loudly from the breakfast table.

“You did good also, except for knocking me out.” Brenda replied with a laugh.

“He knocked you out?” Rose asked sharply.

Brenda laughed again at Rose’s tone. “Not that way silly, with a big O or two or three and one with a big club. The orgasm, not Ron, I passed out.”

Rose laughed and yelled, “You go girl!”

“Go? I went! I ended up asleep in bed, that is.”

“Poor, poor baby.” Rose replied with a chuckle. “I love the one’s that knock my socks off. They are just so yummy.”

“I’m not sure yummy is the word I’d use but they sure are mind blowing.” Brenda confessed.

Rose laughed. “You’ll get used to them in time and they only get better. Speaking of which, you’ve made me horny, so I’m off to find hubby and rape him. Why don’t you do the same?”

“I just might, only I’ll look for my hubby instead of yours.” Brenda said turning to look at Ron over her shoulder. “Have fun.” She called out as she hung up the phone.

“You might what?” Ron asked as she walked toward him swiveling her hips suggestively.

She walked up and looked down at his hard manhood. She grinned and knelt down beside his chair. Her hand lifted his shaft away from his belly and she licked her lips. She looked up into his eyes and licked her lips again.

“I might just rape my husband.” She whispered.

Ron chuckled and said, “You can’t rape the willing.” And then he groaned loudly as Brenda’s hot mouth descended over the head of his dick.

Brenda swirled her tongue around the spongy head and flicked the groove in the under part of the flange. Ron groaned loudly and stiffened up. She quickly took him out of her mouth and looked up at his face. His eyes were closed and his mouth was open, a look of pure bliss on his face.

Brenda wondered if that was how her face looked when she was deep in and orgasm. She asked Ron about it. He opened his eyes and smiled down at her.

“You look beautiful when you’re having an orgasm. You have this almost pained look on your face but the pleasure shines through. Not to mention the way your hips move and your stomach muscles twitch and jerk. It’s an awesome sight.” Ron whispered slowly and sincerely.

“I love the look you had on your face when I looked up from sucking on you. It was… I don’t know… blissful was the first word that came to my mind.”

“It sure felt good, that’s for sure.” Ron whispered and then placed his hand on the back of her head and guided it back to the head of his dick.

Brenda giggled and whispered, “I think you liked what I was doing.”

“Whatever gave escort şişli you that idea?” He asked and then groaned as her tongue swirled over the sensitive head.

“That groan for one thing and the clear little drop of fluid on the tip that tastes so yummy.” Brenda replied.

Ron’s hand pressed a little harder as he said, “Don’t talk with your mouth full.”

Brenda giggled and sucked the head back into her mouth, fluttering her tongue madly over it. Ron groaned and then sighed deeply.

“Oh yes!” He said loudly flexing his hips, as much as he could in a sitting position.

Brenda tried to grin but couldn’t so she dropped her head and sucked most of his manhood into her mouth, fluttering her tongue along the shaft as she did. She sucked in and raised her head slowly, her tongue still working over the bottom of his shaft.

Ron gave a loud yell and came with a rush and a gush. Brenda had her first full taste of him, which made her groan and tense up her thighs and sex as his flavor flooded her mouth. She bobbed her head down and back up again as she swallowed without thought. She could sense an orgasm of her own just out of reach.

Brenda moaned loudly around Ron’s dick and sucked even more of him in as her head went down again. Ron groaned and then gasped as her nose touched his pubic hair and he realized she had swallowed him completely.

Her whimpering moan around the head of his dick was almost painful but her tongue around the base of his shaft felt exquisite. Brenda began to bob her head up and down along his full shaft and Ron groaned loudly. He should have been soft by now but that wasn’t happening.

Brenda had his whole manhood in her mouth and that excited her almost as much as his taste. The brush of his hair on her nose had made her moan and clench up her sex even harder. Her own orgasm was so close. With abandon, she fucked him with her mouth.

She wanted to stand up and straddle him, to impale herself on his manhood but she couldn’t wait and didn’t want to let him go. Her body shook with frustration and the nearness of her orgasm. Her mind was filled with his taste, his smell, the feel of his dick in her mouth as her head bobbed up and down.

Suddenly the flavor intensified and just as suddenly her orgasm washed over her. She gave a muffled yell as her hips jerked and she swallowed Ron whole to the base. His taste was strong and somewhere in the back of her mind she marveled that he was coming again.

Ron was moaning and flexing his hips as visions of his beautiful wife’s face full of his dick floated before his eyes. He had never loved her more than he did right at that moment. He remembered her coming as his tongue licked her and he groaned even louder.


Ron sat with his head on his arms on the table and Brenda was sitting on the floor with her head against Ron’s thigh. Neither of them had the energy to move, much less get up. Ron felt completely drained but incredibly happy.

Brenda whimpered softly and then groaned. “Are we dead yet?” She asked in a hoarse whisper.

“I don’t think so.” Ron answered slowly. “But we should be, or at least I should be.”

Brenda giggled and nodded. “You went boom twice. I went boom big time when you did the second time.”

“Well, that’s two new things, I just learned. A man can come twice and a woman can come from sucking a dick.” Ron whispered and then chuckled.

Brenda nodded her head and sighed deeply. “Education is so much fun.” She said with a short sharp giggle.

“Isn’t it though?” Ron replied sitting upright and yawning. “Now I’m the one that needs a nap.”

“I’d join you but then I wouldn’t sleep tonight.”

Ron laughed and whispered, “Who said I was going to let you sleep tonight. I still haven’t seen that first toy or you playing with yourself. I still have a lot to learn.”

Brenda giggled and whispered, “Your education is likely to kill me.”

“Funny, I’ve never seen orgasms listed as a cause of death in the obituaries.”

They both laughed as Ron stood and then helped his wife to her feet. Once on her feet, Brenda said, “Well, I might be the first.” And then she yawned. “Come on and we’ll tuck each other in.”


Brenda woke up and had to go pee really bad. As she slipped off the bed her stomach growled. She looked at the clock and was startled to find it was five in the evening. She had slept most of the day away. It was for a very good reason, she thought with a grin as she padded across the room.


Ron came into the bathroom as Brenda was stepping out of the shower. He grinned as he swept her wet naked body into his arms and planted a kiss on her that had her whimpering quickly. He let his hands roam as he explored her wet silky slick back and ass.

Her husband’s lips and hands could become very addictive, Brenda thought as she kissed him back with a growing passion. Her passion wasn’t the only thing growing, she realized as his hot dick hardened and slipped up between their bellies. She escort etiler rubbed against it for a second and then broke the kiss and stepped back.

“Hold on now, you need a shower and I need some food.” She said with a big grin. Here she was, the frustrated one, turning down sex. How different a couple of months and a couple of toys could make.

Ron laughed and said, “You just swallowed a sausage whole only a few hours ago. Repeatedly, if I’m not mistaken.”

Brenda laughed and stepped forward to hug her husband tightly. “Yes and I got a wonderful creamy drink from it also.” She replied licking her lips in memory.

Ron’s stomach growled and a second later, Brenda’s did the same. Ron stepped back and grinned at his wife. “Ok, I can take a hint, it’s feeding time at this zoo. You head for the kitchen and I’ll get a quick shower and then join you.”

“Take your time dear, I have nothing thawed and no idea what I want to fix.” Brenda said, as she started for the door of the bathroom.

Ron reached out and smacked her on the bare butt. “We could go out for supper.” He suggested.

“Could we? It’s been quite some time since we’ve gone out to eat.” Brenda said happily.

“Sure. Let me get my shower and we’ll go anyplace you want.” Ron replied as he watched his wife’s face light up. “Anyplace at all.”


Brenda was getting dressed as Ron came out of the bathroom. She had her hair done and her makeup on. She had on panty hose, a dark blue knee length skirt, and was slipping into a light blue long sleeved blouse. Ron paused and looked at her closely.

“Is there a problem dear?” Brenda asked at the slight frown on his face.

“After spending time with you naked, I just realized how drab and old fashioned you dress.” He replied hesitantly.

Brenda laughed and then giggled. “I can’t go out naked.”

Ron grinned at her and then walked over to her closet and rummaged around. A moment later he turned with a pale blue sundress in his hand. It was one that Brenda used around the house or out in the yard on hot days.

“Here, try this.” He told her.

“I can’t wear that out in public.”

“Why not, it covers everything decently.”

“It’s to short for one thing and the top is cut to low. Half my boobs would be hanging out.” Brenda protested.

“Try it on and let me be the judge of that.” Ron told her.

Brenda looked into his eyes for a moment and then slipped the blouse back off and slipped out of the skirt. She put the dress on over her head and buttoned it up. There was quite a bit of cleavage showing, she thought as she looked down. And the skirt ended a good four inches above her knees.

“Those panty hose have to go.” Ron said, as he looked her up and down.

“Dear, I always….” Brenda started to say and then hiked up the skirt and wiggled out of the panty hose.

“Much better.” Ron whispered.

He studied her for a moment and then grinned. “Take off your panties and bra.”

Brenda got a shocked look on her face. “I will not!”

Ron laughed and then said, “I had to try.”

Brenda cocked her head to the side and looked at her grinning husband. “You…. Uh…. You wouldn’t….” She stammered in disbelief.

“Would I let you go out without your panties and bra? Possible, I’d have to see how you looked without them first.” Ron answered her unasked question.

“I’d die of embarrassment.” Brenda whispered but suddenly memories of wanting to open the door for the UPS man naked, floated through her mind and she whimpered softly.

“So you have thought about it?” Ron asked, just above a whisper.

Brenda blushed and then nodded slowly, embarrassed that it was that obvious. She should have been embarrassed at the opening the door part but she realized she wasn’t. She found that odd, but one was fantasy and one was real.

“Look at yourself in the mirror and then take them off and look again. Let’s see what the difference is, visually.” Ron coxed.

Brenda stepped over to the full-length mirror on the bathroom door and looked herself over. The dress was cute and it really didn’t show much more of her legs than normal. It would only be a problem sitting down and getting in and out of the car.

There wasn’t nearly as much cleavage as she had thought from looking down. Of course seated it would be a whole other story. The scooped neckline did look good on her and the short sleeves would be cooler as would the flared skirt.

She looked over at Ron and he smiled. “You look good in that dress. You look like the sexy wife I’ve come to love and appreciate.”

She smiled shyly but her mind was on taking the underwear off. She quickly hiked the skirt up and slipped her panties down off her hips quickly. She didn’t want to think about it, just to do it quickly before she could think.

As they hit the floor, she kicked them to Ron. He laughed as he caught them. Then Brenda whimpered softly as he brought them to his nose and took a long deep breath and sighed.

“I bayan escort taksim love your smell.” He whispered huskily.

Brenda made a sound halfway between a moan and a sigh as she remembered his tongue on her clit. She hurriedly unbuttoned the top of the dress and took off her bra. She tossed it on the bed and then shivered as she buttoned the dress up. Thoughts of the UPS man seeing her bare breasts ran through her mind.

She was blushing fiery red as she stepped back in front of the mirror. The dress seemed very much the same. There was even less cleavage showing she realized. And then she saw the little tents her hard nipples were making in the soft fabric. She hadn’t even thought about that before.

Brenda moaned loudly as her hands came up and cupped her breasts, her hard nipples tingling. Her nipples had been hard enough to hurt that day when she opened the door. No wonder the UPS man had such a big grin on his face. She moaned loudly as she rubbed her palms over the fabric covering her nipples.

She shivered and dropped her hands. The little tents were even larger. She whimpered and then groaned as she said, “Ron, I couldn’t…. I wouldn’t… dare. I’d die of embarrassment. Everyone can see my nipples, for God’s sakes.”

Ron moved up to hug her to his naked body. He kissed her softly and stroked her back. After a moment or two, he broke the kiss and just held her tightly. Brenda sighed and laid her head on his shoulder as she hugged him back.

Was she being silly, she asked herself? No one ever noticed her before, why should they start now. Because your nipples are sticking out like… like… She couldn’t find a word to fit. She sighed and lifted her head. She asked Ron if he thought she was being silly.

“No dear, you’re funny at times but never silly.” He reassured her. “Put you bra back on, if you want. Or another one that’s a little more sexy maybe.”

Brenda giggled and kissed Ron deeply. All her bras were the same heavy white cotton ones she had always worn since she was a kid. Maybe it was time to change that. She had looked at some fancy and frilly ones at the store, the last time she was in town.

When she broke the kiss, she whispered, “The only thing even close to a different type of bra I have is that bikini thing I sometimes sunbathe in. It won’t work though, its flowered and the design would show through.”

“Ok then, put your regular bra on, but next week when you go to the store, I want you to buy you some new bras and I don’t mean those white monsters either.” Ron told her with a smile that turned into a grin.

“Yes dear, I had already planned on it.” She told him as she went to get her bra off the bed. “You need to get dressed.” She added with a grin of her own as she sat down on the side of the bed and watched him closely.

Ron chuckled, went to the dresser, and opened the top draw. He took out a pair of boxer shorts and then folded them back, and dropped them back in the draw. With a grin, he walked naked to the closet and got out a pair of dark slacks.

“You’re not!” Brenda said and then giggled as he slipped the slacks on and zipped them up. “You are!” she exclaimed and then whimpered softly as he did the snap and stood there modeling the pants. His manhood was outlined in the soft material and it was pulled up in the crack of his ass much more pronouncedly than normal.

“I’m…. Uh… You…. I….” Brenda started and then took a deep breath. “I’m not sure I want you to go out that way. There’s a whole lot of you showing, if you know what I mean.”

Ron walked over and looked in the mirror. His semi hard dick was outlined in the left pant leg. “Maybe you’re right.” He told her. “These pants feel totally different without underwear. They’re creeping up in the crack of my ass and my dick is free and rubbing around. I’ll never get soft wearing them this way.”

Brenda shivered as she looked at his slowly hardening manhood as it made a tent in the leg of the trousers. She remembered such tents under his pants when they had started dating but they weren’t that big or in the same place.

“Put briefs on like you used to wear.” Brenda heard herself saying.

Ron grinned as he took off the pants and went to find a pair of white brief in his drawer. His dick was hard and standing up right as he slipped them on. There was a bulge in the middle with the top two inches of his dick sticking out the waistband. He pushed his dick to the side and tucked it in.

There was the bulge and ridge that Brenda remembered from dating. She moaned softly and then stood up to walk over and knell down in front of her husband. Her hand lightly traced the outline and she whimpered softly. If only she had known about sucking on it back then. What a difference it would have made in the last five or six years.

She leaned forward and nibbled at the tightly stretched cloth. Ron moaned and then whispered, “If you keep that up you’re not going to get supper, you’ll end up with that sausage and creamy drink again.”

“Why can’t I have both?” Brenda asked in a breathy whisper as she continued to nibble.

“Why didn’t I do this back in high school?” She asked softly as she sucked on the side of his shaft, her tongue flicking back and forth on the slowly damping material.

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