Under the Tree

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This happened long ago when I was still in college. Not long before this event, my girlfriend (my wife to be) and I had enjoyed our first experience of sexual intercourse. Of course, I was looking for more, but privacy was an issue. I lived in a row house in D.C. with three other roommates and five other classmates next door. Cathie lived in a house with four roommates. She did not want anyone to know we were having sex. So I found a place.

There was an alley behind our house, which also was bordered by a park. At the corner, by a street light, there was a group of trees, which formed a natural alcove under a big pine tree. I thought that it would be hidden from view despite the street light as it was about 20 feet or so off the alley. This was where I took my wife to be one night.

We lay on the pine needles and I relieved her of her panties and opened her blouse and freed her very large tits from her bra while kissing her. We then moved on to sexual intercourse. Since I did not have a condom, we used coitus interruptus as our birth control and when the moment came, I pulled out and rolled off and shot my load on the ground. As I pulled my pants up, I noticed a short, portly, old man standing in the alley looking our way. He was out walking his small dog. Well he wasn’t walking at all, just standing looking in towards us. My wife to be still had her legs spread, and, if the man could see in, which it seemed he could as he continued looking straight in our direction and there was nothing else look at, I realized he had a view of Cathie’s pretty pussy. As Cathie started to stir, she sat up and put her breasts in her bra. The stranger had not given up his viewing spot. Again, I realized that this stranger was being treated to a view of my girlfriend’s large breasts.

I was stunned that I felt a frisson of excitement at my wife to be’s unintentional exhibitionism, but there it was. When Cathie finished straightening herself up and stood, she took my hand and we started out of the alcove of trees. It was then that she noticed the man and stiffened and stopped. I encouraged her along.

The man waited for us and when we came to the alley, he said, “nice night.” I allowed as to how it was. Then he told me that it could be dangerous out here.

I answered, “This was the only place we could get some privacy and I couldn’t help myself. Cathie is irresistible. Look at her, not only beautiful but a fabulous body.”

I couldn’t believe that I was inviting another man to ogle my fiancée’s body, but it caused another little thrill. The man accepted my invitation and gave Cathie a real good visual appraisal and said that he agreed that my girlfriend was beautiful and had a great body.

I loved hearing this stranger’s appraisal of my wife to be’s body. I didn’t know why but there it was. I did not want it to end just yet, so I said, “Not only that but she is the best kisser ever.”

The old guy said, “Really? Not having experienced that, I could not say one way or the other. I would like to judge that for myself. Can I have a sample?”

I felt like a pervert, getting excited by this prospect. However, I could see that Cathie did not share my excitement. She recoiled a bit with a look of disbelief, if not disgust. I understood. Here was this old man (he was probably in his 50s but for a 21 year old that was old), who was not appealing in any way.

Nonetheless, I said, “Sure. Cathie, give him a kiss and don’t hold back. Make me proud.” Then I told the man to give me his leash. Why? I really did not think at all, but I was in effect telling him that he should have his hands free. For what? I did not think for what, but in some way, I understood I was in somehow telling him to at least take hold of my girlfriend.

He did not need another invitation and stepped to Cathie and put one of his hands behind her head and pulled her mouth to his. He placed his other hand on her hip and held her in place. Now I knew that Cathie was a real pleaser and did not like to make a scene, but I could see the tension in her neck as she tried to pull away.

While still holding onto her head, he pulled away slightly and told her that she was not making her boyfriend proud and that she should try and that a French kiss was the only acceptable one. He put his lips on hers again, keeping one hand on her head, holding her in place. She resisted for a moment and then I saw her neck muscles relax and her jaw open! She had surrendered. The man understood it too and moved his other hand to her ass and held it in place.

My girlfriend did nothing. I was surprised, but then thought that she had been worked up by me and was still excited (although I got off, she did not have an orgasm under the tree). She had her eyes closed so I guessed she was just going with the sensation. Then the man began to fondle her ass. At this I was shocked that she tolerated it, but after a short time, she came to her senses and grabbed his wrist and pulled it from her ass. izmit rus escort Having been defeated on the bottom half of my wife to be, the man put his other hand on her breast. At this, Cathie pulled her head away and said that that was enough. However, the man held her close and apologized, saying that she was indeed irresistible and he got carried away.

He still had a hand on her hip and another around her back. Cathie did not try to get away. He asked if his apology was accepted, and she said it was. He then said “Let’s seal it with a kiss.” And they did. Again I was stunned at the passion that went into it. However, again, I thought that I had worked her up and that I had cum but she had not. So maybe that was explaining her actions or lack of objection; she was still sexually stimulated.

They finally ended the kiss and he said that he had the solution to our privacy problem. He lived alone on the next block over and we could visit and use his place whenever we wanted. He suggested we go there now and see the place. At this, he put his hand on Cathie’s back and turned her towards our destination. I followed with the leash and dog in hand. I was the third wheel now.

When we got to his home, he brought us to the kitchen and gave us each a beer. He asked questions of us. First it was just about where we going to school, our areas of study, where we were from, and then he asked how long we were having sex and why we could not have it at our houses. Then he said, enough, that we must be ready to see the room that would be available to us. It was a guest room off the kitchen with a half bath. He then said he would leave us to allow us to our inaugural event in the bed. He left but did not close the door completely.

It was not long before Cathie and I were nude on the bed. I entered her and was thrusting in and out with my head next to hers and closest to the door. I noticed more light suddenly coming into the room and looked and saw our new friend standing there looking at us. I was surprised that I did not mind and, in fact, was excited by it. Yes, go ahead and look at what I have and am getting, I thought. Even when he undressed and began to play with himself, I was inwardly proud and excited and soon came, pulling out of my girlfriend and shooting in my hand.

I needed to go the bathroom to clean my hand and piss like a race horse as a result of the beer I had drunk, both at his house and before. Cathie just lay there with her legs spread and her eyes closed. Once I started my beer piss, I heard the bedspring and thought Cathie was getting up to join me. However, I heard her say, “What! No, you can’t. No, no, no.” I then knew that it was the man getting on the bed. I wanted to go and protect my girlfriend but I was pissing powerfully. Finally, as I was finishing, I heard Cathie saying, “No, no … oooooh, oh, oh, you’re so big.” I rushed out to see the short man’s big ass moving up and down and Cathie’s arms around him. She was no longer objecting and was moaning and soon had an orgasm. The first I witnessed.

It was an erotic sight and I was sporting a hard on once more. I watched in awe as this unlikely couple copulated and this old, fat, ugly man was making my wife to be moan in pleasure and spread her legs even wider in welcome to him. He was bringing out sounds that I had never heard before. I noticed that he did not fuck like I did. He varied his movements. For a time he would have just the head of his cock in her and give three quick, short jabs and then slowly slide his whole big cock into her. This elicited a most pleasurable moan from her. Then he would corkscrew his cock. He also varied speeds. He took me to school watching him.

So now I was the one standing naked, with a hard on, watching my fiancée getting fucked. There was a storm of feelings, but the overriding one was one of excitement. I was stunned at this reaction to seeing another man fucking my fiancée, but nevertheless, I enjoyed it. After he grunted his orgasm and Cathie yelled hers, I noticed that when he rolled off Cathie, his cock was uncovered! He has just inseminated my wife to be, a first for her.

He had acted rashly and impulsively and now was the moment of reckoning. He had to face the younger and in much better shape fiancé of his sexual victim. However, it took just a second for him to recognize the situation. Here was the woman’s partner, who should be outraged and in a violent mood, but instead he not only had failed to interfere with his taking of his woman, but was standing there naked and with a hardon. He then knew that all was well for him.

So he just smiled at me and said, “She really needed that. I saw that she had not cum either time you fucked her so I thought I should help out.” The nerve! Calling out my failings and excusing his actions as an act of kindness! Nevertheless, my hardon had not subsided. Perhaps it had grown even harder. Our neighbor took it to another level and told me that I izmit escort could now have sex with my fiancée. Rather than yell at him, I took advantage and slid into my wife to be bareback – a first time for me feeling her pussy on my bare cock, albeit a cum coated cunt, but nonetheless a wonderful feeling. Cathie again failed to cum on my cock, but it was wonderful for me.

At this time, Cathie was finishing nursing school and was in the hospital working on her degree. She took advantage of that and got tested. Fortunately, my neighbor just inseminated her and did not impregnate her. I know it sounds odd to say he “just” inseminated her.

Surprisingly, we did not talk about this incident once we left with our neighbor again asserting our welcome anytime. We acted as though it had not happened.

The following week Cathie told me her roommates were out of the house for the afternoon and she had no classes or duties in the hospital. I did have class but it was an easy decision to cut. They say there are two things you don’t have to be good at to enjoy: golf and sex. Well, I had not played golf, but, as I was to learn, I was not good at sex. However, I enjoyed it that afternoon.

Then two weeks later, I ran into my fiancée on campus while on my way back to my house. I suggested that she walk with me to my house and have lunch, but thinking my roommates would be out and we might get a quickee in. She agreed and we walked and talked. Then a funny thing happened. Instead of taking the shortcut through the park, we stayed on the sidewalk. This would take us by our neighbor’s house. Who made this decision? I don’t know if it were conscious, but neither one of us suggested it. We were just walking and talking and went that way. To take the shortcut we would have had to go to the left, but Cathie was on my left and kept going straight, which we would do if it were nighttime, but it was a nice sunny day.

As we approached his home, Cathie’s pace slowed without a word spoken about it. And when we were in front of his house, we came to a halt. “Maybe we should say hello to your neighbor,” Cathie said. What did that mean? Did it mean we should use his place to have sex? But she did not say that. Nonetheless, her suggestion dealt with him, saying hello to him, and not with our using his room. Was her suggestion to be taken literally or should I read between the lines. I was conflicted. The image of her cumming on his cock was etched in my mind and provided fuel for my masturbatory fantasies, but at the same time, I knew a man should not let another man use his woman for his sexual pleasure.

While I stood there mute, our neighbor had looked out his window and seen us. He was soon at the door, saying, “It’s been too long. Come on up and we can have a beer and talk.”

This energized Cathie and she started up the stairs to his home, and I just followed. Cathie was wearing shorts that showed off her luscious ass and I was looking at that when I realized I was starting to get a woody. Was it just her ass or was I fantasizing about what would happen next?

In any event, my neighbor (I call him that since I did not know his name at this point), seated us at the kitchen table and provided beers for us. He said, “I was wondering if I would see you again. Since you appeared outside I guess you are ok with me.”

Cathie just looked down and said nothing. He went abruptly to asking when she had her last orgasm.

“Oh, well … ah the last time we were here,” she said as she fidgeted, looking a little embarrassed.

“You haven’t had sex since then? That is a long time,” he said.

“Well, no, we have had sex,” Cathie revealed and this let him know that I did not make her orgasm.

“Ok, so are you here so you and your boyfriend can use the bedroom or are you here because you want me to give you another orgasm?”

Cathie was not blushing furiously and fidgeting and said, “Well …um …” She said nothing more. My neighbor then said, “Well that answers my question. Cathie, take your clothes off.”

“What?! Here? Now?”

“Yes,” he said.

Cathie submissively stood and started to obey him, taking her clothes off. When she was naked, she just stood there with her hands in front of her pussy, looking at the floor, and looking uncertain. My neighbor pushed his chair away from the table and told her to come to him and sit on his lap. She did as she was told. I don’t know why, but I found this so hot, my beautiful fiancée, naked, going willingly to this old goat. When she was seated on his lap, he put a hand on each of her breasts.

“Oh, I like these big titties. From the moment I saw you, I wanted to feel these magnificent globes, and now they are mine,” he said. “Lad, get over here and perform cunnilingus on your girl.”

“Cunni what?” I said.

“Have you never eaten your girl’s pussy,” he asked.

“Well, no,” I said embarrassed at my ignorance.

“Get over here and I will show you something that kocaeli escort both of you will enjoy.”

I went to them and he told Cathie to spread her legs, as he continued to fondle her breasts and told me to kneel in front of them. I did as he told me as did Cathie. Then he told me to put my tongue in her slit and lick all the way up and down. I did as he said. He then dropped his hands to her pussy and spread her lips and pointed out her clit, which he told me should be easy to find since it was larger than normal. He told me to lick it and when I did, Cathie gave a moan of pleasure. Ah, I discovered something new!

“Good boy, make her nice and juicy for me. Cathie, give me a kiss,” he said as he brought his hands up to her breasts again. They kissed passionately. Shortly, he told her he was going to take her to his room. I followed them. It was a sight to behold, my naked wife to be walking up the stairs with this man’s hand on her fulsome ass, a possessory signal.

When they got to the bedroom, it wasn’t long before he had my fiancée on her knees before him with his cock in her mouth. I was amazed. She had never sucked my cock, but here she was eager to please and obey him. Once the old guy was good and hard, he had Cathie get on the bed and he unceremoniously entered her, which elicited moans and words of pleasure from her. “Oh my God, you are so big … oh, you feel so good in me …Oh, this is so good… you’re so good… I love this… I’m all yours… I’m cummmmmmmmmmming … ah, ah , ah.”

As her toes curled and she yelled her orgasm, my neighbor stopped his movements but kept his cock firmly implanted in my wife to be. When she came down from her high of orgasming, he said. “Now that I have given you an orgasm, what do you have to say?”

“Thank you, Sir,” she said.

“Do I give you the best sex you ever had?”

“Yes Sir.”

He looked at me with a smile on his face and then told her he now wanted to fuck her doggie style. Cathie was unfamiliar with that, so he told her to get on her hands and knees, which she dutifully did. I then saw him enter her again and watched as his big belly banged her big, bountiful butt, causing it to bounce and juggle with each inward thrust and causing her big breasts to swing wildly. It was so hot.

I was mesmerized, watching him take over my bride to be. She was moaning her pleasure at each thrust by this unappealing man. I was lost in lust, not even offended to hear my wife to be admit that he was a better sex partner than I, watching his big old cock sliding inward and then outward of her pussy. Finally, he grunted his orgasm and she followed suit. Each shot of his sperm into her womb seemed to enflame her more and more as she vocalized her climax.

He kept in Cathie’s cunt until his cock started to soften. When he pulled out, he pulled Cathie to him and kissed her, long and deep, which she seemed only too happy to accept. Finally, he broke away and looked at me and said, “Now you can have her.”

I eagerly went to her, but he said, “not on my bed, you can go downstairs to the guest room and do it there.”

Surprisingly, I was not offended, and just took her hand and led her to the guest bedroom, as I saw some sperm sliding down her leg. When we got there, Cathie lay right down on the bed and I got between her legs. It was easy to see where I had to go as a large amount of his sperm had pooled at the entrance to her vagina. I put the head of my cock into his sperm, which thoroughly coated my cock head and pushed in. Ahhhhh, what a delightful feeling.

“Oh, that feels nice,” my wife to be said without the passion I heard when my neighbor was taking her. I did not last long, not only was it exciting to be fucking my fiancée, but it was enhanced a hundred fold, knowing that I was fucking her with my cock coated in cum, the cum of another man who had just had her and inseminated her.

When I had shot off, I mumbled apologies. She told me it was alright, she had gotten off with my neighbor.

We dressed and thanked my neighbor, which felt weird. For the next month and more we were taken up with finishing school, getting ready to graduate, preparing for the jobs we got in the city, and preparing for our wedding. We got lucky with finding a place of our own. One of my professors was going on sabbatical and offered his house for us to house sit; however it was not in my neighborhood, but was very nice.

Months later, we were settled in our new home. Cathie was working as a nurse and did not have the greatest shifts, afternoons with Tuesday and Wednesdays off. I came home on a Tuesday and did not find Cathie there. She arrived shortly after and I asked where she had been.

“Uh, I was in your old neighborhood and looked in on your old neighbor.”

“Why,” I blurted out before thinking. I knew why.

“Well, I truly was just in the neighborhood, and with our schedules we haven’t seen that much of each other and … well, I had this big need,” she said nervously.

“I thought that since we married this would not happen. I eat you out good now don’t I,” I asked.

“Well yes, but…It’s not the same.”

“So he gave you something.”

“yes, and I still have it.”

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