Weekend Fun Pt. 04

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I worked around my place for the rest of the morning and afternoon, but my mind was looking forward to dinner. The party where I met Brian and Lucy seemed so long ago. Our conversation was mostly small talk, but there was something else there. I showered and cleaned myself up inside and out, then began the half hour drive to their place.

I arrived at 7 exactly and Brian answered the door. He showed me into the kitchen, where I set down the whiskey and wine that I had brought with me before we exchanged a firm handshake. He was a good looking guy, wearing snug fitting pants and a similarly snug fitting polo shirt that showed his flat stomach and hugged his upper arms.

Lucy was putting the finishing touches on dinner, but she took a break to greet me. She had a captivating smile and seemed excited and wrapped her arms around me in a friendly hug. She held me close for what seemed like much longer than just being friendly and I smelled a sexy, intoxicating perfume on her. When she stepped back, she gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and I had an opportunity to really take her in. She was wearing a knee length pencil skirt with a tight low cut blouse that showed quite a bit of her large breasts. Her tight skirt showcased her tight, firm ass and I could tell that she took the same care of herself that Brian did of himself.

Brian opened the wine and poured each of us a glass. We talked effortlessly, as if we had been friends for years, before we enjoyed a pleasant meal. The wine continued to flow and the conversation was easy as we ate. I helped clean up after dinner and we sat in their living room, continuing the conversation. When the wine was gone, the whiskey was opened and the conversation quickly turned increasingly sexual. Lucy was the first to move the conversation from general and somewhat sexual to explicitly sexual.

“Have you ever been with a couple?”, Lucy asked.

“I’ve never even had a three or more some” I answered.

Lucy smiled and glanced at Brian, who was also smiling slightly. Lucy explained that they had never brought anyone else into their marriage, but had always talked about it. She continued to explain that they had fantasies that they wanted to explore and that after meeting at the party, they both thought I might be interested. Admittedly, I briefly wondered what it was about me or our brief conversation at the party that brought them to that conclusion, but it was fleeting and quickly replaced by intrigue. I was already getting turned on and was quite interested.

“Both Brian and I are bisexual and explored that before we met, but nothing since we’ve been together. Brian tells me he was strictly a top when he was with a guy and I always liked being in control.”, Lucy continued. “We’re hoping that you are bi also and perhaps more of a submissive?” she asked, almost hesitantly.

“I am bi, vers but more of a bottom, and definitely like to please my partners, so I suppose you could say I lean more submissive.” I answered, shifting to hide the growing tent in my trousers. I was already excited at the prospect of what could happen with this beautiful couple, but what Lucy said next intrigued me most.

Lucy finished the whiskey in her glass and then spoke again, confidently and without any hesitation. “I want you to serve me tonight. Brian and I both keçiören escort tend to be more controlling…dominate, except when I’m with Brian I definitely follow his lead. I’m not complaining, but having a man to do as I require or request…hmmm, what a turn on for me.”

I was speechless initially, still processing what she had asked. I finished my own glass of whiskey and the room was silent. Brian hadn’t said anything, but still had a smile on his face. While I had no idea what to expect tonight earlier in the day, Lucy’s “request” had me excited and nervous.

After a minute of silence while I thought, I answered very simply and directly as if Lucy had asked a question instead of making a statement. “Yes Ma’am.” was all I said. Lucy and Brian both seemed instantly excited and Lucy’s demeanor changed quickly.

“My glass is empty, get me a drink and meet me in the bedroom at the end of that hall.” Lucy said, pointing towards the far end of the house. I got up and took Lucy’s glass from her quickly. I went to the kitchen and poured her another glass of whiskey and then met her in the bedroom that she had indicated. Brian had not moved from his seat in the living room.

Lucy was sitting in a chair in what looked to be a guest room, legs crossed with a pleased look on her face. I handed her the drink and looked around the room briefly; a large bed, nightstand, dresser and the chair that Lucy was sitting in. There was another door that was open slightly that appeared to lead to an attached bathroom.

Lucy interrupted my observation of the room. “My feet need to be taken care of.” she said sternly. I could tell that it wasn’t a friendly request and I moved down onto my knees. I gently removed the heels that Lucy had on her feet and began to rub them earnestly, first her right and then her left. She didn’t say a word, but seemed to be enjoying herself.

After I had massaged both her feet a few minutes, she suddenly pulled her feet from my hands and stood up. I remained on my knees at her feet and watched as she pulled the zipper down on her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She stood in front of me, her panty clad pussy at eye level. She turned slowly and I got an opportunity to admire, briefly, her amazing ass.

“What are you waiting for, they aren’t going to take themselves off.” Lucy said. I reached up and carefully pulled the sexy black lace thong down her legs. Lucy sat back down and spread her legs; giving me a full view of her pink, glistening pussy.

“Do you like my pussy?” Lucy asked.

“Yes Ma’am.”

“It needs a good licking before Brian comes in here and fucks it.” Lucy stated. “Get me ready for his cock.” she instructed.

I didn’t need any further instruction or invitation, I dove in between her legs. Her pussy smelled amazing and I started by licking all around, doing exactly what she had told me to and warming her up. I worked my tongue all over her pussy and could hear gentle moans coming from above me.

I darted my tongue into her pussy as deep as I could over and over, loving the taste and getting my face coated in her juices. After fucking her with my tounge, I licked my way up to her clit and pushed my fingers inside her. I immediately felt her hand on my head, pushing my mouth onto her clit. Her moans got louder kızılay escort and I felt her legs start to squeeze the sides of my head.

I sucked on her clit as she pulled my face into her pussy harder. I sawed my fingers in her pussy at the same time and she suddenly tensed up. Her thighs were tight to the sides of my head as she exploded in orgasm. She held my face tight in her pussy and I didn’t let up. I kept sawing my fingers into her pussy and sucking on her clit as she rode the orgasmic high, nearly cutting off my ability to breathe.

As she started to come back down, she forcefully pushed my face away from her. “That was great, but I need his cock.” Lucy said. I turned to see that Brian had come into the room at some point and had stripped all his clothes off. He walked over to me with his cock swinging between his legs. “Get him hard so that he can give me the fucking I need.” Lucy demanded.

I didn’t hesitate as Brian crossed the room and stood in front of me. Lucy got up from the chair and moved to the bed, removing her low cut blouse and bra. I had a brief moment to see that her bra matched the panites she had been wearing and her large tits as she climbed onto the bed. I started to lick Brian’s soft cock and quickly took it into my mouth.

I swirled my tongue around the head, feeling it grow as I bobbed my head on his cock. His cock grew to it’s full 8.5 inches as I sucked on it and I licked his shaft up and down. “Don’t forget his balls.” I heard Lucy demand from the bed. They were completely shaved and I licked my way down his cock to give his balls a good licking.

I sucked first the right one into my mouth, once again swirling my tongue around, and then repeated the process with the left one. I licked my way back up his cock and went back to bobbing my head up and down again.

“Suck his cock, take it all the way in your mouth. Take it deeper.” I heard Lucy say.

I slowly took his whole shaft into my mouth, taking as much as I could and holding it there. I couldn’t quite take the whole thing, but after holding still I kept trying to take more in my mouth.

“That’s right, swallow that cock. Make sure it’s nice and ready to fuck me.” Lucy said. Brian hadn’t said anything, hadn’t made a noise or moved at all as I prepared his cock for Lucy’s pussy. “Do you like that cock, a real man’s cock, in your mouth?” Lucy asked. I could only mumble “Yes” around Brian’s cock as I kept sucking on it.

Without warning, Brain pushed me off his cock and spoke for the first time since he came in the room. “Strip and sit in that chair. You need to see what it looks like when a woman gets a real fucking.” Brian said condescendingly. I did as I was told and removed my clothes revealing my own rock hard 6 inch dick. I sat down in the chair and watched as Brian climbed on the bed between Lucy’s legs.

I had a nearly perfect view as I watched Brian line his cock up with Lucy’s pussy. He wasted no time and pushed his cock into her, burying himself in her pussy with a single motion. Lucy let out a long low moan as Brian entered her. He pulled his cock all the way out of her pussy and then entered her again a few times before he started to really piston his cock into her, driving her into the bed.

I started to rub my own dick, which was leaking kolej escort pre-cum as I watched Brian fuck Lucy. Lucy started talking, but hadn’t looked over at me. “Your cock feels amazing, fuck my tight pussy. Give it to me, ooohhhhhh.” she said to Brian. She looked over at me and smiled. “You like watching how a real man fucks? Look at your dick, leaking and it’s not even being used like a dick should be. Get your hands off your dick, cocksucker.” Lucy said.

“I never said you could play with yourself. Get over here and eat Brian’s ass while he fucks me good.” Lucy instructed. I moved out of the chair and climbed onto the bed behind Brian, who didn’t miss a beat. Lucy went back to moaning in pleasure as Brian fucked her and I buried my face in his ass. I stuck my tongue out and licked at his asshole, enjoying the musky taste.

I likced all around his asshole and pushed my tongue into his ass deeper and deeper each time he pulled his cock out of Lucy’s pussy. I could smell their sex and hear the wet sounds of his cock plowing her pussy over and over. Brian’s pace started to get faster and Lucy’s moans got louder and more guttural.

“Get you cocksucker mouth up her and suck on my tits.” Lucy demanded. I had been hoping that I would get a chance to feel and suck on her sexy tits and happily moved around to her side. I didn’t waste any time and started licking all around her right breast. Her nipple was hard and I greedily sucked it into my mouth. I sucked hard and even bit down gently. I moved back and forth between her bouncing tits as Brian continued to fuck his cock into her pussy.

Lucy’s moans got louder and longer and were mixed with repeated statements of “Fuck me”. When she suddenly let out a long, loud scream; I heard Brian start breathing real heavy. He fucked his cock into her orgasming pussy hard a few more times and then held his cock buried in her pussy as he grunted. He filled her pussy with his cum as she rode the wave of her own orgasm and I kept on sucking her tits.

When they both were done, Brian slid his softening cock of out Lucy’s pussy and stood up. Lucy pushed my head away from her nipple. “Clean his cock and then clean my pussy.” she said, out of breath. I got off the bed and back to my knees, taking Brian’s cock into my mouth again. I sucked and licked his cock clean, enjoying the taste of the pussy and cum mixture.

When I was sure that his cock was clean, I moved back onto the bed between Lucy’s legs. I could see Brian’s cum already leaking out of Lucy’s well fucked pussy and didn’t waste a moment. I dove my face into her pussy, first licking up the salty cum that had already leaked out. I slid my tongue into Lucy’s pussy, trying to reach every last bit of cum that Brian had flooded her with.

Lucy was moaning again as I eagerly ate her pussy, very much enjoying the taste of their combined juices. “Clean up that mess, cocksucker. Eat all of my man’s cum from my pussy. Oh, that’s so hot. Your tongue feels so good on my pussy.” Lucy said as I did my best to get every glob of cum into my mouth. I swallowed everything I could until Lucy pushed my head away.

My face was covered in her pussy juice and his cum and my dick was harder than it had probably ever had been. “You’ve done good so far cocksucker, but you better believe that we’re only getting started. I’m not done yet, and I’m sure my man over there isn’t either.” she said, smiling.

“If you can keep pleasing us this well, maybe I’ll let you cum eventually…maybe.” Lucy teased. This had already been a hell of a weekend, I could only wonder what was next.

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