True tales of a salesman 1


True tales of a salesman 1Tales of a Salesman 1It was just another routine sales call on one of my favorite department store buyers. She was probably among the friendliest of all of my buyers. It was always a little joking, playful double entendres and always a nice order. She was buying for older women’s apparel and she certainly didn’t fit the role for an older woman. Granted, she was in her late thirties or at best only 40. I never had more than 45 minutes or maybe an hour with her. Someone was always in and out of her small office. On occasion she would be called to do or see something on the ‘floor’ and that would always interrupt the flow. Kim was not beautiful, but she was very attractive. She had mousy brown hair down to her shoulders that she sometimes had in a pony tail. Always had on fresh makeup, and with a very trim body that I could tell, was always dressed in a ‘business like’ attire, suits ,heels, and sometimes a very pretty dress, and always placed a nice order with me. I liked her very much.It was 6 weeks later, and I called to schedule the usual appointment with Kim. I informed her that I now had a ‘mobile showroom’ (a 26’ Mini-Motor Home) and would she mind coming down to my ‘showroom’ for this seasons purchases. She had no objections. This was a normal routine for many apparel sales people as the lines they sold had extensive samples. Often, too many to hang on a rolling portable folding rack, maneuver onto elevators (usually freight) and get into a buyers office, with very little room, reverse the order, and put all the samples into ‘snap-tite’ apparel bags, and fumble around getting them to fit into the trunk of the car. A real hassle! So, many bought large Class A Motor Homes and created ‘mobile-showrooms’. The buyers liked them. No interruptions, comfortable, well lit, with a refreshment thrown in to soften the buying mode. Some were quite luxurious, some, very minimal and practical, but all served the purpose. Mine was in the middle. I had many custom features installed for the apparel, but also gave considerable attention to leaving a ‘traveling’ home available for vacations for the family.I parked in the area reserved for ‘freight’ deliveries that accommodated larger vehicles and trucks. I prepared the ‘showroom’ for Kim’s arrival. She knocked on the door, stepped in, holding my hand that I had extended to help and guide her in. She looked around and I offered to give her the 50 cent tour. This was all of 5 steps to the front of the van, pointing out the sliding retractable double bed over the cab, the single bed made from the small table and cushioned back seats along the one side, the refrigerator, stove, microwave, TV, and finally the closet that served as a bathroom/shower/sink, on the other side and finally the Queen size bed at the rear, with surround side cushions, and a center mounted table that was U shaped when used as a desk or table, and dropped down to form the bed with a center cushions used to complete the mattress. To the immediate right of the rear door, was a large triple door closet that held all the samples hung neatly on the movable rack. By opening the closet doors, the movable rack could be swung out on a curved track fixed to the ceiling. This became a very efficient ‘mobile showroom’ whose compactness surprised most people. Kim made the appropriate approvals, sat down at the table, and I proceeded to ‘present’ the line. Somewhere in the presentation, I offered her a drink of her choosing. I had stocked it well.Soda’s, bottled water, ice tea, beer, and a smooth white wine. We took our time and before we knew it, our 10 AM appointment had moved to 12:30. I offered lunch, and she thought about it, then said, “Here in the ‘showroom’? “No”, I replied, “we’ll just drive over to whatever restaurant you’d like”. “Oh, that would be fun, OK, how about “The G**** Seed”? She gave me directions, I secured everything, had her climb into the passengers seat, and as she climbed in I noticed for the first time as her skirt rose to allow her to sit down, her black hose exposed up to the top of her thigh. So, she did have great legs, and I knew they were panty hose, but no sign of any panties. My immediate picture of Kim had suddenly taken on a whole new dimension. So this lovely young woman that I had thought quite reserved, not prudish, was in fact loving every minute of being a woman. My mind was immediately racing ahead picturing her in a variety of the samples from my other line that I sold to a very select number eskişehir escort of smaller specialty stores. The line of risqué lingerie was called Jezebel, you may have heard about it, or have seen it worn by one of your women. I wasn’t about to mention it to her, at least not yet. The store she was a buyer for was a very contemporary department store, not one to cater to this particular line. We had a lovely lunch, a glass of wine, and it was time to get back to the ‘buying mode’. When I started back, I said to Kim, “Hey, there’s a State Park right here, why don’t I just pull in and we can finish up?” She agreed and I parked in a lovely grove of trees in the shade. As I parked, Kim was reluctantly getting out of the passenger seat, and said to me, “That was a great Birthday lunch. Thank you.”“Today is your birthday?”, I stated.“Yes, but you’re the only one who knows.” She informed me.“Well,” I said, as I got to my feet from behind the wheel, sidled up to her, face to face, placed both hands on her shoulders and sort of pulled her to me and said, “Happy Birthday” and kissed her on the lips. She appeared to be taken back, but didn’t show signs of resistance. I looked her in the eyes, as she hadn’t moved, and kissed her again, but this time passionately. She opened her mouth,wrapped her arms around me, and kissed me back with equal passion. Our tongues were searching each others mouths with intensity. We continued kissing standing there, and I let my hands roam over her. I had both hands on her waist, which I now knew was pretty perfect, danced up her back, down again to her ass, which was pretty small and firm, and in my roaming, realized that I felt no panties. She made no move to stop my roaming. The kissing was delicious. She reluctantly pushed me back and said, “Oh I’ve got to pee, that wine went right through me.” I relaxed my hold on her, and opened the tiny bathroom door for her, and gave her a 5 second lesson on how to use the toilet. I was catching my breath, sat down at the table facing the aisle and patiently waited. I had no idea where this was going to go, but was eager to see. The door opened, she stepped out, holding the dress hem up above her thighs, showing two shapely fantastic legs, in high heels, with her panty hose around her ankles and a wisp of pussy in the apex of her legs. She stepped into the aisle, and I blurted out, “Wait, don’t move!” My observation was right she had no panties on and had a wonderful luxurious looking hairy pussy. She presented an image that is burned into my memory forever. She must have thought that something monstrous had happened. “It’s OK,” I said, as I immediately slid down on my knees, grabbed the back of her magnificent legs and pulled her to me, and placed my head between her thighs and my mouth right up to her neatly trimmed hairy pussy. Her scent was exquisite.As I held her legs in place, and raised my head to get full contact with her pussy, I heard her mumbling, ‘Oh my God’, and her dress fell over my head covering it, as she placed both hands on my shoulders and pushed her pelvis into my face. There was obviously no need to hold her in place, her panty hose gathered around her ankles were doing that so I placed both hands on her naked ass and kneaded, squeezed, and brought her ass into me. I probably left some red marks as it was pretty slim, just enough meat on it to grab hold of. She had quite a dark hairy bush. I loved it. She didn’t resist, but was shuddering, and a little shaky and whispering “Oh my God, Oh my God, oh yes, Yes, Oh, I’m so wet, Oh yes.”, as I was licking up and down her slit, nuzzling her delicious pussy hair, and sticking my tongue into her, gently licking her clit and drinking up all of her juices that seemed to gush from her and the scent was beyond ample description. You just wanted it to never end. Her dress over my head was creating a lot of heat on my head. My cock was so hard I thought it would burst. I had to come up for some cool air, but was reluctant for fear that she wouldn’t let me continue. I had no choice, I had to breathe some cool air. I took one hand off of her delicious ass, raised the dress sloppily over my head so as to get a fresh breath, looked up to her, and her head was bent down, watching me. I never uttered a word. I raised up from my knees, maneuvered her to the cushion, very sloppily because of the panty hose still entwined around her ankles, guided her to sit on the edge, which she did, and she laid back with her legs bent escort eskişehir with her feet on the floor. Again, I got down on my knees, spread her legs as far as I could in the cramped space, ran my hands all over her creamy thighs, inside her thighs that almost made me come, lifted her dress up to above her pussy for more, and she gathered the dress up in a ball up to her midriff, exposing more of her naked flesh. I used my hands to run them over her pussy, stroking it, massaging it, and slipping a finger of each hand alternately into her wet folds, but nor penetrating her too deep. She was moaning, holding both hands on my head, gently coaxing me to do more. She tasted as good as she smelled, like a sweet liqueur that you just wanted more and more of. I could take no more, and I plunged my tongue into her wet inner depths, and fucked her with my tongue as I held her pussy lips apart. I began a quick rhythm with great intensity, and sucked in her juices that were overflowing from my mouth, soaking her pussy hair, the cushion I was sure, my chin, and my entire face. Now, she was writhing, raising her pelvis, and I felt one hand holding my head down with all the pressure she could muster from that position. “Oh my God, do it, I’m coming, eat me, you fucker, c’mon, now !” she almost yelled. I felt her contractions and spasms as her pelvis raised and lowered in the throws of her orgasm. I didn’t move my head to allow her to enjoy the orgasm to the fullest. I raised my head up and stroked her thighs gently. She let out large breaths of air and her chest was heaving as she caught her breath. I had to get off of my knees because my legs were beginning to cramp from the position. I heaved myself up from the floor, stood straight and sort of ‘stretched’ out the cramps. She was laying there, apparently, very content. I felt my shirt, and realized I was soaking wet from her juices. I striped off my wet shirt, undid the belt buckle, and let my pants drop to the floor. My cock was hard as a rock. Although just an average 5 ½” it felt like it was a lot bigger. She hadn’t stirred, just in that afterglow. I dropped my jockey shorts, noticed the wet spots from all the pre-come, let my confined cock spring forth, and thought, ‘Oh yeah, now really fuck her good”. With my pants down around my ankles, my movement was a little confined, but I could get between her legs. I started to spread her legs a little more to accommodate me, and all of a sudden, she raised her head and said, “No wait, I want you to fuck me the right way.”“The right way?” I asked a little confused.“Yes”, she said, “let me up.” I squiggled back a little to let her up. She wiggled out from the cushion, her dress falling back into place, covering her up, and she said, “Can you make this thing into a bed?” “Oh yeah”, I said, “just a minute.” I took my pants, shorts, shoes and socks off, threw them down the aisle behind me, and proceeded to lower the table, placed the cushions to form the Queen size bed, opened the closet door, grabbed a satin sheet, and two pillows and made the bed. While I did this, she had removed her dress, discarded the panty hose, kicked off her heels, was about to undo her bra, and asked me, “Do you want me to leave my bra on?”“No way”, I said, “let me see those cute tits.”She replied, “OK,I hope you’re not disappointed.” She unfastened her bra. let it fall to the floor, and once again, I was duly impressed. She had magnificent tits. Probably 34C’s, full, pointed, with large distended nipples and dark areolas. I went over to her, placed my hands on both of her wonderful tits, felt the solid weight and firmness, rolled her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and kissed her deeply. She returned the kiss, and reached down and grabbed my stiff cock with one hand and began stroking it. She broke the kiss, moved to the bed and said, “Oh, you like my little its too besides my hairy pussy. C’mon, lets fuck now”. I followed her movements and rained kisses all over her that I could manage while she moved to the bed.She laid down on the bed with her head in the corner, spread her legs and said, “OK baby, bring that gorgeous cock to my pussy, I really need to get fucked good.” As I got on the bed, she raised her great legs, grabbed her ankles, rocked back a little, exposing her fantastic baby smooth ass, gorgeous pussy, and said to me, “Now you can really fuck me.”As I maneuvered myself to get between her outstretched raised legs, I stroked my cock a little to make sure eskişehir escort bayan it was as hard as it would get. I placed one hand on the mattress and with the other, guided my hard cock to her now gaping pink hole of her pussy. I rubbed the head along her pussy lips and down to her asshole and back up a couple times, and she moaned, “Oh please, don’t tease me, just fuck me!”“Ok, baby, here it comes,” and slipped my cock in to her cunt with ease all the way up to my balls. I stayed there for a few seconds, reveling in the smoothness, wetness, and the heat of her tunnel. She moaned, and said, “Oh yeah, feels so good, pump me!”As I withdrew, watching the exiting of my cock from her hairy pink folds, wrapped around my cock, the cool air hitting my wet cock, I shoved it back in. “Oh yes, work my pussy baby.” I pumped her in and out slowly to savor every delicious moment. She was enjoying it just as much. She kept up a steady stream of comments, slowly, obviously thinking of the right thing to say to tell me of her feelings. “Oh yes, I’m so wet” or, “Baby, you’re so hard, I can feel every inch of you”, or ”I love watching your cock slide into my hot pussy.” She coaxed me to keep the slow rhythm to maximise our intensity. On occasion, as we continued this slow dance, I would reach up and squeeze a nipple, pinch it, and keep her tit in my cupped hand. This delighted her. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could restrain myself, and I told her, “Kim, I can’t keep this up, I want to fuck you hard and fast and come in you.”“I know baby, OK, now really fuck me hard and fast” she murmured quietly. I released my hold on her tit, pushed both of her legs further up, and started to really ram my cock in and out of her hot cunt. She reacted by screaming, “Yes, oh fuck, yes, fuck, I’m coming” and I let go a burst of come that I didn’t know I was capable of. “Oh my God, yes, I can feel every drop, shoot your come in me.”My cock, hard as it was, was rammed into her so that our pubic hair was melded together. I knew I had come with several bursts, and realized she had come also and our hair was saturated with our combined juices. I was sweating and out of breath. I sat upright on my legs, being careful not to let my softening cock slip out yet, and she let her legs down letting her feet rest on the bed, allowing a little slippage of my now soft cock. The position was demanding that I relieve my strained back muscles. I leaned back some more to accommodate my back, and of course, I slipped out of her with a ‘plop’. She reached down to her pussy, ran her palm around the wetness from both of us, and gripped my soft cock, with her wet palm and began to fondle it. She whispered very throatily, “Nice cock, fucked me good, made me come.” She ran her fingers around the drenched pussy, scooped up some of our combined juices, and put her fingers to her mouth and sucked them in. After savoring our combined taste, she said, “We taste as good as we feel” sent her fingers down again, scooped up some more juices, and reached over to my mouth and said, “Open up”. I couldn’t resist the wicked little smile on her face, her adorable tits, and her flat stomach, staring at me, so I opened up. Interesting taste, but really enjoyed sucking on her fingers. I needed to lie down to regain some strength, so I extricated myself from between her legs and laid down next to her. She stretched out her entire body along side of me, reached over and kissed me deeply. She definitely knew how to kiss a man to arousal. I wasn’t quite there, but continued to kiss her and played with her one tit that was exposed. We broke the kiss, I bent my head down, sucked in her aroused nipple, and running my tongue all around her She pushed my head away and said, “OK baby, we’ve had one great fuck, but I have to leave now.”“Why?” I asked curiously, “there’s no rush.”“Well, as a matter of fact, there is, you see, I’m getting married in the morning.”Stunned, and unable to speak, I opened my mouth but nothing came out. “It’s OK, I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first time we met. I figured it was going to be today or never. So when you showed up for the appointment, I ran to the ladies room, took off my panties, stuffed them into my purse and was waiting for the right moment”“You mean to tell me, it isn’t your Birthday today?” I said very sheepishly.“Oh yes, it is my birthday, that’s why we’re getting married tomorrow. Tonight is the rehearsal dinner.”We both gathered up our clothes in silence, she climbing into the passenger seat and I behind the wheel. I was still absolutely stunned. Actually more like shock.We got to her store, she stood up to leave, kissed me again very passionately with her tongue dancing with mine, and said, “Baby, I’ll see you on your next call.” And left.

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