Unfinished. White married couple gets BBC surprise

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Unfinished. White married couple gets BBC surpriseJonathan & Nikki and their surprise BBC gangbangJonathan & Nikki had each always had a fascination with big black cocks. … After it came up in their marriage and they discussed it, they agreed Nikki could try sucking one to completion. They searched for a big black dick on the internet, and after finding a massive one Nikki was very excited to try, they booked a hotel room & arranged a meeting.The night was finally upon them. It was going to happen! Nikki’s first taste of big black cock! Literally. The deal was: She was allowed to get naked and suck the bbc until it came, which she could take in her mouth, or anywhere on her body, except her pussy, because Jon was afraid of her accidentally getting pregnant with a black baby. No kissing, no sex. Nikki was dressed in a sexy, slutty outfit she selected just for this evening. Jonathan was wearing a bathrobe. They both waited eagerly in their hotel room for Nikki’s dark stud to arrive. They’d gotten their early to set the room up and get Nikki dressed and her hair and makeup right. Now they were just waiting until the large black cock arrived for Nikki. They turned some interracial porn on the hotel tv– a sexy redhead white girl taking 9 BBCs in every hole. Nikki sucked Jon’s white dick one more time while she watched and waited. The girl on the screen was an absolute depraved slut for those black guys. Nikki played with her pussy and moaned softly as she watched. Jon felt her pussy with his fingers and it was soaked, wetter than he had ever experienced it. Just then, a knock came from the door. A large smile spread across Nikki’s face as she popped up and ran to answer the door. She peered through the hole, and turned back smiling happily and giddily exclaimed “it’s him! He’s here!” I got the camera out and started recording. She opened the door, and in walked a very tall, very muscular & well-built dark chocolate man. She gave him a half-hug and introduced herself “I’m Nikki,” and slowly slid her hands over his torso as she let go of him. She looked down to try to find the bulge in his pants, but his baggy jeans hid his monstrosity. “Tyrone,” he introduced himself. “Come in here,” she said, leading him to the bed area. Tyrone followed Nikki, who was smiling and blushing like crazy, looking at me with wide eyes like “isn’t he huge already?!?!” into the bed area, where he noticed me filming. “My boy is down in the car– why don’t you let him hold the camera so you have your hands free to do your thang, ya know?” I looked at Nikki, and she looked back at me excitedly and said “Yeah! That would be great, right baby?! Then you can jerk off! And it’ll turn me on with more people watching!” I paused for just a second and then said “Uh, sure.” I wasn’t sure. But he was already sending him a text to come up. “Why don’t you keep filming while your pretty little wife pulls out my dick and gets to work on it?” I pointed the camera at them and sat back. Nikki gave me a sexy, excited smile and turned to Tyrone. She dropped to her knees, and started at his belt and zipper. Moments later, she had the jeans open and coming down, revealing a massive bulge under his boxer-briefs. “Omigosh!” Her eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw it, her jaw dropped, and she gawked for what seemed like eternity. I felt very small. His cock was clearly still soft, and yet it was still approximately twice the length of mine hard– and the girth!!! It was almost the size of a soda can! Another knock at the door. This time, Tyrone went to get it, leaving Nikki on the floor on her knees. Tyrone let his friend in, and he was already filming on his phone. His friend was another big black man. Nikki looked excited about his presence, which I’m sure she was, because really does she get excited when other people watch. I set my phone on table pointing towards the action, so I could play with my dick while I watched– Tyrone’s friend was filming everything from his POV, and he was getting a good look at the action. Tyrone stood over Nikki once more, who reached up with both hands, slid her fingers behind the waistband of his boxer-briefs, and slowly pulled it down, peeling away the layer of fabric covering his dark skin and humongous horse cock. Her mouth was agape and eyes wide and growing wider the further and further down she slid. I don’t blame her. I was doing Ankara bayan escort the same. The thing was massive. I can’t believe a cock that big exists– much less that my wife is face to face with it. And she was going to get to suck it and make it grow!? How big could it get!? I know she has trouble getting all of my cock in her mouth… she is barely going to get past the head of this thing! And how much cum does a cock like that make? His balls were certainly huge, too, much bigger than mine of course. I’d say both of mine just barely made up one of his. I bet he makes a lot of cum. —These were the thoughts going through my head- I can only imagine what Nikki must’ve been thinking.She picked it up near the head– her hand looked so tiny and pale next to this thing: soft, his dong was still a 4-hander– and lifted it to examine it from underneath, I guess. It looked heavy! She slid her hand down closer to the base, and moved her lips to meet the tip of the head. She kissed the big purple head, and then slipped it into her mouth, as far as she could get it, which as I predicted was only just an inch or so past the massive large-egg-sized head. It started to grow before our eyes, and in her mouth and hand. She kept her mouth moving all over it, sliding her tongue up, down and around the fat shaft, rubbing it all over her face, shoving her face into his balls and then shoveling them into her mouth to suck on too. After we all watched my little wife slut work his cock for a few minutes, he was fully hard. I couldn’t believe the size. She couldn’t either! She popped it out of her mouth and held it up to her forearm. “Fuck, its the size of my fucking arm Jon!!” and dove her mouth back on it, engulfing the head and going back to town. This is the point where I noticed Nikki furiously rubbing her pussy. “Hah, white girl loves suckin that big black nigga dick… don’t you?” the cameraman said. “MMMHHHMMMMMMM” Nikki moaned with the long black cock still buried deep in her mouth. That was a loud moan, I thought, I wonder how wet she is right now? I’m sure shes soaked. I looked down and noticed I was hard as a rock. I pulled out my dick and started jerking it. “Her husband likes watchin her suck that big black nigga dick too!” the cameraman said, and they both laughed… and so did Nikki, who turned and looked at my hard dick in my hand. My relatively tiny, hard, white dick… that I was jerking while watching her slobber all over a positively ginormous black cock and balls. She flashed a smile that acknowledged her dominance in the situation, and she went back to work– really giving it everything now. She was mouth fucking his cock now, soaking his dark black pole with her spit, bobbing up and down hard and fast on his cock. Her spit was running all down his long black cock, down his huge black balls, and dripping onto her knees… more spit was running down her chin and dripping on her big white tits. My wife… was such a whore.I looked over and noticed the cameraman had his dick in his hand now, jerking it slowly. It was also massive, shockingly even longer than Tyrone’s, but just a slight bit narrower. I should say a slight bit less incredibly thick, but still incredibly thick. Not wanting things to get out of hand, I said “Hey, that’s not part of the plan. Put it away.” He kept the camera pointing at Nikki, who was still vigorously blowing Tyrone, and used the other hand to pull his shirt up, revealing a handgun in his waistband. He pulled it out and pointed it at me (his big black cock still sticking out of his fly, bouncing around semi erect) and said “Well now we gotta new plan, white boy! So why don’t you just stay where you are and watch your pretty little wife get some big nigga dick tonight.” Nikki didn’t stop what she was doing for any of this, even though I know she could hear it loud and clear. As I watched her little white mouth getting impaled by that massive black shaft, while her next lover pointed the gun at me, I deflated and gave in. “Ok,” I muttered pitifully. And then I just watched.What can I say? I was scared for my life, but knew that if I just let them use her, they probably wouldn’t shoot either of us. Besides, Nikki still looked to be enjoying herself, and that was the point of this. I just hoped she’d enjoy whatever they had in mind for her (better than her hating it Escort bayan Ankara and being like getting ****d) enough to get through it, and I hoped that they wouldn’t go too far. Boy, was I in for a lot of surprises.The cameraman walked up to Nikki, still on her knees giving Tyrone the BJ of a lifetime, grabbed her by the hair on the back of her head, pulled her off Tyrone and onto his massive black cock. She didn’t hesitate and eagerly dove on the second BBC, quickly mouth-fucking him to full erection, all the while jerking Tyrone, her little white hand sliding all up and down his enormous spit covered black shaft. Another knock at the door. Cameraman goes to answer it, just walking away from Nikki while she was still sucking him. As his cock popped out of her mouth, she immediately and instinctively dove back for Tyrone’s, sucking him deep, her free hand sliding up and down the remainder of his shaft, stopping to fondle his huge black balls occasionally. “I want that pussy,” Tyrone said to her in his deep black man voice. Again, without hesitation, she popped up off his dick and instinctively stood up and moved for the bed. He picked her up and tossed her like a ragdoll onto the bed, and she spread her legs open for him, rubbing her throbbing wet pussy, and pulling on her nipples in anticipation. As the cameraman and his buddies were walking back into the room, Tyrone climbed onto the bed between her open legs, and lined his dick up with the opening of her pussy. “Wait!” she said, her head popping up off the pillow, and she looked over at me worriedly. I could see the look in her eyes saying ‘oh my gosh whats happening? I’m not sure how I got here’. But as she looked into my eyes with that look, he pushed that giant throbbing black dick into her wet pink pussy hole and her expression changed. Her eyes rolled back into her head as her jaw dropped, and a look of pure ecstasy & bliss washed over her face. She shuddered, and came. Harder than she has ever cum with me. I looked, and he wasn’t even halfway in. The sight was unbelievable. That huge black dong lodged in my wife’s tiny white pussy– her pussy that was so tight, even for me, with my average white dick. His cock on the other hand, was positively stretching her to the max, her lips gripping his dark meat tightly. He pulled it back out to the tip, and she gasped, and then after just a moment, he pushed back into her pussy, f*rcing in 2/3rds of his member now. She let her legs open wider, and softly slid her hands up around his sides, til her palms were on his muscular back, and slid down to his ass, and pulled him deeper into her. As he continued to pop her BBC cherry, the other black guys started surrounding the bed. They were all either bottomless or fully nude, though I didn’t actually notice them taking their clothes off. Probably because I was busy watching Tyrone’s big black dick entering my wife’s tight white pussy. And as you might have guessed, they were all a bit too generously hung. I had always thought it was a myth that all black guys had huge cocks, but it was obvious that they all were packing some serious man meat. And it looked like my wife was going to get to try it all out.Most of them had their phones filming the action, and they all were watching and pulling on their massive dicks. Nikki looked to be lost in pleasure, deep into “the zone”, as she barely seemed to notice the sudden arrival of many big black cocks. As she calmly tried to make her pussy inhale the entirety of Tyrone’s cock, the other guys started moving across the bed towards her. Cameraman moved to her mouth first, where my wife deftly started sucking him while moaning softly, and another guy positioned himself on the opposite side, waiting for his turn. Another guy went for her tits, grabbing them both and sucking on her nipples. Nikki moaned and writhed under all the black dick, and came hard again, moaning loudly on cameraman’s dick. With that, Tyrone grabbed Nikki’s hips, and started pounding her little white pussy relentlessly with that huge black cock. She started screaming a scream I’ve never heard before, but it was obviously one of pleasure. “FUCK ME!!!!!!” She screamed as she came again, now unable to manage the big horse cock in her mouth while getting fucked like that, now just squeezing both cocks on either side of her head. He kept pounding Bayan escort Ankara as her eyes rolled back and she continued moaning, and after a minute or so, her orgasm started to subside, and she resumed sucking vigorously on the two large black cocks on either side of her head.”Jon, I’m sorry baby!” she moaned loudly, almost crying with pleasure. “This feels soooooo gooooooooooooodd–d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d” — the sound of her getting pounded while trying to speak. She gasped a big breathe of air and then managed to say “So big!!!!” in a squeeky girly voice. And she came again. As she came this time, Tyrone casually picked her up (he’s was really fucking big and strong) with his cock still lodged in her pussy, stood straight up, and used his arms to lift her up and down on his rock hard black pole. “OH. MY. GOD.” she said with each pump of his cock. “This is the best dick everrrr,” she moaned, “it feels soo good fucking this little white puuussyyyy.” I couldn’t believe she said that. So fucking hot. My dick was rock hard and I was jerking it furiously now, watching my wife be the total fucking whore she apparently has always wanted to be. Little did I know I had barely seen anything yet!Cameraman came up behind her and presented his big black dick for her asshole. As soon as she felt him press the tip of his cock against her asshole, she jumped up and hugged Tyrone tightly, and looked back. “Omigosh I’m so tight there, there’s no way its going to fit right away. I need to be warmed up.” She looked around and her eyes landed on mine “Jon, come lick my asshole!” she commanded, with a tone of voice that sounded like she was sure I’d comply. I hesitated, and the black guy to my right grabbed my robe and shove-pulled me off the chair and onto the floor at Tyrone’s feet, where I looked up to see his massive balls, coated in Nikki’s spit and pussy juices. Connected to that was his massive black pole, and connected to that was Nikki’s soft white pussy. Just above that was her extremely tight little white asshole. “Lick it!” the guy who threw me down said. And now it was my job to lick it. I kneeled up until my mouth was right at her asshole, and after gazing at that simply massive cock splitting my wife’s once tight pussy for what seemed like eternity, I licked her asshole, and slid my tongue in it. I did my usual routine I use to loosen up her ass for my dick– but I really went at it this time. I was so turned on, and she tasted like sex… all the pussy juice and spit and precum and dick flavor… and I really wanted her to be loose and ready so her ass didn’t get too hurt. As I licked, Tyrone proceeded to continue fucking her. My tongue was in her ass, and through the wall of her ass connected to her pussy, I could feel his big pulsing dick, moving in and out. That got me so hard. Suddenly, his dick popped out of her pussy, and hit me in the mouth, where my tongue was out licking her asshole. That was the first time my mouth had touched a dick, but it was definitely not the last time that night. I gently kissed-sucked the tip as it happened, and received a large drop of precum.Not Finished… Other ideas below.Jonathan & NikkiJon convinces Nikki to try a big black cock. The big black cock shows up to the hotel room with other big black cock friends and guns. They take Nikki’s white pussy and ass for hours. Jonathan is forced to help, including sucking dick, swallowing cum, licking Nikki’s ruined and cum-filled pussy and ass, and eventually, as punishment, getting fucked in the ass, by 2 BBCs, while sucking a BBC, which all cum, forcing Jon a humiliating cumshot. As Jon passes out from the orgasm, he sees Nikki surrounded by all the black guys, getting ready to take them all again. The whole thing is filmed by the black guys from different angles, which they use to blackmail Jon to letting them use his wife Nikki forever. She happily complies, saying it’ll be okay, you like to think about me with other guys, and you wanted to see me with a black guy anyway. She gets shared daily by the guys and all their friends and their friends and so on. Jonathan & NikkiJon & Nikki get a hotel so she can suck her first Big Black Cock. Jon cums on the black bull by accident, who then knocks Jon u*********s. He proceeds to destroy Nikki and all her holes with his absolutely enormous cock, filling her pussy and mouth and ass with cum. Jon wakes up to find Nikki getting her pussy filled with the black man’s cum. Nikki loves the whole thing, and from the moment Jon gets knocked out, turns into a complete black cock whore, begging for that huge thing in every hole, and for lots of BBC cum. The whole thing gets filmed and Jon watches back later in horror/pleasure.

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