Video Game Vixen Ch. 01


It was the summer I had to work at the pool. My usual job at the ice cream parlor on the boardwalk had been lost when the owner had sold out to a larger company. Just when I was looking forwards to a summer of lazing about at home, catching up on all the video games and gossip I had missed during my sophomore year at college, My Uncle had called the house. He was the manager of the community pools that belonged to the YMCA.

“Hey Uncle Ray.” I said, fidgeting with the phone cord. I had the wireless controller in my hand, trying to get a clear shot at the TV and the PS2™. My friend Dominick had challenged me to a game of NBA Street© and I hadn’t played in months. I was trying to get the hang of it again. I was in my choice pajamas for the summer, pink boy shorts and an old cut to midriff wifebeater.

“Hey Sanaa.” Uncle Ray said. He was my father’s brother. I should explain something right here. My parents are of different races. My mother is black and my father is white. I’m what they called their little pudding cup. My mother used to sing a song to me every night, about me being chocolate with a twist of vanilla. I inherited my mother’s hair, and my father’s hazel eyes. My skin, however, had taken neither my mother’s nor my fathers tone. I was instead a caramel color.

I chewed on the end of one of my braids. My thick dark brown hair had been corn rowed on top, with the back hanging in skinny braids down my back. I scratched my left foot with my right big toe. “Your mother tells me you don’t have a job this summer.”

“Well, not this summer but I don’t mind too much.” I looked down at my hand, then rested the controller on the kitchen counter.

“Well your mother minds. She doesn’t want you at home,” I rolled my eyes, knowing what was coming. “She wants you out in the work force and not getting lazy during your break.”

“But Uncle Ray, I’ve been at school all year.” I sighed. “I just want a break.”

“Uh huh…” He said. “You’re going to show up tomorrow morning.”

“But” i interjected, trying for any excuse.

“At 9 o’clock.” he continued anyway.

“Uncle Ray”

“At the pool. We need another lifeguard and your mother already confirmed that you can both swim and do CPR.” I sighed again.

“Yes uncle Ray…” I hid the pout in my voice. “I’ll be there.”

So there I was, zinc on my nose, ugly little white hat on my head, stupid not my color red one piece suit, sitting on the dumb tower with the megaphone next to my arm. My elbows were on my knees as I halfheartedly scanned the pool.

My cousin Jeff stopped by a couple of times a day. He worked at the other pool, the so called “adults pool”. It was just a plain pool, while the one my uncle stationed me at had a slide a diving board, and various other things to attract the younger crowd. Jeff was… there’s no other way to say it… HOTT!!!! He was tall, blonde, and gorgeous. He was 21, two years older than me, 6’1, had hazel eyes, shaggy hair, and a build that friends of mine would kill to touch.

Whenever Jeff came around, the other lifeguard, Shari, fell into a giggling fit. The last time she had nearly fallen off her tower but had dropped her glasses.

About a week into the job as I preparing to take my break, Jeff came over and hooked his arms in the ladder of my tower and leaned on it, looking up at me.

“Hey cuz.” He said, smiling with those perfect teeth of his.

“Hey Jeff.” I said. I took the whistle off my neck and waved across the pool at Shari, who waved back. “Move to the side boy, I gotta get down.” Jeff grinned and stepped back. I turned giving him a view of my ass without really thinking about it. When I hit the ground I started walking towards the Commons, a room set up for the lifeguards behind the lost and found office. It was large, with a couple of old couches, old carpet, a coffee table, a TV and a DVD player.

Jeff followed me, but before we got to the end of the pool a wicked grin crossed his face. He tackled me around the waist and jumped into the pool, taking me with him. I swam for the surface but he pulled at me, gripping me around the waist and, oddly enough, on my left breast then he pushed me underneath him, surfacing before me.

I came up coughing, and pushed him in his chest.

“You bastard.” I climbed out and coughed again, walking to the Commons, this time faster, dreaming of a towel, a couch, and a fist in Jeff’s nose.

That evening it was my turn to do major shut down, which included pouring chlorine into the adult pool, the pool I worked, and the kiddie pool, turning out the lights, getting any left behind items and placing them in the lost and found, among others. The other workers had headed home a while ago, and I was completely alone when I was finally done. I headed into the pool shower accessible only to the lifeguards, separate from the public showers, grabbing my towel once more. I hated going home with the smell of chlorine in my nose. I always rinsed myself and my hair here, then showered Silivri Escort majorly at home.

When I stepped into the hot water I let my while body relax, letting my fingers roam across my body. I stood there for a few minutes, humming to myself, before stripping off my suit, something I only did on my night shutting down. I let my fingers roam my now naked body once more, stopping to rub each nipple slowly with each hand. A low moan escaped my lips. It had been months since I had any, and I was feening for some dick. God I could imagine it now, a nice hard dick pumping slowly between my legs, speeding up when I asked him to, then filling my pussy up with his cum…

My right hand traveled down my body, rubbing my navel and sliding lower. I kept my pussy clean shaven, with only a strip of hair my last boyfriend had called his runway. I tickled myself for a minute, letting my finger squeeze and discover every single fold down there before touching my clit. I rubbed it softly, then inserted my index and middle finger into my pussy, moaning to myself as I let my thumb flick back and forth across my clit.

I quickened the pace, pumping my fingers in and out as I imagined him speeding up. I was on the edge of a toe curling orgasm when I heard the shower door open. I opened my eyes and my cousin Jeff was staring at me with a look of shock. I gasped and pulled my fingers out, grabbing my suit and pulling it on quickly. I slipped in the process, landing on my ass in a puddle of water.

Jeff laughed then. My faces burning with embarrassment I pushed past him, grabbing my towel and bag as I went. I gripped my skirt out of my bag as I walked, hastily pulling it over my swimsuit. I heard footsteps behind me and a hand on my arm.

“Leave me alone.” I said, pulling from his grip and heading to the gate of the pool. I stopped to face him. “Why the hell were you here?”

“I left some stuff in the commons so I came , and I heard the shower going so I went to investigate.” Jeff said, running a hand through his hair. “Believe me, It was a shock that you were in there.” I turned again, walking towards the gate. “Slow down cuz, I’ll give you a ride home.” He said, smiling at me. I sighed. My only other alternative was the bus.


The ride home was uneventful. Jeff turned some music on and I rolled my eyes at the station. It was rock. Not that I disliked it, I’m a real white girl sometimes and rock is one of my favorite genres of music, but my favorite is reggae. I stitched his station, finding one that was playing a slow reggae song, and turned it up. I let the music wash over me, closing my eyes and whyning in place. I was slow grinding my hips and ass into the seat the whole ride home.

When he dropped me off he looked a little flustered. I noticed the reason when I went to climb out of the car. My skirt had ridden up to my waist, exposing my crotch where the swimsuit, thanks to my haste to pull it up, barely covered my lips. I blushed and climbed out, thanking Jeff and rushing inside the house. That night I tossed and turned in my bed, unable to sleep. Sighing, I remembered the orgasm that never happened. I opened my legs, softly pulling at my lips again before going at my pussy I moaned aloud, not afraid that my parents would catch me as their room was at the other end of the house. As I humped my hips in the air I imagined the dick filling me again entering me deep enough to push at my womb and pulling almost all the way out, then pushing itself in me again.

I moaned again, feeling climax on its way. Just as I came, the face of the guy with the dick changed. No longer some random stranger, my cousin was mounting me and fucking the shit out of my pussy, I screamed as my orgasm overtook me, stronger than any I had ever given myself. As I came down from it, my mind raced. Why was my cousin’s face hovering over mine in my fantasy? What did it mean? Did I secretly want… I rolled over onto my side, clamping my hand over my pussy and stroked it slowly as I fell asleep.

The next day was dreary. Mom and dad left for work before I finally tumbled out of bed at 8:30 and saw the clouds. I then cursed myself for being late and got myself ready in an amazing 15 minutes, even having time to take the razor and touch up my pussy hair. I was lucky enough to flag down a friend as I raced to the bus stop and she dropped me to work just as the gray clouds got grayer. I waved her off and entered the gate, a puzzled look on my face. The pool, which usually had customers even in the rain, they just huddled under umbrella’s until the sky cleared, was empty. More than that, none of the other workers were here.

I saw a light on in the lost and found and walked towards it just as it started to pour. I thanked god for the change of clothes in my locker as I entered the lost and found. I took off my sneakers and headed into the commons, then to the back showers. I took no notice of the shower going Şirinevler Escort and instead pulled my clothes out of my locker, a denim skirt and a wifebeater, and my extra towel. I peeled off my belt and pulled off my denim shorts, wiggling my way out of them slowly. My bathing suit straps came off next, but I stopped it from falling as I remembered to look for my extra panties I sometimes kept in there.

During all of this time the shower had been going. I didn’t register when it stopped, I just kept pulling my things from my locker. I turned to face the shower, determining I would knock on the glass door to see who it was and then ask them to step out so I could get into it.

As I went to knock the door flew open. Emerging from a cloud of steam was Jeff, water dripping from his hair. He had a towel around his waist but nothing else. I took a step back.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, taking a step onto the cold floor tile. I took another step back.

“I came to work and no one was here.” I answered.

“Didn’t you read the sign on the gate?” Jeff smirked.

“What sign?”

“The one that said pool closed today due to chance of thunderstorm.”

“I was just concentrating on getting inside. I didn’t notice.” I said, sighing. “You mean I could’ve spent the day home? Wait, why are you here?”

“Dad sent me to put up the sign. He would do it but he leaves for vacation today.” Jeff turned to look out the window at the gray sky. “At least, he can take the train as far as it goes for him today. His connecting flight might not leave until tomorrow.” He turned to face her again. “You got caught in the second downpour of the day. The first hit this morning when I came to put out the sign. I got soaked and decided to shower and spend the day in the commons until the rain stops.”

“Damn… I didn’t think that far ahead…” I said, realizing I was stuck here. “Could you give me a lift home later, I mean, if you don’t mind company that is.”

“You cuz? You know I never mind your company.” Jeff gave her his grin. I looked at him, catching as his eyes trailed back up my body. Was he really checking me out? I dropped my head to hide the flush spreading across my face, pushing past him to go into the shower.

“I’ll be right out.” I said in barely a whisper.

“Take your time. oh yeah, you forgot your towel.” I turned as he threw the towel, catching me around my face. I pulled it down, accidentally taking the top of my suit with it. Jeff’s eyes dropped low and I gasped in embarrassment. He looked back in my eyes and smiled. I smiled back, then covered up my boobs with my hands. Turning from him, I pushed the glass door shut and turned on the water.

When I climbed out of the shower I got dressed quickly and hung my suit in front of my locker to dry. I left the locker room and entered the commons where Jeff was, a plastic cup in his hands as he watch some action movie or another. I sighed and flung myself on a couch nearby, snatching his drink from his hands and gulping it down. He looked at me and laughed.

I turned and looked at the TV. Some half naked woman was gyrating herself all over a guys lap. I laughed. Her boobs were too firm to be real. They didn’t move at all. Jeff’s breathing had deepened, however. I looked over at him and say the beginnings of a boner forming in his crotch. Oh god, am I staring at his crotch? Look away Sanaa, look away. But before I turned, I felt the familiar feeling down in my pussy. Oh god, I was getting wet. I looked back at the TV and quickly looked away. The woman had taken off the rest of the clothes and was now stripping the guy down. I stood up and went over to the DVD rack, looking for anything else. I found a copy of Need for Speed Underground at the end of the rack, and I dug through the cabinet until I found the PS2 that belonged to one of the other workers. I went and stooped down in front of the DVD player, turning it off and starting to connect the PS2.

“Hey!”” Jeff said, jumping up. “I was watching that.”

“Well I wasn’t.” I said, grinning. “C’mon, lets play.” I had just turned it on and grabbed the 1st controller, throwing the other one to him. I also grabbed the bottle that Jeff’s drink had come from. It was a 2 liter Coke bottle with more than Coke in it. We kept the bottle full with 1/3 coke, 2/3 cockspur. I took a swig directly from the bottle then sat down on the couch next to Jeff.

6 races later the bottle was a little more than halfway empty and I had him 5 to 1. He had given up and was now running a commentary on the girl who was signaling the start of the race, mostly about her boobs.

“I’d love to suck those things… god they’re at least a C.” He said. I swung at him.

“Don’t be such a moron.” I said, laughing. “You wouldn’t know what to do with a boob if it was sitting in front of your face just asking to be sucked.” He gave me a grin then, one that sent a pang straight through my Şişli Escort pussy. I turned. “C’mon, race number seven.” A loud crash cut off my next sentence and we both got up to see what had happened. We looked out the window and discovered that the thunderstorm had kicked it up and know the wind was blowing. A few of the tables had turned over, slamming into one of the life guard towers.

“We’ve got to move the tables.” Jeff said, throwing down his controller. “Or else they might cause the tower to collapse.” I nodded and followed him outside. 20 extremely wet minutes later the tables were away from the tower and instead next to the chain link surrounding the pool in the direction of the wind. We sloshed back inside, where Jeff’s dropping eyes told me a wife beater and no bra isn’t exactly smart in wet weather. I went into the locker room and pulled my still damp towel down, covering myself with it. I pulled off the wet wifebeater and hung it up with my suit and shorts, then pulled down my skirt, determining it would be smart to leave on my panties.

I returned to the commons. Jeff was lounging on a couch, his towel around his waist. I sat down next to him, grabbing my controller.

“Number seven?” I said, passing him his. He sat up and we resumed racing. At the end of the tenth race, it happened. He was commenting on the girls’ boobs again.

“I mean look at those things.” He said. “They just scream suck me.” I laughed.

“Aww c’mon cuz.” I said to him. “Don’t be thinking of things you’ll never get to do.” I laughed again. “I bet you’ve never even seen a boob, much less touched one.” I laughed harder.

“Take it back.” Jeff said.

“Or what?” I laughed. He snatched my controller from my hands, holding it away from me. “Hey, that’s my one.”

“Take it back.” He said, a glint in his eye. I leaned over him, forgetting I was only wearing a towel. He held it back further so I was climbing on top of and over him to get to it. He laughed as I reached further in frustration. My body registered that I was now straddling him, and I got aroused once again. I was wet as ever and I could feel his dick hardening beneath me but I paid it no mind as I reached again for my controller and fell over him. I had an arm around his neck so he went with me, him landing on top of me. We both laughed, and then, it happened.

Jeff leaned over and kissed me, pressing his lips to mine. I snaked my other arm around his neck, kissing him back. His free hand traced my side, his fingers snagging the towel and pulling at it slowly. He leaned up over me, looking down at my breathless face, the down at my exposed breasts.

“Now whats all this…” He said, a smirk on his face. “Is these some of those things I wouldn’t know what to do to?” He sat up, pulling his arm from underneath me then sitting me on his lap once more.

“Jeff…” I whispered, trying to talk sense into both him and myself before it went any farther. But then he was cupping my breasts, flicking his thumbs back and forth across my nipples which hardened instantly. I moaned and leaned over, softly biting his neck as he continued to play with my nipples. He pushed me back and moved over them, breathing on them before licking first the left, then the right one. He took the right one in his mouth, sucking it slowly and deliberately, his tongue flicking it at the same time. his right hand went to my left nipple, rolling and pinching it between his fingers. He switched his mouth to the other one, this time nibbling at it softly as I moaned.

“Oh god Jeff… that feels…” He lifted his head and kissed me once more, then returned his hands to my boobs.

“Now who did you say wouldn’t know what to do.” He pinched the left one, making me cry out. He was slowly rocking me against his dick. I looked into his eyes and licked my lips.

“I wanna show you what I can do cuz…” I said, climbing from his lap. I licked his neck then trailed my tongue down his body, my fingers pulling open the towel around his waist. He leaned back as I pulled his dick out, the 11 inch long 6 inches around dick I had dreamed about. I rubbed the head against my nipples once, then placed it between my boobs, holding them around it I moved slowly up and down. He moaned then reached down and pinched one of my nipples. I released his dick from my breasts and leveraged myself with my hands on the couch, then let my tongue do the work, licking from the head down the shaft and back. I covered the head with my mouth as my fingers started to squeeze and tickle his balls. He moaned and I started talking between sucks.

“That’s it Jeff, let your cousin suck your dick… god doesn’t my mouth feel good. You feel me, big cuz?” I said, now and then stopping to tongue his balls a little.

“Suck that dick, you little slut…” Jeff said to me. “Fuck my dick with my mouth you bitch. You nasty little slut…” He started to pull my hair and push at my head. His hips started moving off the couch as he started humping my face.

“Cum in my mouth my nasty cousin… Fill your little Sanaa’s mouth with your dirty seed… fuck my face.” I said breathlessly just before the first load shot into my mouth. He held my head in place as another and another filled my mouth with me swallowing as quickly as I could. When he was done, he lifted me up onto the couch and kneeled before me.

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