vacation 2


vacation 2After we had gotten dressed and bundled up at the end of the day we gathered our things and made our way back to our car. Walking hand in hand we crossed over one of the bridges that we had wound under so many times earlier in the day. With a hand squeeze we smiled knowingly and paused briefly to watch to flow of riders and wonder if they were having as much fun on that ride as we had.Before we knew it we were in our rooms to quickly (we promised the boys) change to go for supper. One hungry probe with my tongue and one lascivious slurp by you was all we had time for.You pulled on a nicely fitted top over otherwise bare breasts to match a nice short skirt. No undies of course! I wore my standard shorts and t-shirt.Even without pausing to play the boys were waiting impatiently for us. Because they were so hungry we decided to go for fast food. As I opened the car door for you, you made sure to once again spread your legs plenty wide enough to show me miss muffy. You even held the pose long enough to wink at me. I barely noticed your wink however as my gaze was glued to your sexy slit! We pulled into the McD’s parking lot and had barely put the car in park when the boys were practically into the restaurant. I went around to your side of the car to open the door for you again and found to my delight that you had pulled your skirt up and already spread your legs as wide as you could. To improve matters you were using one hand to spread your cunt lips! As I slowly opened the door you continued spreading your legs into the open space. By the time the door was fully opened your were demurely straightening your skirt and smirking at the erection that I was trying to hide as I held your hand on our way to follow the boys.During supper we decided that the next day would be our Magic Kingdom day. Chris in particular was showing more and more excitement as the bookends told him more and more about what he had to look forward to.Getting in and out of the car leaving the restaurant was just the same as going to the restaurant. I had never considered that the rewards for opening the door for a lady could be so immediate or so impressive.Very shortly after getting back to the hotel we begged off, leaving the boys to their own devices as we went into our room and shut and locked the door. You immediately moved to strip but I asked you to wait. I pulled out my camera and asked if I could take some pictures of you so that I would have lots and lots of fresh material to jerk off to when I got back to Afghanistan for my last month there. You smiled and told me that I could photograph whatever I wanted. I knew that I had room for 100’s of pictures on my spare memory card and I intended to use them. First I had you sit on the edge of the bed, slowly spreading your legs. I took a number of pictures of you sitting in a variety of poses ranging from very ladylike with your legs crossed to sitting with your legs widely spread and using both hands to hold your spread your luscious lips.Next I had you stand up and turn your back to me. I took some pictures of you looking over your shoulder at me. I had you then bend over to fix your shoe. I bent over enough to snap a few shots up your skirt. The I laid down on my back and had you stand over me while I continued to happily snap away.After that I had you curl your shoulders and lean forward, bracing yourself on the edge of the bed. I loved the way that your full and round breasts hung, and as the material fell away I was able to take a number of nice shots.Finally I had you stand back up, turn around and bend over, as if you were stretching your calves before a run. I had you reach back and pull first your ass and then your cunt wide open and I snapped lots and lots more pics.Only then did we both get naked. I took another ton of pictures, some from a distance but many very nice close ups too of you on your back, on your hands and knees, standing, sitting and more bending over shots.Enough with the posing, I wanted some action shots. We then swapped the camera back and forth to get the best shots to show us fucking and sucking in all sorts of positions. You must have taken at least a dozen shots of me licking your pussy and tongue fucking your ass. canlı bahis I likewise took at least of many shots of you playing with my cock. Then we took a whole bunch of pictures of me buried in your pussy, me with just the tip of my cock pushing between your lips and finally lots of pictures of me with my cock in your ass. Some of the shots were from above while we were doggy style, but many more were of us while we were side by side (with your legs spread wide of course) or doing the reverse cowgirl thing. We even tried to take some action shots using the mirror next to the bed.I used up the last bits of the room on the memory card to take a few close ups of your ass and your cunt, both having been so freshly fucked and still gaping wide open. Slowly pumping my cock while watching slide shows of all this fun would be a pale imitation of the fun that we had just had, but it would be so much better than having to imagine the whole thing!Once the camera was put aside we could finally get down to some serious loving. Seeing that the room was equipped with a DVD player we put in one of the DVDs that you had brought with you and took a wee break ourselves as we watched a couple on screen get it on in a closed café. Like most pornstars the guy was hung like a horse and the girl had long blonde hair, silicon tits and a totally shaved pussy. The scene was pretty cookie cutter. First the girl gave the guy a long blow job. The only interesting thing was the way that she occasionally left his cock alone to suck on his balls. The scene cut to one of the booth tables with the girl on her back and the guy with his face buried in her snatch. He wasn’t very imaginative and was obviously performing of the benefit of the camera instead of the pleasure of the girl, but regardless it was a pleasure to watch a pretty girl get eaten out, even if her cunt wasn’t nearly as nice as yours!The scene shifted to the girl sitting on a bar stool getting banged by the guy standing in front of her. The camera spent a lot of time in close up mode showing very clearly how wet the girls slit was as the guys shiny wet cocked pounded in and out. Every once in a while the guy would pull right out and slap her clit with the head of his cock before slamming back into her.Finally, the scene shifted to the guy sitting on the bar, each foot on a different bar stool while the girl bounced up and down on him, facing away from him. Her feet rested on his thighs and the camera had an excellent view of her ass getting pummeled by his cock. When the camera once again zoomed in you could see the way that her cunt fell open with each thrust. As the guy started to groan the girl hopped off and finished him off with a lusty blow job, eventually getting her face splashed with cum.Our break had been plenty long, so we turned off the tv and turned back to each other. I wasn’t sure about exactly how you were feeling but for some reason I was very extremely passionate rather than lusty. I laid you out on your back and knelt between your legs, just long enough to slip my cock into your eagerly waiting warm wetness. I began to pump, but very very slowly, rubbing my body against yours, my chest rubbing your tits with each thrust.We began to kiss very deeply. Our tounges entwined and we just couldn’t get enough of each other. The intensity of the moment was perhaps more than we had ever before experienced. I wanted everything and nothing. I wanted to continue thrusting into you, feeling the silky smooth grip that you had on me, contracting just a bit each time I withdrew from your embrace. I lifted your legs and put them on my shoulders because I knew how much you enjoyed that. I liked it too, because I could see you in all your splendor arrayed out in front of me as we made love. I wanted once again to feast on the tastes and sensations of licking your cunt, I wanted to feel your fingers deep in my ass again as you sucked me, I wanted to watch the relief on your face as a golden stream cascaded from your pussy while I gazed adoringly, I wanted to probe your bottom with my tongue knowing how much it turned you on, I wanted to cum in your pussy, your ass, your mouth, your hand, between your tits, but for the moment I just kept slowly stroking bahis siteleri in and out, in and out, bit by bit picking up the pace. Each stroke must have been hitting your g-spot because you started to shudder and then cum. I could feel each wave pass over you as your grip on my rod contracted each time you shuddered. I kept pounding away, dropping your legs so that we could kiss again.With our lips pressed hard together you knew I was about to cum when I stole your breath with an unintended quick inhalation. You wrapped your legs around at the same time as you pulled me hard against you with your arms. You gave me just enough freedom to thrust weakly with each jet of cum. You tried to time miss muffy’s squeezes to milk my cock, coaxing more and more cum from my depleted balls, long after I usually would have thought that I would be done.I must have dozed for a moment because I awoke with a start. The only thing that was different was that my now flaccid cock lay along your slit instead of deeply buried in it. In the dim light remaining in the room I lifted myself gently off of you and saw that your cheeks were wet, and that fresh tears were welling still welling in the corners of your eyes.I wondered what I had done to you and whispered “honey?”. Your smile was absolutely radiant as your replied “I have never been so happy!” My relief was palpable as I wiped the tears from your cheeks.We crawled under the covers and snuggled together, my had cupping your breast, and your bum carefully snuggled up against me, exactly where it would need to be, to be ready to take full advantage by my morning erection if we should manage to stay like this for the night again.I woke up in a way that I had often fantasized about. I was flat on my back (I guess we never quite managed another entire night of spooning, although I do seem to remember touching you one way or another throughout the night.) anyway, what woke me up was you kneeling over my face, tickling my nose with the lips of your pussy. I have no idea how you managed to maneuver like that without waking me up but I was most grateful for it. You whispered “we don’t really have to be up for another hour or so, but I really want to spend some time fucking to start the day!” I couldn’t have agreed more so I took advantage of the present that you offered me by inhaling deeply. I could still smell a tiny bit of the chlorine from the day before, but I could also smell your well fucked cunt. There was still some of my crusted over cum left over from the night before clinging to your lips. In fact, it kind of looked like it had glued them together.My self restraint was amazing as I closed my eyes and just breathed. Savoring each breath and the smells that I had been craving so long. As I stared up at you, taking in as much of you as I could I admired everything from your glorious mound, your tight tummy with its sexy belly button ring, the magnificent swell of your breasts and of course your loving, smiling and radiant face topping it all off. As I stared at my vision of loveliness I asked “have you been up long?”You replied that you hadn’t gotten up at all, and had only been awake long enough to slowly swing your leg over me to tickle my nose. I nudged your pussy with my nose. You gasped when I hit your clit. You were more than a little horny and looked like you needed me badly. I kept rubbing my nose up and down your slit, and as my dried cum flaked off the lips of your cunt practically sprang open. In moments my entire nose was sopping wet with your juices. I clearly couldn’t waste them so I began to slowly lick them up with long sweeps of my tongue. I was very careful though not to get too close to your clit. You looked ready to pop and I wanted to take my time with you.I grabbed your ass and pulled you hard against my mouth so that I could penetrate as deeply as possible into your fuck hole. The motion stole your balance and you fell forward, catching yourself on the headboard. Once there you remained with you tits swaying gently as you rocked against my face. I reached up to jiggle them and play with your nipples.I still hadn’t touched your clit since that first nudge with my nose. You were getting anxious and reached down to play with güvenilir bahis yourself, but I took your hand, kissed it, and then put it back on the head board.I crawled out from underneath you, knelt behind you, grabbed your hips and pulled you back onto my iron rod. From the angle we were at the head of cock bumped into your puckered little ass. As soon as you felt it there you eagerly pushed back against me, wanting me in you desperately, but that wasn’t quite what I had in mind. I grabbed my dick in my fist, pumping it a couple of times while admiring your gorgeous ass, and then I aligned it with your cunt. You didn’t even let me thrust before I was buried up to my balls.I just knelt there and you energetically rocked against me, once more reaching for your clit. This time I wrapped my arms around you holding you tightly to me. When I felt you relax a bit I released you and you went back to rocking against me. Before long I felt like I was getting close and there was no way I wanted to cum this soon so I backed away from you, but pulling you with me. I ended up right off the bed and left you kneeling right on the edge. I pressed against the insides of your knees and you obligingly spread your legs so that your belly was almost halfway to the bed and your cunt was gaping wide. I pressed your shoulders down so that your tits rested on the rumpled blankets and I pushed your arms out in front of you.Positioning you had taken just long enough for me to cool off enough to lose the edge so I stood behind you. This time I intentionally placed the head of my cock on your ass hole, but only to tease you. I still had no intention of assfucking you just then, as much as I enjoyed that. When you realized that I was just teasing again you moaned and let me do whatever I was going to do anyway. Once again I directed my cock into your sopping cunt while reaching around you to grab your tits. You had to come up on all fours to allow this but you did so eagerly. I didn’t last nearly as long as I had hoped and almost pushed myself past the point of no return, but fortunately I stopped in time. I dropped to me knees and found that your bottom was at exactly the right height so I stuck my tongue out. This time I wasn’t teasing and pushed in hard. I pushed two of my fingers into your eagerly awaiting pussy while I tongued your ass. I used my fingers to rub your g-spot but still was very, very careful to avoid your clit.You were gasping for breath before long and you told me that if I didn’t make you cum soon you were going to wet yourself, seeing that you hadn’t had your morning pee yet, and you felt like you were losing control. I grinned evilly and pulled you up off the bed and led you into the bathroom. You thought that I was giving you a break so you headed for the toilet but instead I pulled you into the big Jacuzzi tub/shower. I sat down on the edge and pulled you onto my lap. You reached below you to line up my cock with your cunt. For once this morning I wasn’t fooling and I gave you what you wanted. As you settled down onto me you muttered that as nice as this was that you couldn’t wait more than another moment to pee. You began to pull off of me when I reached around you and started to rub your clit. You cried out at the intensity. After having been so close for so long, yet having been denied that contact that you craved so deeply you started to moan right away as you began to slowly move up and down on my rod, being very careful not to dislodge my hand that was finally giving you the release that you needed so badly.As you began to come you lost concentration on your bladder and I felt something warm wash over my balls. I used the hand that wasn’t still rubbing your clit to also reach around you and press down gently on your bladder.You weren’t just panting, you were gasping for breath as the intensity of the simultaneous release of your orgasm and your bladder subjected you to a previously undreamed of series of sensations.I pulled you back against me and then rolled us over so that we were kneeling in the tub. I began to stroke in and out of you. You reached between both of our legs and began to fondle my very wet balls as I fucked you.As I began to cum you ever so gently squeezed in time to their contractions and before I knew it, it was my turn to writhe in ecstasy.“Morning my love, how are you today?” I whispered in your ear as we stood up to turn on the shower and get ready for the day.

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