Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 08

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Thanks to my anonymous editor


When dawn broke the next morning, the sun’s rays shot through the upstairs’ bedroom window and illuminated a twisted pile of naked flesh. Tyler was sleeping on his back with his broken arm resting on a pillow across his stomach. Inches below the cast was what his wife called his ‘morning glory’, 6″ of hard flesh. He yawned and stretched as he woke . He winced in pain and immediately stopped moving. “Oh yea,” he remembered, “I fell off that damm ladder.”

Tyler gently left the bed. He moved slow and cautiously, for his body’s sake and so he wouldn’t disturb his sleeping partners. He took in the scene around him. Okay not the whole room, his eyes where drawn to the four nude females on the bed. He could see a majority of their flesh because who needs covers when you have five heat sources this close together?

He started with his wife, Brenda. He smiled broadly as he looked at her. How he loved that woman! She was pretty, she was smart, but mostly she was a force to be reckoned with. She was 5’6′ and had a toned body. Her breasts were a delicious 34 B. They were capped off by brown areolas and nipples that almost always seemed to be hard. Her pitch black hair was cut in a cute pageboy style and it was the only hair on her body. She was lying on her stomach. He looked approvingly at her firm heart-shaped ass. Peeking out below it were two bare lips, the entrance to her sweet pussy. His erection jerked remembering the amazing amount of pleasure he derived from fucking that tight box last night.

The other nude body in the center of the bed was also a 5’6″ tall well proportioned woman. An older model, she carried around a few more pounds. Some were on her hips and stomach. Some were on her ass and breasts and that was not a bad thing. What she lacked in tone she made up for in soft curves. She had great tits and a great butt. It was the kind of ass you just wanted to sink your teeth into. She was sleeping on her back. Her legs were apart. He glanced at and then quickly looked away from her shaven snatch because he didn’t think it was polite to stare at her cunt, after all she was his mother.

Tyler turned his attention to the two identical nudes on the edges of the bed. They were his lovely 18 year old twin cousins. They were lying on their sides. Angelic was the adjective that popped into Tyler’s mind as he looked at them. Their alabaster skin and their youthful faces emphasized their innocence. Their petite frames emphasized their tits. 34 B boobs looked huge on their lithe 5′ 2″ tall bodies.

Tyler walked around the bed to better study the backside of one twin. She almanbahis yeni giriş was so cute he felt like eating her up. She had slender, boyish hips and an exaggerated wasp-like waist. Her flat ass and slim thighs could not hide the prize at their juncture, her virginal pussy. The twins had shaved themselves the other day. Tyler smirked. He had no doubt that Brenda’s influence played a big part in that decision.

Tyler’s heart began to beat a little faster and his hard prick began to throb as he absorbed the view in front of him. He yielded to the temptation and went down on one knee. He was now just inches away from Abby’s cunt. He studied the delicious looking slit. The thick outer lips. The pinkish middle. Wow! The view took his breath away.

The vulva lips Tyler was studying were close together on one end hiding her clit. The fleshy crack changed to a crevice as it neared her ass. The lips gapped slightly allowing him a glimpse of pink. This was the beginning of the tunnel of pleasure his cock begged to enter. He was in awe. He was mesmerized. This was so cool, no so hot!

Tyler was jolted out of his trance-like state by a voice. Brenda woke and found her husband missing and had called out his name.

Caught! Tyler’s heart instantly felt like it was in his throat. Tyler stood up quickly.

“Ahh…Here I am. I was…looking…for my… shoes,” he said blushing. Drops of perspiration were forming on his face.

Brenda yawned and stretched like a cat thrusting her brown nipples and tanned breasts in his direction. “Are you okay? You look kind of flushed.” She said casually. Her eyes took in the redness of his face and travel down to his enormous erection. She quietly slid off the bed and came to his side. She saw the naked backside of Abby.

Accusing him Brenda asked “Have you been molesting this girl?”

“Of course not” Tyler said trying to sound indignant. However, seeing that Brenda knew something was up Tyler gave up the pretense and confessed, “I looked, but…I didn’t touch.”

Brenda bent over and examined the pristine ass and pussy. “It is a mighty appealing sight. I could…” She kissed Abby’s ass cheek. “I thought so, I could just kiss it.’ She giggled. Abby stirred a little.

Brenda stood up and turned to Tyler, “I know you’d like to kiss it too. Give me a kiss instead and I’ll forgive you.”

Tyler hesitantly pecked his wife on the cheek. Brenda giggled again. She was enjoying the panic stricken look on his face.

“Poor boy! You’re surrounded by all these beautiful naked females. I can see, ” she paused and looked down at his throbbing erection, almanbahis giriş “that it is hard for you.”

“Follow me to the bathroom, stud.” Brenda ordered.

“Let’s see…sit on the edge of the tub and I’ll take the edge off of you,” Brenda said seductively

Tyler did as instructed and his beautiful understanding wife knelt in front of him. She looked up at him, smiled loving and took his cock into her mouth. She began bobbing up and down on his grateful appendage.

Awakening, Abby rolled over. A tickling sensation on her butt and the sounds of voices had woke her. She needed to pee. Slowly she made her way to the bathroom.

Tyler exclaimed, “Oh God thank you for giving me this woman! I know I don’t deserve her. She is the best. Ohhh yea… that Honey, like that…”

Abby arrived to find Brenda sucking on Tyler’s dick. Startled, she moved quickly to conceal herself and timidly peeked in on them.

Brenda released him and tongued the crown of his dick and then licked its underside.

She looked up at him and said, “Tyler do want to know why I’m not mad at you?’

Tyler shook his head yes.

“I know how tempting those shaved little pussies are. Today isn’t the first time I’ve seen or kissed one. God! It was so great, so exciting. I was scared, the blood was pounding in my head. I wanted to touch them, but I was afraid. Finally I did it. I’ve licked both of them!”

Excitedly Brenda continued. “They were hot and wet and sweet. They whimpered and moaned as I licked them. I almost came just from that.”

Abby turned beet red. Now her heart was pumping furiously. She wasn’t sure if she was embarrassed because what Brenda was saying had really happened or if it was because Brenda knew that Abby had liked it or if it was because now Tyler knew all about it!

“So Tyler, I can’t be mad that you were thinking about something I’ve all ready done!” Brenda said.

Then she took his cock back into her mouth. She really picked up the pace. With her pussy juices trickling down her thighs, Brenda sucked hard. Much to Tyler’s enjoyment, she worked her warm wet licks up and down his steely shaft.

It was not long before Tyler spoke, “Uggg…Mmmm…Oh my God!”

Tyler blew his load. Brenda smiled. She wrapped her lips around the end of his dick and milked the cum out of him. There was too much to swallow. She didn’t even try. She let it spill out of her mouth, dribble down her chin and fall onto her breasts.

“God Tyler, ” Brenda teased, “You came in bucketfuls!”

“How are we going to clean up?” she said with mock indignation.

Abby stepped almanbahis adres forward and said quietly, “Uhmm, I think that’s my job.”

Tyler and Brenda were stunned, deeply embarrassed at having been caught. “Where the hell did she come from? They thought. Followed immediately by “How much did she see?”

Abby dampened a hand towel walked towards them. Concerned, Brenda stood. As Abby cleaned her boobs, Brenda asked contritely, “How long have you been here?”

“For most of it,” Abby said.

Brenda threw her arms around Abby. Brenda was crying as she said, “I’m sorry about those things I said…Please don’t be mad! It was stupid of me to brag about what was really a beautiful thing. I care for you. I’m so, so glad that I’ve met you and your sister. You’re both great!”

Now Abby was crying. She had been hurt and embarrassed by the things Brenda had said. But she could feel in her core that Brenda was truly sorry.

Brenda pull back to look Abby in the eye. Her lip trembled as she asked, “Can you forgive me?

“I all ready have,” Abby said softly with a smile. “Now stand still.”

Abby finished cleaning the cum off Brenda’s chest. They both broke up laughing as they realized that Brenda had transferred Tyler’s sperm onto Abby’s boobs and face.

“Thanks for sharing!” Abby said as she ran the towel over her own milky white breasts. Her pink nipples hardened due to the contact with the coarse cotton towel.

Tyler had been quietly observing all of this. He had felt guilty when Abby first appeared. He was glad the girls had patched things up. Abby smiled shyly at him as she came forward and knelt before him. His prick had turtled up on him. It was maybe two inches long and less than a inch in diameter. Abby cleaned his wrinkled flesh gently.

Abby giggled. She plopped down on her butt and had a giggling fit.

“What? What’s so funny?” Tyler asked.

“I was just thinking ‘How could something so small make such a big mess!” Abby responded.

“Oh… don’t go there, girl” Brenda warned in a playful manner.

“Oh really…” Tyler said and then he playfully dove into Abby knocking her down on her back. He lay on top of her supporting himself with his good arm. “Your lucky I can’t use my hands otherwise I would be tickling you silly.”

Abby was wide eyed. She had been surprised to find herself bowled over. This was the first time a naked man had been on top of her. She liked the feel of his chest on her breasts and the touch of his leg between her legs. She especially liked the feel of his thigh resting against her sex. She just stared into his eyes as color filled her cheeks.

Tyler briefly kissed her on the cheek and said in serious tone, “Abby, I want to apologize too. We were mean and unfeeling. You deserve better than that.”

Before she could catch her breath, he was off her. Abby was left in a bewildered state lying on the bathroom floor.

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