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So, here it is! My first ever story on Lit.

Please rate and comment. Let me know what you like, what you hate, if you’d like to see more, what you’d like to see more of… I’m keen to do a part two, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Of course, this is a story in the incest category. If that’s not your thing, click on.

This is a longer story with a slow build-up to the sex. If that’s not your cup of tea, I’m sure I’ll get to do a bit of a stroker sometime soon! Here I want to introduce the characters and give you a little taste of things to come.

All sex is between characters that are 18 or older. This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons real or fictional is coincidental. Please enjoy this work of fiction and stay responsible out there.

Hope you love it 😉

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I have never been the party type. Still, as my 21st birthday approached, my mom began insisting that I visit home for a weekend. She wanted to host a big family celebration. In our case, ‘big’ and ‘family’ meant me, my parents, and my two sisters. We didn’t have much in the way of extended family.

There were a couple of reasons that made me reluctant to go home for a party. The first was that I don’t like parties, even if it’s dinner with only five people. The second is that I hate flying – I’m not scared of flying, I just don’t like it. Finally, I would have to take the Friday off, which made my inner-workaholic cringe. But my mom knew the one sure-fire way to make me forget these trepidations and get me on the next flight home. She only had to say four simple words. “Your sister misses you.”

Chapter One: A Midnight Encounter

As soon as I could, I left home for another city. My relationship with my parents wasn’t great at the time. My older sister, Blake, was already living elsewhere and I had big ambitions. Plus, my younger sister, Emily, would have been 18 in a short few years and I expected she’d leave too. She was now almost 19 and still hadn’t followed her siblings out the door.

Emily is a power plant. She generated her own kind of electricity and tension always filled the air between us. Being near her felt like standing on a ledge – like I could fall into some deep hole at any moment. We always stood too close; close enough to feel each other breathe and become trapped in each other’s eyes. Some people enjoy being choked. I’ve never experienced it, but it must feel something like being around her.

People say this is not how brothers and sisters should act or feel. Well, tough shit.

The last time I was home was about eight months ago. One night, Emily had been on the phone with her then-boyfriend. It sounded like a fight, but I couldn’t be sure. She never got in a shouting match with anyone; she had far too much self-control. By the time they were done, we’d finished dinner and I was the only one still awake. My parents never stayed up late and our other sister wasn’t around.

Emily had grown up a lot in the last few months. She had finished high school, and gotten into a more serious relationship. She still hadn’t replaced her preppy wardrobe though. She was wearing a white blouse with a pair of blue-and-white striped shorts. She wouldn’t look out of place on a superyacht in that outfit. Even though she wasn’t out of the house that day, she always made a point of dressing up.

We could have been twins; we had the same gentle complexion, light brown hair and tall bodies. She was a bit more athletic than me, but I did the least possible to keep in shape. I’d been gifted with a body that didn’t need much more than that to look alright.

I was gaming in the lounge when she came to me. “Josh,” she mumbled, “can we talk for a second?”

I put down the controller and made space for her on the couch. She sat and angled herself so that her knees were facing my direction. Her hands were trembling on her lap.

“What’s wrong Em?”

She was hyperventilating and my blood started to boil as I saw my mirror-image suffering next to me. I expected her to tell me about something awful her boyfriend said or did. “Do you think,” she paused to hold back some tears, “do you think I’m a bad person? That I hurt the people around me?”

As she started weeping, I held onto her hand to try comfort her. She once told me that holding my hand felt so natural and safe and I felt the same way. I tried to console her, “Where is this coming from? Of course not.”

As tears poured out of her eyes, she couldn’t speak. I decided to wrap my arms around her, wishing I knew what to do to make her feel better. I couldn’t stand seeing someone I loved so much in this kind of pain. After five minutes of crying, she took a deep and shaky breath before wiping her cheeks. My shirt was damp where she’d been resting her head.

Without going back to her questions, she switched her tune. Adopting a forced cheerfulness she declared, “Let’s watch a movie…”

“Are you sure you don’t want to talk about what’s going on first?” I asked.

“It’s just Kıbrıs Escort something people said. Don’t worry about it,” she said with unsteady lips. That word, ‘people’, upset me. Was someone out there spreading stories about her? I never mastered the protective big brother role. My little sister was too independent to accept that sort of relationship.

I didn’t want to bring her thoughts back to whatever upset her, but I wanted more information, “Sis, what happened? Is there something I can help with?”

She looked at me for a second before taking a big gulp of air that almost made her choke, “You love me too much to be honest.” Of course, that was true.

Up to now, you might think my little sister is fragile or hyper-emotional. Nothing could be further from the truth. As I said, Emily is a power plant – formidable beyond belief and the strongest person I know. Dominant and sometimes even aggressive, but definitely not ‘bad’. She dated assholes and they could get to her, but she always bounced back. I figured that must be what happened.

Emily took another deep breath, this time with her composure intact, “We should watch a movie. That’ll cheer me up.”

“Sure, that sounds great!” I was happy to see her recover a bit, but I still wondered what had upset her.

She beamed at me, “Awesome, you can pick something!”

I got up and walked to the DVD cabinet. It was my dad’s collection and most of it wasn’t my taste. A majority of the DVD’s were foreign films or very artsy. Noticing that I wasn’t keen on the selection, Emily asked if I didn’t have something on my laptop. I thought about it for a second, “What about a fun Pixar movie? I have a couple of your favourites.”

She was eager, like when we were kids and the ice cream truck stopped nearby. The only sign left of her earlier tears were puffy eyes, but she could make even that look work. I got up to fetch my laptop from my room. When I turned to go back, I saw Emily standing in front of my bedroom door. Backlit by the hallway light, even her brother had to admit she was an enticing sight.

About my height, five-eleven, with an hourglass figure and a strong build. She didn’t go to the gym, but she was a long-distance champ in school. She kept up running, which did wonders for her long legs and kept her stomach tight. My eyes lingered on her, on my sister, as I imagined her being next to me – in my arms instead of across the room.

“Let’s watch it here,” she proclaimed, acting more like her usual self.

I hesitated, but before I could form another word, it was like she read my mind. “Actually, you’re right, there’s a big screen in my room. That’ll be much better,” she waved me to her room and I followed the soft beat of her feet on the wooden floors.

Once in her room, Emily grabbed some pyjamas from the closet and jumped into bed, which made the springs groan. As she crawled under the covers, I caught a glimpse of her from behind and felt a sudden urge to cross my legs as I saw her shorts tighten around her ass and her back arch. At this point, I should admit that I could never resist little glances at my gorgeous sister’s killer body. Sometimes I couldn’t help but drift to thoughts of her when I jerked off – it would never start that way, but it would almost always end that way.

She raised a hand to stop me from moving as she dressed beneath the blanket. Her shorts and shirt dropped to the side of the bed and I noticed that her panties laid among them. When the bra came off she threw it straight at my face and burst out laughing at the sight of my ‘ew gross’ reaction. I was panicking now; my pants were beginning to strain and the last thing I wanted was for her to see the effect she had on me. This wasn’t the first time I’ve had to hide an erection around Emily. Usually, I could scuttle away, swim to the other side of the pool or (in exceptional cases) take a short ‘nap’ or an extra shower. I’m not proud of the fact that, yeah, sometimes my sister turned me on, but I’m also not ashamed of it. There was no person on Earth, man or woman, who could deny that she was stunning.

I didn’t switch on the light, but she turned on the TV, which gave the room an electronic glow. After a bit of fumbling, I managed to connect my laptop to the television and start the movie. Then I realised that she doesn’t actually have anywhere to sit and watch from, except the bed.

Emily patted the empty space on her queen-size bed.

Her invitation left me with a tiny problem: seven to eight inches if I’m being precise. There’s always been sexual tension between us, and I worried about my involuntary reaction. You can’t blame me, it’s biology. We’ve shared beds before, but that was ages ago, before hormones hit.

So, I decided to be cautious and lay down on top of the covers. This made her coo, “Is someone too scared to put their hands under the covers?” She stared at me with a sly smile until I finally gave in and climbed under the covers. Hands on top, of course.

The movie started and Lefkoşa Escort we were passing the first scene when she took my hand and pulled it under the covers. She held on tight, near her chest, explaining that she was cold. “Well, my hands aren’t exactly warm,” I protested.

“Body heat silly. Look it up.”

We didn’t get much further into the movie before she shifted herself, turning to face me. “Would you sleep here tonight if I asked you to?” she sounded doubtful.

“Is everything alright?” I asked, thinking back to her earlier tears.

She seemed to be gathering some courage before she answered, “Could you hold me… If I asked you to?”

The first thing going through my mind was that something scared her. With determination in my voice, I renewed my earlier questioning, “What happened Sis? What’s going on?” This upset her and she slumped a bit. I was missing the point.

She took a deep breath before trying again, “I want you to sleep here and I want you to hold me,” she paused, “tonight.” I must have still looked oblivious, because she tried again, “Could I hold you if you don’t want to hold me?”

The blue light from the television would’ve seemed harsh on anyone but her. It clung to the shape of her face and intensified her gentle features. Her vivid brown eyes looked at me beggingly, and I felt that tension again – a hand on my throat, but I didn’t want it to let go. If anything, I wanted it to squeeze a little.

I put my arm around her shoulder and drew her closer to me. This led to a smile and a soft purr. We kept watching the movie, pressed closely together.

Soon, I felt her turn onto her side and wrap her leg over mine. She took my hand again. Her head was on my chest and I worried that she could hear how hard my heart was beating. I was scared she might hear the loudness of my breathing or accidentally discover my erection. What happened next was no accident though.

She let go of my hand and placed hers on my chest, next to her head. She found the rhythm of my heart comforting and I found the cadence of her breath soothing. But soon her hand was trailing down my chest, down my stomach, over my navel-


She giggled at my involuntary interjection as her hand wrapped over my pants and around my penis. For a second it stayed that way, but then she began slowly stroking it. It was painstaking: three seconds up, wait. Three seconds down to the base, wait. Up again. One… Two… Three…

I let out another sharp noise. Her head was still on my chest, but she wasn’t watching the movie anymore. Her eyes swivelled onto mine and I could see her biting her lip.

“Sorry Bro, I’m such a tease,” she whispered.

I began gently thrusting my hips, speeding up the motion of her hand caressing my clothed cock. Then, she stopped. I panicked. Have I crossed a line? No, we were way past that.

Her hand didn’t move for what felt like an eternity. I could feel her breathing was fast and her eyes looked devious. She moved her hand to occupy the place between her crotch and my thigh… She drew herself closer to me, mounting my leg with her hand between us. Grinding. Her breathing became urgent as she listened to the pounding of my heart and rubbed her pussy.

My mind couldn’t help but imagine what was happening under the covers. Has she slipped a finger in her vagina, or two? Maybe she was massaging the clit. Then I imagined that she just kept her hand still over her crotch, not doing anything herself. I imagined that it was just me getting her off. That she didn’t have to do a thing. That it was all me.

Before I got drunk on my own thoughts, her humping became even more intense. It turned aggressive, like she was riding a bull. I froze up. My cock was hard as nails and might have erupted at any second.

Maybe my eyes rolled back in my head and I visited heaven for a second. I didn’t even notice my sister wrapping both her legs around mine. She slammed into me a few more times before beginning to tremble, then shake. She pressed her teeth into me as she rode her orgasm. Tightening her legs as she locked onto me, rocking her body back and forth more slowly with each move. I put a hand on the back of her head and pulled her towards me. Now she was really sinking her teeth into me, but I didn’t mind the light sting.

“Fuck, Emily,” is all I could say at that moment. “We shouldn’t be-“

“Don’t tell me what to do,” she answered before I finished my sentence. Her trademark confidence was at its peak. She was in control now, and she knew it, “Fuck, Emily. I like the sound of that Big Brother. Maybe one day.”

I hesitated, thinking about all the times our hands lingered on each other. Thinking about how often spoke in unnecessary whispers to hide our forbidden chemistry. Never had I thought that it might actually lead to something. She was joking, I thought. Then again, she had just orgasmed by using me as her hump-pillow. I decided to take a little chance, “Well, what about a goodnight kiss to make Magosa Escort up for it not being now?”

With a smile, she sat up and waited in anticipation but I’d lost my nerve already. She gave me a second before her excited smile turned into something more devious. “Don’t you want to kiss me? Am I not pretty enough,” she made puppy dog eyes. This is how she always got her way and I loved it.

Of course, she was pretty enough; she was the most beautiful girl in the world to me. I only had to look at her soft cheeks, her full lips, and cheeky eyes for a moment before making my decision. Yeah, I’ve always wanted to kiss those lips.

I straightened myself so that our faces were level and leaned in to kiss her gently on the cheek. My lips lingered near her and soon discovered her mouth. Our mouths locked together, at first only exploring before becoming more passionate. Nothing could calm my racing heart as I ran my fingers along her face. Our tongues met and my body tensed as I tasted the sweetness of her mouth. It was everything I ever dreamed and more, but it was wrong, so wrong. Nothing could stop us now though. Our bodies wrestled as we both wanted to be in control. I let her overcome me as she leaned in strongly and we fell into the pillows.

If it lasted an eternity it would still have been too short, but we had to come up for air. As we stopped, Em let out an exasperated yelp and seemed exhausted. Her light brown hair was messy, like in the mornings when she’s just woken up and I couldn’t help but stare.

“Fuuuuck… If I knew you were such a good kisser-“

“We really shouldn’t do that again,” I plead.

She stuck her tongue out and collapsed onto my chest. Fast asleep.

It was a battle, but I managed to stay awake long enough for her to fall asleep. I snuck out and luckily avoided waking my parents. If they’d known what just happened, I don’t know what they’d do, but it wouldn’t be pretty.

When I got to my room, I recalled the feeling of my little sister pressed up against me, humping me like a madwoman. The taste of her lips lingered on mine and I couldn’t help but start stroking my cock. It didn’t take long before I erupted, and I could swear I heard something bump against my closed-door…

Chapter Two: Home

I wish I could tell you that night was the start of every-day marathon sex with my little sister. Hell, for a moment it seemed like at least making-out now and then was going to be a sure thing. Part of me knows to want that is wrong, or at least frowned upon, but as far as I was concerned the dam had broken and I was ready for the flood.

Well, there was no flood, not even a light spray. The next day we didn’t say a word about it and my flight home was the morning after. I might have thought it was a dream if it weren’t for the fact that my laptop was still in her room. Also, my imagination definitely isn’t capable of dreaming up what happened that night.

I recalled that night in vivid detail every time my mom said, “Your sister misses you.” There was no way I could ignore Emily, even before all that happened. I adore her, but I’ve been a terrible big brother over the last few months.

The last time we talked over the phone was six months ago, if not more. It was anyway never more than a “hey” and a “how are you?” That night never came up in any of those calls, nor did there seem to be any tension about it. If anything, the romantic tension that was usually there had evaporated. Things between us had cooled down to freezing-point.

As my flight descended I couldn’t help but wonder if that was all there was to it? A lifetime of attraction. All those illicit looks and lingering touches… Then one night of dry-humping and a passionate kiss. Was that the climax?

The thing I hated most about flying was managing luggage. Luckily I would only be home for two nights, so I jammed everything into my carry-on. I’d stay the Friday of my birthday and the following Saturday, at the insistence of my mom. My flight landed on time, but when I walked into arrivals there wasn’t yet anyone to greet me.

My mom implied that she’d be the one to fetch me. After a bit of waiting, It was surprising to see my older sister walk through the airport’s big sliding doors. It had been ages since I last saw her. Still, she was easy to recognise with her long auburn hair and exotic look. She had an angular face as a result of her broad and high jawline. These features didn’t make her look overly-masculine though. She had a delicate nose and soft brown eyes, full lips, and rosy cheeks. Her complexion was darker than that of her siblings, which made her look almost Middle Eastern. Lebanese maybe.

You also couldn’t mistake her stride. She walked with determination, which was appropriate for someone as ambitious and driven as her. She was also dressed the part, in a dark grey pant-suit that seemed tailored to her slim figure. All three siblings had the same body-shape, which made us look closer in age and a bit like triplets.

When she spotted me, she walked a bit faster and before I could even say hello she wrapped her arms around me. We embraced for a minute or more. The hug filled me with a real sense of warmth and joy, but it was also a bit out of place. Blake and I never enjoyed the sentimentality that existed between me and Emily.

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