Under The Table


The Bear on the Hill is one of my regular drinking establishments on a Friday evening. I seemed to have reserved this place in the corner consisting of a couple of chairs, a table that’s just high enough to sit under and a wonderful view of the bar. It’s slightly set down by a small step, and it’s where I go to be me.My name’s Carol. My other name is Carl, but when I go out to The Bear, I always dress as Carol. The clientele has only ever known me as Carol and I’m more than happy with that. I’m a people watcher, and The Bear on the Hill does have a fair few people I like to watch. Most of them are like me, living in our little world, but I wouldn’t call many of them true friends as such.The one person I have spent time with is Janice, but she’s not here tonight, she has a date. In her place is a different person that is sitting at the end of the bar looking rather sexy, inviting me to gaze at her, making me feel all horny. I can’t help but watch her sip her drink, roll her tongue over her upper lip, and then look around the room; almost as if she’s expecting someone, waiting for them to appear, and I wonder whether someone will be along soon to sweep her off her feet. Let’s face it, someone as sexy as her is not going to be alone for long.She’s certainly got my attention and she’s affecting my normal evening at the Bear. I feel my little clitty stiffen in my panties as I take my glass and have another sip of wine. I hold the glass next to my chest as I watch how she conducts herself.  I like her. I occasionally play with Escort Side my phone that’s sitting on the table next to me, but all the time my eyes are drawn to any movement she makes. Hoping for that elusive glance. I watch her cross her legs on the high stool by the bar and I can feel my heart beating faster and faster. I almost stop breathing. I pick up my phone and pretend to read; my other hand drifts down to my legs; only a short distance from the edge of my skirt.I have a clear view from her knees, along her thighs to the spot where her bottom pins her short skirt to the stool. If she would only lean away from me then I’m sure I would be able to see the bulge of her clitty underneath her panties. A single suspender stretches down her thigh and I can see the point where it clings to her white stockings. She certainly looks the part.I lean over the table; feigning interest in what my phone is doing. I bite my lip. I seriously want to get to know her, but I know I’m too shy to approach her, leave alone open my mouth and talk to her. I always have been shy, and it’s not something that Carol or Carl can control. I can’t help looking at her voluptuous body though. She does have sizeable breasts and they look real, and that in itself must have taken considerable effort to achieve. Most of all though, I’d love to get my mouth on her little clitty and shake it around a bit. Watch it unfold, grow, expand and force its way out from the confines of her panties. I love the way clitties like that manavgat escort expand and draw attention to themselves.It’s funny because I’m lusting after this stranger and Janice and I have never once been sexually interested in each other. I keep wondering what it is about this gurl that makes me feel this way. I conclude that it’s her confidence. The same confidence I would like to wield when I’m dressed as Carol but Carl seems to suppress it. Online, it’s a different matter, but in real life, I just cannot seem to get over those palpitations, hot flushes and uneasiness that manifests themselves as shyness.My clitty is proving to be a little uncomfortable with me hunched over the table and I want to let it loose. I watch her stand and my eye catches the way she smiles at some of the other people closer to the bar as she confidently walks to the loo. I look into my drink as she passes close to me, not wanting to make eye contact. I ponder my thoughts and scold myself for doing so.I don’t want to do it but I know I will. I’ve already made my mind up, and after checking the barman out to make sure he’s not watching, I slip my panties to one side, lift my bottom off the chair and release the beast.It’s not exactly that much of a beast, but it’s mine.My fingers curl around my stiffening clitty. I’m watching her every move. I close my eyes as my stiff clitty throbs in my hand and the added sensation of my fingers are pushing it eagerly onwards. When she returns, she pulls her bottom alanya escort bayan onto the stool and sits down with her skirt over the end of it. I watch, eagle-eyed with the occasional glance towards my phone. When I raise my head I can see that her legs are open slightly and facing me. I keep watching and thinking that the sight before me can’t get any better than this.I stroke my clitty using slow deliberate moves of my hand without jerking my shoulder or upper body. I’ve done this before, it won’t be the first time, as the barman will testify. On that occasion, I got a right royal rollicking and was almost banned from the pub until I promised not to do it again. But needs must, as they say. I now bring along a handbag with tissues in it to clean up the mess. But it’s a fetish that I can’t quite seem to brush off, even Janice joined me once but she felt so uncomfortable doing it.I can’t believe it; her legs have pulled her skirt tight and it’s risen to mid-thigh, I can see right along the inside of her leg. She starts to shuffle and positions her bum on the very edge of her seat.Oh, fuck. My mind’s reeling, my hand is encouraging my clitty to lose all control because I’m looking at her gurl cock as it hangs just over the edge of the seat. Surely other people can see it too. Surely, they can. I’m concluding that she definitely removed her panties in the loo, that’s for sure. She leans forward in the seat to grab her drink that is on the edge of the bar. Her breasts sway and her gurl cock wobbles from side to side.I slowly stroke out a few more lengths on my clitty and I can feel my need rising. My mind is now racing to its ultimate conclusion. She’s going to make me cum and yet I have to form the story in my head to make it happen. Watching isn’t enough. I need to articulate my orgasm and I imagine…

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