Uncle Sam Made Her a Woman

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I had grown up in a very strict religious environment. My parents were both devout Catholics and any mention of “sex” in the house was forbidden. My parents considered school to be “dirty” and didn’t want the principles of the school interfere with their ‘moral’ teachings, so I was homeschooled. I didn’t know much about sex, all I knew was that when I touched my private parts it felt very good. My parents once caught me touching myself and I was severely scolded, so after that I made sure I didn’t get caught. I didn’t really understand what I was doing, only that it felt like I was in heaven. It wasn’t until my 18th birthday that I learnt what sex was and how fantastic it is. This is my story:

I got up early on my 18th birthday; I knew my parents had a surprise in store for me. Every year they’d put on a party and invite a few guests over. Lots of religious types, of course, so it wasn’t fun and games… but nonetheless, having visitors was a rare occasion, so I had been looking forward to it all week. I stared into the mirror as I brushed my hair. I was 5’6, not tall but not too short either. My brown hair fell down my back, but I kept it up in a ponytail all the time. My breasts were round and firm and my brown nipples stuck up just a little. I ran my fingers down my nipples and down the side of my stomach, across my rounded hips. “Lara, darling, come downstairs” came my mothers voice from downstairs. My parents invited some of our Church friends, among which was my Uncle Sam. He wasn’t really my Uncle, just a close friend of my parents, but he had known them since they were kids, so he was like family to us. Sam was in his late 40’s, but he was handsome in a tall dark and mysterious sort of way. I ran down the stairs and across the room and gave him a hug; he studied me from head to toe.

“My, how you’ve grown, Lara,” he said, in a husky voice. I smiled at him, and he gave me a peck on the cheek.

Later on after dinner antalya escort and a game of Charades, we said our goodbyes to the dinner guests. “Sam, why don’t you stay tonight,” my father said, “I know how far you’ve come, and it’s much too late to be driving home alone.”

“If it’s not too much trouble,” he replied. My parents made him a bed on the couch and headed upstairs to go to sleep. I was much too excited to sleep though; it was my 18th birthday after all! I stayed downstairs and sat on one of the couches, watching the television.

“I hope you don’t mind,” I said, turning to look at my Uncle Sam.

“Not at all,” he said, smiling back at me.

“You know when I said you’d grown, Lara, I meant it… You’ve grown into a beautiful young woman.” My cheeks were burning, I didn’t know how to reply so I turned to watch television.

“Do you have a boyfriend, Lara?” my Uncle Sam asked a few minutes later.

“Oh no! My parents wouldn’t allow me to,” I replied.

“They don’t tell you much about men, do they?” he asked.

“Not really, only that I should stay away from them. They say men lead to sex and sex is evil,” I informed him.

“Sex doesn’t have to be evil, Lara, it can be a beautiful thing,” he said, staring at me. I didn’t understand why he kept looking at me that way.

“Come here and sit next to your Uncle Sam,” he said, indicating to the empty space beside him. I smiled and walked over to his bed and sat down. “God, you are even more beautiful up close,” he said, looking into my eyes.

“Don’t say things like that Uncle, you are embarrassing me,” I said with a giggle.

“I mean it,” he said, and put his hands on my chest.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

“Shhh,” he said, and put a finger over my mouth. He unbuttoned my top and slid it off. I didn’t quite understand what was going on, but his fingers felt good against my skin.

My nipples kemer escort hardened as he ran his hands across my firm breasts, and I let out a sigh. He continued to run them down my stomach, and moved them down under my skirt and pressed them against my underwear.

“May I take them off?” he asked me. I nodded my head and I lay back, not quite sure what to expect. He slowly took my underwear off and kissed me from head to toe. He moved his hands up my thighs and against my sex, gently massaging my clit. He bent down and kissed my sex gently, then pressed his tongue against my fruit. He licked it up and down, biting and kissing it softly. With his free hand he pressed two fingers inside me and moved them in and out.

“Your pussy is so wet,” he whispered. I moaned softly, his tongue felt so good against my sex. It felt like I was touching myself, only better.

He withdrew his fingers so he could use his hand to unbuckle his belt. He pulled down his pants and I saw his penis. I had only seen one before when I had watched my father in the shower. “Do you like it?” he whispered softly.

I nodded, “Can I touch it?” I asked looking up at him.

“Please,” he whispered, and I touched it. “Kiss it,” he said, watching me. I kissed the tip gently, and wrapped my hand around it. “Now, I want you to slowly lick up and down.” I followed his instructions carefully. He asked me to slide my mouth down the shaft of his penis, or as he called it, “his cock”. He placed his hand over my head as I moved my mouth up and down the shaft of my penis. “Oh sweetie, that is so good, just like that,” he moaned. I kept going until he withdrew his cock from my mouth. I looked up at him expectantly. “I want to make put my cock inside you, Lara, I want to make love to you,” he said. I nodded solemnly, I wanted it just as much as he. He climbed atop me and slowly lowered his hips down to mine. “It’s going to hurt, but konyaaltı escort only for a little bit, then it will start to feel okay,” he said. I nodded and he smiled at me. He spread my legs apart and lowered himself down, so that his cock was just touching my pussy.

He took his cock in his hand and rubbed it around my pussy. I let out a soft moan, “oh God, put it in me please Uncle Sam.” I pressed it against the opening in my pussy and pushed it in slowly.

“You’re so tight,” he whispered into my ear. His cock pressed against the barrier. He looked into my eyes, almost to ask if I was sure. I nodded and he leaned to kiss me. Then it happened, he thrust forward and I cried out. He stopped still and we waited until the pain went away. I didn’t tell him, but instead made the next move. I wrapped my legs around his waist and thrust my hips upward, feeling his cock go deep inside me. He grunted as he thrust in and out of me, our hips moving in unison. I moaned softly as our bodies pressed together.

“Oh Uncle Sam, you feel so good inside of me, please go harder,” I said. He thrust harder, and I lifted my hips to meet his thrust. The pleasure was incredible.

“Touch yourself,” he whispered into my ear. “Just like you did before,” he said smiling. He knew, I thought to myself. I reached one hand down and started to massage my clit. The tension built up and I knew I was about to explode. I gasped as I felt the orgasm hit, my pussy spasm-ed around his cock. This pushed him over the edge and I felt his cock throb as he exploded inside me. He stopped still and waited, my pussy still throbbing around his cock, milking every last drop of his semen. Slowly he withdrew himself from me and kissed me gently on my forehead. “That was amazing,” he said to me.

“You took my virginity, didn’t you?” I asked, not knowing the answer but knowing it anyway. He nodded and I smiled, “I’m glad it was you,” I told him. I hugged him and kissed him and went to bed. I slept soundly that night.

In the morning we said our goodbyes to Sam. He whispered into my ear as we hugged, “I’ll be back again at Christmas.” We all waved as he drove off, and I smiled; now I had something to really look forward to.

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