Unfolding Ch. 06

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“Oh my god!” I opened the package and stood staring at the contents, aghast.

We’d seen it today while we were out window shopping, but I never in a million years thought we could afford it. More lingerie than dress, it was something I’d long for but never buy myself, because I just couldn’t justify it. Where would I wear it? And if I had somewhere to wear it once, well, did that make it worth the cost? I would spend hours talking myself out of it, all the while longing to try it on, and eventually walk away empty handed.

But Jack had bought it and had it delivered to the hotel. “Red,” Jack instructed, holding the panties out to me. “No bra.”

I didn’t say anything as I took it all into the bathroom, taking off the robe I’d been wearing after our bath and slipping the dress over my head. It was a Valentino with a black silk top, spaghetti straps, but the bottom was sheer lace, form-fitting and long. The red panties would show right through it. Everything would show right through it… I groaned when I pulled the panties on. I’d forgotten they were a thong.

My hair was still slightly damp as I pulled it up and back, twisting it into place and securing it with a beaded wraparound and a long, curved stick. Auburn curls escaped at my temples, framing my face, and I tugged at the top of the dress, worried about the amount of cleavage I was showing with no bra on. Could I really go out dressed like this? Was it even legal?

“Jack?” I pulled open the door tentatively, seeing him shrugging on his dinner jacket. His eyes widened when he saw me, his mouth dropping open.

“Holy hell.” He took one step toward me and stopped, transfixed, as I came into the room. I was still barefoot, and the black lace edge of the dress grazed the ground when I wasn’t wearing heels. His eyes swept downward and lingered at the red beacon of the panties under the dress. I felt as if I were wearing a stop sign—or a neon sign.

“I don’t know if I can go out like this.” I stepped into my heels, bending over to buckle the straps. Jack’s eyes brightened when I did and I flushed, knowing he could see me, completely exposed except for the thong, from behind. “Where are we going?”

“At the moment, I’m thinking… bed?” He grinned, grabbing me and turning me to him to kiss me. I slipped my arms around his neck, kissing him back, feeling more relaxed in his arms than I had in years.

“So, where are we really going?” I tilted my head so he could access my neck and he gave me shivery kisses down over my collarbone.

“Dinner.” He kissed the tops of my breasts. Thankfully the dress had a little built in support, but my nipples were hard and poking into the material. “And I’m having you for dessert.”

“No objections from me,” I murmured, feeling the crotch of my panties starting to get wet already. I didn’t know how I was going to manage to make it through dinner. Jack pocketed his wallet and the key card, opening the door to the hallway and leading me out. We passed an older couple in the corridor carrying luggage toward their room. They didn’t appear to notice at first, but then I heard the woman gasp and that turned the man’s head. His eyes widened as we passed and she smacked him on the arm, hissing, “Steven!”

“I think that was the dress,” I whispered as Jack pushed the elevator button. I saw the man still staring as he fumbled for something in his pockets.

“No,” Jack said, taking me by the elbow as we entered the elevator. “It was the woman in the dress.”

I flushed as the doors whooshed closed, taking us down to the first floor. I thought Jack would lead us to the valet, so they could get our car, but I was surprised when he pulled me past the desk and around the corner. One of the guys working valet raised his eyebrows as we passed, and I blushed, turning my face toward Jack.

“They have a great restaurant here,” Jack explained, giving the maître d’ our name. I couldn’t help but feel that everyone’s eyes were on me, and I was relieved to see that it was relatively empty—only one couple was seated in a far corner. Of course, we were early for dinner. Thankfully, it was moderately dark inside, lit only by candles in the center of the tables. We were seated quite quickly, but I was disappointed there were no booths to hide in, just tables with chairs that had open backs.

“I feel so exposed,” I whispered. Jack just smiled, perusing his menu. I decided quickly—something small, easy to eat fast, and nothing that would stain—a Chinese chicken salad. When the waiter came by, I was eager to give him my order and get back to our room.

“I’ll have—Lloyd.” The name escaped my lips in a near whisper and I felt an insidious blush rising from my chest to my cheeks.

The waiter started, his eyes sweeping over me in surprise and sudden recognition. “Hello again.”

I nodded, fanning myself slowly with the menu and hoping I didn’t look as red as I felt. “I’ll have the Chinese chicken salad… and water. Lots of water.”

He nodded, making a note of it, and turned to Jack, who I noticed was grinning from güvenilir bahis ear to ear. “Porterhouse, medium rare, baked potato, and the lady and I would like a bottle of wine. What would you recommend?”

“The wine menu is here, sir.” Lloyd cleared his throat, leaning over and pulling a smaller menu off the table, handing it to Jack. I saw his eyes dip into my cleavage and wondered if he could see the color of my panties through the lace from that angle. I didn’t want to look down and draw attention to it to check.

Jack raised his eyebrow. “No recommendations?”

Lloyd looked directly at me, pushing his glasses up. “I’d recommend a red, sir… a red is fuller, it has more body and spirit…” His eyes moved from my hair down to my waist… and lower… and I was sure he could see the color of my panties.

I cleared my throat. “Are you sure you’re talking about wine?”

Jack chuckled. “It’s true about redheads, too.”

“That’s what I hear…” Lloyd turned to Jack. “If they’re real redheads.”

“Oh, I am,” I said quickly, used to defending the rich color of my hair.

Lloyd grinned. “Yes, may’m… I remember.”

“Oh…” The memory of standing bent over near the bed with a glass butt plug stuck deep into my ass while he brought in our room service made me dizzy and faint and I fanned myself faster with the menu.

“We’ll have a bottle of Dom Perignon,” Jack said, putting down the wine menu. I stared at him, blinking fast.

“Will that be all, sir?”

Jack winked. “For now…thanks.”

“Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed.” I grabbed and covered my face with my wine menu as Lloyd walked away.

“You’re beautiful.” Jack took the menu from me, putting back on the table. I felt his hand on my knee under the table, rubbing the lace against my bare skin.


He smiled, his eyes bright. “I want you to do something for me.”

“What?” I cocked my head at him, suspicious, and I was right to be.

“Go into the bathroom and take off your panties.”

I stared at him. “What!?”

“You heard me.” He grinned and sat back as Lloyd came to the table with the bottle of wine. He used a corkscrew right there and I jumped when the cork popped, gasping.

“Here you go, may’m.” Lloyd handed a full glass to me as he poured Jack’s wine. “Did you know that the very first wine glass was molded from the breast of Helen of Troy?”

“I…” Looking at Jack, I smiled. “I had no idea.”

“It’s true.” Lloyd re-corked the bottle and set it back on ice. “Although later, it’s rumored that Marie Antoinette decided to make a new glass molded from her own breast, and the size of the wine glass was considerably increased.”

Jack grinned. “Good thing they didn’t use yours, honey. We’d have to throw the two-glass rule right out the window.”

I flushed. “Jack!”

Lloyd winked at me. “I wouldn’t mind drinking from such a lovely, overflowing cup.”

I cleared my throat. “Thank you… Lloyd.”

When I said his name, he smiled. “You’re welcome.”

Jack waited until Lloyd had excused himself and was out of earshot to lean in to me and whisper, “Now… go.”

“But… Jack… this dress…” I pleaded with my eyes, biting my lip. I had hoped, in the midst of the breast and wine talk, he had forgotten his request.

“I know.” His eyes were full of heat as he looked at me. “I want the whole world to know you’re a real redhead.”


“Do it.” He insisted, pulling something out of his pocket. It was a small white box, wrapped with a red ribbon around it. “And put this on.”

Unable to resist finding out what was in the box, I stood, looking around for the bathroom. It was just a few tables away, through a doorway flanked with two tall, potted rubber tree plants. I slipped through the door marked “Ladies” and stood looking at myself in the full-length mirror for a moment, thinking how far from “ladylike” this dress made me look—or feel. It was incredibly revealing and sexy.

There was no one in the restroom and I pulled the ribbon on the box, opening it, excited. Frowning, I pulled out a little plastic red butterfly with several elastic bands attached, and then saw a note with Jack’s handwriting at the bottom of the box. “For you to wear” it said, and had an illustration of just where to put it—and how. I stared at the picture, stunned, sure it couldn’t be right, but it had a front and back view, and as technical instructions went, it was pretty darned clear.

I took it into the stall with me, lifting the lace skirt of the dress high up over my hips and slipping the red panties down, stepping out of them. The butterfly centered itself between my legs with a little fleshy nub touching my clit. It had a flexible plastic piece that stretched back with an anal probe attached. I slid that in first, gasping as it entered the tight muscle of my sphincter with no hint of lubrication. It didn’t go in far—three or four inches at the most—and it was only as thick as a man’s finger. The elastic straps were clear and attached to the butterfly, front türkçe bahis and back, to keep it on.

I picked up the panties from the floor and went to the sink to wash my hands. Then I stood in the full length mirror, looking between my legs. The butterfly spread its wings over my pussy lips, leaving the bright red shock of my pubic hair showing above it. You could definitely see I was a real redhead alright, even through the black lace. The thought of going back out into the restaurant like this was both exciting and almost too humiliating to imagine.

I gasped when I opened the door, finding Lloyd standing outside of it. “I’m sorry!”

“Your husband…” Lloyd looked down between my legs, his eyes drawn there like a magnet. The red panties were gone, but my pubic hair showed through the lace, as did the little butterfly wings. “Asked me… to check…”

“I’m fine.” I balled the red panties up tighter in my hand. “Thank you.”

He nodded, stepping back and letting me pass.

“Perfect.” Jack smiled when I walked back to the table, sitting carefully as the probe pushed deeper into my ass, the butterfly kissing my clit. “Like it?”

“It’s… different.” I took a gulp of wine, glancing around the table and then tossing the panties across the table to him. “Did you… did you send that waiter…?”

He smiled, slipping them into his jacket pocket. “I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

I raised my eyebrows at him. “I wasn’t gone that long.”

“Chinese chicken salad.” Lloyd set the plate in front of me, and another in front of Jack. “Porterhouse… is there anything else I can get for you?”

I shook my head, picking up my fork and starting to eat. Jack was clearly enjoying himself, but I wanted to finish and get back to the room as quickly as we could. Playing sex games in the hotel room was one thing, but playing sex games in public? I was afraid we’d get kicked out—or arrested. The thought of trying to explain to my parents, who were watching the kids, why they had to bail Jack and I out of jail, was just too humiliating to contemplate.

“That will be all, thanks.” Jack gave him a nod, picking up his wine glass.

“If you need anything, just ask for—”

I gasped out loud and nearly came off my seat when the butterfly between my legs began to vibrate. Both men looked at me, Lloyd’s eyes wide with surprise, Jack’s glinting mischievously.

“Are you all right?” Lloyd asked.

“Just… spicy…” I nodded, eyes widening as the vibration increased, and the soft buzz between my legs became clearly audible. I looked at Jack, panicked, but he just sat back and grinned, one hand still on his wine glass, the other in his coat pocket.

Lloyd looked doubtfully at my Chinese chicken salad—which wasn’t spicy in the least. “Do you want me to take it back for you?”

“No, no.” I shook my head, desperate to get rid of him, waving him away. “It’s fine, really—it just… surprised me.”

He nodded, still looking puzzled, his eyes dipping downward as I wiggled in my chair. I knew he could hear it—he had to be able to hear it. I could feel it buzzing noisily against my clit, the soft nub there rubbing back and forth when I moved. Lloyd’s eyes moved slowly upwards, meeting mine, and I swallowed when I saw the dawning realization on his face.

“Well, if there’s anything you need from me,” he said with a small smile. “You just let me know.”

“Will do.” Jack grinned and winked at me, but I looked down at my plate, unable to ignore the feeling between my thighs anymore. My clit was responding to the growing hum, my nipples hardening against the silk fabric of the dress.

“Thanks,” I whispered, leaning my hand against my forehead and looking desperately at Jack. Lloyd walked slowly away, glancing over his shoulder at us, and I waited until he’d gone into the kitchen before speaking.

“Turn it off!” I hissed as I watched Jack cut into his steak. Every time I shifted in my seat, the butterfly seemed to kiss my clit, sending shivers through me.

“Are you sure?” He lifted his fork to his mouth, his eyes on mine as he chewed. I bit my lip, glancing around as I moved my hips, back and forth, forcing that fleshy nub to rub against my clit. God, it felt good…

“Not here, Jack,” I pleaded, in spite of the delightful sensation between my legs. It was just too humiliating to bear.

“Okay.” He sighed, reaching into his pocket. Relieved, I held my breath, waiting for the buzzing to stop.

“Jack!” I nearly screamed his name, sitting up straight, eyes wide, when the probe in my ass began to rotate. Lloyd peeked his head out of the kitchen, blinking at us, and I bit my lip to keep from crying out.

“Did you need something?” Lloyd came over to the table and I groaned softly as the probe found some deep, secret place in me, pressing there again and again.

“No, no,” I said, waving him away. The aching buzz between my legs was hard enough to ignore, but the insistent turning of the probe in my ass was impossible not to respond to. “Please… please güvenilir bahis siteleri go away… god… okay?” I pleaded, closing my eyes and squirming in my chair.

“Feel good, baby?” Jack whispered, and I knew Lloyd must be gone, but I didn’t want to open my eyes to see.

“Yes,” I whispered back, leaning my forehead on my palm again, thinking I could hide my pleasure somehow. It was too good to ignore and my hips began to rock all on their own, forcing the butterfly to kiss my clit and the probe deeper into my ass.

“That’s it,” Jack urged, and the probe began to rotate faster, making me moan softly and shake my head, trying to deny it. “God, you’re beautiful.”

“Ohh no,” I breathed, arching my back and grazing my hard nipples against the edge of the table. I didn’t want to do this, to come here in the middle of the restaurant, but there was nothing I could do. My body wasn’t under my own control and my response was involuntary, my thighs beginning to quiver, my breath coming faster.

“He’s watching you,” Jack murmured and my eyes flew open to meet his. He jerked his head toward the bathrooms and I turned my head slowly, at first not seeing anything through the haze of my own pleasure. Then I glimpsed his dark head through the leaves of one of the rubber tree plants. My eyes dropped slowly, drawn by a motion behind the trunk. For a moment, I was too distracted by the steady pulse between my thighs and wasn’t sure what I was seeing. A hot wave went through me when I realized that Lloyd’s hand was cupping his crotch through his dark waiter’s pants, rubbing himself there.

“Oh god,” I whispered as the buzzing seemed to grow between my legs, the probe sinking deeper into my ass as I shifted my hips in the chair. Jack took his hand out of his jacket pocket and cut himself another piece of steak as he watched me. I looked up at him. “Please…”

“My cock is so hard right now.” He said it casually, taking another sip of wine, but the thought made me groan out loud. Watching me giving into the rising sensation between my legs was arousing him, and that just served to intensify my pleasure. “I bet Lloyd’s is, too…”

I glanced over toward the bathrooms, surprised to see Lloyd sliding the zipper down on his slacks. He was only partially hidden by the plant, and if anyone walked in or out of the bathroom, they would be sure to see him. I looked around the restaurant with half-closed eyes. The couple in the corner was in the middle of their dinner and hadn’t seemed to notice anything. The maître d’ was out in the alcove near the front of the restaurant—I couldn’t see him at all. Apparently, we were alone, at least for the moment.

But that was the last time I was going to be able to assess whether or not it was safe to do what we were doing—because when I glanced over and saw Lloyd’s hand moving up and down the considerable length of his exposed cock, I lost any more ability to think or reason or stop what was happening. Instead, I rested my head on my arms on the table, moaning softly as the butterfly buzzed hungrily against my clit, hoping I looked like I was just resting or was perhaps feeling a bit ill.

What I was feeling, however, was the opposite. I couldn’t control how fast my breath was coming or the soft, whimpering noises my throat insisted on making as my body climbed higher and higher toward climax. I watched as Lloyd stroked himself, faster and faster as he watched me rocking as subtly as I could against my chair. I was starting to lose all sense of where I was, my pussy on fire, my ass clenching in response to the rotating probe.

“Jack,” I whimpered, sitting up and grabbing onto the edges of my chair. “Oh honey, I—”

I could hear Jack’s breath, too, coming fast as he watched me, his eyes full of lust. I could swear I heard Lloyd breathing heavy, too, just a few tables away, jerking himself off behind the rubber tree plant. I arched my back, biting my lip to keep from crying out as I came, shuddering on my chair as the relentless buzzing between my legs went on and on. My pussy clamped down in sweet, continuous waves, making my ass clench and pull the probe even deeper.

“Ohhh baby, my ass,” I moaned out loud, rocking faster, unable to stop. Jack’s eyes widened as I gripped the edge of the table, fucking against the sweet, turning probe in my ass that was making me shudder uncontrollably. “Ohhh Jack, I’m gonna come in my ass!”

I was apparently loud enough to make the couple in the back corner look around, but I didn’t notice then—Jack told me about it later. I was too focused on riding it out, shoving my bottom down in the chair, wanting more, deeper, harder, god, I couldn’t stand it, I was so close, almost there, and suddenly I was bucking and arching as I came, completely lost, giving myself over as my body shuddered in the chair. I moaned, I heard myself moaning and couldn’t stop it, grabbing the edge of the table so hard it shook in my hands.

“Oh my god,” I heard Jack whisper. I opened my eyes, my whole body flushed with heat and I watched, breathless, as Lloyd stiffened and came, too, his cock spraying the trunk of the rubber tree plant with the first blast. I gasped out loud, still quivering with my own climax, watching with rapt attention as the next few waves spurted hotly into the soil of the pot below.

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